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Dark Angel "Live Scars" CD

"Live Scars" is most definitely for die hard DARK ANGEL fans. This is a great mini live album from 1990 was recorded April 22, 1989 at the Country Club in Reseda, California by The Westwood One Mobile Unit.  Reissued in 2011 by Icarus Music.
1 Leave Scars    9:30
2 The Burning Of Sodom    3:34
3 Never To Rise Again    4:06
4 Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)    3:52
5 The Promise Of Agony    8:45
6 We Have Arrived    4:00
7 The Death Of Innocence    5:35
8 I Don't Care About You    3:22

Dark Angel "Time Does Not Heal" CD

The previous two DARK ANGEL albums leading up to this one were more or less the musical visions of Gene Hoglan and Jim Durkin. So when long time song writer Jim left the band, and was replaced with Viking guitarist Brett Eriksen, you have a beast that is completely different from past efforts. With lineup changes from album to album, there is an inherit evolution in their sound, and thus, “Time Does Not Heal” stands as another monument within the thrash scene. To some "Time Does Not Heal" represents thrash metal's true peak, and one of the last true great thrash records of the 90's.
1 Time Does Not Heal     06:39    
2 Pain's Invention, Madness     07:44
3 Act of Contrition     06:10      
4 The New Priesthood     07:14      
5 Psychosexuality     08:55      
6 An Ancient Inherited Shame     09:16      
7 Trauma and Catharsis     08:19      
8 Sensory Deprivation     07:35      
9 A Subtle Induction     05:10      
10 The Promise of Agony (live)     08:54      
11 I Don't Care About You (Fear cover) (live)     03:19

Dark Funeral "Angels Exuro pro Eternus" CD

DARK FUNERALS's 8th output that goes by the name of "Angelus Exuro pro Eternus" is one of the best of their current efforts. On this album the band has matured well in their style creating more memorable songs than ever before. DARK FUNERAL through and through and at a high point in their career.
1 The End Of Human Race    4:39
2 The Birth Of The Vampiir    4:42
3 Stigmata    5:07
4 My Funeral    5:32
5 Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus    5:00
6 Demons Of Five    4:45
7 Declaration Of Hate    5:22
8 In My Dreams    6:26
9 My Latex Queen    5:21

Bonus Video Track
Video My Funeral    5:54

Dark Funeral "Attera Totus Sanctus" CD

Those who are loyal followers of DARK FUNERAL do not need to worry "Attera Totus Sanctus" bears an unmistakable signature, which when simply put is... this is fucking DARK FUNERAL through and through! Manic hyperblasting, superfast tremoloed guitar riffs are here in abundance and if you are a fan of the fast non stop chaos that is basically an aural war against humanity and YOU, then you will not be disappointed. The music on this album is at times so fast, those who are not used to such an all our aural assault, might need to take a few listens to let it sink in! DARK FUNERAL does it again, DHR is proud to support this long time legacy Black Metal band! Hail Sweden!
1 King Antichrist    4:39
2 666 Voices Inside    4:38
3 attera Totus Sanctus    5:37
4 Godhate    5:06
5 Atrum Regina    5:33
6 Angel Flesh Impaled    5:53
7 Feed On The Mortals    5:41
8 Final Ritual    5:44

Dark Funeral "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine - Live In South America 2003" CD

"De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine" is the first live album of Dark Funeral, and it was recorded during the South American tour in 2003. It contains 14 tracks spanning their releases from 1994 and is a good quality live album with excellent production!
1 Intro    1:54
2 The Arrival Of Satan's Empire    3:48
3 An Apprentice Of Satan    5:32
4 The Dawn No More Rises    4:07
5 Thy Legions Come    4:11
6 Hail Murder    5:23
7 Goddess Of Sodomy    3:22
8 The Secrets Of The Black Arts    3:36
9 Vobiscum Satanas    4:21
10 Shadows Over Transylvania    3:34
11 Open The Gates    4:19
12 Ineffable Kings Of Darkness    4:37
13 Thus I Have Spoken (Encore)    5:22
14 My Dark Desires (Encore)    3:59
15 Armageddon Finally Comes (Encore)    4:06

Darkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" DOUBLE CD

"A Blaze In The Northern Sky", DARKTHRONE's second album, was originally issued in 1992 and was without question the blueprint release for the Black Metal scene. An album that defined the phrase 'True Norwegian Black Metal', it was hailed on release as an album of true scene shifting greatness. The album saw a whole new blacker than black DARKTHRONE, new names, new sound and highly visual black and white artwork. Fenriz claimed 'This is the new DARKTHRONE, the old DARKTHRONE is dead'.  So great was the hunger and need for DARKTHRONE that it meant absolutely nothing to critics and fans alike that the band hardly ventured out to play live. On the contrary, this only added to the mystique of the band, and saw them, in the eyes of the fans as very much 'keeping it real'.
1-1 Kathaarian Life Code    10:39
1-2 In The Shadow Of The Horns    7:02
1-3 Paragon Belial    5:25
1-4 Where Cold Winds Blow    7:26
1-5 A Blaze In The Northern Sky    4:58
1-6 The Pagan Winter    6:37
Video        Multimedia Enhanced Interview
Commentary Disc By Fenriz   
2-1 Kathaarian Life Code    10:39
2-2 In The Shadow Of The Horns    7:02
2-3 Paragon Belial    5:25
2-4 Where Cold Winds Blow    7:26
2-5 A Blaze In The Northern Sky    4:58
2-6 The Pagan Winter    6:37

Darkthrone "Plaguewielder" CD

DARKTHRONE has become legend within the world of black metal and is one of the original leading bands of the Norwegian scene. Inspiring a whole generation of metal bands as "true" innovators. "Plaguewielder" is DARTHRONE's ninth album and it was originally released in 2001. The album contained the trademark DARKTHRONE riffing in their well known tradition mixed with punk and heavy metal influences from the 80's. "Plaugwielder" also had killer production which brought an extra clarity to the overall execution. A monument album for DARKTHRONE and a must for the black metal purist!
1 Weakling Avenger    7:55
2 Raining Murder    5:14
3 Sin Origin    6:44
4 Command    8:01
5 I, Voidhanger    5:38
6 Wreak    9:15

Darkthrone "Sardonic Wrath" CD

"Sardonic Wrath" is the 11th album from Norway's beloved bastards DARKTHRONE. With a raw sound courtesy of Lars Klokkerhaug, the album delivers a grim selection of Black Metal excellence courtesy of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz! "Sardonic Wrath" offers a dose of pure black metal with a 1980s metal influence. A traditional rawness seems to be ever coursing through the veins of DARKTHRONE. Regarded as a highlight of DARKTHRONE's Moonfog era albums, "Sardonic Wrath" also features guest vocals from Apollyon of Aura Noir / Immortal.
1 Order of the Ominous     02:32      
2 Information Wants to Be Syndicated     03:44      
3 Sjakk matt Jesu Krist     04:04      
4 Straightening Sharks in Heaven     03:27      
5 Alle gegen alle     03:21      
6 Man tenker sitt     03:05      
7 Sacrificing to the God of Doubt     04:34      
8 Hate Is the Law     03:22      
9 Rawness Obsolete     06:14      

Darkthrone "The Underground Resistance" CD

"The Underground Resistance" is DARKTHRONES's 16th album which is a continuation of the tradition set forth by Fenriz & Nocturno Culto. Containing DARKTHRONE's trademark masterful riffing in a broad range of styles and always tastefully crafted, while effortlessly traversing through the inspiration of classic metal, thrash, black metal, and not forgetting a dose of hostile Punk. All in all a ferocious, dynamic, and interesting set of tracks drenched in DARKTHRONE's rich and diverse tastes in all things metal, primarily those rooted firmly in the spirit of the 80's. 6 tracks long, and every one an epic!

