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Recent arrivals from ETERNAL DEATH RECORDS. All of their releases be it Tape, CD, or LP are from bands that shine with an ever flowing homage and presence of the past. Excellent releases in limited editons that will satisfy the seeker of "true" in its most purest form.

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Abigail / Lustrum "Too Wild For The Crowd" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)

Japanese Black Metal die hard band ABIGAIL combine forces with US band LUSTRUM. An all out sleazy and riff filled EP of first wave Black Metal! Not for tourists! Fucking Die Hard!
1 Abigail      Thundercunt     3:00
2 Abigail      Satan Power Unholy War     2:31
3 Lustrum The Seven Witches of Hell     2:45
4 Lustrum Temple of Lust     4:53

Blackosh "Rvouci Vichry" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)

Limited to 200 copies. Includes 7"x7" lyric sheet.

7" from the Czech Republic delivering die hard black metal from long time musicians. BLACKOSH is a project led by Petr Hosek, original guitar player for iconic Czech black metal band ROOT and current member of the legendary MASTER'S HAMMER. Creating  a solid reputation by manifesting inventive and genre-pushing black metal, BLACKOSH's latest creation comes in the form of the two-track "Rvouci Vichry" seven-inch vinyl.
1 Rvouci Vichry 04:06
2 Kult Latrin 06:02

Bog Of The Infidel "Asleep In The Arms of Suicide" CD

Over the course of 9 tracks, BOG OF THE INFIDEL delivers grim sonic portraits using ice cold riffs and a pure black energy. This record is saturated with a mystifying, cryptic atmosphere and a morbid passion that derives it's source from the darkness hidden within.  "Asleep In The Arms Of Suicide" is highly melodic, while retaining the raw edge by carefully keeping a distance from the modern sound, and offering more of a nod towards second wave black metal.
1 Condolences    1:28
2 Deum    4:55
3 Congregation Of Judas    4:47
4 Ex Oblivione    2:12
5 Coils Of The Noose    5:44
6 Unraveling The Bracelets Of Fortune    4:52
7 Eden    8:00
8 A Welcome Release    3:40
9 Black Awakening / Nepenthe    11:27

Ceremonial Worship "Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

Limited to 100 copies.

Some of black metal’s most grim substratosphere is brought to the surface on the latest album "Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy" from the Greek band, CEREMONIAL WORSHIP. This is chiefly expressed through the branch of sonic metaphysics represented on this recording. CEREMONIAL WORSHIP take the long forgotten approach similar to that the likes of early KRIEG, ILDJARN, or JUDAS ISCARIOT. This is raw, isolationist, and totally obscure music not by design but by necessity. And while you need to digest this style of black metal in more than one listen, CEREMONIAL WORSHIP have carved and album that is impossible to mistake with anything from other current black metal. It is unmistakably itself, and therefore hiding a gem within it's grim minimalism. Instead of the usual parallels to the "Big Three" of Greek black metal ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, or NECROMANTIA, we can point more towards that pivotal scene's strange and obscure outliers like DISHARMONY, FIENDISH NYMPH, ZEPHYROUS, or early VORPHALACK as aesthetic equivalents.
1 Condolences    1:28
2 Deum    4:55
3 Congregation Of Judas    4:47
4 Ex Oblivione    2:12
5 Coils Of The Noose    5:44
6 Unraveling The Bracelets Of Fortune    4:52
7 Eden    8:00
8 A Welcome Release    3:40
9 Black Awakening / Nepenthe    11:27

Ceremonial Woship / Omenfilth "The Path Of Morbid Conspiracy" TAPE

Split release of black metal done in the spirit of the early Hellenic sound. CEREMONIAL WORSHIP is from Hellas (Greece). OMENFILTH are from the Philippines. This is for purists in every aspect of the word, aesthetics that come together to form a true and grimy underground presentation giving praise to the most raw and esoteric form of the Greek black metal tradition!
A1 Ceremonial Worship–    Frost Around The Globe    3:21
A2 Ceremonial Worship–    Into Dungeons Of Mysticism    4:08
A3 Ceremonial Worship–    Mission Of Decay    3:37
A4 Ceremonial Worship–    Anthems Of Pure Hate    2:46
B1 Omen Filth–    To Dwell In The Pits of Barathrum    5:06
B2 Omen Filth–    Conjurers Of The Pestilential Storm    4:09
B3 Omen Filth–    Swallowed By The Umbral Void    4:51
B4 Omen Filth–    Arktouros    4:40

