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We are taking preorders on the excellent comeback album by EPOCH OF UNLIGHT "At War With The Multiverse". The CDs are in transit from our pressing facility and will be released September 19, 2022. SHIRTS are now available.

42 minutes of technical melodic death metal, full of hooks and relentlessly catchy, while still retaining some of the straight-ahead American Black Metal that started their career and garnered so much attention back in the 90’s. Lyrically, it follows the same sort of science fiction/fantasy themes as previous efforts. Sonically, it’s the best-sounding EPOCH OF UNLIGHT album yet!

For those who worship at the alter of... The Crown, Dimension Zero, Swordmaster, Defleshed, Cardinal Sin, older Dark Tranquility, Necroticism to Heartwork-era Carcass, and Dissection...

- SEPTEMBER 2022 -

We have been breaking our latest stock update into 5 newsletter updates. We have recently received an overwhelming amount of new stock, around 250 new titles and re-stocks! We open the door to #4.
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God Dethroned "The Toxic Touch" CD

GOD DETHRONED was leaning in a similar direction yet not as refined on “The Lair of the White Worm” album. "The Toxic Touch" still manages to keep things brutal while the band has experimented in sound and dynamics. Rather than a standard death metal album, GOD DETHRONED have adopted strong amounts of groove riffs and melody to create this album. "The Toxic Touch" is a different sound for GOD DETHRONED, yet is still a rock solid album that is a full blown melodic death attack.
1 Faithless    0:36
2 Hating Life    4:08
3 2014    4:06
4 Fallen Dream    3:36
5 On Wings Of Pestilence    5:01
6 The Day You Died    4:04
7 Away From Emptiness    3:05
8 Macabre World    4:04
9 Typhoid Mary    6:24
10 Fail To Exist    4:10

Gorgoroth "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" CD

"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" is a step back towards the colder, darker, and more iconic sound GORGOROTH are known for. With Frost of SATYRICON on the drums bringing a strong and solid backbone for King's newer vision of the band's sound. GORGOROTH have created something more angry and pitch black than the previous release "Twilight Of The Idols". A solid, straight forward Black Metal album that is full of overwhelming atmosphere and near a return back to what they did on "Under The Sign Of Hell".
1 Wound Upon Wound    3:30
2 Carving A Giant    4:10
3 God Seed (Twilight Of The Idols)    4:14
4 Sign Of An Open Eye    4:04
5 White Seed    4:36
6 Exit    3:42
7 Untamed Forces    2:37
8 Prosperity And Beauty    4:54

Gorgoroth "Destroyer / Incipit Satan" CD

Two albums on one CD re-issue by Icarus Music.

"Destroyer" is a strange album. The production, sonic quality, and even lineup vary wildly. In most other albums, it wouldn't work. On "Destroyer" however, these elements seem to enhance the atmosphere, instead of detracting from it. The atmosphere on "Destroyer" simply put, is chaos, and is an album appropriate to the name. The music is just as harsh as on "Under the Sign of Hell", but far more spacious, like icy, poisonous winds cascading from cursed plains. The diverse, cluttered, minimalist, yet expansive sound is absolutely overpowering which seems to be the prime goal of the album and in our opinion what propels "Destroyer" to greatness.

"Incipit Satan" is a very experimental album for a band like GORGOROTH. Which is most definitely one of their most experimental and alien sounding works. It's quite brave to make such an album... and it's a good album for that matter. And we would go further to say "Incipit Satan" is a bold "we don't give a fuck what you think" moment for GORGOROTH.  From start to finish the album never lets up in intensity and the music is original and quite spellbinding. Experimental yes, but still driven with intensity, which is solid, melodic, and intense.

Destroyer (Or About How To Philosophize With The Hammer)   
1 Destroyer    3:49
2 Open The Gates    5:29
3 The Devil, The Sinner And His Journey    2:36
4 Om Kristen Og Jödisk Tru    4:47
5 Pa Slagmark Langt Mot Nord    5:07
6 Blodoffer    3:19
7 The Virginborn    8:15
8 Slottet I Det Fjerne    3:43
Incipit Satan   
9 Incipit Satan    4:33
10 A World To Win    3:43
11 Litani Till Satan    4:33
12 Unchain My Heart    4:47
13 An Excert Of X    5:50
14 Ein Eim Au Blod Og Helvetesild    3:09
15 Will To Power    4:28
16 When Love Rages Wild In My Heart    5:43

Grave "Endless Procession Of Souls" CD

GRAVE have been bashing their brand of no holds bared straight up style of death metal since the early days of the scene. And that's why the death metal community loves them, no pretension, no bullshit straight up crushing death metal from a killer Swedish vanguard band. "Endless Procession Of Souls" is an impressive array of dynamics all structured superbly with interesting compositions and highly memorable riff work. GRAVE deliver pure heaviness without the over complicated technicality used by many bands. "Endless Procession Of Souls" is a solid reminder of what you get from Ola Lindgren's dedication and perseverance, a positively ripping and re-invigorated album by GRAVE.
1 Dystopia    0:35
2 Amongst Marble And The Dead    5:21
3 Disembodied Steps    5:42
4 Flesh Epistle    3:23
5 Passion Of The Weak    4:36
6 Winds Of Chains    5:37
7 Encountering The Divine    3:55
8 Perimortem    4:39
9 Plague Of Nations    3:35
10 Epos    7:45

Grave "Into The Grave" CD

GRAVE deliver a tried and true formula in a way that is so unfettered in its brutality, rage, darkness, and aggression. Their debut album "Into The Grave" manages to be vile and nasty without losing any sense of coherence. A masterful expression of death metal in it's golden era and is most definitely a classic album reserved for the old guard death metal fanatic.  Any serious underground metal fan will snap their neck to the classics "Extremely Rotten Flesh", "Haunted", "Deformed" or any of the other raging pieces of old school death metal on this masterful opus.

Booklet includes the lyrics not found on the original pressing.

Tracks 12-17: are taken from the Promo '91 (1991 demo).
Some of the tracks also appeared on the "Tremendous Pain" 1991 7"EP (tracks 12, 16) and the "In the Eyes of Death 1991 compilation album (tracks 13, 14, 16), both released by Century Media Records.
Track 18: pre-production demo.
Track 19 is the "Souless" video clip
1 Deformed    4:04
2 In Love    3:35
3 For Your God    3:46
4 Obscure Infinity    3:07
5 Hating Life    3:01
6 Into The Grave    4:08
7 Extremely Rotten Flesh    4:35
8 Haunted    3:38
9 Day Of Mourning    3:34
10 Inhuman    3:51
11 Banished To Live    4:53

Bonus Tracks
12 Tremendous Pain    3:29
13 Putrefaction Remain    2:53
14 Haunted    3:28
15 Day Of Mourning    3:32
16 Eroded    3:15
17 Inhuman    3:38
18 Obscure Infinity    3:12
19 Souless ( Video Clip )

Grave "Soulless" CD

GRAVE toned it down a bit after the days of "Into The Grave" and "You'll Never See...", becoming a bit more refined with "Soulless" which still grooves in an undeniably old school Swedish way. We feel this album is undeserving of the negative reviews it received, and we at DHR still feel "Soulless" is a great death metal album from that time. Of course, there is no denying that GRAVE has created a sound and style which has been an inspiration on a number of bands that flooded the scene during and after the death metal boom. And after many closer inspections 1994’s "Soulless", most definitely reveals that the venom is still there in full force. However, the delivery was changed a little, it still offers plenty of lyrics that are spat out with blasphemous intent, which complements the excellent music that is delivered in true GRAVE form. This absolutely guarantees headbanging to those old guard death metal heads and creates an insurmountable urge to smash all that stands in your path.
1 Turning Black    4:30
2 Soulless    3:07
3 I Need You    4:17
4 Bullets Are Mine    3:42
5 Bloodshed    4:11
6 Judas    3:00
7 Unknown    3:36
8 And Here I Die    3:40
9 Genocide    3:45
10 Rain    4:07
11 Scars    5:32

12 Soulless (Video Clip)

Grave "You'll Never See..." CD

This 2011 reissue includes the bonus "And Here I Die... Satisfied" EP from 1993.