"The Underground Resistance" was written and recorded spring 2010 to summer 2012 at Necrohell 2 studios by the band. The album was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, Texas USA. Cover artwork also comes courtesy of the iconic and celebrated artist Jim Fitzpatrick.
1 Dead Early    4:49
2 Valkyrie    5:14
3 Lesser Men    4:55
4 The Ones You Left Behind    4:16
5 Come Warfare, The Entire Doom    8:38
6 Leave No Cross Unturned    13:49

Darkthrone "Transilvanian Hunger" DIGI CD

The infamous DARKTHRONE release with the album cover that has been coveted, imitated, and ridiculed! Regardless DARKTHRONE were genre innovators then and are still to this day!
If there ever was an album that represented the very essence of a musical genre, that's surely DARKTHRONES's "Transilvanian Hunger". Fourty minutes of oppressive, unrelenting, evil, and ice-cold Norwegian black metal, in its purest and most primitive form. Honestly it's not easy to describe by mere words the emotions that this milestone of extreme music is still capable to convey to the listener, even nowadays. "Transilvanian Hunger" offers a genius complexity by using stripped to the raw core and deliberately scaled-down simple riffs, while also interweaving a melodic and layered atmosphere. DARKTHRONE Is For All The Evil In Man!
1 Transilvanian Hunger     06:10      
2 Over fjell og gjennom torner     02:29      
3 Skald av Satans sol     04:29      
4 Slottet i det fjerne     04:45      
5 Graven takeheimens saler     04:59      
6 I en hall med flesk og mjod     05:13      
7 As Flittermice as Satans Spys     05:56      
8 En as i dype skogen     05:03

Darkthrone "Under A Funeral Moon" DOUBLE CD

"Under A Funeral Moon", DARKTHRONE's third album, was originally released by Peaceville in 1993 and is the album that many DARKTHRONE followers hail as one of the ultimate Black Metal albums ever released. And as far as black metal is concerned, this may very well be the zenith. A bleak monochromatic soundscape set on a pedestal so high that only the select few will be able to envision. "Under A Funeral Moon" is an album of such unrelenting darkness and nihilism that all other black metal albums seem pale in comparison. Atmosphere will always be the key to success for a black metal band and "Under A Funeral Moon" delivers it in full force. A bleak and minimalist album this was the band's first pure Black Metal opus, completely stripped of the Death Metal traces of their former releases. Using an intentional lo-fi sound that was uniquely cold and entirely unconcerned with modern-day aesthetics or opinions. A true masterpiece!
1-1 Natassja In Eternal Sleep    3:33
1-2 Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust    5:18
1-3 The Dance Of Eternal Shadows    3:43
1-4 Unholy Black Metal    3:30
1-5 To Walk The Infernal Fields    7:50
1-6 Under A Funeral Moon    5:06
1-7 Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn    5:25
1-8 Crossing The Triangle Of Flames    6:12
1-Video Darkthrone: The Interview - Chapter 3
Commentary Disc By Fenriz   
2-1 Natassja In Eternal Sleep
2-2 Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust
2-3 The Dance Of Eternal Shadows
2-4 Unholy Black Metal
2-5 To Walk The Infernal Fields
2-6 Under A Funeral Moon
2-7 Inn I De Dype Skogers Favn
2-8 Crossing The Triangle Of Flames

Death "Human" CD

Chuck Schuldiner was always one to push the boundaries of his music and the sound that was created by his band DEATH. From delivering the earliest prototypes of gory death metal with a unique touch to enhancing extreme metal altogether with inventive and progressive touches, Chuck was always thinking outside the box. On "Human" with a brand new lineup DEATH introduced a bold new direction that would carve the way for many subsequent DEATH albums as well as offer an influence to countless other up and coming bands at that point in time. "Human" is filled with incredibly heavy riffs, technical rhythms, dark growls, and well written lyrics that stimulate the listener's mind.
1 Flattening of Emotions     04:30      
2 Suicide Machine     04:22      
3 Together as One     04:09      
4 Secret Face     04:36      
5 Lack of Comprehension     03:43      
6 See Through Dreams     04:25      
7 Cosmic Sea     04:28      
8 Vacant Planets     03:49

Death "Leprosy" CD

"Leprosy" the second album for DEATH displays a more mature approach than it's predecessor "Scream Bloody Gore" and is monumental in inspiring an entire genre of music... death metal.  Originally released in 1988 "Leprosy" was an album, that built upon the foundation thrash sounds of bands like, Possessed, Metallica, and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity and heaviness. Creating an atmosphere that was darker, obscure and more morbid than "Scream Bloody Gore". While this was only the second record DEATH released, it immediately placed them at the top of the heavy metal / death metal mountain!
1 Leprosy    6:20
2 Born Dead    3:27
3 Forgotten Past    4:36
4 Left To Die    4:37
5 Pull The Plug    4:26
6 Open Casket    4:55
7 Primitive Ways    4:33
8 Choke On It    5:53

Death "Spiritual Healing" CD

"Spiritual Healing" released in 1990 as the follow up to 1988's "Leprosy" increased the intensity while providing catchier songs and more memorable riffs, and to this day is considered by many one of the best 80's death metal albums ever to be released! After letting go of Rick Rozz, James Murphy (pre-Obituary/Testament) was brought in to help finish the songwriting and record the iconic and pivotal album which resulted in having the intensity of the first two albums with a unique melodic soloing, technical riffs, and odd time signatures. Rediscover this timeless classic!
1 Living Monstrosity     05:09      
2 Altering the Future     05:34      
3 Defensive Personalities     04:46      
4 Within the Mind     05:35      
5 Spiritual Healing     07:44      
6 Low Life     05:23      
7 Genetic Reconstruction     04:53      
8 Killing Spree     04:17