Death Vanish "Cold Hammer of Melancholy" TAPE

Cassette tape EP of raw and primal black metal for those who worship the golden era of the bands BEHERIT and PROFANATICA. DEATH VANISH is a solo project of Valder from the band ONE MASTER. Unabashedly and without apology he proclaims his influence by these iconic bands. DEATH VANISH create minimal, atavistic, and isolated black metal primitivism for those who worship the principles set forth by these pioneering bands. If you want something that snarls like the most beastly black metal yet lands with the irresistible gravity of doom metal, then this just might be the perfect demo for you.
1 Solipsism and Antichrist 03:38
2 Cold Hammer of Melancholy 03:09
3 Saturnian Realms Return 02:06
4 Bloodless Fog (of my mind) 03:12

Death Vanish "Total Solitary Instinct" TAPE

Third release from the solo project of Valder from ONE MASTER. Once again delivering primitive, fast, while also eerie, and sludgy doom-filled Black Metal that is full of memorable riffing. "Total Solitary Instinct" is raw and cavernous in the tradition of the elders whom pioneered the first and second wave of minimal black metal.
1 Old Spirit     4:32
2 Total Solitary Instinct     5:33
3 The Return Of Madness And Solitude     3:25
4 Beyond The Bounds of Time     4:29
5 Seven Caves     5:07

Death Vanish / Misanthropos "Split" TAPE

Split release of solo projects from members of ONE MASTER and MORGIRION. Both projects are traditional and primitive... DEATH VANISH has an influence from bands like VON, BEHERIT, or PROFANATICA, while MISANTHROPOS evokes sounds inspired by bands such as ABYSSIC HATE or HORNA. For those seeking the current bloodlines of the true traditional black metal spirit.
1 Death Vanish - Irresistible Hatred 03:10
2 Death Vanish - Cryptic Repulsion 04:27
3 Death Vanish - Solitary Host 03:20
4 Misanthropos - Incessant Vexation 05:24
5 Misanthropos - Molten Sacrament 03:36
6 Misanthropos - Tyrannic Blood 06:30

Forest Thrall "I" TAPE

The FOREST THRALL "I" demo is first and foremost worship of, as well as a strong tribute to the golden era of early wave grim black metal. When the demo tapes you traded were raw, grim, and full of an honest spirit! Minimal and isolating in atmospheres and of course in absolute dedication to black metal in its most primal and primitive form.
1 Invocation    1:00
2 He Is Here (Horned God Rising)    3:05
3 Forest Thrall (Rites Ov The Ultra Rural)    5:50
4 Richest Blood, Bluest Wells    5:34
5 The Shadow Of The Mad God Walks Here    4:22

Grue "Casualty Of The Psychic Wars" CD

"Casualty Of The Psychic Wars" by Boston's GRUE delivers morose and forlorn melodies that surge to the surface and fold in on themselves bringing to mind early GORGOROTH however blended with a sorrowful gloom. GRUE take you on a despairing and frozen journey across a barren arctic tundra of sonic atmosphere so cold. Pure American black metal that carries the torch of the true.
1 Casualty Of The Psychic Wars    5:35
2 Calling Down The Stars    4:01
3 Lament Of The Spheres    5:08
4 In The House Of Nemesis    6:20
5 They Who Walk Behind The Skies    14:40

Haxen "Haxen" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

HAXEN unleash black metal hymns that will instantly make churches within a five mile radius spontaneously combust. The music on this album is richly inspired by the Norwegian pioneers of the 90's. HAXEN takes the listener on a journey through a vast landscape of dark and haunting black metal that is reminiscent of traditions past. Always raw and minimalist delivering both aggression and atmosphere in their music which is sure to satisfying the seeker of "true" within the current age.
A1 Black Fire Suicide    
A2 Sleepwalking    
A3 Hxn    
A4 Cryptic Fire    
A5 Curss    
B1 Abismo    
B2 Kvnnt    
B3 Apparitions    
B4 Ceremonial Wounds    
B5 Purgatoria

