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Sargeist "Let The Devil In" CD

Shall we introduce this band? Shatraug, Hoath Torog, Horns and Vainaja; all well known from their work in the Black Metal world for their bands, HORNA and BEHEXEN. Bringing the needed alchemical elements together to create the black satanic diamond known as SARGEIST. A demon so powerful that you must worship it as an idol carved in the image of the lord and master below. "Let The Devil In", is one of those answers of absolute proof that Black Metal can be majestic, elegant, poetic, sophisticated, blissful, professional, well crafted, tight, properly mixed, and produced without compromising the music's atmosphere or the band's integrity. "Let The Devil In" is grim perfection that anoints it's followers in the unholy spirit. So let the darkness flow into you, and fill your cup!
1 Empire Of Suffering    4:40
2 A Spell To Awaken The Temple    4:59
3 From The Black Coffin Lair    4:40
4 Burning Voice Of Adoration    4:14
5 Nocturnal Revelation    5:52
6 Discovering The Enshrouded Eye    5:36
7 Let The Devil In    4:08
8 Sanguine Rituals    3:42
9 Twilight Breath Of Satan    4:59
10 As Darkness Tears The World Apart    3:55

Satyricon "Dark Medieval Times" CD

"Dark Medieval Times" a pinnacle album of "true Norwegian black metal". That is said with a forceful honesty and in absolute sincerity! This album sounds exactly how the title would suggest... Dark, and medieval. The production of this album is in fact raw, and dare I say, pure feeling. "Dark Medieval Times" has a majestic, cold,  winter like atmosphere, and each song is a sonic blizzard of snowy mountain landscapes, that creates images in your mind of picturesque gazing at the vastness of nature. SATYRICON not only laid a strong foundation for themselves, but in doing so were also a part of redefining the sound of black metal along side their counterparts like DARKTHRONE, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, among others at the time. An absolute classic!
1 Walk The Path Of Sorrow     8:18
2 Dark Medieval Times     8:11
3 Skyggedans     3:55
4 Min Hyllest Til Vinterland     4:29
5 Into The Mighty Forest     6:18
6 The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest     6:22
7 Taakeslottet     5:54

Satyricon "Live At The Opera - With The Norwegian National Opera Chorus" DIGI DVD / DOUBLE CD


SATYRICON played show on September 8, 2013 at Den Norske Opera & Ballett in Oslo, Norway, where they were joined by the 55-strong Norwegian National Opera Chorus as part of the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. The end result being this DVD / DOUBLE CD release that is great way to experience the epic majesty of the music created by SATYRICON. The matured and dynamic black metal as well as the overwhelming choirs compliment each other perfectly and make for a balanced, coherent and fluid release with an appropriate length of thirteen tunes plus a short overture and a total running time just above one and a half hours that never gets boring and is best enjoyed uninterruptedly. This excellent live show drew fans from all across the world and the collaboration between SATYRICON and the Norwegian National Opera Chorus is on a high level and has achieved remarkable symbiosis which brings symphonic extreme metal to the next level without ever sounding pretentious.
DVD-1 Voice Of Shadows    2:21
DVD-2 Now, Diabolical    6:07
DVD-3 Repined Bastard Nation    5:42
DVD-4 Our World, It Rumbles Tonight    5:17
DVD-5 Nocturnal Flare    7:14
DVD-6 Die By My Hand    7:07
DVD-7 Tro Og Kraft    6:05
DVD-8 Phoenix    7:28
DVD-9 Den Siste    7:18
DVD-10 The Infinity Of Time And Space    8:47
DVD-11 To The Mountains    8:52
DVD-12 The Pentagram Burns    6:25
DVD-13 Mother North    8:23
DVD-14 K.I.N.G.    6:01

CD1-1 Voice Of Shadows    2:21
CD1-2 Now, Diabolical    6:07
CD1-3 Repined Bastard Nation    5:42
CD1-4 Our World, It Rumbles Tonight    5:17
CD1-5 Nocturnal Flare    7:14
CD1-6 Die By My Hand    7:07
CD1-7 Tro og kraft     6:05
CD1-8 Phoenix    7:28

CD2-1 Den Siste    7:18
CD2-2 The Infinity of Time and Space    8:47
CD2-3 To the Mountains     8:52
CD2-4 The Pentagram Burns     6:25
CD2-5 Mother North     8:23
CD2-6 K.I.N.G     6:01