After their almost perfect debut album "Into the Grave" you should have no doubts that "You'll Never See" showcases an absolutely excellent follow up record. "Into The Grave" may have had a tad bit more character and energy to the songs, but on "You'll Never See" the overall direction feels a bit darker and meaner than the debut, and is most definitely just as filth-ridden. GRAVE deliver a visceral feeling with a genuine passion and unadulterated creativity where there is a sense they offer a darker form of expression for feelings like anger and despair in musical form. This is an album with real intent and purpose behind it, which is incredibly obscure and one of the gloomiest in the GRAVE catalog.

Being over twenty minutes, the 1993 "..And Here I Die… Satisfied" plays out more like a full length and less like an EP.  It is a solid release that reflects the spirit of the early nineties, with a raw in-your-face attitude, granting the GRAVE hordes some sustenance of slight insight on what was to come on 1994's "Soulless" album.

1 You'll Never See...    5:10
2 Now And Forever    4:18
3 Morbid Way To Die    4:47
4 Obsessed    3:51
5 Grief    4:54
6 Severing Flesh    5:15
7 Brutally Deceased    4:00
8 Christi(ns)anity    4:45

Bonus Tracks
9 And Here I Die...    4:09
10 I Need You    4:32
11 Black Dawn    3:28
12 Tremendous Pain    3:28
13 Day Of Mourning    3:33
14 Inhuman    3:38

Hate Eternal "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" CD

HATE ETERNAL's distinct sound of death metal has always been known for its mix of extreme brutality, speed, and technicality, one of which many bands couldn’t even think about conceiving. And you can still slightly here the RIPPING CORPSE influence buried and hidden deep within. The fifth album "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" is not lacking one bit and is brutal as fuck with exceptional song-writing and production values. Pure unadulterated audible brutality, with song structures that are cohesive and diverse with a bit more progressiveness, strange chords, and guitar experimentation. "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" is another solid album from a consistently great band.
1 Rebirth    1:17
2 The Eternal Ruler    3:10
3 Thorns Of Acacia    4:29
4 Haunting Abound    5:01
5 The Art Of Redemption    4:42
6 Phoenix Amongst The Ashes    5:42
7 Deathveil    3:31
8 Hatesworn    4:48
9 Lake Ablaze    4:29
10 The Fire Of Resurrection    3:57

Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1" CD

Considered by many the first power metal album ever, "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" is also one of the very best of the time and budding genre. HELLOWEEN is one of the most recognized early wave power metal bands out there, and they owe a lot from that success to the albums "Keeper of the Seven Keys" (Parts 1 and 2). These albums along with "Walls Of Jericho" were the first captures of a genuine power metal atmosphere whose source of vast richness have had an unparalleled influence on many bands since.  Bar none HELLOWEEN are a founding father band of the entire power metal genre.
1 Initiation    1:21
2 I'm Alive    3:23
3 A Little Time    3:59
4 Twilight Of The Gods    4:29
5 A Tale That Wasn't Right    5:15
6 Judas    4:41
7 Future World    4:02
8 Halloween    13:18
9 Follow The Sign    1:46

10 Victim Of Fate (Single B-Side)    7:01
11 Starlight (Remix)    4:15
12 A Little Time (Alt. Version)    3:33
13 Halloween (Video Edit)    5:03

Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2" DOUBLE CD

Originally "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1" and "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2" were meant to be a double CD concept album, and obviously due to the record labels wanting to capitalize on both records, they were released separately back to back in 1987 and then in 1988. The first album was a shorter 8 track introduction to the concept, mostly contained within the closing track "Follow the Sign". Where this album differs is the more advanced sense of musicianship, that was highly experimental, treading previously unexplored territory and creating even more power metal elements. To many the two "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" albums are the bands finest hour and is what etched their name in heavy metal history.
1-1 Invitation    1:07
1-2 Eagle Fly Free    5:08
1-3 You Always Walk Alone    5:10
1-4 Rise And Fall    4:22
1-5 Dr. Stein    5:04
1-6 We Got The Right    5:08
1-7 March Of Time    5:15
1-8 I Want Out    4:40
1-9 Keeper Of The Seven Keys    13:37
1-10 Save Us    5:15
2-1 Savage    3:23
2-2 Livin Ain't No Crime    4:41
2-3 Don't Run For Cover    4:44
2-4 Dr. Stein (Remix)    5:04
2-5 Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Remix)    13:51

"Savage" & "Livin Ain't No Crime" were originally released as the B-sides on the "Dr. Stein" EP.
"Don't Run For Cover" originally appeared as the B-side on the "I Want Out" EP.
The "Dr. Stein" & "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" remixes originally appeared on the "Treasure Chest" compilation.

Helloween "Walls Of Jericho" DOUBLE CD

This reissue of "Walls of Jericho" is packaged together with the "Helloween" EP, and the "Judas" EP. This was done from the very first edition of the "Walls of Jericho" CD, so today to most people's minds, the three releases are indivisible. And indeed, there is little time between those releases, as "Helloween" and "Walls of Jericho" were released in 1985 just a few months apart and "Judas" was recorded a few months after "Walls..." and released in 1986. However, they are separate releases and it would be a shame to underestimate the impact of the "Helloween" EP. It made people really eager for more and the band indeed delivered one a few of finest power metal / speed metal albums ever. This reissue also includes a few extra gems not included on the original pressing of "Walls Of Jericho" CD.
1-1 Invitation    1:07
1-2 Eagle Fly Free    5:08
1-3 You Always Walk Alone    5:10
1-4 Rise And Fall    4:22
1-5 Dr. Stein    5:04
1-6 We Got The Right    5:08
1-7 March Of Time    5:15
1-8 I Want Out    4:40
1-9 Keeper Of The Seven Keys    13:37
1-10 Save Us    5:15
2-1 Savage    3:23
2-2 Livin Ain't No Crime    4:41
2-3 Don't Run For Cover    4:44
2-4 Dr. Stein (Remix)    5:04
2-5 Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Remix)    13:51

Disc 1:
Tracks 1 to 5 originally released as the "Helloween" mini LP (Noise Records, 1985)
Tracks 6 to 14 originally released as the "Walls Of Jericho" LP (Noise Records, 1986)
Track 15 originally released on the "Judas" EP (Noise Records, 1986)

Disc 2:
Tracks 1 & 2 originally released on the "Treasure Chest" compilation (Metal Is Records, 2002)
Tracks 3 & 4 originally released on the "Judas" EP
Tracks 5 & 6 originally released on the "Death Metal" compilation (Noise Records, 1984)
Track 7 originally appeared on the picture disc version of "Helloween" mini LP.