Khragkh "Ersatz" TAPE

Debut full length of black metal from Belarus. "Ersatz" delivers a great balance between old school black and the more current engaging acts such as DEATHSPELL OMEGA, WATAIN or MGLA. A diamond compressed of elevated and bitter rottenness that will resonate to your core and sustain your hunger for black metal done in the spirit of tradition. KHRAGKH explore the depths of primal black metal to near perfection and deliver a potent demo filled to the brim with homage to the past with the sound of the new age.
A1 Supraciu z Samim Saboj (Resistance of Yourself) 04:06
A2 Jadlovy Bukiet (Juniper Bouquet) 05:30
A3 Slach Anihilacyi (The Path of Annihilation) 03:51
A4 Imperyja-Dno (Bottom Empire) 04:40
B5 Istoty Natchniennia (Creatures of Inspiration) 06:15
B6 Ersatz 04:50
B7 Crom. Lech. Man. - Kruh. Kamien. Calaviek. ( - Circle, Stone, Human) 05:08

Omen Filth "Hymns of Diabolical Treachery" TAPE

The second full length of black metal from Filipino band OMEN FILTH. "Hymns of Diabolical Treachery" is flowing with atmosphere that is influence by the early Greek sound in the vein of VARATHRON, ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, or VORPHALAK with a touch of early SAMAEL, which brings forth a gut-wrenching undercurrent to the overall mood. Nostalgic and in true form to the awesome works of the early 90s Greek black metal groups.
1 Shadows Of An Unholy War    6:05
2 Nihil Blood    4:18
3 Demogorgon    5:32
4 Under The Scythe Of The Infidel    5:53
5 Black Ritual Of Demonic Possession    26:54

Omen Filth "Possessed By The Pentacle Spell" TAPE

Fourth full length from this long running black metal band hailing from the Philippines. Once again taking their traditional Hellenic influences from the likes of VARATHRON, ROTTING CHRIST, or NECROMANTIA, and adding more aggression. Raw, but meticulous, and the songs are woven with the echoes of DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION, GORGOROTH, or MAYHEM. This is done with integrity and an honest passion for the genre. The influences are out there for you to soak in, but OMEN FILTH is really something all to their own. They are able to craft their songs that resonate with influence yet shine with originality.
A1 Messor Omnem Tenebris Potestatum Universum    2:16
A2 Terroritual Genocide    4:25
A3 Possessed By The Pentacle Spell    5:09
A4 The Wine Of Victory Has Turned Into Poison    3:14
A5 Visions Of Apocalypse    3:07
B1 Evocation Within The Circled Five Points    1:32
B2 Goat Of The Sabbath    4:12
B3 Monarchia Daemonium    3:52
B4 Cursed Into The Writhing Flames    8:27

One Master "Lycanthropic Burrowing" 12" GATEFOLD LP (Black Vinyl)

Chaotic and violent black metal from the USA. "Lycanthropic Burrowing" is a shredding reminder ONE MASTER have returned and they have not missed a step since their last release. For those who want aural war and chaos in their music. "Lycanthropic Burrowing" is imbued with a very real sense of darkness and menace, and ONE MASTER proves their spot as one of the leading underground USBM bands of the current era. For over 15 years, they have been churning out vicious and malevolent music that isn’t for the weak or false. Influenced by the conventions of traditional, raw, black metal from the second wave while etching into it their own fresh direction really makes for a fantastic listen.
A1 The Claws of Dionysus     5:22
A2 Will of the Shadow     4:33
A3 The Black Bat     6:16
B4 Death Resurrection     7:20
B5 Erosion     4:23
B6 Lycanthropic Burrowing     7:21