Satyricon "Nemesis Divina" DIGI CD

Considered by many the magnum opus from one of Norway’s most notorious black metal bands, "Nemesis Divina" delivers from the very first second a cold, harsh soundscape of epic and grim traditional "Norwegian Black Metal". To us here at DHR "Nemesis Divina" is one of the best black metal albums coming from the Norwegian second wave. To many purists this is some of SATYRICON's best work, and is an essential listen for any black metal aficionado. It's original and innovative while also true to its roots, memorable, evil, atmospheric, varied and absolutely flawless. A nugget of "Norwegian Black Metal" gold!
1 The Dawn Of A New Age     7:27
2 Forhekset     4:31
3 Mother North     6:25
4 Du Som Hater Gud     4:21
5 Immortality Passion     8:23
6 Nemesis Divina     6:54
7 Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves     4:44

Satyricon "Rebel Extravaganza" CD

"Rebel Extravaganza" in our opinion is a flawless and revolutionary album. Satyr literally broke down all the contrived and conventional forms of the early SATYRICON sound and created a new chaos by reinventing their sonic approach. This is completely evident when listening, as well as seen in the imagery used within the layout of the album and cover artwork. Satyr obviously knew the shit storm that could follow and they would have to fight their way through and rebel against all circles of critics, and traditional black metal fans. Shutting out the outside pressure that the band should just kept on repeating itself, into a dead end, and instead experimenting with elements not yet implemented within the black metal ethos at that point in time. "Rebel Extravaganza" is executed with mechanical aggression, and if its majesty is comprehended, is a shining exhibition of the boundaries that black metal can break.
1 Tied In Bronze Chains    
2 Filthgrinder    
3 Rhapsody In Filth    
4 Havoc Vulture    
5 Prime Evil Renaissance    
6 Supersonic Journey    
7 End Of Journey    
8 A Moment Of Clarity    
9 Down South, Up North    
10 The Scorn Torrent

Bonus Tracks
11 INRI (At 251 BPM) (SARCOFAGO Cover)    2:10
12 Nemesis Divina (Clean Vision Mix)    5:15
13 Blessed From Below (Melancholy / Oppression / Longing)

Satyricon "The Shadowthrone" CD

"The Shadowthrone" is a triumphant monument of pure and honest Norwegian Black Metal in homage to the forests, the mountains and the darkness, and it’s worthy of great praise even now 28 years later! It captures the Norwegian atmosphere of rebellion during that point in time 1994. It also conjures an idyllic sense of a rich European history, and it functions as expressionism of nature worship that is unprecedented. "The Shadowthrone" does more than pick up where the first one left off. The music seems more mature, hateful, and aggressive than the "The Forest Is My Throne" or "Dark Medieval Times" and is yet another evolution to their ever changing sound and atmospheres. A hallmark black metal album that belongs at the top of your essential early wave albums.
1 Hvite Krists Dod     8:27
2 In The Mist By The Hills     8:01
3 Woods To Eternity     6:13
4 Vikingland     5:14
5 Dominions Of Satyricon     9:25
6 The King Of The Shadowthrone     6:14
7 I En Svart Kiste     5:24

Satyricon / Enslaved "The Forest Is My Throne/ Yggdrasill" DIGI CD

SATYRICON and ENSLAVED are two bands with a similar history as both bands began their career with classic black metal that has secured them a legacy in the genre. This was true, under-produced, and beautifully golden music that has been embraced and remembered by fans of the early black metal scene. This release contains the two bands’ early demos, SATYRICON's second demo "The Forest Is My Throne", and ENSLAVED's second demo "Yggdrasill". SATYRICON and ENSLAVED are polar opposite shades of the early Norwegian black metal spectrum, yet compliment each other very well on this raw and introspective split album. Over an hour of material from two prominent founding father bands from the golden era of black metal.
Satyricon - The Forest Is My Throne   
1 Satyricon–    Black Winds    7:07
2 Satyricon–    The Forest Is My Throne    5:00
3 Satyricon–    Min Hyllest Til Vinterland    5:24
4 Satyricon–    The Night Of The Triumphator    6:10

Enslaved -    Yggdrasill   
5 Enslaved–    Heimdallr    6:40
6 Enslaved–    Allfoðr Oðinn    7:50
7 Enslaved–    Intermezzo    1:33
8 Enslaved–    Hal Valr    7:26
9 Enslaved–    Niunda Heim    7:39
10 Enslaved–    The Winter Kingdom Opus I: Resound Of Gjallarhorn    3:14
11 Enslaved–    Enslaved    6:10