Death "Scream Bloody Gore" CD

So there seems to be some controversy as to who created the Death Metal genre... Whether the album by POSSESSED "Seven Churches" or DEATH's "Scream Bloody Gore" was the album responsible for the creation of the death metal genre. We would have to say POSSESSED, since the album "Seven Churches" was out almost 2 years before in 1985, and of course Jeff Becerra coined the term with their song "Death Metal". Regardless 1987's "Scream Bloody Gore" was a ground breaking album and the music is raw, heavy and straightforward death metal that also keeps a heavy thrash overtone. Ahead of it's time and monumental in it's genre defining inspiration "Scream Bloody Gore" is an album that should be coveted by those who call themselves death metal fans.
1 Living Monstrosity     05:09      
2 Altering the Future     05:34      
3 Defensive Personalities     04:46      
4 Within the Mind     05:35      
5 Spiritual Healing     07:44      
6 Low Life     05:23      
7 Genetic Reconstruction     04:53      
8 Killing Spree     04:17

Death Angel "Killing Season" CD

Four years had passed since DEATH ANGEL’s 2004 comeback album "The Art Of Dying" and then in 2008 "Killing Season" arrived. In the DEATH ANGEL tradition the four thrashing cousins delivered a remarkably fresh sounding album. The production is old school, and not like the modern tight hammered sound most bands are using nowadays which makes "Killing Season" solid proof quality thrash still exists!
1 Land Of Hate    4:23
2 Sonic Beatdown    3:29
3 Dethroned    4:04
4 Carnival Justice    3:09
5 Buried Alive    4:28
6 Soulless    5:07
7 The Noose    3:36
8 When Worlds Collide    4:24
9 God Vs God    4:42
10 Steal The Crown    2:57
11 Resurrection Machine    6:59

Death Angel "Relentless Retribution" CD

DEATH ANGEL continue to churn out old school thrash with crystal clear production that follows in the tradition of the past two albums. "Relentless Retribution" is a powerful neck-ruining thrasher and it's heavy enough for the present, yet also balanced for the enjoyment of those looking to the past...
1 Relentless Retribution
2 Claws In So Deep
3 Truce
4 Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger
5 River Of Rapture
6 Absence Of Light
7 This Hate
8 Death Of The Meek
9 Opponents At Sides
10 I Chose The Sky
11 Volcanic
12 Where They Lay

Death Angel "The Art of Dying" CD

DEATH ANGEL have made a strong and valid return to the dying as of late thrash metal scene. "The Art of Dying" is fast thrash with an obvious influence from the current thrash metal sound and excellent production to keep things fresh and original, without ruining the overall metal vibe of the record. This is definitely more mature, and different than DEATH ANGEL’s earlier releases and honestly you really could not expect another "The Ulta-Violence", right? So listen to "The Art of Dying" with an open ear and be ready to hear an iconic band that is honestly keeping up with the times while delivering a solid blast from the past.
1 Thrown To The Wolves
2 5 Steps Of Freedom
3 Thicker Than Blood
4 The Devil Incarnate
5 Famine
6 Prophecy
7 No
8 Spirit
9 Land Of Blood
10 Never Me
11 Word To The Wise

Deicide "Scars Of The Crucifix" CD

Deicide is known for their lyrics, which cover topics such as Satanism, anti-christianity and blasphemy. Their lyrics have resulted in bans, lawsuits and criticism from religious groups and the public, and that is why we still love fucking DEICIDE! "Scars Of The Crucifix" is much better than the predecessor album, "In Torment in Hell" which is a stellar album in it's own right, minus a few production complaints. DEICIDE's style on the "Scars Of The Crucifix" album is interesting because the songs are very simple, but at the same time very technical. Yes I know an oxymoron yet true on every level. When DEICIDE is on, they're on! The self-titled debut and "Legion" in particular are genre must-have classics, and this one easily sits atop the pedestal with those two! Worth checking out if you have overlooked this album.

1 Scars Of The Crucifix    2:56
2 Mad At God    3:02
3 Conquered By Sodom    3:03
4 Fuck Your God    3:36
5 When Heaven Burns    4:16
6 Enchanted Nightmare    2:16
7 From Darkness Come    3:02
8 Go Now Your God Is Dead    1:58
9 The Pentecostal    2:48

Deicide "The Stench Of Redemption" CD

The ninth album and Jacks Owens debut studio album with DEICIDE has met and exceeded all expectations by bringing a new dimension into the band and this album in particular. Regardless "The Stench Of Redemption" is a brutal masterpiece, from the opener "The Stench of Redemption" to final track "The Lords Sedition". DEICIDE and their "The Stench Of Redemption" deliver an astonishing record that has received much critical acclaim and is of course deserving as the album spotlights a new line up, great production, great musicianship, well-written songs and original lyrics. On par with the first two records, although in a different style.
1 The Stench Of Redemption    4:09
2 Death To Jesus    3:53
3 Desecration    4:31
4 Crucified For The Innocence    4:35
5 Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold    4:58
6 Homage For Satan    3:59
7 Not Of This Earth    3:19
8 Never To Be Seen Again    3:24
9 The Lord's Sedition    5:47

Deicide "To Hell With God" CD

"To Hell with God" is the tenth studio album by DEICIDE. No frills, brutal death metal played at extreme speeds. Glen Benton does what he does, his voice filled with guttural hate, and the lead guitar work is impeccable. DEICIDE still continues to be a very dominant force in the Death Metal genre. DEICIDE deliver another solid album for the old guard death metal worshipper!
1 To Hell With God    4:20
2 Save Your    3:32
3 Witness Of Death    3:05
4 Conviction    3:15
5 Empowered By Blasphemy    3:15
6 Angels Of Hell    3:12
7 Hang In Agony Until You're Dead    3:59
8 Servant Of The Enemy    3:17
9 Into The Darkness You Go    3:32
10 How Can You Call Yourself A God    4:15

Dekapitator "The Storm Before The Calm" CD

After their impressive debut DEKAPITATOR was missing without action for eight years, until storm clouds gathered on the thrash horizon. The second full length album was released through Relapse Records in 2007 "The Storm Before the Calm" is definitely one of modern thrash's most nostalgic sounding albums. There are certain sections of this album that will instantly take the listener back to the 80s! DEKAPITATOR was formed in 1996 by Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome) and Col Jones (Cretin, Exhumed) with the deliberate goal to play old school thrash/speed metal, because they were fed up with much of the contemporary music scene, and just wanted to return to their roots and play some raw and gritty thrash/speed metal. And DEKAPITATOR succeeded quite well in doing that!
1 The Storm Before The Calm  
2 Toxic Sanctuary  
3 Deathstrike Command  
4 Run With The Pack  
5 The Call To Combat  
6 Eye Of The Storm  
7 Earthscorcher  
8 Screams From The Holocaust  
9 The Scourging

Demolition Hammer "Epidemic Of Violence" CD

DEMOLITION HAMMER's "Epidemic of Violence" is a violent and pummeling experience, one that will leave you feeling battered and bruised. A truly fantastic album released in 1992. Its fusion of sounds from thrash to groove to even death metal is very well executed. Every song on this album is crafted with sheer brutality and anger in mind, granting us a golden thrash record that breathes violence, death, torture, and war!
1 Skull Fracturing Nightmare    5:45
2 Human Dissection    5:09
3 Pyroclastic Annihilation    5:00
4 Envenomed    3:16
5 Carnivorous Obsession    5:56
6 Orgy Of Destruction    0:50
7 Epidemic Of Violence    4:20
8 Omnivore    4:39
9 Aborticide    4:53