One Master "Reclusive Blasphemy" CD

ONE MASTER are rising towards the elite tier of US Black Metal occupied by bands such as NIGHTBRINGER or LEVIATHAN. This is true Black Metal in it's purest form! ONE MASTER have been active for over 15 years, putting out a series of very strong and potent albums. This one most definitely continues on that path... "Reclusive Blasphemy" is an album that is saturated in the orthodox, while delivering an elevated music which comes across  as competent, well composed, confident, and which is varied in it's structure. The songs flow in an esoteric fashion building an ominous atmosphere which places ONE MASTER leagues above the typical, and well on the path to greatness.
1. At The Hour Of Saturn     7:28
2. A Cursed And Dismal Mind     8:49
3. Intolerance     5:43
4. Infernal Silence     7:32
5. Reclusive Blasphemy     6:37

One Master "Reclusive Blasphemy" GATEFOLD LP (Black Vinyl)

Comes with 18" x 24" poster.

Read album description above...
A1 At The Hour Of Saturn     7:28
A2 A Cursed And Dismal Mind     8:49
B1 Intolerance     5:43
B2 Infernal Silence     7:32
B3 Reclusive Blasphemy     6:37

One Master "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" LP (Black Vinyl)

Limited to 300 copies.

ONE MASTER deliver an homage to the old ways, while also offering originality, and successfully capturing the necessary distinction of their own style. "The Quiet Eye Of Eternity" is rich with influence from the traditions set forth by bands like GORGOROTH, IMMORTAL, JUDAS ISCARIOT, or DARKTHRONE, and of course the most consequential 1st wave influence upon the early 90s scene BATHORY. If you want to hear the very top of USBM, then look no further, ONE MASTER will definitely appeal to those seeking pure and honest black metal from the current era.
A1 Infinite Void    8:19
A2 The Destroyer (Part 1)    4:34
A3 The Destroyer (Part 2)    3:59
B1 The Wanderer    8:42
B2 Field Of Ruins    10:01

Ordo Sanguinis Noctis "Chthonic Blood Mysteries" TAPE

Polish black metal rooted deep within in the mid 90's sound. You will also notice an atmosphere of influence from early ROOT albums. "Chthonic Blood Mysteries" is a unique dive into the raw and minimalist approach yet crafted well with a true passion and sincerity.
1 Scarlet Blackness Esoterism    2:25
2 Widmowe Nekropolie Pomeranii    4:53
3 The Triple Of Three Arcana     5:17
4 Nokturn Wilczego Opetania     5:46
5 Podziemia Krwawych Blyskawic     8:14
6 Lunar Sanctuary Of Blood (Chthonic Mysteries Testimony)     6:03
7 Revenge Of The Netherworld Entity    7:32

Perdizione / Haxen "Perdizione / Haxen" TAPE

On this split tape we have the second release from underground black metal project PERDIZIONE from the USA, and three new songs from long-running USBM project HAXEN. The aura defining PERDIZIONE’s tracks are devastatingly bleak, like the feeling of a cold pale wind landing on your skin leaving lashes that cut deep, while the songs melodically descend through the levels minimal grimness, there is a gem that lies buried within. HAXEN unleash grim USBM that is almost metaphysical in atmosphere. Reminding one of the days when black metal was pure, ice cold, and full of intent! If you long for the atmosphere of second wave black metal that was raw and wriggling, you will most definitely get nourishment from HAXEN. This split tape will fit right next your classics "From The Pagan Vastlands", "Transilvanian Hunger", "A Sorcery Written In Blood" among others.
A1 Perdizione     La Lussuria del Traditore     5:06
A2 Perdizione     Cieli del Zolfo     5:12
A3 Perdizione     Luce e Vento     5:39
B1 Haxen     Medula Envenenada     4:47
B2 Haxen     Tempestades     4:24
B3 Haxen     Acor     6:32

Ritual Clearing "Ritual Clearing" TAPE

Debut release of US black metal from Connecticut. RITUAL CLEARING deliver a sound that is forged in the searing heat of ’90s Scandinavian black metal flames. Inspired by the sound of bands like SACRAMENTUM, LORD BELIAL or BATHORY. "Ritual Clearing" is weaved with the rawest and stripped down perspective of stratagem, and then right after that, excerpts flow that reflect inspiration from works by WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM. Do not forget, of course, also included are the structures of 90s black metal, cold and tearing, with aggressive and powerful melodic atmosphere.
1 Hide     7:00
2 Necrophage     5:03
3 Void     7:11
4 Mensis     7:44