Shining "VII: Fodd Forlorare" CD

Recently SHINING albums along with most of their songs are epic and cover a lot of ground. You'll find black 'n' roll riffs that will stick in your head, but then they'll throw in some modern, dissonant atmospheric black metal in the chorus and verses to the same song. An acoustic guitar or piano melody will haunt the passageways between some very unnerving and interesting black metal, held together by excellent songwriting and Kvarforth's diverse vocals. The clean singing is good, the growls are great, snarling, and slithering which may remind one of VENOM or CELTIC FROST. Kvarforth shines of originality and confidence. "Fodd Forlorare" is experimental yet a very enjoyable listen.
1 Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel
2 Tiden Läker Inga Sår
3 Människa O'Avskyvärda Människa
4 Tillsammans Är Vi Allt
5 I Nattens Timma

Sodom "Agent Orange" DOUBLE CD

2013 DOUBLE CD reissue with a bonus disc that contains live tracks and an alternate German version of the song Ausgebombt.

1989's "Agent Orange" by SODOM is monumental in all aspects by delivering a crossover in sound which incorporates a hint of death, thrash, and smidge of speed metal that is intense, aggressive, and ever changing. This album had an intense impact on the band's position and has served as a source of inspiration for legions of followers. Oozing supreme quality, groove, intensity, variety, technicality, and undeniably cutting edge thrash metal for the time. A pinnacle release for SODOM that would raise the bar for German and other Thrash Metal to come afterwards. In comparison to its predecessor, "Agent Orange" was more straightforward thrash and for the most part gone were the cold speed/black metal specks which were present on "Persecution Mania". "Agent Orange" is an essential slab of thrash metal history.
CD 1   
1 Agent Orange    6:04
2 Tired And Red    5:26
3 Incest    4:40
4 Remember The Fallen    4:20
5 Magic Dragon    6:00
6 Exhibition Bout    3:35
7 Ausgebombt    3:04
8 Baptism Of Fire    4:04
9 Don't Walk Away    2:55

CD 2   
1 Incest (live)
2 Agent Orange (live)
3 Tired And Red (live)
4 Remember The Fallen (live)
5 Ausgebombt (live)
6 Ausgebombt (German version)

Sodom "In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty" CD

"In The Sign of Evil" is proof that you don’t need an extravagant production budget or anything more than adequate musical talent to create an excellent heavy metal record. SODOM is widely hailed as being at the forefront of the first wave of black metal, accompanied only by the likes of HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, and VENOM. Their momentary grasp of this style was relatively short, as on their first full length they were headed towards something closer to a pure thrash style. "In The Sign Of Evil" is about as good as it gets if your looking for something that really captures the darkened intensity of the early "scene" responsible for the influencing of early black metal.

"Obsessed By Cruelty" might be the greatest extreme metal release of 1986, which is saying a lot considering its competition. Front to back this album destroys the listener with a metal onslaught of necrotic and aggressive riffing, and while many bands can offer you this, "Obsessed by Cruelty" offers you it in a much more interesting way that is seldom replicated. The songs on this album are fierce, excellent, and maniacal. And this could possibly be the greatest German thrash recording of all time.
In The Sign Of Evil   
1 Intro    0:14
2 Outbreak Of Evil    4:34
3 Sepulchral Voice    4:31
4 Blasphemer    3:06
5 Witching Metal    3:13
6 Intro    0:38
7 Burst Command Til War    2:43
8 Outro    0:15
Obsessed By Cruelty   
9 Intro    1:54
10 Deathlike Silence    5:07
11 Brandish The Sceptre    2:56
12 Proselytism Real    3:31
13 Equinox    3:33
14 Volcanic Slut    3:22
15 Obsessed By Cruelty    5:48
16 Fall Of Majesty Town    4:01
17 Nuctemeron    3:00
18 Pretenders To The Throne    2:40
19 Witchhammer    2:03

Sodom "M-16" CD

"M-16" is a concept album based on the classic film "Apocalypse Now". The music of SODOM colliding with the concept of the 1979 film creates a most devastating release. One of their best since "Agent Orange". Here at DHR we think "M-16" marks the end of an underrated trilogy of very focused and solid SODOM albums. It was 'Til Death Do Us Unite" that brought the band back on track after their more or less punk influenced excursions. Then the hammering "Code Red" confirmed their regained metallic strength and "M-16" does not show any signs of letting up. "M-16" is a highly aggressive album of a savvy thrash metal combat unit without any disappointing tracks.
1 Among The Weirdcong    5:07
2 I Am The War    4:06
3 Napalm In The Morning    5:56
4 Minejumper    3:11
5 Genocide    4:49
6 Little Boy    4:08
7 M-16    4:49
8 Lead Injection    6:24
9 Cannon Fodder    3:53
10 Marines    3:55
11 Surfin' Bird    2:39