Immolation "Kingdom of Conspiracy" CD

"Kingdom of Conspiracy" is truly a defining moment for IMMOLATION as the band has progressed yet again however so triumphantly back into the direction we heard on some of the earlier classic albums. With this, being the band's second full length record for Nuclear Blast, it is clear that IMMOLATION has found themselves at a very refined and strong point within their career. "Kingdom of Conspiracy" is without a doubt completely, menacing, and grim in it's culmination of musical madness. While conceptually taking a dark and bitter look at the realities of our world today, adding an Orwellian twist to its not so distant future. Your fears are soon realized that this is a soundtrack that mirrors our world more than most would choose to accept. With speeds and intensity beyond anything the band has recorded, and some of the most mournful orchestrations they have dared to delve into, IMMOLATION has redefined themselves once again while holding the torch high! An unrelenting collection of catchy, intense and darkly imaginative tracks, each song on "Kingdom of Conspiracy" is a testament to the pure style and creativity that makes IMMOLATION who they are! Recorded once again at Millbrook Sound Studios with producer Paul Orofino, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Castle Ultimate Studios), and anointed with the talents of artist Par Olofsson. "Kingdom of Conspiracy" is delivered with pinpoint accuracy and violent melodic prowess, with an epic feel and dominating power. A golden calf to the followers of IMMOLATION, for their idol worship!
1 Kingdom of conspiracy 3:48
2 Bound to order 3:49
3 Keep the silence 4:05
4 God complex 3:34
5 Echoes of despair 3:44
6 Indoctrinate 4:48
7 The great sleep 5:21
8 A spectacle of lies 3:14
9 Serving divinity 3:36
10 All that awaits us 4:49


Immolation "Majesty And Decay" CD

"Majesty And Decay" may not be "Dawn Of Possession" or "Close To A World Below", but it’s another very solid IMMOLATION album with a brutally despairing atmosphere that proves to be a masterwork of perseverance and dedication to their craft. The riffs are ominous, dissonant yet catchier than their previous works before, and the excellent production really helps establish their solid foundation in the overall mix. IMMOLATION has continuously outdone themselves and "Majesty And Decay" is no exception. Any fan of death metal should have this album. "Majesty And Decay" was their debut on Nuclear Blast is also one of their best albums since "Unholy Cult". Once again delivering a level of songwriting rarely found in death metal and the instantly identifiable sound that is IMMOLATION.
1 Intro [From "Majesty And Decay"] 1:19
2 The Purge 3:18
3 A Token Of Malice 2:41
4 Majesty And Decay 4:29
5 Divine Code 3:38
6 In Human Form 4:04
7 A Glorious Epoch 4:37
8 Interlude 2:04
9 A Thunderous Consequence 3:58
10 The Rapture Of Ghosts 5:19
11 Power And Shame 3:44
12 The Comfort Of Cowards 5:52

Immolation "Shadows In The Light" CD

"Shadows In The Light" seems to be steering back towards the sounds found on "Close to a world below" or ‘Unholy cult’. Pitch-dark, brutal death metal, with complex heavy dissonant riffing which delivers an atmosphere in the traditional IMMOLATION style. The band continues to experiment and evolve in a consistent and interesting direction while delivering potent and fresh albums for us to devour. The riffs change frequently and in such a diverse way that gives the album a progressive feeling, but each and every riff and song flows perfectly into the next one. This is most definitely a release that requires you listen to the album in it's entirety to digest the complexity.
1 Hate's Plague    2:50
2 Passion Kill    3:41
3 World Agony    3:56
4 Tarnished    3:36
5 The Weight Of Devotion    4:21
6 Breathing The Dark    4:00
7 Deliverer Of Evil    3:45
8 Shadows In The Light    3:44
9 Lying With Demons    4:33
10 Whispering Death    6:04

Immortal "All Shall Fall" CD

"All Shall Fall" is the eighth studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was released September 2009 on Nuclear Blast. "All Shall Fall" like a mirror reflects the epic sound and atmosphere created on "At The Heart of Winter" or "Sons Of Northern Darkness".  A melancholic axe driven frenzy of black despondent riffs, music and atmosphere. IMMORTAL ride to the north and back to the north again with wintry and solemn spell casting musicianship that is truly identifiable only as IMMORTAL! Once again Abbath opens the gates to the mythical world of "Blashyrkh" the icy cold and blackened kingdom full of demons and warfare. IMMORTAL have evolved from the breakneck speed of their earliest albums into a whole new era of epic sounds. They do this without symphonic elements, leaving IMMORTAL truly in a class to their own.
1 All Shall Fall
2 The Rise Of Darkness
3 Hordes To War
4 Norden On Fire
5 Arctic Swarm
6 Mount North
7 Unearthly Kingdom

Immortal "At The Heart Of Winter" CD

"At the Heart of Winter" is the fifth studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was released February 1999 on Osmose Productions. It is the first IMMORTAL album not to feature "Demonaz" on guitar, as he suffered from acute tendinitis in his hands. The album marks a shift in the musical sound of IMMORTAL, towards a black metal and epic thrash metal fusion. Razor sharp, frostbitten, and of course undeniably IMMORTAL! From the North to the North and and back to the North again we arrive "At The Heart Of Winter".
1 Withstand The Fall Of Time     8:30
2 Solarfall     6:03
3 Tragedies Blows At Horizon     8:56
4 Where Dark And Light Don't Differ     6:45
5 At The Heart Of Winter     8:00
6 Years Of Silent Sorrow     7:54

Immortal "Battles In The North" CD

"Battles in the North" is the third studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was originally released May 1995 through Osmose Productions. It picks up where its predecessor "Pure Holocaust" left off yet the atmosphere is colder, featuring faster and more extreme tempos with a grim fidelity production. The lyrics take us into the kingdom of "Blashyrkh" with topics about coldness and winter landscapes in a time before time. This is the first album where the concept of "Blashyrkh" becomes a central focus as the narrative set lyrically by IMMORTAL. It is the last album to feature ABBATH on drums. This album by many is considered an iconic masterpiece of truly original groundbreaking "Norwegian" black metal.
1 Battles In The North     4:11
2 Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms     2:47
3 Descent Into Eminent Silence     3:09
4 Throned By Blackstorms     3:38
5 Moonrise Fields Of Sorrow     2:24
6 Cursed Realms Of The Winterdemons     3:59
7 At The Stormy Gates Of Mist     2:59
8 Through The Halls Of Eternity     3:35
9 Circling Above In Time Before Time     3:56
10 Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)     4:34

Immortal "Blizzard Beasts" CD

"Blizzard Beasts" is the fourth studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was originally released March 1997 on Osmose Productions. It is the last IMMORTAL album to feature the performance of founding member "Demonaz Doom Occulta" until "Northern Chaos Gods" (2018) and the first album to feature "Horgh" on drums. "Blizzard Beasts" is the point where IMMORTAL slightly starts to vary from their older music leaning more towards what was to come on later albums, which on "Blizzard Beasts" results in a fuller, more aggressive sound. "Blizzard Beasts" is a worthwhile closing chapter to IMMORTAL's foundational "Pure Holocaust" era of sound.
1 Intro    1:00
2 Blizzard Beasts    2:49
3 Nebular Ravens Winter    4:12
4 Suns That Sank Below    2:46
5 Battlefields    3:40
6 Mountains Of Might    6:37
7 Noctambulant    2:22
8 Winter Of The Ages    2:32
9 Frostdemonstorm    2:53