Bonus Tracks   
10 Mercenary Aggression (Live)    3:01
11 Cataclysm (Live)    5:31
12 Crippling Velocity (Live)    5:34
13 Carnivorous Obsession (Live)    5:00

Demolition Hammer "Time Bomb" CD

We all know DEMOLITION HAMMER's crushing and full-speed ahead death/thrash motif on the "Epidemic Of Violence" and "Tortured Existence". Without Vinny Haze behind the kit, one could only wonder how the next album was going to sound like. Good news for everyone else, Alex Marquez (Solstice, Malevolent Creation, Disincarnate) sat behind the kit. "Time Bomb" has a more unique character. It's the most different yet a heavy as hell DEMOLITION HAMMER record! You can hear the trademark Demolition Hammer vocals and a hint of Malevolent Creation, minus the speed, plus a heavy atmosphere and a focused neck-wrecking groove. Is it a classic like "Tortured Existence" or "Epidemic Of Violence"? No! It's only second to them, however it is still a quality record and worth checking out.
1 Intro    0:15
2 Under The Table    3:23
3 Power Struggle    5:00
4 Mindrot    3:16
5 Bread And Water    3:42
6 Missing: 5/7/89    3:51
7 Waste    3:36
8 Unidentified    3:48
9 Blowtorch    3:43
10 Mongoloid    3:36
11 Time Bomb    3:15

Demolition Hammer "Tortured Existence" CD

DEMOLITION HAMMER "Tortured Existence" offers up some of the most savage thrash ever, right up there with bands like Kreator, Morbid Saint, Dark Angel and Sadus. And these 9 tracks will almost guarantee a headbanging marathon. This is a classic and downright brutish thrash assault that smashes skulls and wipes out unsuspecting victims caught in its path. Despite arriving far too late on the scene to really have that much effect in the grand scheme of the thrash scene, DEMOLITION HAMMER created an album with no lofty pretensions about trying to be different, and "Tortured Existence" is nothing more than infectious and brutal as hell. What more do you want?
1 .44 Calibre Brain Surgery    4:26
2 Neanderthal    5:01
3 Gelid Remains    5:24
4 Crippling Velocity    5:34
5 Infectious Hopital Waste    5:00
6 Hydrophobia    3:07
7 Paracidal Epitaph    5:26
8 Mercenary Aggression    3:28

Demonaz "March Of The Norse" CD

DEMONAZ of the legendary IMMORTAL debut solo album "March Of The Norse". An epic masterpiece with anthemic IMMORTAL riffs galore! "March Of The Norse" is furious slabs of icy riffing, coldness, and northern darkness that rides from the north to the north! What else exactly did you expect from the demon brother of the mighty Abbath?
1 Northern Hymn
2 All Blackened Sky
3 March Of The Norse
4 A Son Of The Sword
5 Where Gods Once Rode
6 Under The Great Fires

Denner / Sherman "Masters Of Evil" CD

It wasn't long after the "Satan's Tomb" EP that Denner / Shermann would release "Masters Of Evil" their first (and only) full-length album, boasting a cover even MORE reminiscent of the Mercyful Fate classic "Don't Break The Oath" and giving one an idea of what you will find inside. "Masters Of Evil" is a monumental album that offers the guitar driven sound of classic Mercyful Fate with a modern influence (new Judas Priest / KK's Priest) and of course a power metal vibe being added as well. Keep in mind this is a hybridization of the guitar duo's heavy, distinct grooving metal guitars that is interspersed with a more uppity, energized style of "modern" power metal. "Masters of Evil" pulls this off well for the majority of the 42 minute run-time.
1 Intro    0:15
2 Under The Table    3:23
3 Power Struggle    5:00
4 Mindrot    3:16
5 Bread And Water    3:42
6 Missing: 5/7/89    3:51
7 Waste    3:36
8 Unidentified    3:48
9 Blowtorch    3:43
10 Mongoloid    3:36
11 Time Bomb    3:15

Denner / Sherman "Satan's Tomb" MCD

Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, the original guitar players of Mercyful Fate's legendary "Melissa" and "Don't Break the Oath" albums, have created a new classic with the release of the "Satan's Tomb" EP. The songs were crafted with the Mercyful Fate worldwide legion of fans at the forefront of their collective minds. From the first riff to the last wail, one cannot help but feel the magic newly recaptured once again.

The band, which is simply called Denner / Shermann, calls into service a formidable group of allies who were capable of helping realize this menagerie of malice, was a task carefully orchestrated by these metal mad scientists. Shermann first called upon Marc Grabowski (Demonica) to handle the bass guitar, followed by the only drummer that made sense for many obvious aspects, the one known as Snowy Shaw (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Dream Evil). Many voices were considered, but fate lead them to Sean Peck (Cage and Death Dealer). He was not only a fan but had the versatile vocal skills to make the new songs come to life like their fans would expect.

1 Satan's Tomb
2 War Witch
3 New Gods
4 Seven Skulls

Destruction "Mad Butcher + Eternal Devastation" CD

Thanks to the SPV classic reissues, this version of the tasty "Mad Butcher" EP comes packed with the equally great 1986 album "Eternal Devastation" on one single disc. DESTRUCTION's 1987 "Mad Butcher" EP not only sees a fresh coat of paint on one of their all-time classic tracks, a PLASMATICS cover and, gives their "Butcher" mascot his first iconic appearance "in the flesh", as it were. "Eternal Devastation" is absolutely OVERFLOWING with clever, innovative, and damned effective riffs. Songs like Curse The Gods and Life Without Sense are timeless thrash classics with frenzied, authentic, and most importantly innovative thrash. While the true flame and energy of thrash metal has burnt out, albums such as this will cause pleasant nostalgia and a warm feeling inside to CRUSH EVERYTHING THAT LIES IN YOUR PATH!
Mad Butcher   
1 Mad Butcher    5:01
2 The Damned (Plasmatics Cover)    3:54
3 Reject Emotions    6:49
4 The Last Judgement    3:11
Eternal Devastation   
5 Curse The Gods    6:01
6 Confound Games    4:29
7 Life Without Sense    6:24
8 United By Hatred    5:03
9 Eternal Ban    3:41
10 Upcoming Devastation    4:06
11 Confused Mind    6:05

Destruction "Release From Agony" CD

This album is one of the greatest thrash metal records of all time. Though a metal classic in it's own right, the fact that it is not listed in most lists of the greatest albums of the 1980s is a sin! This album should be in the collection of any person for whom headbanging can be considered their primary religion, period! "Release From Agony" is a fondly remembered and still very much an enjoyable album, but does not get anywhere near the accolades it deserves. "Release From Agony" is still a testament to heavy / thrash metal and if this album were a released of today, to us here at DHR, and most other thrash metal devotees, it sounds just as strong as it did at it's 1987 release! Own this album or forever be a poser!
1 Beyond Eternity    1:11
2 Release From Agony    4:43
3 Dissatisfied Existence    4:30
4 Sign Of Fear    6:46
5 Unconscious Ruins    4:27
6 Incriminated    5:22
7 Our Oppression    4:49
8 Survive To Die    5:30