Sodom "Persecution Mania" CD

"Persecution Mania" was SODOM's first album of full-fledged thrash through and through. There is an honest purity to their style and they play it masterfully. SODOM was at the thrash metal forefront and should get the credit that others have, but sinfully they never have unlike many of their peers at the time. "Persecution Mania" manages to incorporate so many of the traditional elements found within the SODOM sound into a package that has become one of their more timeless classics. Fast and filthy mature thrash metal compositions that capture the essence of their earlier "evil" style while also delivering the well produced modern thrash found in their later albums. One thing is for sure it is one of their fastest albums, and you will head bang through the whole thing. For those seeking the origins of the early thrash scene.
1 Nuclear Winter    5:22
2 Electrocution    3:11
3 Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)    2:42
4 Persecution Mania    3:36
5 Enchanted Land    3:56
6 Procession To Golgatha    2:00
7 Christ Passion    6:10
8 Conjuration    3:40
9 Bombenhagel    5:04
10 Outbreak Of Evil    3:29
11 Sodomy And Lust    5:10
12 The Conqueror    3:28
13 My Atonement    6:01

Storm "Nordavind" CD

Storm was a short-lived folk metal band that existed in the early 1990’s, releasing a single full-length recording in 1995 before breaking up shortly afterward. The group featured an impressive lineup that consisted of Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell of Darkthrone on drums and vocals, Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven of Satyricon on vocals and all other instruments, and Kari Rueslatten, former vocalist of The 3rd and the Mortal, providing female vocals. Nordavind, the sole result of this collaboration, consists of a mix of original material and metal versions of traditional Norwegian folk songs. An early Folk Metal album that is certainly praiseworthy. You will raise your horn of mead eagerly while listening to this classic album!
1 Innferd     1:36
2 Mellom Bakkar Og Berg     2:43
3 Haavard Hedde     3:19
4 Villemann     2:14
5 Nagellstev     1:03
6 Oppi Fjellet     4:02
7 Langt Borti Lia     7:15
8 Lokk     0:54
9 Noregsgard     8:13
10 Utferd     1:58

Summoning "Dol Guldur" CD

Few do Tolkien justice with their sonic offerings of worship. However, SUMMONING break that tradition and triumph by releasing "Middle Earth" inspired music that reflects feelings, emotions and stories that resonate to those who are nerds of the Tolkien world. The eloquent, solemn, and sombre melodies build the musical foundation with sometimes other elements, such as flutes, being added to build on the atmosphere. "Dol Guldur" is very expressive yet also delves into sonic minimalism. No other band really portrays Khazad Dúm, Kôr or the smithy of Angband as accurately as SUMMONING does. Dol Guldur was a stronghold that repeatedly got invaded and used by the darker forces, and Sauron retreated there to recover. When reading the books one is moved to a place far away by Tolkien’s supreme grasp of language, the stories, and the crawling ominous atmosphere which speaks straight to the heart, as do SUMMONING and their musical interpretation of the material. Ever-present is a longing, a dreary wanting of something that always seems so far from reach. The atmosphere "Dol Guldur" provides is that of mourning, and a bleak feeling of emptiness. SUMMONING were part of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate, along with ABIGOR, CROMM, GOLDEN DAWN, KNECHTE DES SCHRECKENS, PAZUZU...
1 Angbands Schmieden    3:30
2 Nightshade Forests    10:48
3 Elfstone    10:51
4 Khazad Dúm    10:58
5 Kôr    11:00
6 Wyrmvater Glaurung    3:05
7 Unto A Long Glory...    9:37
8 Over Old Hills    8:58

Summoning "Lugburz" CD

When it comes to underrated first full length releases, SUMMONING's "Lugburz" is one that suffered a bit from the prejudice and wrongfulness of some scathing reviews. It is truly an anomaly how some very good albums receive a lot of negative feedback. Maybe it is because of a rawer production or a difference in style from their later works. Whatever the reasons "Lugburz" is not necessarily an album for those who enjoy later SUMMONING material. "Lugburz" does not offer the long epic songs of things to come, but it is still very much a potent album filled with an energy that is most impressive. While being a "rough start", don't make the mistake in under estimating and or under appreciating this album! This is bleak and often quite evil black metal, and though very different from the rest of SUMMONING's albums it is still effective at creating the medieval Tolkien-ish world they have always desired to invoke. Although "Lugburz" may not be a starting place for those interested in discovering the later atmospheres invoked by SUMMONING, it is an excellent album for those seeking the origins of this legacy Austrian band.
1 Grey Heavens    1:44
2 Beyond The Bloodred Horizons    3:37
3 Flight Of The Nazgul    7:07
4 Where Winters Forever Cry    4:04
5 Through The Valley Of The Frozen Kingdom    6:22
6 Raising With The Battle-Orcs    5:44
7 Master Of The Old Lure    4:14
8 Between Light And Darkness    3:29
9 The Eternal Lands Of Fire    3:36
10 Dragons Of Time    6:01
11 Moondance    4:46