Immortal "Damned In Black" CD

"Damned in Black" is the sixth studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was originally released March 2000 through Osmose Productions, making it their last album released through their long-time collaboration with the French record label. It's their first album where bass guitar duties are handled by Iscariah. Besides some death metal influences, mostly manifested in the opening track "Triumph", the musical style has evolved to embrace a more guitar driven blackened thrash metal sound. "Damned In Black" has it all... mood, vibe, blistering heaviness, and impeccable riffage which is matured and stylish and of course undeniably IMMORTAL.
1 Triumph     5:40
2 Wrath From Above     5:46
3 Against The Tide (In The Arctic World)     6:02
4 My Dimension     4:32
5 The Darkness That Embrace Me     4:37
6 In Our Mystic Visions Blest     3:11
7 Damned In Black     6:51

Immortal "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" CD

"Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" is the first studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was originally released July 1992 through Osmose Productions. It is the only album to feature Armagedda on drums. "The Call of the Wintermoon" video immediately sent the band to "cult" status with their pointy witch hats and evil witch walks through the forest, along with some over the top and super Black Metal stances that would give "Blue Steel" or "Magnum" (Zoolander fashion pose reference) a run for their money! And in all of it's over the top cheesiness this video is epic! "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" with it's icy brutal guitar riffs, and atmosphere, to the soft acoustic moments sprinkled throughout, combine to create a grim and classic black metal album that sits atop the throne as a monument of genre creating excellence. A must for anyone seeking the origins of Norwegian black metal.
1 Intro     1:34
2 Call Of The Winter Moon     5:39
3 Unholy Forces Of Evil     4:28
4 Cryptic Winter Storms     6:07
5 Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust     3:47
6 Blacker Than Darkness     4:16
7 A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland     9:03

Immortal "Pure Holocaust" CD

"Pure Holocaust" is the second album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was originally released November 1993 on Osmose Productions. It is generally faster and colder sounding than its predecessor "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism". The lyrics focus mainly on ice, snow, and fantasy landscapes. It is the first album to feature Abbath on drums. "Pure Holocaust" takes a more serious and direct approach that is razor sharp and to many considered a timeless Black Metal album that stands next to such classics as "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" or "In the Nightside Eclipse". A must for those who are looking to discover the roots of Norwegian black metal.
1 Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss     3:14
2 A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride     2:35
3 The Sun No Longer Rises     4:19
4 Frozen By Icewinds     4:40
5 Storming Through Red Clouds And Holocaustwinds     4:39
6 Eternal Years On The Path To Cemetery Gates     3:30
7 As The Eternity Opens     5:30
8 Pure Holocaust     5:16

Immortal "Sons Of Northern Darkness" CD + DVD

"Sons Of Northern Darkness" is the seventh studio album by Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL. It was released February 2002 on Nuclear Blast. The Northern Black Metal Demons unleash another rock solid symphony of might and grimness carved in the perennial ice of "Blashyrkh".  "Sons Of Northern Darkness" is both a look back to the roots, those bold roots which were never forgotten nor betrayed, and a war cry echoing far through new ice cold territories. Aggressive and heavy while epic and atmospheric and always IMMORTAL.
CD-1 One By One  
CD-2 Sons Of Northern Darkness  
CD-3 Tyrants  
CD-4 Demonium  
CD-5 Within The Dark Mind  
CD-6 In My Kingdom Cold  
CD-7 Antarctica  
CD-8 Beyond The North Waves  

DVD-1 Wrath From Above  
DVD-2 Damned In Black  
DVD-3 One By One  
DVD-4 Tyrants (Part 1)  
DVD-5 Tyrants (Part 2)  
DVD-6 Solarfall  
DVD-7 Beyond The North Waves

The live footage was recorded with handy cam while mixing front of house by Achim Kohler 2nd of May, 2003 during the Metal Gods Tour in USA, New York, live at B.B.King's.

Incantation "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene" CD

"Mortal Throne of Nazarene" is one of those albums that just rule, and is another grasp at greatness for INCANTATION as well as an excellent follow up to "Onward To Golgotha". This album is what we at DHR would consider essential death metal listening and if you haven’t listened to it already you’re doing yourselves a massive disservice. This album is drenched in darkness and the mix of frenzied high-speed riffs and crushing doom sections might seem like random chaos at first, but with every repeat listen things make more and more sense. The riffs unfold and crumble into one another in an unpredictable manner in tracks like “Demonic Incarnate”, “Nocturnal Dominium” and “The Ibex Moon”, which makes for a very full experience that takes multiple listens to digest. With their ominous and creeping dark complexity INCANTATION is a band that has influenced a monumental amount of bands within the Death Metal scene. An underground death metal essential.
1 Demonic Incarnate  05:51    
2 Emaciated Holy Figure  03:47    
3 Iconoclasm of Catholicism  03:15
4 Essence Ablaze  03:24
5 Nocturnal Dominium  05:41
6 The Ibex Moon  04:36  
7 Blissful Bloodshower  00:52   
8 Abolishment of Immaculate Serenity  08:10

Incantation "Onward To Golgotha" CD

Diving deeper into the murky waters of the US death metal underground, we find one of the most important bands that were in part responsible for shaping the dynamics of death metal. The beginnings of this band date back to 1989, right after guitarist John McEntee decided to leave the band REVENANT and found his own group. There was also a short episode of John McEntee in MORTICIAN's line-up. Regardless, "Onward To Golgotha" was the album that helped create the sub genre some call "cavernous death metal". Everything that crawls, seeps, and emanates the image of death metal is present in this album. "Onward To Golgotha" is a moment of greatness achieved by INCANTATION, which is still one of the foulest, most crushing, and most oppressive death metal releases ever spawned. "Onward To Golgotha" truly succeeds at conveying the imminence of death, and delivers an atmosphere of pummeling darkness through pure death metal.
1 Golgotha  03:29  
2 Devoured Death  02:19  
3 Blasphemous Cremation  04:25
4 Rotting Spiritual Embodiment  04:58  
5 Unholy Massacre  04:39
6 Entrantment of Evil  02:39
7 Christening the Afterbirth  05:33   
8 Immortal Cessation  03:27  
9 Profanation  04:54   
10 Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies  05:29

Kampfar "Mare" CD

"Mare" is the fifth album from Norway's KAMPFAR. This is probably the most sedate KAMPFAR album, yet it could be considered one the harshest and heaviest albums in their library. Compared to previous records the sound is condensed and the record glares through a thick atmosphere, with well done orchestration, and keyboards that are very good and never disturbing or over the top. KAMPFAR always delivers a sense of traveling through a troll-infested forest and KAMPFAR evoke these images like no other band! The Norsemen are still delving into the same mythology and folklore that has inspired their previous works, and on mare honing in on the theme of witches. Certainly more subdued and tranquil, but never negligent of the "wall of sound" effect the band have utilized in the past.
1 Mare 6:25
2 Ildstemmer 5:06
3 Huldreland 5:19
4 Bergtatt 5:29
5 Trolldomspakt 5:41
6 Volvevers 3:28
7 Blitzwitch 6:16
8 Nattgang 5:11
9 Altergang 2:28
10 Bergtatt (In D Major) 5:29