Destruction "Sentence Of Death + Infernal Overkill" CD

"Sentence Of Death" is the debut EP from DESTRUCTION released by SPV Records in 1984. This release came at a very important time for metal music and thrash in general. As the thrash scene in the United States was getting more saturated with bands like Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax and yes Metallica as well as Megadeth, Germany granted us these willing participants to be a part of the thrash metal explosion. The EP is fantastic! It features 3 rerecorded songs from the "Bestial Invasion of Hell" demo and 2 new ones at that point in time. "Sentence Of Death" is mandatory for not only DESTRUCTION fans but for all fans of the German thrash scene. To complete this reissue the 1985 album "Infernal Overkill" which is one of the most crowning achievements by DESTRUCTION rounds out this solid reissue. The thrash genre was still evolving, and there were some defining albums released that year, "Seven Churches", "To Mega Therion", "The Return", "Bonded by Blood", "Hell Awaits", "Spreading The Disease" to name a few.  DESTRUCTION's "Infernal Overkill" is often overlooked yet is still a worthy contender for the "Hall of the Greats" along side the releases of POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, EXODUS, SLAYER, ANTHRAX and BATHORY of that time.
Sentence Of Death   
1 Intro / Total Desaster    5:28
2 Black Mass    3:59
3 Mad Butcher    3:30
4 Satan's Vengeance    3:16
5 Devil's Soldiers    3:25
Infernal Overkill   
6 Invincible Force    4:19
7 Deathtrap    5:49
8 The Ritual    5:10
9 Tormentor    5:06
10 Bestial Invasion    4:36
11 Thrash Attack    2:55
12 Antichrist    3:44
13 Black Death    7:39

Dimmu Borgir "Abrahadabra" CD

While definitely not fitting into the stereotype of “trve” or “kvlt” or other mannerisms within the Black Metal "scene", this is an album by a band that does what they want, does it well, and gives no fucks about outside opinions in the process. Sound-wise this album hearkens back to "Death Cult Armageddon" in terms of using an orchestra and a full choir to accompany the music. The track "Endings and Continuations" features guest vocals by none other than Garm of Ulver. Snowy Shaw ( King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori) was the session bass and clean vocals on this album as well.
1 Xibir    2:50
2 Born Treacherous    5:02
3 Gateways    5:10
4 Chess With The Abyss    4:08
5 Dimmu Borgir    5:35
6 Ritualist    5:13
7 The Demiurge Molecule    5:29
8 A Jewel Traced Through Coal    5:16
9 Renewal    4:11
10 Endings And Continuations    5:58
11 Gateways (Orchestral Version)    5:44
Video - "Gateways"

Dimmu Borgir "Death Cult Armageddon" CD

For their eighth studio album, DIMMU BORGIR shows even more creative experimentation within their song writing by incorporating a 48-piece philharmonic orchestra/choir from Prague, blending the orchestral music in with their atmospheric black metal. The result was an album that is no doubt epic, expansive and full of innovative fiery riffs. Regardless of criticisms DIMMU BORGIR are veterans and have earned their stripes, and in our opinion the right to do whatever the hell they want to do. After eight albums we think it is safe to say "fuck what others think" and keep creating the music you want!
1 Allegiance     5:50
2 Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse     5:17
3 Lepers Among Us     4:44
4 Vredesbyrd     4:44
5 For The World To Dictate Our Death     4:46
6 Blood Hunger Doctrine     4:39
7 Allehelgens Død I Helveds Rike     5:35
8 Cataclysm Children     5:15
9 Eradication Instincts Defined     7:12
10 Unorthodox Manifesto     8:50
11 Heavenly Perverse     6:32

Dimmu Borgir "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" CD

"Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" DIMMU BORGIR’s third album and one of their crowning achievements to many who follow the band, marks a notable turning point. From the dark and atmospherically brooding works of "For All Tid" and the elevated yet ominous atmosphere of "Stormblast", "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" focuses much more on keyboard centered structures with a higher focus on percussive riffs, thus giving the music a heavier melodic, and more rhythmic approach than what was on the albums before.  It  mixes well the atmospherically brooding nature of the bands early days with a more refined symphonic approach akin to their later works. Although DIMMU BORGIR has received a lot of criticism leveled at them over the years, some of which we agree with, the band releases solid albums, regardless of their top hats and frilly blouses, and with no concerns of critics.
1 Mourning Palace    5:13
2 Spellbound (By The Devil)    4:08
3 In Death's Embrace    5:42
4 Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh    5:32
5 The Night Masquerade    4:25
6 Tormentor Of Christian Souls    5:39
7 Entrance    4:47
8 Master Of Disharmony    4:15
8 Prudence's Fall    5:56
10 A Succubus In Rapture    5:59
11 Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde    5:02 (Bonus Track)

Multimedia content on disc:
"Entrance" (Live video clip)
Photo Gallery
Winamp Skins

Dimmu Borgir "For All Tid" CD

We get that DIMMU BORGIR is somewhat taboo or controversial within the "black metal scene", and they have received as much criticism as they have acclaim, and this is why you have to give credit where credit is due. We here at DHR personally argue that ''For All Tid'' and "Stormblast" for that matter, are horribly underrated albums, and to not let any bias get in the way of enjoying a couple of great black metal albums! With "For All Tid" there is a very clear influence from EMPEROR and perhaps GEHENNA's ''First Spell'' as well, and that is certainly not a bad thing. Though they seem to take a lot of inspiration from, they definitely transfer it into something different, and though we see resemblances, it does in no way feel like a rip off. There is an epic atmosphere, and a "Lord of the Rings" vibe is very strong. When you listen to "For All Tid" it is hard to not imagine the Nazgul riding their horses through the dark night in a melancholic and somber eternity.

Tracks 10 & 11 are bonustracks taken from "Inn I Evighetens Mørke" 7" EP.
1 Det Nye Riket    5:04
2 Under Korpens Vinger    5:59
3 Over Bleknede Blåner Til Dommedag    4:05
4 Stien    2:00
5 Glittertind    5:15
6 For All Tid    5:51
7 Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene    3:21
8 Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde    5:01
9 Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker    6:20
Bonus Tracks   
10 Inn I Evighetens Mørke Part 1    5:25
11 Inn I Evighetens Mørke Part 2    2:09

Dimmu Borgir "Godless Savage Garden" CD

"Godless Savage Garden" is an EP that is really a full release when you consider it has 10 tracks that consist of two new studio tracks, two choice cuts from "For All Tid" that were re-recorded during the "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" sessions, an ACCEPT cover song "Metal Heart" and five live songs, two of which are bonus tracks for this particular pressing.
1 Det Nye Riket    5:04
2 Under Korpens Vinger    5:59
3 Over Bleknede Blåner Til Dommedag    4:05
4 Stien    2:00
5 Glittertind    5:15
6 For All Tid    5:51
7 Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene    3:21
8 Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde    5:01
9 Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker    6:20
Bonus Tracks   
10 Inn I Evighetens Mørke Part 1    5:25
11 Inn I Evighetens Mørke Part 2    2:09

Dimmu Borgir "In Sorte Diaboli" CD

"In Sorte Diaboli" is a very solid release, with a strong presence and a downright hellish aura, and a distinct sound. While it makes it’s black metal origins known, it in no way tries to be black metal, instead evolving into a what is extreme symphonic metal. "In Sorte Diaboli" offers again more string passages that remember epic "scores", piano melodies and mysterious choirs that have and old gothic feel to them. Yes this is not for everyone into "harsh, or the "grim", but to those who are interested in hearing bands that are not afraid to experiment and can back it up with well written songs, then you should find quality in this album.