Summoning "Minas Morgul" CD

Minas Morgul was constructed by Isildur in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, but "Minas Morgul" is also the second album by Austria's SUMMONING. What they deliver on "Minas Morgul" is a pure and unique style, with every song filled with imagination and creativity. An album that leads us into Middle-Earth and grants us the ability to witness it in sonic majesty through their outstanding music. A voyage through the dark passages of the Tolkien mythos done using a perfect mix of distinctive black metal style, and epic medieval soundscapes. Considered to be one of the pioneering dungeon synth albums, "Minas Morgul" exceeds most of the dungeon synth albums that exist. "Minas Morgul" is a powerful atmospheric black metal album that truly shows off the strengths of the SUMMONING formula. The composition of the instrumentals are simple, but very effective at building the grand atmospheres of forests and mountains, which in our opinion is about as perfect as you can get with this genre of Tolkien worship.
1 Soul Wandering    2:32
2 Lugburz    7:14
3 The Passing Of The Grey Company    9:16
4 Morthond    6:43
5 Marching Homewards    8:10
6 Orthanc    1:39
7 Ungolianth    6:36
8 Dagor Bragollach    5:05
9 Through The Forest Of Dol Guldur    4:46
10  The Legend Of The Master-Ring    5:27
11 Dor Daedeloth    10:15

Summoning "Old Mornings Dawn" CD

SUMMONING are masters of telling dark folk tales through epic and majestic black metal with excellent production, and an atmosphere that is fantastic in invoking thoughts of Tolkien's Middle Earth. "Old Mornings Dawn" instantly delivers a well thought out and near flawless series of fantasy style anthems in this epic opus which is their seventh album. "Old Mornings Dawn" provides an intelligent, epic story with which to reawaken the imaginative process in all of us that might otherwise lie buried and forgotten. So, once again, SUMMOING scribe another impeccable piece of musical artistry saturated in the mythologies of Middle Earth for us to feed the imagination and our hunger for escape into magical realms.
1 Evernight    2:48
2 Flammifer    7:07
3 Old Mornings Dawn    9:29
4 The White Tower    9:35
5 Caradhras    9:32
6 Of Pale White Morns And Darkened Eves    8:22
7 The Wandering Fire    8:02
8 Earthshine    9:32

Therion "Lemuria" CD

"Lemuria", is one of two albums that THERION released in 2004, and is definitely an excellent album that shines amongst their catalog. This album along with "Sirius B", and of course the incredible "Secret Of The Runes" is where the band left behind their more "barbarian" beginnings and evolved into something more mature, more precise, and doubtlessly more symphonic, but without losing the power and aggressiveness that has always characterized THERION. "Lumeria" is ten songs immersed in legends, mythology, prophecies and pagan philosophy of the western world (Europe and America). Another wonderful and metamorphic release THERION tone down the operatic result of earlier albums like "Voivin" and increase the metallic elements to reach an almost perfect balance. Incorporating the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, THERION has managed to release another well developed heavy metal masterpiece.
1 Typhon    4:37
2 Uthark Runa    4:42
3 Three Ships Of Berik Part 1: Calling To The Arms And Fighting The Battle    3:20
4 Three Ships Of Berik Part 2: Victory!    0:44
5 Lemuria    4:15
6 Quetzalcoatl    3:47
7 The Dreams Of Swedenborg    4:58
8 An Arrow From The Sun    5:55
9 Abraxas    5:22
10 Feuer Overtüre / Prometheus Entfesselt    4:39