Kataklysm "Heaven's Venom" CD

KATAKLYSM delivered a solid but a throwback album with "Heaven's Venom" because it stays very consistent with previous works that this band has done. Which is not a bad thing if you are a follower of KATAKLYSM. Although this is no "Sorcery" this album displays KATAKLYSM doing what they do and arriving at a place between heavy groove and melodic death metal skillfully crafted with a greater stylistic focus, melodic hooks and tense riffing. If you want to hear some straight forward pounding death metal, then this album will satisfy your appetite.
1 Mare 6:25
2 Ildstemmer 5:06
3 Huldreland 5:19
4 Bergtatt 5:29
5 Trolldomspakt 5:41
6 Volvevers 3:28
7 Blitzwitch 6:16
8 Nattgang 5:11
9 Altergang 2:28
10 Bergtatt (In D Major) 5:29

Kataklysm "Prevail" CD

Flowing in a similar sound and atmosphere to "The Arms Of Devastation", KATAKLYSM ups the ante on their musical formula a bit with "Prevail" and continues the march forward delivering another solid and consistent album. The catchy groove almost Swedeath style is where the band seem to shine the most as the past few albums have delivered a similar sound. Those who have followed KATAKLYSM over the years should not be let down, as it is shaped in the form that KATAKLYSM are known for. Once again not "Sorcery", but more refined and keeping true to their form.
1 Prevail    3:54
2 Taking The World By Storm    3:59
3 The Chains Of Power    3:19
4 As Death Lingers    3:29
5 Blood In Heaven    5:15
6 To The Throne Of Sorrow    4:49
7 Breathe To Dominate    3:59
8 Tear Down The Kingdom    4:21
9 The Vultures Are Watching    5:57
10 The Last Effort (Renaissance II)    5:01

Keep Of Kalessin "Kolossus" CD

KEEP OF KALESSIN is a band that always strive to reach new heights in both composition and musicianship. Their sound is characterized by viciously fast but focused guitar and drum playing coupled with long, epic songwriting. "Kolossus" sees the band continuing where "Armada" left off, evolving into a more melodic extreme metal sound that is just as convincing and well done as any of their previous material. "Kolossus" may not be as aggressive as its excellent predecessor "Armada", but what it lacks in black metal brutality it more than makes up for in songwriting and epic atmosphere. The inclusion of non-black metal elements in their sound comes across as a natural progression in which the band are moving beyond the confines of the genre to create their own unique and original sound. "Kolossus" is a truly massive album that should be digested with numerous listens.
1 Origin
2 A New Empire's Birth
3 Against the Gods
4 The Rising Sign
5 Warmonger
6 Escape the Union
7 The Mark of Power
8 Kolossus
9 Ascendant

Marduk "Panzer Division Marduk" CD

"Panzer Division Marduk" is a polarizing album of black metal accelerated almost to the maximum intensity styled with perfect execution. Delivering one of their best albums in their discography "Panzer Division Marduk" is a furious reference point for the genre while putting the emphasis on nothing else but its quintessential features. Each and every track appears as a most devastating artillery shelling of war styled black metal fierce and razor sharp. MARDUK have actually captured the aural essence of being in the clutches of the sheer frenzy of a cruel and bloodthirsty battle within their violent opus. This is for the black war metal maniacs!
1 Panzer Division Marduk    2:39
2 Baptism By Fire    3:50
3 Christraping Black Metal    3:45
4 Scorched Earth    3:37
5 Beast Of Prey    4:07
6 Blooddawn    4:19
7 502    3:14
8 Fistfucking God's Planet    4:27

Marduk "Rom 5:12" CD

MARDUK have crafted an aura of overwhelming dreariness that shimmers with dark energy on "Rom 5:12". Creating a bleak meditation on the inevitability of death and the ephemeral nature of material possessions. Thematically morphing towards a more thought provoking evocative message. The music wallows in gloom and is varied but still unrelenting black metal with a matured sound. "Rom 5:12" represents every reason why MARDUK is one of the better straight-forward Black Metal acts of this generation. The track “Accuser/Opposer” features guest vocals from A.A. Nemtheanga of the great and mighty PRIMORDIAL.
1 The Levelling Dust    5:12
2 Cold Mouth Prayer    3:28
3 Imago Mortis    8:36
4 Through The Belly Of Damnation    4:20
5 1651    4:54
6 Limbs Of Worship    4:26
7 Accuser/Opposer    8:43
8 Vanity Of Vanities    3:42
9 Womb Of Perishableness    7:01
10 Voices From Avignon    5:08

Marduk "Serpent Sermon" CD

"Serpent Sermon" is arguably one of the most solid offerings by MARDUK of the new era. A gem of an album, creating some of their best and most complete work. Each song is a commanding vessel for the album’s sardonic spirit. The album is sensational, dramatic, vile, and as vivid as you’d expect from a band this experienced in mocking religion and blaspheming. A almost perfect expression of what is central to Marduk’s aesthetics, purpose, and message. MARDUK have created a timeless album that treads familiar ground while doing a lot of interesting things with it. "Serpent Sermon" is molded by contempt, bred with spite, and straightforward by principle. Another gem of an album from this legacy Swedish black metal band.
1 Serpent Sermon    4:38
2 Messianic Pestilence    2:51
3 Souls For Belial    4:45
4 Into Second Death    5:11
5 Temple Of Decay    5:25
6 Damnation's Gold    6:48
7 Hail Mary (Piss-Soaked Genuflexion)    3:27
8 M.A.M.M.O.N.    3:29
9 Gospel Of The Worm    2:38
10 World Of Blades    7:12

Marduk "Viktoria" CD

The fourteenth album by MARDUK "Viktoria" is a calculated, consistent, sonic assault that is a vicious burst of top quality black metal done to perfection. Flawless, perfect in execution, professional, and always extremely relevant to the black metal genre. The songs are constructed and arranged with a very distinct mannerism with a mind blowing quality, and as mentioned always with consistency. "Viktoria" has it all.... A thousand sharp violent riffs, punishing blasts of absolute precision, a few slower melodic parts for good measure, top notch musicianship, ferocious, hateful vocal delivery, and of course a loud but not over polished sound production. MARDUK never disappoints!
1 Werwolf
2 June 44
3 Equestrian Bloodlust
4 Tiger I
5 Narva
6 The Last Fallen
7 Viktoria
8 The Devil's Song
9 Silent Night

Marduk "Wormwood" CD

"Wormwood", is the band’s eleventh studio album which carries on from where "ROM 5:12" left off, honing their sound and maturing even further. MARDUK still focus on building complex dynamics that cut through even when they are blasting like a machine gun, and the dark and ominous atmosphere is retained to startling effect. MARDUK has managed to seamlessly integrate their black metal fury with the slower sludgy parts that are a relatively new addition to their sound and they do this while keeping the music fast, chaotic, dark and atmospheric. Yet another excellent album from Sweden's mighty MARDUK.
1 Nowhere • No-One • Nothing    3:19
2 Funeral Dawn    5:51
3 This Fleshly Void    2:58
4 Unclosing The Curse    2:16
5 Into Utter Madness    4:40
6 Phosphorous Redeemer    6:02
7 To Redirect Perdition    6:38
8 Whorecrown    5:27
9 Chorus Of Cracking Necks    3:48
10 As A Garment    4:17

