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From the void of the icy depths below...
~ Lord Typhus~
Ut Superius, Sic Infra - Sicut Intus Sic Sine - Tua Illuminatio incipe
As Above, So Below...  As Within, So Without... Let your illumination begin!


Finland belongs to the select club of countries that have delivered many great underground black metal bands. Indeed, several excellent bands were born in the early 1990s, some legendary, and hailing from this country. One often thinks of BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT, BEHEXEN or even IMPALED NAZARENE, but do not forget AZAGHAL! Although the latter AZAGHAL is lesser known, they are no less as potent! This obscure metal band has a strong heritage that ties them to the current and most uncompromising black metal in the "scene". "Nemesis" offers pure aggression and make no mistake... AZAGHAL deliver an honest record of black metal, perfectly in tune with the band's discography, and in true form!

1 De Masticatione Mortuorum 3:05
2 Pohjoisen Valkoinen Kuolema 4:10
3 Vihasta Ja Veritöistä 7:36
4 Hail The Whore 5:24
5 Ex Nihilo 7:30
6 In Deathlike Silence 4:25
7 Black Legions Of Satan 4:19
8 Nemesis 4:43
9 The Pit Of Shoggoths 6:17
10 Satanic Devotion 4:30

Cold, glacial, and sharp black metal from Finland. Executed with style and competence.

1. Helwettilainen (The Infernal One)    6:34
2. Welho (Wizard)    4:59
3. Reign    3:07
4. Kaikki Elava Kuihtuu (All Life Withers)    5:08
5. Of Beasts And Vultures    3:15
6. Peto - 666 (The Beast - 666)    4:39
7. Mina Olen Tie (I Am The Way)    4:56
8. Verenjano (Bloodthirst)    2:32
9. Epilogue    2:44
10. 13 Candles  (Composed By – Quorthon) 4:37
11. From The Ninth Circle Of Hell

"Perkeleen Luoma / Kyy" is an evil, brutal, intense thrashing black metal monster! Cold, glacial, and sharp, and executed with style and competence. For those who worship the second wave of black metal, it's hardly possible to resist the impact of these diabolic conjurations. The pure essence of black metal doth reveal its fascinating power of entrapment through AZAGHAL.

Perkeleen Luoma   
1 Helvettiin    0:49
2 Rutonkantaja    4:38
3 Kaarmeen Laulu    5:12
4 Verenkirous    4:58
5 Kuoleman Kylmza Ikuisuus    7:20
6 Perkeleen Kitaan    4:42
7 Riivaaja    6:02
8 Perkeleen Luoma    3:29
9 Orja    4:41
10 Filosofi    8:22

11 Kyy    2:46
12 Orja    4:09
13 Jumalanpilkan Lohikaarmeet    5:56
14 Kylmien Varjojen Maa    3:42
15 Perkeleen Kitaan    4:21

BLACK KNIFE is a band pushing a particularly nasty and virile fusion of old school hardcore punk and black thrash/speed. Combining sounds inspired by, INEPSY, MIDNIGHT, G.I.S.M., or SHITFUCKER. BLACK KNIFE has their own interesting and powerful take on the black metal punk experience, laced with blood and booze! BLACK KNIFE are set to beat you to death with a bar stool and leave you lying in the gutter with shards of broken whiskey bottles.

1 Flat Obscuritas 4:57
2 Demons Haunt Loudun 2:54
3 Uma, Head Of The Witch 5:12
4 Summoned To Hell 4:17
5 Mutilation Rites 4:24
6 Devil Speaks In Tongues 4:15
7 Posthumous Magic 5:25
8 Turn In Your Grave (Sacrifice Cover) 3:42
9 Zombie Plague 3:55
10 Sucubus 4:55
11 Lycanthropes (Howling Death) 3:37
12 Moon Of Cannibalism 5:25

Limited Edition Slipcase CD + Dunkelheit Video

BURZUM is an icon within the Norwegian Black Metal scene with numerous stories and legends surrounding the band. Love him or hate him Varg Vikernes music is great, and this is a very good compilation that spotlights a small amount of the bands extensive catalog. Also, there is an interesting introduction to the history of the band, as well as some information about his sound and changes over the years. Overall this is an excellent compilation to introduce the novice, or the long time devout follower to the darkness that is BURZUM.

1 Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown    7:28
2 Stemmen Fra Taarnet    6:09
3 Lost Wisdom    1:38
4 Svarte Troner    2:16
5 Det Som En Gang Var    14:21
6 Jesus' Tod    8:39
7 Gebrechlichkeit (II)    7:52
8 Balferd Baldrs    6:05
9 Ansuzgardaraiwo    1:29
- Dunkelheit (Video)

This is a high-quality bootleg replica of the "Aske" EP that was released in 1991. Features a bonus track taken from the "Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen" 7" EP. Though "Aske" was recorded in between "Det Som Engang Var" and "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", it sounds much more primitive. It can be seen as a stylistic regression, returning to the bleak, less dynamic sounds of the debut, but also as an advancement, with the atmosphere becoming darker and more immersive.