Sangus "Saevitia" 7"EP (Black Vinyl)

This is some infernal stuff that channels the darkness into 5 tracks of scorching, noisy, black metal that will remind one of the sounds created by bands like BLACK WITCHERY, or BLASPHEMY. However, SANGUS deliver something a bit different than the aforementioned and somewhat musically diverse and interesting that could be best described as harsh black metal that  is savage, original, honest, and pure black crust metal violence!. "Saevita" is blistering fury and soul smiting hatred that is volatile and unrefined. Do you really need any other reason?
1 Saevitia 02:01
2 Nati da Vulcani 02:25
3 Strega 02:28
4 Live to Kill 02:41
5 Ossos - SSS 05:49

Taggarik "Harbingers of Hatred" TAPE

"Harbingers Of Hatred" is a demo that is entwined with a subtle melodic flow that is inspired greatly by the second wave of black metal. TAGGARIK cast forth a snow storm of frost bitten music that has a gloomy and turbulent haze, which is the definitive core of "wintry" or "frost bitten" black metal music. Not unlike that of the legendary approach taken by IMMORTAL or BEHEMOTH, on their first few records. "Harbingers Of Hatred" is grim, savagely cold, and an absolute homage of  the purist form to the pioneering creators of the sound.
A1 Witch's Jar    
A2 Sang Froid    
A3 Non Serviam    
B1 Witch's Jar    
B2 Sang Froid    
B3 Non Serviam

The Meads Of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar "Taste The Divine Wrath" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)

A split release from two of the most unorthodox bands in black metal. Those seeking idiosyncratic and experimental black metal will most certainly want to check out "Taste The Divine Wrath." THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL, from the United Kingdom, begins the split with five tracks of blackened experimental and incredibly eclectic music. TJOLGTJAR from Illinois, close things off with four tracks of off-kilter, blackened psychedelia that refuses to be clearly or cleanly defined. From the experimental, medieval nature of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL to the blackened psychedelic rock and metal hybrid of TJOLGTJAR, this definitely one is for those with an open mind. Both of these bands have been pushing the boundaries of experimental, avant-garde black metal over the years and this split is a small but shining example of what makes each band so unique, worlds apart, and memorable.
1 The Meads of Asphodel - An Ebullient Prelude to A Loathsomely Grim End 00:43
2 The Meads of Asphodel - Chidiock Tichborne 03:54
3 The Meads of Asphodel - You've Got the Hate 02:44
4 The Meads of Asphodel - Balthasar Gerard 04:23
5 The Meads of Asphodel - Infidel 04:33
6 Tjolgtjar - Interlude A 00:23
7 Tjolgtjar - The Fifth Mass and Her Works 03:25
8 Tjolgtjar - Near You Always 02:52
9 Tjolgtjar - Interlude B 02:16
10 Tjolgtjar - A Goat in the Wood 02:35
11 Tjolgtjar - Interlude C 00:15
12 Tjolgtjar - Winter Research 03:38
13 Tjolgtjar - Interlude D 02:25

The Wolves Of Avalon "Die Hard" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)

The Wolves of Avalon is a side project formed by Metatron and Alan Davey of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL in 2011. THE WOLVES OF AVALON can be seen as a harken call back to a sound familiar to THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL's earliest works with a bit of extra folk, and pagan-tinged flair.