Master "Collection Of Souls" CD

After their previous two albums, in 1993, MASTER came back by releasing their third album "Collection Of Souls" with a new effort, and more thrash metal in its style. It's hard to deny the basic chugging purity of Paul Speckmann's three-decade crusade for the simplest, purest, most primeval form of death metal. When "Collection of Souls" first came out, MASTER was already seen by many as a out of date, throwback, misplaced or out of chronological order in sound. MASTER are all about unadorned old-school death metal savagery, basement-tape rough, and subtle as sandpaper. MASTER definitely isn't for everyone, but for those who revel in the poverty thrash of VENOM, bow to the out-of-focus altar of early DECEASED, and hate it when you can hear all the instruments clearly all the time, "Collection of Souls" is a crusty nugget of underground history you should own.
1 Pledge Of Allegiance    2:39
2 Unknown Soldier    2:44
3 Mangled Dehumanization    2:34
4 Pay To Die    3:15
5 Funeral Bitch    2:21
6 Master    2:59
7 Bass Solo    1:55
8 Children Of The Grave    4:04
9 Re-Entry And Destruction    2:53
10 Terrorizer    3:54
11 The Truth    3:19

Master "Master" CD

MASTER's 1990 Nuclear Blast debut album is no doubt the most simplistic, easy to digest release the band has released thus far. This album doesn't give a fuck about your feelings, it doesn't give a fuck about your pains or your joys, this album just wants to see you get thrashed, crashed, and violated in an endless mosh pit. There's not much variation on this CD, but who gives a fuck about variation when riffs like the opening to "Funeral Bitch" are quickly ripping your face off with dirty, raw, pure old school death metal. While this is not MASTER's greatest album, it's no doubt a huge standout in the early death metal scene and deserves to be mentioned alongside classics like "Altars of Madness", "Slowly We Rot", and "Spiritual Healing". And while not as good as these mentioned classics, still deserves a runner up. Posers beware, this is for the purists of the old guard primitive caveman death metal scene.
1 Pledge Of Allegiance    2:39
2 Unknown Soldier    2:44
3 Mangled Dehumanization    2:34
4 Pay To Die    3:15
5 Funeral Bitch    2:21
6 Master    2:59
7 Bass Solo    1:55
8 Children Of The Grave    4:04
9 Re-Entry And Destruction    2:53
10 Terrorizer    3:54
11 The Truth    3:19

Master "On The Seventh Day God Created... Master" CD

In 1991 the second album by MASTEER "On the Seventh Day God Created... Master" was released by Nuclear Blast. First and foremost it must be admitted that this is MASTER, and therefore no blast beats, no complex riffs, bridges, or progressive thinking whatsoever. From the opening neanderthal riff to final caveman riff, this is simple, face-grinding death metal that is only a smidge away from the same attitude emitted by early thrash, punk, or hardcore in terms of composition, with only the guitar tone, lyrics, and vocals to really separate it from those other genres. So, if you thought MASTER's self-titled release was the most brutal thing ever, then you were wrong. With guest vocal appearance by John Tardy of OBITUARY, and drums by Paul Masvidal of CYNIC and DEATH "On The Seventh Day God Created... Master" resulted in the most technically accomplished and brutal album of their career. Overall, this is the height of the original 90's output from MASTER and to the primitive death metal fanatic a lost gem from a forgotten time.
1 What Kind Of God     3:56
2 Latitudinarian    3:21
3 Heathen     4:48
4 Used     3:38
5 Demon     2:52
6 Constant Quarrel     3:12
7 Judgement Of Will     2:53
8 America The Pitiful     2:50
9 Whose Left To Decide    4:13
10 Submerged In Sin    4:09

Master "The New Elite" CD

MASTER re-emerged in 2012 with "The New Elite" delivering 11 tracks of sadistic, blood-pumping death metal that is always steeped ever-so-slightly in thrash elements and should satiate and subdue the wandering nomad fan of both genres. Speckman is arguably one of the first death metal vocalists along with Jeff Becerra, Kam Lee, or Evil Chuck. Speckmann’s throaty, almost hoarse delivery belches and bellows the themes of overcoming suppression, be it political, spiritual or internal topics. Which in return delivers a tempestuous and vile slab of musical filth that is about as brutal as it comes while still retaining a perfectly tangible, enunciated balance between guttural noise, maniacal intelligence, and primitive caveman death metal.
1 The New Elite    3:32
2 Rise Up And Fight    4:25
3 Remove The Knife    3:50
4 Smile As You're Told    3:31
5 Redirect The Evil    4:04
6 Out Of Control    3:49
7 As Two Worlds Collide    4:49
8 New Reforms    2:57
9 Guide Yourself    3:58
10 Souls To Dissuade    4:27
11 Twist Of Fate    5:03

Mayhem "Esoteric Warfare" CD

"Esoteric Warfare" is as evil and obscure as the previous works yet in a bit more refined and balanced style that caries the signature MAYHEM sound. Over the years and cutting through the ocean of the over-saturated and ever-changing black metal scene, MAYHEM still retains a most recognizable sound. MAYHEM is not only one of the pioneering bands of the black metal genre, they have continued for over 35 years as innovators and into the modern era as well. Keep in mind MAYHEM as a band should not be judged by the controversial, as to if it were actually based on truth, film "The Lords Of Chaos" which in our opinion mildly lampoons the character of this legendary band. MAYHEM have become known (even infamous) for their constant experimentation with the black metal sound on each of their albums. Even the debut "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" album featured vocals that were very different from the usual black metal sound, and "Esoteric Warfare" is no different. Obviously this is no "De Msteriis Dom Sathanas" but MAYHEM continue to slither along the underbelly of the black metal scene releasing good albums that should not be dismissed.
1 Watcher    6:19
2 Psywar    3:25
3 Trinity    3:57
4 Pandaemon    2:53
5 MILAB    6:03
7 VI.Sec.    4:12
8 Throne Of Time    4:06
9 Corpse Of Care    4:06
10 Posthuman    6:54
11 Aion Suntelia    5:25

Mayhem "European Legions" CD

This is a compilation album, with tracks 1-7 recorded live during the "Grand Declaration Of War" tour 2000 and tracks 8-12 being pre-production tracks from "Grand Declaration of War" sessions. The live cuts here are satisfactory and will satisfy the MAYHEM die hard purist. But the second half of the album which is the stripped back rehearsal versions of some of the key tracks from "Grand Declaration Of War" presented here really prove this disc’s highlight. It's interesting to see how differently things were done before the songs were finalized. It's also an intriguing look as to how the band evolved from the course of the demo tracks to the recording of the actual album.
1 Watcher    6:19
2 Psywar    3:25
3 Trinity    3:57
4 Pandaemon    2:53
5 MILAB    6:03
7 VI.Sec.    4:12
8 Throne Of Time    4:06
9 Corpse Of Care    4:06
10 Posthuman    6:54
11 Aion Suntelia    5:25