"The Ancestral Fever" is an Exclusive European Bonus Track.
1 The Serpentine Offering     05:09      
2  The Chosen Legacy     04:16      
3 The Conspiracy Unfolds     05:23      
4 The Ancestral Fever**     05:51      
5 The Sacrilegious Scorn     03:58      
6 The Fallen Arises     02:59      
7 The Sinister Awakening     05:09      
8 The Fundamental Alienation     05:17      
9 The Invaluable Darkness     04:44      
10 The Foreshadowing Furnace     05:49

Dimmu Borgir "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" CD

"Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" is a fantastic record, it's heavy, inspired, varied, original, technical, it sounds epic without being cheesy, it's incredibly well produced, and still it sounds evil and haunting. Is it black metal? Maybe? Possibly? Does it matter? Regardless it is an album full of orchestral anthems, cinematic movements, and darkly melodic metal tracks.
1 Fear And Wonder     2:48
2 Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny    5:18
3 Kings Of The Carnival Creation     7:48
4 Hybrid Stigmata - The Apostasy     6:57
5 Architecture Of A Genocidal Nature     6:08
6 Puritania     3:06
7 IndoctriNation     5:57
8 The Maelstrom Mephisto     4:42
9 Absolute Sole Right     6:26
10 Sympozium     5:13
11 Perfection Or Vanity    3:30

Dimmu Borgir "Spiritual Black Dimensions" CD

The title "Spiritual Black Dimensions" managed to frame the essence of the record, because from the beginning to the end it sounds as if you are on a metaphysical journey through dark, unmeasurable realms of indescribable atmosphere, free from any corporeal bonds. Symphonic metal that flows with a sinister, lurking feeling.
1 Fear And Wonder     2:48
2 Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny    5:18
3 Kings Of The Carnival Creation     7:48
4 Hybrid Stigmata - The Apostasy     6:57
5 Architecture Of A Genocidal Nature     6:08
6 Puritania     3:06
7 IndoctriNation     5:57
8 The Maelstrom Mephisto     4:42
9 Absolute Sole Right     6:26
10 Sympozium     5:13
11 Perfection Or Vanity    3:30

Dimmu Borgir "Stormblast" CD

The 1996 album "Stormblast" to many is the best record every released by DIMMU BORGIR. "For All Tid" and "Stormblast" offered their most "black metal" sounding efforts. "Stormblast" is more refined than their first release, however a lot more raw form of the symphonic metal they transitioned to. The music on "Stormblast" is sorrowful, haunting, and picturesque with less of the medieval, "Lord of The Rings" vibe, making "Stormblast" less atmospheric, than "For All Tid". There's still much going on with the emotion, melody, and darkness portrayed in the songs.
1 Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen    6:08
2 Broderskapets Ring    5:09
3 Når Sjelen Hentes Til Helvete    4:34
4 Sorgens Kammer    6:20
5 Da Den Kristne Satte Livet Til    3:08
6 Stormblåst    6:16
7 Antikrist    3:43
8 Dødsferd    5:29
9 Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav    4:28
10 Guds Fortapelse - Åpenbaring Av Dommedag    4:24

Dissection "Reinkaos" CD

The swansong DISSECTION album released just before Jon Nodtveidt committed suicide. The entire album is based around Nodtveidt's anti cosmic spiritualist cult, the "Misanthropic Luciferian Order". "Reinkaos" delivers solid guitar-oriented songwriting, a sinister atmosphere, with invocations in other tongues to the gods of chaos, and an anti-cosmic philosophy. You will find yourself chanting "Dies Irae, Dies Illa, Solvet Cosmos Infavilla!" sooner than you think! DISSECTION were a top class band until the end!
1 Nexion 218     1:32
2 Beyond The Horizon     5:19
3 Starless Aeon     3:59
4 Black Dragon     4:48
5 Dark Mother Divine     5:44
6 Xeper-I-Set     3:08
7 Chaosophia     0:41
8 God Of Forbidden Light     3:52
9 Reinkaos     4:43
10 Internal Fire     3:20
11 Maha Kali    6:06

Dissection "Storm Of The Lights Bane" DOUBLE CD

The ultimate reissue on Double CD remastered with bonus material. If there is one album that exemplifies all of the best qualities of melodic black metal it is no doubt DISSECTION's "Storm Of The Lights Bane". The album offers a flawless combination of melody and aggression with an unmistakable sinister nature to the songs. The final product ends up being a timeless work of extreme metal and all of which is reflected perfectly in the album's artwork by the legendary artist Necrolord. Every single note on this recording oozes of evil, darkness, despair and blasphemy! A mandatory album!
Storm Of The Light’s Bane (Remastered Original Mix)    
1-1 At The Fathomless Depths    1:56
1-2 Night's Blood    6:42
1-3 Unhallowed    7:29
1-4 Where Dead Angels Lie    5:54
1-5 Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane    4:51
1-6 Thorns Of Crimson Death    8:07
1-7 Soulreaper    6:56
1-8 No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep    1:27

DISCO TWO        
Bonus Material    
Storm Of The Light's Bane (Unreleased Alternative Mix '95)    
2-1 At The Fathomless Depths    2:00
2-2 Night's Blood    6:42
2-3 Unhallowed    7:30
2-4 Where Dead Angels Lie    5:57
2-5 Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane    4:50
2-6 Feathers Fell    0:54
2-7 Thorns Of Crimson Death    8:07
2-8 Soulreaper    6:55
2-9 No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep    1:32
Unreleased Demo '94    
2-10 Night's Blood    7:14
2-11 Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane    5:12
Where Dead Angels Lie MCD '96 (Remastered Original Mixes)    
2-12 Elisabeth Bathori    5:05
2-13 Where Dead Angels Lie (Demo Version)    6:10
2-14 Antichrist    2:45
2-15 Son Of The Mourning    3:13

