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Envirospec Verified

ZingBokashi is now Envirospec verified and all ZingBokashi buckets are now labelled accordingly. We are proud to have gained this accreditation and this now helps homeowners purchase with confidence a product that is closely associated with the Green Building Council and Homestar.
For further details about Envirospec visit their website


Down in the Garden

The weather this summer has not been the best for growing due to the continual changes in daily temperature.

In my garden yields have been down on past years although quality has been excellent in most crops.

As crops are harvested you must remember to replace those nutrients that have been removed. Post harvest time or early autumn is a great time to replenish organic matter and some of those nutrients.

Adding your fermented food waste is a start but in most cases this will not be enough for many gardens. I recommend a good coverage of quality compost to maintain the soil organic matter and do not be afraid to add plenty

– For my 120m2 patch I will be adding around 200kg of compost plus an application of EarthZing. This will speed up the breakdown of the organic matter added as well as maintaining many micro- nutrients in the soil.

EarthZingBuy 2 bags of Earth Zing for $27.95 and receive a free 5kg bag of quality Dunback fine lime.
Fine lime is quicker acting than standard agricultural lime and research indicates that soil life does better in the presence of fine lime.

Questions from Users

Q. Please will you tell me how long you should leave a patch of vegetable garden before you dig in a bokashi bucket in for the second time? Thanks

A. This may depend on the state of your garden soil but generally 6-8 weeks should be ample. This method is an ideal way to build both soil health and organic content in the soil. You can keep adding material to the same soil many times and it is recommended each time after a crop is grown.

Q. Can you give me more information about how to add bones to the system, whether they have to be broken up etc please?

A. There are really no strict rules with bones other than size and density. Smaller bones such as fish and chicken are less dense than say sheep and beef bones. The fish and chicken bones will break down quite quickly in the soil whereas sheep and beef bones being very dense will take years to break down in the soil unless ground into a flour which is not practical.
Having said that larger bones can be added into the bucket if they still have compostable material attached and it is this that will be fermented . Add bones only as part of a range of food types and if you don’t like the look of a few bones appearing in the soil you can remove these later.
Mainphos Guano

CompostZing System

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Earth Zing

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Happy composting  - Neville and the ZingBokashi team
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