Mayhem "Grand Declaration Of War" CD

"Grand Declaration of War" is the sophomore MAYHEM full-length album released in the year 2000. Coming six years after the release of their previous record, it clearly shows how the passage of time and the events taking place in the meantime affected and consequently altered both the band’s style and sound. This album is the strangest, most experimental MAYHEM album to date, and doesn’t run short on magnificent odd qualities across all its features that make it an extremely interesting piece of work. This record is a classic masterpiece of warfare-like, brain-puzzling, enigmatic, intelligent black metal, and serves to prove MAYHEM have never been followers.
1 A Grand Declaration of War     06:23      
2 In the Lies Where upon You Lay     05:57      
3 A Time to Die     01:48      
4 View from Nihil (Part I of II)     03:05      
5 View from Nihil (Part II of II)     01:16      
6 A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun (Part I of II)     00:33      
7 A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun (Part II of II)     04:27      
8 Crystalized Pain in Deconstruction     04:07      
9 Completion in Science of Agony (Part I of II)     09:44      
10 To Daimonion (Part I of III)     03:26      
11 To Daimonion (Part II of III)     04:54      
12 To Daimonion (Part III of III)     00:07       instrumental
13 Completion in Science of Agony (Part II of II)

Mayhem "Live In Leipzig" CD

The grimness, the shallow, hateful, rasping undertone, the brutal pounding, the nasty aura, the disgusting ambiance... These are what matter. You aren’t in a place where quality matters when you listen to this, you are in a place where all things black and filthy, all things that drip with distaste, disdain and despair, where all evil flourishes. "Live In Leipzig" the 1993 release is only one of three official releases featuring late vocalist Per Yngve "Pelle" Ohlin, better known to the metal world as Dead. Released by several companies over the years, the album is one of black metal's most iconic and remembered moments. "Live In Leipzig" is a prime example of the "true" Mayhem in their heyday. Although they never recorded a studio album with the "classic" lineup, this live release, albeit very rough represents black metal of the early '90s and continues to inspire countless legions of black metal bands.
1 Deathcrush    4:37
2 Necrolust    3:46
3 Funeral Fog    6:31
4 The Freezing Moon    7:05
5 Carnage    4:07
6 Buried By Time And Dust    5:29
7 Pagan Fears    7:00
8 Chainsaw Gutsfuck    5:07
9 Pure Fucking Armageddon    3:10

Mayhem "Ordo Ad Chao" CD

In the first moments of having contact with "Ordo Ad Chao", the fourth album from MAYHEM causes most a huge shock. The Norwegians emerge again with the renewed presence of the Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar and have totally abandoned precision and high quality produced sounds in favor of... some of the most primal, and even demo-like production and presentation! "Ordo Ad Chao" shows an archaic evolution back towards a very dissonant-drone and broken atmosphere that can be associated with such acts as Portal, or Deathspell Omega. The atmosphere is what determines the genius of this record and indeed it is eerie and evil sounding with a grim aura. This is most definitely an obscure and cryptic release that is layered with many magical moments that make it more rewarding with each listen as you discover the gold that is buried within.
1 A Wise Birthgiver    3:30
2 Wall Of Water    4:40
3 Great Work Of Ages    3:52
4 Deconsecrate    4:07
5 Illuminate Eliminate    9:40
6 Psychic Horns    6:32
7 Key To The Storms    3:52
8 Anti    4:34

MP3 - Mayhem "Ordo Ad Chao" 224kbit    40:51

Morbid Angel "Altars Of Madness" CD / DVD

What we have here is a death metal classic from the early days 1989 to be exact. "Altars Of Madness" should always be mentioned when discussing the old DM together with "Consuming Impulse", "Scream Bloody Gore", "Seven Churches" and of course "Left Hand Path". Yes, "Altars Of Madness" is one of the best 10 death metal albums of all time and still to this days is a relevant and genre defining release. One can conclude by now this also still is the ultimate MORBID ANGEL album followed closely by the "Blessed Are The Sick" and "Covenant" albums. Obviously this is the album that cemented MORBID ANGEL's reputation as kings of the USDM scene, with its unending wellspring of dark madness, which still holds up to this day as a bastion of what true Death Metal should to be.
CD-1 Immortal Rites
CD-2 Suffocation
CD-3 Visions From The Dark Side
CD-4 Maze Of Torment
CD-5 Lord Of All Fevers & Plague
CD-6 Chapel Of Ghouls
CD-7 Bleed For The Devil
CD-8 Damnation
CD-9 Blasphemy
CD-10 Evil Spells
CD-11 Maze Of Torment (Re-mix)
CD-12 Chapel Of Ghouls (Re-mix)
CD-13 Blasphemy (Re-mix)

''Live Madness '89" Recorded Live At Nottingham Rock City On 14th November 1989.
DVD-1 Immortal Rites    3:55
DVD-2 Suffocation    3:12
DVD-3 Visions From The Dark Side    4:24
DVD-4 Maze Of Torment    5:25
DVD-5 Chapel Of Ghouls
DVD-6 Guitar Solo
DVD-7 Bleed For The Devil    2:29
DVD-8 Damnation    4:30
DVD-9 Blasphemy    4:27
DVD-10 Lord Of All Fevers & Plague    4:00
DVD-11 Evil Spells    5:10

Morbid Angel "Covenant" CD

"Covenant" MORBID ANGEL's third album blew open the doors for death metal's overwhelming popularity. The release of "Covenant" represented the commercial peak of death metal since the video for the song "God Of Emptiness" was aired on MTV's Headbangers Ball and was featured in an episode of the Beavis And Butthead show, a peak that neither MORBID ANGEL nor death metal as a whole ever followed up on. And for good reason, some things are just meant to stay underground! MORBID ANGEL in their heyday was such a great band. Their first three albums in particular are some of the finest death metal anywhere, and this one in particular is amazingly good. This is one of the classics; an album that succeeds at being both an atmospheric piece and a brutal, intense musical maelstrom. "Covenant" is really something far greater than just another basic death metal album. It is a classic, and also a work of death metal art, and Covenant" is a towering achievement for MORBID ANGEL. Although it does not carry the same primal aggression as "Altars Of Madness", "Covenant" easily bests most everything else the band has released since, (although "Domination" is great in it's own right). "Covenant" is a layered and complex work that just gets better with time.
1 Rapture     4:17
2 Pain Divine     3:57
3 World Of Shit (The Promised Land)     3:20
4 Vengeance Is Mine     3:15
5 The Lions Den     4:45
6 Blood On My Hands     3:43
7 Angel Of Disease     6:15
8 Sworn To The Black     4:01
9 Nar Mattaru     2:06
10 God Of Emptiness     5:26

Morbid Angel "Domination" CD

"Domination" is atmospheric, precise, dominating death metal and is one of the most diverse MORBID ANGEL albums in their catalog. Every song is very different from the other in many aspects, but it keeps a cohesive atmosphere throughout the whole record. The album progresses from the most straightforward death metal tracks to a more atmospheric and epic sound styled with perfection, conviction, brutality and at the same time breaking new ground. "Domination" is not another "Altars Of Madness" or "Covenant" but nonetheless it is still a very good album. A slab of sludgy yet complex death metal with memorable songwriting.
1 Dominate     2:40
2 Where The Slime Live     5:26
3 Eyes To See, Ears To Hear     3:53
4 Melting     1:21
5 Nothing But Fear     4:31
6 Dawn Of The Angry     4:40
7 This Means War     3:12
8 Caesar's Palace     6:20
9 Dreaming     2:18
10 Inquisition (Burn With Me)     4:33
11 Hatework     5:48