Dissection "The Somberlain" DOUBLE CD

The ultimate reissue double CD version, remastered with bonus material. "The Somberlain" reigns as one of the great black metal classics by showcasing a somewhat rawer and “colder” sound than what we hear on "Storm Of the Lights Bane", with songwriting that is as deep as the darkest well. The songs just have an aura of violence and chaos like that of a sonic whirlwind while they often drift towards a more thoughtful atmosphere. "The Somberlain" is a record with mood, style, and a presence that few could even begin to approach. A stellar, epic, and thought-provoking record.
The Somberlain
1-1 Black Horizons 8:11
1-2 The Somberlain 7:05
1-3 Crimson Towers 0:50
1-4 A Land Forlorn 6:40
1-5 Heaven's Damnation 4:42
1-6 Frozen 3:45
1-7 Into Infinite Obscurity 1:05
1-8 In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere 4:21
1-9 The Grief Prophecy / Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom 3:30
1-10 Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow 4:36
1-11 Feathers Fell 0:41
Unreleased Live Recording '95
2-1 Frozen 3:26
2-2 The Somberlain 7:26
Into Infinite Obscurity 7" EP 1991 (Remastered Original Mix)
2-3 Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom 2:50
2-4 Son Of The Mourning 3:24
2-5 Into Infinite Obscurity 1:05

Demo 1992 (Remastered Original Mix)
2-6 Frozen 3:28
2-7 In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere 4:00
2-8 Feathers Fell 0:53
2-9 Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow 4:17
The Grief Prophecy Demo 1990 (Remastered Original Mix)
2-10 The Call Of The Mist 3:59
Remastered Rehearsal 1990
2-11 Severed Into Shreds 4:27
Satanized (Pre-Dissection) (Remastered Rehearsal 1991)
2-12 Satanized 2:52
2-13 Born In Fire     2:39

Dying Fetus "Destroy The Opposition" CD

A band whose reward revolves around development of skill and the act of being precise. DYING FETUS formed in 1991 in Annapolis, MD, is quite remarkably in the top three technical death metal bands from the United States. "Destroy The Opposition" delivers frenetic riffs, amazing drum work, brutal vocals with interesting lyrics all combined to create one of the best death metal releases of it's time. The DYING FETUS formula of course is guitar brutality showcasing strong riffs and memorable NYDM style grooves and blast beats galore. Heavy as fuck!
1 Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses)    5:31
2 Destroy The Opposition    5:11
3 Born In Sodom    4:46
4 Epidemic Of Hate    4:42
5 Pissing In The Mainstream    1:57
6 In Times Of War    3:08
7 For Us Or Against Us    5:34
8 Justifiable Homicide    5:35

Emperor "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" CD

Now many years later, 1997's "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" still stands as a marble statue as one of black metal's absolute iconic masterpieces. It's almost incomprehensible that this was written, performed and produced by a bunch of 22-23 year old Satanist juvenile delinquents and not the master graduates from some music college, ULVER also comes to mind when speaking of elevated artists of the time. EMPEROR offered astonishingly competent orchestration for a young four-piece band from a small town in Norway. Although working with synthesizers, EMPEROR never fell into the synthetic bombastic plasticity of their contemporaries like DIMMUS BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH. The music of EMPEROR always maintained a serious and resonant darkness that many have attempted yet never quite achieve, with the exception of a few. "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" is not only an essential piece in EMPEROR's discography, but also one of the absolute best black metal albums coming out of Norway in the 1990s.
1 Alsvartr (The Oath)    4:18
2 Ye Entrancemperium    5:15
3 Thus Spake The Nightspirit    4:30
4 Ensorcelled By Khaos    6:39
5 The Loss And Curse Of Reverence    6:09
6 The Acclamation Of Bonds    5:54
7 With Strength I Burn    8:18
8 The Wanderer    2:54

Bonus Tracks   
9 In Longing Spirit    5:55
10 Opus A Satana    4:18
11 The Loss And Curse Of Reverence (Live)    6:26

Video Bonus Enhanced Material     10:30
Band Interview Finnish TV
Live Clips 1997-1998 including the Dynamo Festival

Emperor "Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant" CD

EMPEROR will always be associated with the now infamous church arsons and yes even a murder that took place in the early to mid 1990's in Norway, and all in the name of black metal! EMPEROR’s music explores a dark and morose fascination with the journey into the dark depths of nothingness, in the fullest creative intention of magnificent nocturnal atmosphere and musical expression. Overall this is a seminal EP that clearly illustrates just how important EMPEROR were to the creation of black metal and many of its derivatives that have accumulated over almost two decades. Very rarely an EP manages to represent the potential of a band, but EMPEROR's "Emperor" definitely succeeded.

The unbelievably evil "Wrath of the Tyrant" demo is considered by many to be almost black metal perfection. This showcases the band in their most primordial state and is a magnificent representation of what "True" actually meant to those who were vehement followers of black metal at the time.
1 I Am The Black Wizards    6:15
2 Wrath Of The Tyrant    4:14
3 Night Of The Graveless Souls    3:10
4 Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times    6:22

Wrath Of The Tyrant   
5 Introduction    1:09
6 Ancient Queen    3:15
7 My Empire's Doom    4:30
8 Forgotten Centuries    2:49
9 Night Of The Graveless Souls    2:54
10 Moon Over Kara-Shehr    4:22
11 Witches Sabbath    5:40
12 Lord Of The Storms    2:08
13 Wrath Of The Tyrant    3:56

Video Bonus Enhanced Material
Very rare, exclusive footage of pre-Nightside rehearsals
Live footage from Emperor's first tour 1993

Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse" CD

We set aside the notoriety of the Murder and Church Arson associated with the name EMPEROR to give credit to the absolute masterpiece that is "In The Nightside Eclipse". To many this is the pinnacle album and the most prolific work ever released by the band. "In The Nightside Eclipse" set a new standard in black metal, as well as most of extreme metal for that matter, and has been a benchmark album since it was released to universal acclaim in 1994. It's hard to pinpoint a specific detail of this album that makes it so great, mostly because there are so many things to experience within it. It is just so well crafted that it flows as if you were floating down the river Styx on your way to the underworld. Each and every song on this album are amazing and was meant to be experienced, not just listened to. We are now two decades later, and it is still an album seen by many as a pinnacle point with it's brilliant mix of novel elements that would change the landscape of black metal forever.
1 Into The Infinity Of Thoughts    9:06
2 The Burning Shadows Of Silence    5:35
3 Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times    6:06
4 Beyond The Great Vast Forest    6:00
5 Towards The Pantheon    5:58
6 The Majesty Of The Nightsky    4:53
7 I Am The Black Wizards    6:01
8 Inno A Satana    4:49
Bonus Tracks   
9 A Fine Day To Die    8:28
10 Gypsy    2:56
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Emperor "IX Equilibrium" CD