Side A is a cover of the VENOM classic "Die Hard" featuring guest appearances from:

Mantas (Venom)
Rob Miller (Amebix)
Mirai (Sigh)
A.A. (Primordial)
M. Brush (Sirenia)
A Die Hard (Venom Cover)
B Carrion Crows Reprise

Torresian Call / Welldweller "Torresian Call / Welldweller" TAPE

A split tape that is clearly and deeply enamored with representing the new age of old school black metal. TORRESIAN CALL from Australia start the split with five devilish tracks that worship the cold grip of early black metal in it's raw and purest form. Certainly not the sort of thing that new style black metal listeners are going to get into. However, if you are the type of person who is deeply devoted to this early form of black metal, then the torment within you will inhale with ecstasy! TORRESIAN CALL are raw and stripped down, but with and identity of their own. Meanwhile, WELLDWELLER have contributed a single ten minute long song. It's tormented and powerful. The sort of twisted offering that leaves listeners in awe with its dialed black aural magic. Again the raw and isolationist aesthetic is flourished through out the entire track, and that's what makes it such a rewarding listen. This split tape is for the devout!
A1 Torresian Call–    I    1:12
A2 Torresian Call–    II    3:05
A3 Torresian Call–    III    2:49
A4 Torresian Call–    IV    4:03
A5 Torresian Call–    V    4:00
B1 Welldweller–    Witch    10:14

Vashna "Know The Way To Embrace The Darkness" TAPE

Italian Black Metal enlightenment! "Know the Way To Embrace The Darkness" includes three songs as well as two "hidden" bonus tracks. VASHNA crawls through the darkness in a way that it deluges the listener in a tidal wave of suffocating and oppressive sounds, assaulting the senses with rushing walls of murky and veiled black metal. This is the kind of hybrid black/death warfare that seems intent on pulling you into a pitch-black vortex, never to escape the overwhelming hopelessness it delivers. It swirls and tears with primal savage force and allows no light to intrude upon its nightmarish vision. The three song titles are "First Temple", "Second Temple" and "Third Temple" spelled backwards! VASHNA deliver a nightmarish demo of a more straightforward and visceral take on the enveloping sounds created by bands like PORTAL or IMPETUOUS RITUAL.
A1 Elpmet Tsrif    
A2 Elpmet Dnoces    
A3 Elpmet Driht

Wald Krypta "Nature Enigma" TAPE

"Nature Engima" is an album that stands in stark contrast to the indulgent misadventures of "modern" black metal bands. Rooted deeply in anti-religion and worship of the power of death and decay, this is a release more akin to something you would find in a collection of tapes traded in 1993 rather than the vapid, hollow music that passes as "black metal" today. "Nature Enigma" is nine songs covering forty-one minutes with uncompromising raw "kvlt" music that calls to mind to the early days of "real" and or "true" black metal. WALD KRYPTA offer their music in direct opposition to the lesser modern-sounding, and way too pretty offshoots of the genre. A brilliant offering filled with the spirit of black metal long lost.
A1 Torment     7:25
A2 Nature Enigma     3:50
A3 Cleansing     4:47
A4 Of Blood     3:01
B1 To Die In Honour...     4:23
B2 Our Prevalence     5:17
B3 An Empire Turned To Rust     5:13
B4 Final Deliverance     3:11
B5 Ash Of Human Configuration     4:03

Wald Krypta "Pandemic Winds" TAPE

WALD KRYPTA's take on black metal is raw yet thoughtful, leading with an alluring, almost epic, melody around the oppressive, raw core of their music. "Pandemic Winds" delivers a brand of black metal that is traditional, raw, and unrelenting which stands in stark contrast to the indulgent misadventures of "modern" black metal".
A1 In Midnight Forest...    
A2 Sworn Into Battle    
A3 Resurrecting The Forgotten Ancients    
B1 Cold Castle Walls Of Ashoka    
B2 Der Sieg Ist Unser (Absurd Cover)   
B3 Shield of Empathy

Wald Krypta "Where None Remain" TAPE

Third release from this raw and dynamic US black metal band. If you were to take the melodic sensitivity of SATANIC WARMASTER and the woeful intelligence of JUDAS ISCARIOT there would be some basis for the expression of atmosphere that is WALD KRYPTA. Raw and mournfully resonant black metal for those seeking the sounds of the past interpreted by current bands.
1 As Silence Falls     4:30
2 Mutilating the Sacred Light     4:47
3 The Mortal Anguish     4:36
4 Echoes in Dark Emptiness     5:02
5 Sequestered in Black Meditation     3:54
6 Stolen to a Morbid Realm     5:22
7 Between Soil and Sky     5:38










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