Therion "Secret Of The Runes" CD

One year after the release of "Deggial", THERION released the incredible album "Secret of the Runes". This time, THERION created a concept album based on Norse mythology. Taking yet another metamorphic step in their sound and direction THERION incorporate the operatic choruses and symphony orchestra, while adding many Scandinavian sounds such as black and Viking metal elements. The music fits perfectly with the concept creating an unforgettable and memorable journey through the worlds of Norse mythology. "Secret of the Runes" is full of beautiful epic anthems in perfect homage to the stories and themes they represent, and superb in conveying their musical genius, classical brilliance, and fascinating Nordic tones. Absolutely magnificent!
1 Ginnungagap    6:09
2 Midgard    5:04
3 Asgard    4:07
4 Jotunheim    3:43
5 Schwarzalbenheim    5:18
6 Ljusalfheim    3:55
7 Muspelheim    2:14
8 Nifelheim    4:36
9 Vanaheim    4:04
10 Helheim    3:18
11 Secret Of The Runes    4:31
12 Crying Days    5:32
13 Summernight City    4:55
14 The Wings Of Hydra (Live)    3:23
15 Black Sun (Live)    5:46

Ulver "Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden" CD

ULVER translates to "Wolves" in the English language.

ULVER have always been a prominent band within the Norwegian music circles. For a group of musicians to change so deeply and drastically, yet to be able to keep producing music that is so true to them and so very good, is something beyond the extraordinary. "Nattens Madrigal" marks the end of an era for ULVER, namely their folk/black metal period, and tops it off, with the most harsh and aggressive elements, that would balance the record between both the following, and preceding albums. "Bergtatt" was a real work of art in combining atmospheric black metal with the Norwegian folklore and folk music, and "Kveldssanger" was a pure acoustic folk album that is still as potent today as it was when released. The third "Nattens Madrigal" is a revolutionary de-evolution that exhibits the black metal core of ULVER in its purest, rawest, and most violent shape. "Nattens Madrigal" uses a minimal amount of melodic neo-folk interludes and shifts the primary focus to the grim and grinding black metal found within, which in our opinion is ULVER's darkest sounding moment. Although used in a minimal way the album is not without folk elements that were prominent on the previous two albums, as you can hear it shining within and throughout the grimy and raw atmospheres of this Norwegian black metal masterpiece.
1 Ginnungagap    6:09
2 Midgard    5:04
3 Asgard    4:07
4 Jotunheim    3:43
5 Schwarzalbenheim    5:18
6 Ljusalfheim    3:55
7 Muspelheim    2:14
8 Nifelheim    4:36
9 Vanaheim    4:04
10 Helheim    3:18
11 Secret Of The Runes    4:31
12 Crying Days    5:32
13 Summernight City    4:55
14 The Wings Of Hydra (Live)    3:23
15 Black Sun (Live)    5:46

Vintersorg "Cosmic Genesis" CD

To those familiar with VINTERSORG, "Cosmic Genesis" utilizes the well crafted folk styled melodies reminiscent to their previous albums, and VINTERSORG continues to evolve by creating some of the most atmospheric and emotive sounding Folk and Progressive Metal. Executing this perfectly with their elevated musicianship, dynamic and precise sound. "Cosmic Genesis" is filled with strong melodies and intelligent instrumentation mixed with some more primal, heavy sounding riffs, and makes for a very well rounded metal album filled with themes of space and astronomy. The strong clean singing of Andreas Hedlund, at times is operatic in nature and performed to near perfection. A stellar album to those appreciative to the genre.
1 Astral And Arcane    6:56
2 Algol    6:08
3 A Dialouge With The Stars    5:47
4 Cosmic Genesis    5:01
5 Om Regnbagen Materialiserades    5:01
6 Ars Memorativa    5:09
7 Rainbow Demon    4:01
8 Naturens Galleri    5:22
9 The Enigmatic Spirit    4:43
10 Norrskensdrömmar    4:25*
11 Hednaorden    3:48*

Vintersorg "Jordpuls" CD

Since VINTERSORG is surely one of the best known entities in black, folk, progressive metal you should already have a certain background knowledge of their works. "Jordpuls" the seventh full length by VINTERSORG is a glimpse back at their past while still being yet another new evolution to their sound. Increased are the use of clean vocals, although Mr. Hedlund still manages to switch between those and harsh growls from one moment to another. In addition their incorporation of synthesizer, as well as flutes, and other folk style instruments, often resemble a sonic touch with nature. The vocals are kept in their native Swedish tongue and together with well executed orchestration create an excellent and atmospheric listen.
1 Varldsalltets Fanfar    5:23
2 Klippor Och Skar    6:13
3 Till Danet Av Forsar Och Fall    4:31
4 Mork Nebulosa    5:23
5 Stjarndyrkan    5:07
6 Skogen Sover    5:55
7 Vindogat    4:35
8 Palissader    5:27
9 Eld Och Lagor    4:14