In the past EMPEROR has intertwined symphonic elements into their songs. However, not until after "IX Equilibrium" was released, did the true potential of the symphonic elements show its’ full potential. "IX Equilibrium" was the start of something new for EMPEROR, and without a doubt was a step in an interesting new direction. Even though fans of classic EMPEROR may not be completely happy that the band went through several changes and are unafraid to experiment, this album should not be passed by. As long time listeners of the band, in our opinion you must listen to "IX Equilibrium" with and open mind, and you will find that the symphonic elements really do add a lot to the quality of the music. "IX Equilibrium" should appeal to many, and although different, is another gem in the very impressive EMPEROR discography.
1 Curse You All Men!     4:41
2 Decrystallizing Reason     6:23
3 An Elegy Of Icaros     6:39
4 The Source Of Icon E     3:43
5 Sworn     4:29
6 Nonus Aequilibrium     5:48
7 The Warriors Of Modern Death     4:59
8 Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers     6:47
9 Untitled     0:28

Emperor "Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" CD

While we at DHR can be of a caveman mindset and or harshly one track minded, we also can listen with an open mind and give credit where credit is absolutely due. What we have here is another great work, devoid of respect by the close-minded. This is probably the least heavy and most symphonic of the EMPEROR releases yet holds many hidden and layer qualities that it will most definitely take many listens comprehend the musical maturity of this album. As always it's very dark and they pull off the most abstract chords, atmospheric breaks, and over all some of the most Hellish music in the EMPEROR repertoire. "Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" is filled with excellent music that is true art and really is the ultimate conclusion to this band's legacy. 
1 The Eruption    6:28
2 Depraved    6:32
3 Empty    4:16
4 The Prophet    5:41
5 The Tongue Of Fire    7:10
6 In The Wordless Chamber    5:12
7 Grey    5:05
8 He Who Sought The Fire    5:28
9 Thorns On My Grave    5:55

Exodus "Bonded By Blood" CD

Murder in the front row, crowd begins to bang, and there's blood upon the stage, bang your head against the stage, and metal takes its price! Bonded by Blood! The iconic debut album by EXODUS "Bonded By Blood" from 1985 stands on a pedestal as a crown jewel and shining beacon of true thrash! Still a highly influential and one of the most important albums to come out of the Bay Area thrash scene. Every song is a highlight reel of pure and true, thrash metal through and through.
1 Bonded By Blood    3:47
2 Exodus    4:08
3 And Then There Were None    4:43
4 A Lesson In Violence    3:53
5 Metal Command    4:16
6 Piranha    3:49
7 No Love    5:11
8 Deliver Us To Evil    7:10
9 Strike Of The Beast    3:58

Bonus Tracks   
10 And Then There Were None (Live)    4:51
11 A Lesson In Violence (Live)    3:26

Falkenbach "Heralding - The Fireblade" CD

FALKENBACH are one of those bands we can always count on for consistency and quality within their music. Always a majestic, epic, viking metal atmosphere that sweeps the listener off on journeys into the world of mythical battles, vikings, pagans, snow and ice. Very much comparable or reminding one of the late Quorthon and the epic viking era of BATHORY. "Heralding - The Fireblade" is a proof that vikings are far from being extinct and that within the genre we can still find timeless classics. A definitive must for all fans of viking / folk metal.
1 Heathen Foray    7:15
2 ...Of Forests Unknown...    3:48
3 Hávamál    6:57
4 Roman Land    4:18
5 Heralder    5:12
6 Læknishendr    5:56
7 Walkiesjar    3:52
8 Skirnir    4:34
9 Gjallar    8:10

Falkenbach "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" CD

"Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" offers majestic riffs that are intertwined with animated folksy flute, acoustic guitar lines with a dense keyboard backdrop, battle horns, and war screams altogether painting a musical image that hints at the visual majesty of the distant shores conquered by the original Vikings. "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" is pagan pride at its highest level, throughout seven magnificent tracks with great production. The hall of bronze shields awaits FALKENBACH to glorify them.
1 Vanadis    9:25
2 ...As Long As Winds Will Blow...    4:02
3 Aduatuza    4:35
4 Donar's Oak    4:48
5 ...The Ardent Awaited Land    3:28
6 Homeward Shore    5:31
7 Farewell    8:07

Falkenbach "Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri" CD

"Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri" is as glorious and phenomenal as the mountain ranges themselves. This is pure and honest Viking Folk influenced metal that is indeed an epic piece of work full of depth and atmosphere. An amazing album from opening to close, leaving you with a clear idea of what FALKENBACH is... an excellent representation of what Viking metal bands should strive for.
1 ...When Gjallarhorn Will Sound    8:29
2 ...Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed    7:15
3 Towards The Hall Of Bronzen Shields    6:02
4 The Heathenish Foray    8:00
5 Walhall    5:29
6 Baldurs Tod    5:54

Falkenbach "Tiurida" CD

"Tiurida" has a measure of everything in it to please every faction of FALKENBACH’s followers. This album comes very close to sounding as complete as the first two offerings and gives those past FALKENBACH masterpieces a good run for their money. With a deep understanding of, and dedication to, traditional folk music FALKENBACH sit at the top of the viking metal mountain. "Tiurida" most definitely delivers epic metal-infused folk that will give even the most casual followers of the genre an extremely satisfying listen.
1 Intro    1:38
2 ...Where His Ravens Fly...    7:25
3 Time Between Dog And Wolf    6:01
4 Tanfana    5:32
5 Runes Shall You Know    5:59
6 In Flames    7:53
7 Sunnavend    5:51

Finntroll "Nifelvind" CD

"Nifelvind" is not quite as Black Metal as it's predecessor, "Ur Jordens Djup", but comes remarkably close. Regardless this album is still a brutal and frightening journey through the psyche of Trollhorn. With "Nifelvind" FINNTROLL have concocted something new within their particular genre which seems to be moving forward, while still harboring some brilliant black metal traits, as well as executing it with style and professionalism.  "Nifelvind" is a solid and diverse series of compositions which progresses the style created by the band. There are times when the album takes a totally bizarre turn, quite out of the way of the usual path of madness that the band usually travel, but is still unmistakably FINNTROLL.
1 Blodmarsch (Intro)    2:11
2 Solsagan    4:32
3 Den Frusna Munnen    4:05
4 Ett Norrskensdåd    3:34
5 I Trädens Sång    3:45
6 Tiden Utan Tid    4:58
7 Galgasång    3:45
8 Mot Skuggornas Värld    4:43
9 Under Bergets Rot    3:28
10 Fornfamnad    3:43
11 Dråp    7:01

Forced Entry "Uncertain Future" CD

FORCED ENTRY are and often forgotten entity that lies in the murky waters of the thrash metal panorama of the 80s. Their style, anyway, is quite different from being labelled “classic thrash metal”. What really attracts the attention of the listener are the influences that fill the sound, being progressive and acoustic. FORCED ENTRY stand out from the "traditional" thrash sound by offering continuous tempo changes, and a progressive aura that surrounds their music with complexity and technicality. "Uncertain Future" is an often overlooked, yet a great example of how thrash metal was evolving by the end of that decade, absorbing several influences, techniques and structures.
1 Bludgeon
2 Kaleidoscope Of Pain
3 A Look Through Glass
4 Anaconda
5 Octoclops
6 Unrest They Find
7 Morgulon
8 Foreign Policy

Bonus Tracks
9 Miasma
10 Sore
11 Sole Train
12 Licking My Wound


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