Morgoth "Cursed" CD

In 1991, MORGOTH stepped back out of the shadows by releasing "Cursed" a full-length album of death metal with a doom approach. Steering their sound slightly away from their promising EPs "Resurrection Absurd" and "The Eternal Fall", MORGOTH shifted their sound to a more "current to that time" sound, and thus “Cursed” was a child of its time and it represents some state of the art death metal of 1991. Fans of the death-doom brigade ASPHYX should take note and be the ones who should give this album a chance. "Cursed" belongs to the good and worthy products of a time when death metal was both brutal and melodic. MORGOTH stood in the shadows of many of their other well known peers and it seems that they became lost within the waves of the ocean of death metal.
1 Cursed    2:05
2 Body Count    3:36
3 Exit To Temptation    6:02
4 Unreal Imagination    3:30
5 Isolated    5:25
6 Sold Baptism    3:40
7 Suffer Life    4:26
8 Opportunity Is Gone    7:20
9 Darkness    3:54

Bonus-video - Live In Frankfurt, September 9th, 1991    
Video 1 Body Count
Video 2 Exit To Temptation
Video 3 Unreal Imagination
Video 4 Opportunity Is Gone
Video 5 Suffer Life
Video 6 Sold Baptism

Morgoth "Resurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall" CD

Of the death metal that spewed like magma from the chasm of the underground in 1989, Germany's MORGOTH and their debut EPs "Ressurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall" are the protrusion way back in the cavern obscured by the stalagmites and dust created by the constant chipping away of the monuments near the entrance. There still lingers more obscure and overlooked treasures from the deep caverns of the early death metal underground and MORGOTH are one of them. These two EPs from 1989 / 1990 fit well into what was the last gasp of the old school death metal approach where technicality and speed were secondary to atmosphere and feel. MORGOTH's music is solid and competent and they knew how to write good, crushing death metal enough to give these two EPs a place in the early death metal hall of fame. Crushing old guard death metal.
Resurrection Absurd   
1 Dictated Deliverance    3:07
2 The Travel    5:09
3 The Afterthought    3:24
4 Selected Killing    6:38
5 Lies Of Distrust    4:38

The Eternal Fall   
6 Burnt Identity    3:52
7 Female Infanticide    3:14
8 White Gallery    4:07
9 Pits Of Utumno    4:38
10 Eternal Sanctity    2:17
Bonus Clips - Live In Bayshore, New York 1991   
Video 1 Burnt Identity
Video 2 Lies Of Distrust
Video 3 The Travel
Video 4 White Gallery

Old Man's Child "Born Of The Flickering" CD

OLD MAN'S CHILD impressed with their debut MCD "In the Shades Of Life", and they further proved their point with their debut album, "Born Of The Flickering". We argue this as being their most aggressive album of their catalog. The overall production on "Born of the Flickering" has that mid-90's raw studio sound that is well mixed and very listenable from start to finish at a consistent level of quality. A gem that captures that classic, unique feel of mid-90's Scandinavian black metal. A very solid debut album from this long running Norwegian black metal band.
1 Demons Of The Thorncastle     4:47
2 Swallowed By A Buried One     4:51
3 Born Of The Flickering     5:05
4 King Of The Dark Ages     5:27
5 Wounds From The Night Of Magic     3:28
6 On Though The Desert Storm     4:20
7 Christian Death     4:55
8 Funeral, Swords And Souls     4:56
9 The Last Chapter     4:42
10 ...Leads To Utopia / The Old Man's Dream     8:44

Possessed "Beyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror" CD

What can be said without question, is POSSESSED made a mark that is still felt today and were most definitely death metal / thrash genre pioneers. After the 1985 debut "Seven Churches" it was only a matter of time before the band would take its second plunge into the firestorm of critics, to deliver the 1986 "Beyond the Gates" which was the second full length, and the follow up EP from 1987 "The Eyes Of Horror". The sound on "Beyond The Gates" is clearer than in the past with a slightly more progressed sound than that of the hellish atmospheres that branded their debut, however "Beyond The Gates" still delivers a potent album of genre defining metal that stands the test of time. While leaving the "Seven Churches" behind to dwell "Beyond The Gates", POSSESSED lets you take a look through "The Eyes of Horror" which is  by far the most thrash sounding material every put out by POSSESSED. With production that is less clean than it's predecessor the five tracks on "The Eyes Of Horror" is immediately shows their skill to deliver death thrash with great riffs and killer, more melodic solos.
Beyond The Gates
1 Intro     1:19
2 The Heretic     2:42
3 Tribulation     4:45
4 March To Die     3:12
5 Phantasm     4:20
6 No Will To Live     6:44
7 Beyond The Gates     2:54
8 The Beasts Of The Apocalypse     3:10
9 Seance     3:02
10 Restless Dead     2:56
11 Dog Fight     1:23
The Eyes Of Horror
12 Confessions     2:54
13 My Belief     3:36
14 The Eyes Of Horror     3:18
15 Swing Of The Axe     4:03
16 Storm In My Mind     4:20

Possessed "Seven Churches" CD

When POSSESSED hit the scene in 1984 with their "Death Metal" demo, they generated an underground buzz the likes of which had rarely been seen before, and it was written by some San Francisco kids who were on a first-name basis with Satan even more so than the guys in VENOM back then. POSSESSED were playing metal that was faster, more evil, and heavier than anything at that point in time and it also retained a very refined sense of musicianship that was most definitely cutting edge. POSSESSED epitomized the "death metal" sound just as they pretty much founded it by coining the term "Death Metal" as the title to the last track on the album. This was in our opinion one of, if not the absolute first first of metal albums to have a vocalist delivering a death metal growl as the form of vocals used through it's entirety. POSSESSED were originators of a new genre within heavy metal music, "death metal", and in 1985 they delivered a genre defining, ground breaking debut album. "Seven Churches" is deserving of much credit as it is absolutely one of the first in a new sound and is responsible for changing the idea of what was extreme in underground music. Brilliant in its pioneering status, "Seven Churches" not only stands among the most cutting edge, forward thinking and beautifully primitive of all the '80s thrash albums, and it is definitely the most hellish, twisted and fucking heaviest of the metal albums that were released in 1985. This is a mandatory album for all underground metal collections, bar none, period!
1 The Exorcist     4:50
2 Pentagram     3:32
3 Burning In Hell     3:07
4 Evil Warriors     3:43
5 Seven Churches     3:16
6 Satan's Curse     4:12
7 Holy Hell     4:10
8 Twisted Minds     5:10
9 Fallen Angel     3:58
10 Death Metal     3:12

Primordial "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" CD

"Where Greater Men Have Fallen" is genuinely groundbreaking, recognizable, passionate, organic, and as you will hear PRIMORDIAL are still releasing some of their best music until today. For those who are acquainted, this feels and sounds perfect as the successor to 2011’s "Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand", in how the band manages to somehow sound more heart-wrenching and epic with every record. There is an incredible warmth and purity to the album and PRIMORDIAL repeatedly sound deeper and more meaningful with each release they deliver. One of the greatest overlooked bands in underground metal and deserving of some worthy attention. There is simply no let up in the PRIMORDIAL ethos, as they continue to grow and develop. "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" delivers hymns of triumphant grandeur that are among the most motivating and spirited within the massive Celtic folk/black metal panorama that is PRIMORDIAL.
1 Where Greater Men Have Fallen
2 Babel's Tower
3 Come the Flood
4 The Seed of Tyrants
5 Ghosts of the Charnel House
6 The Alchemist's Head
7 Born to Night
8 Wield Lightning to Split the Sun









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