Vintersorg "Odemarkens Son" CD

"Odemarkens Son" which translates to "Son of the Wilderness", is the second full length release from the Swedish band VINTERSORG. Delivering an epic folk metal release, and on this album, the band deals with traditional old Scandinavian tales, pagan themes, and of course their impression of Nature. The music is melodic, using acoustic guitars, along with the progressive and folk sound they are well known for, each one complementing to other and creating an epic atmosphere that is truly VINTERSORG. The music is overwhelming, very compelling, and generally speaking, this is not the "happy dancing" folk metal like KORPIKLAANI, FINNTROLL or the like, this is mournful folk metal, with very poetic and sorrowful lyrics, more on the side of old ULVER, but still something different and original.
1 Nar Alver Sina Runor Sjungit    4:46
2 Svaltvinter    4:36
3 Under Norrskenets Fallande Ljusspel    3:54
4 Manskensman    5:46
5 Odemarkens Son    5:17
6 Trollbunden    2:44
7 Offerbacken    4:29
8 I Den Trolska Dalens Hjärta    5:55
9 Pa Landet    6:35
Bonus Track   
10 Stilla    4:15

Vintersorg "The Focusing Blur" CD

With "The Focusing Blur", VINTERSORG have taken folk metal in an extremely progressive direction both musically and lyrically without considering any limitations within the style. Mr. Hedlund and VINTERSORG are reaching creative, and thought provoking new levels. "The Focusing Blur" is based on modern scientific ideas and advancements that include complexity, expansion, and relative perspective, ie: microcosms and macrocosms. Using eccentric topics and some very interesting instrumentation, and arrangements creating and album of  true originality that will often make you stretch your mind to grasp it. There's something for the folk listener, something for the BM listener, something for the prog listener, and everything for the VINTERSORG follower.
1 Prologue Dialogue - The Reason    2:14
2 The Essence    5:54
3 The Thesis's Seasons    4:47
4 Matrix Odyssey    4:39
5 Star Puzzled    5:48
6 A Sphere In A Sphere? (To Infinity)    5:35
7 A Microscopical Macrocosm    4:37
8 Blindsight Complexity    4:52
9 Dark Matter Mystery - Blackbody Spectrum    5:03
10 Curtains    4:45
11 Artifacts Of Chaos    2:37
12 Epilogue Metalogue - Sharpen Your Mind Tools    2:59

Vintersorg "Till Fjalls" CD

"Till Fjalls" the first album by VINTERSORG is a beautiful mixture of folk and black metal that is epic, uplifting at moments, crushing, and operatic, with many other things weaved within its deep and complex layers. Incorporating electric and acoustic guitars, piano, and synth in a variety of fairly realistic tones like clarinet, strings, horn, etc., and creating a feeling of bleak intimacy that is soaring, majestic, and a perfect compliment to the vocals. Quite different from other Folk metal artists, VINTERSORG sounds more like Folk music with metal influence, and one that is resonating interesting, excellent, and transcendent melodies.
1 Rundans        1:30
2 För Kung Och Fosterland    3:47
3 Vildmarkens Förtrollande Stämmor    4:09
4 Till Fjälls    6:42
5 Urberget, Äldst Av Troner    5:03
6 Hednad I Ulvermånens Tecken    2:23
7 Jökeln    3:26
8 Isjungfrun    4:43
9 Asatider        3:55
10 Fångad Utav Nordens Själ    4:28

Bonus Track   
11 Norrland    4:22

Vintersorg "Visions From The Spiral Generator" CD

It seems this album is regarded as the black sheep of VINTERSORG's repertoire, and with good reason. Compared to the previous albums, which were all very immediate and powerful, this one takes a few spins to truly sink in. Rather than driving the songs with their traditonal infectious folk-metal melodies and powerful percussion, "Visions From The Spiral Generator" builds an atmosphere around a more progressive base, a more sparse approach to rhythm and a lot of interesting, strange moments. VINTERSORG added the talents of Steve DiGiorgio to the lineup and it makes for an interesting listening experience. As with all the VINTERSORG albums you will hear a very unique and interesting approach to progressive folk metal that has black metal tendencies. Lyrically they remain as esoteric as always, and this time deal mainly with astronomy, metaphysics, and other complex arcane subjects. Recommended for progressive-minded metal fans with the patience to fully explore and allow an album to sink in.
1 Quotation    0:50
2 Vem Styr Symmetrin?    4:36
3 A Metaphysical Drama    5:20
4 Universums Dunkla Alfabet    4:33
5 E.s.p. Mirage    5:00
6 Spegelsfaren    6:11
7 The Explorer    6:47
8 A Star-garded Coronation    5:16
9 Trance Locator    2:22

Bonus Track   
10 Tusmorkret    4:25

Watain "Lawless Darkness" CD

WATAIN has joined the ranks of the very few who consistently create classic records that stand the test of time. On "Lawless Darkness" WATAIN have simultaneously dug into their roots as well as evolved, creating a rawer album than their previous "Sworn To The Dark" while still managing to be a bit more melodic and epic. The end result is an album where the tracks are immediately memorable with the subtle and significantly recognizable atmosphere that is WATAIN. This is black metal delivered with an unwavering hand and will grasp onto your soul like the claws of Lucifer! An absolutely rejuvenating dose of black metal full of passion and dedication to the one below, and to their craft.
1 Death's Cold Dark    5:29
2 Malfeitor    6:58
3 Reaping Death    5:07
4 Four Thrones    6:16
5 Wolves' Curse    9:12
6 Lawless Darkness    6:08
7 Total Funeral    6:04
8 Hymn To Qayin    5:57
9 Kiss Of Death    7:45
10 Waters Of Ain    14:31

Watain "Rabid Death's Curse" CD

"Rabid Death’s Curse" uplifts the tradition of the days of old with it's grim, fast, and brutal black metal that has left WATAIN in the category of the legendary, standing them next to some of the icons of the genre. WATAIN offer a strange and fresh blend of black metal which includes a more melodic side that we could say may be inspired by their Swedish brethren DISSECTION, while maintaining atmospheres like that comparable to the grimness of MAYHEM. Regardless of influence WATAIN are and create relevant black metal that is epic in proportion. Even though "Rabid Death's Curse" does not really have the sense of pacing or control that one finds on later WATAIN albums, it still provides a very good listen from a band attempting to recreate a sound that brings visions of the golden days of black metal.
1 The Limb Crucifiks
2 Rabid Death's Curse
3 On Horns Impaled
4 Life Dethroned
5 Walls Of Life Ruptured
6 Agony Fires
7 Angelrape
8 Mortem Sivi Consciscere
9 The Essence Of Black Purity

Watain "Trident Wolf Eclipse" CD

"Trident Wolf Eclipse" shows us that WATAIN never waiver and are always true to their roots, especially in crafting warmongering black metal tracks that have the evident influences of HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, MAYHEM, BATHORY, and DISSECTION. WATAIN are in top form and this album is primal and ruthless delivering vicious and unsympathetic classic black metal. An extremely dark and ferocious listen that offers its listeners an overall aura of morbidity, and dread with a subtle layering of melody that is devoted to anti-Cosmic Satanism. Very few bands can dedicate an entire album to the devil's philosophy that is built around pitch black ideologies, encase it in a dark and obscure atmosphere and convince you that they in fact hold the key to the truth. "Trident Wolf Eclipse" is dense, claustrophobic, harsh, tormenting, oppressive, ugly, cohesive, furious, and likely the most ferocious album since "Casus Luciferi".
1 The Limb Crucifiks
2 Rabid Death's Curse
3 On Horns Impaled
4 Life Dethroned
5 Walls Of Life Ruptured
6 Agony Fires
7 Angelrape
8 Mortem Sivi Consciscere
9 The Essence Of Black Purity

Immortal "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh" CD + DVD

Sharpen your swords, grab your war paint, and prepare minions, for arrival to the kingdom of Blashyrkh. A reissue of the bands first live CD/DVD which will take you on a mystical sonic journey into the snowy landscapes of eternal night while flying on the mighty raven dark wings of IMMORTAL. The DVD features a live performance Recorded at Wacken Open Air, August 2007. The CD contains the same 11 unfettered celebrations of past conquests and all are mixed at the famous Abyss Studio.
CD1 The Sun No Longer Rises 5:06
CD2 Withstand The Fall Of Time 9:00
CD3 Sons Of Northern Darkness 4:48
CD4 Tyrants 7:33
CD5 One By One 5:26
CD6 Wrath From Above 5:36
CD7 Unholy Forces Of Evil 6:56
CD8 Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss 3:13
CD9 At The Heart Of Winter 8:10
CD10 Battles In The North 5:22
CD11 Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) 6:16

DVD1 Intro - From "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh"
DVD2 The Sun No Longer Rises  
DVD3 Withstand The Fall Of Time  
DVD4 Sons Of Northern Darkness  
DVD5 Tyrants  
DVD6 One By One  
DVD7 Wrath From Above  
DVD8 Unholy Forces Of Evil  
DVD9 Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss  
DVD10 At The Heart Of Winter  
DVD11 Battles In The North  
DVD12 Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark  
DVD13 Credits









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