1 Stemmen Fra Tarnet 6:09
2 Dominus Sathanas 3:01
3 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 10:50
4 Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen (Bonus Track)

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Belus "was the first album to be recorded and released after Vargs' May 2009 parole from prison. Varg, undoubtedly one of the most notorious members of black metal culture, created this album while he was on parole from prison. Due to the fact that Varg now had many more instruments at his disposal than just synthesizers, he was back to making black metal. The last black metal album he had made before "Belus" was 1996's "Filosofem" which was considered by many to be one of the best black metal creations at that point in time. "Belus" is a fresh progression of BURZUM's music and a step back to the Black Metal roots of the project. The devout BURZUM followers will praise this iconic album. "Belus" is the seventh full-length album by the Norwegian one-man band BURZUM. Released on 8 March 2010 through Byelobog Productions, it was the first BURZUM studio album to be recorded after a near 11-year hiatus.

1. Lukans Renkespill (Introduksjon)
2. Belus Doed
3. Glemselens Elv
4. Kaimadalthas Nedstigning
5. Sverddans
6. Keliohesten
7. Morgenrode
8. Belus Tilbakekomst (Konkusjon)

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

Daudi Baldrs (Old Norse for "Baldr's Death" or "The Death of Baldr") is the fifth album by the Norwegian solo act BURZUM. Unlike BURZUM's previous work, which was mostly black metal, this is a dark ambient album. It was recorded using a synthesizer and a normal tape recorder by Varg Vikernes while he was in prison, as he was not allowed to have any other instruments or recording equipment. It was completed in a few months due to his limited access to synthesizers, which was also the case with the following album, "Hlidskjalf". Regardless of the non use of guitars or drums, you can still feel the BURZUMIC vibes flowing.

1 Daudi Baldrs (The Death Of Baldur)    8:49
2 Hermodr A Helferd (Hermod On A Journey To Hell)    2:42
3 Balferd Baldrs (The Fire-Journey [i.e.Funeral] Of Baldur)    6:05
4 I Heimr Heljar (In The Home Of Hel)    2:03
5 Illa Tidandi (Ill Tidings)    10:30
6 Moti Ragnarokum (Towards Ragnarok)    9:05

Limited Edition Slipcase CD / Official Release by Byelobog / Icarus Music

The first pressing of "Det Som Engang Var" on Cymophane productions was originally intended to be distributed by Voices Of Wonder in 1993, but almost the whole pressing was returned to Grishnack (Varg ) just after he was arrested for the murder of Euronymous (Øystein).  "Det Som Engang Var" (Norwegian for What Once Was) is the second studio album by the Norwegian black metal solo project BURZUM. It was recorded in April 1992 and released in August 1993 through BURZUM's own label, Cymophane Productions and now re-issued on Varg's Byelobog Productions. It is a one of the most important releases for black metal as it was an album that was released in 1993 and would be one of the few firsts of its kind ever. Filled with the traditional trademark of BURZUM hatred and tragedy, which is second to none, while it demonstrates more melodic and atmospheric elements. And it remains black metal after all those things. The music of Varg's BURZUM is quite diverse and unlike many of the other black metal bands from the first wave of Black Metal, and this is why we believe BURZUM has stood the test of time and will continue its legacy well into the future.

1 Den Onde Kysten    2:20
2 Key To The Gate    5:14
3 En Ring Til A Herske    7:10
4 Lost Wisdom    4:38
5 Han Som Reiste    4:51
6 Naar Himmelen Klarner    3:50
7 Snu Mikrokosmos' Tegn    9:36
8 Svarte Troner    2:16

Umskiptar" (Old Norse for Metamorphosis) is the ninth studio album by BURZUM, released on 21 May 2012 through Byelobog Productions. It has been described by Varg as a "return to the roots", with a priority on atmosphere. The album's lyrics are taken from an Old Norse poem entitled "Voluspa". The cover art is taken from the painting "Nott" by Norwegian painter Peter Nicolai Arbo. BURZUM is a constantly evolving band that reminds us that music is, in its purest form, is highly self-indulging and that it is the expression of an individual. Varg has not made just "another Burzum album" with "Umskiptar. Rather, he has spoken what's truly on his mind. It seems that people were expecting "Umskiptar" to continue in the style of the previous album, "Fallen" with its folk influenced black metal. Instead, Vikernes adopts a far more brooding, melancholic vibe which is effectively used throughout the work. It is an excellent album you will be happy you coughed up the loot for!

1. Bloostokkinn
2. Joln
3. Alfadanz
4. Hit helga Tre
5. AEra
6. Heior
7. Valgaldr
8. Galgvior
9. Surtr Sunnan
10. Gullaldr
11. Niohoggr
Available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL, 3XL
Available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL, 3XL

A very good quality bootleg from Mexico.

The word Einherjer is the modern Norwegian version of the Old Icelandic Einherjar meaning either "Those who fight alone" or "Those who belong to an army". According to both the Poetic and the Prose Edda, the Einherjar are prominent fighters who, upon their death on the battlefield, are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries to feast and battle with each other until the coming of the final battle of the gods, Ragnarok. The Norwegian band EINHERJER debut is a magnificent album ripe with melodic and mystical music. The listening sensation will send you to a world where old Norseman are huddled about a fire in a longhouse, feasting and telling stories of old. This album could be defined as a "winter" or "seasonal" album. A person's mood during the winter could inspire them to listen to "Aurora Borealis". Just listening to it can make you long for the winter. 

FORLORN was formed in Norway in 1992, and after some lineup changes released their debut EP, "Forlorn" in 1996, through Head Not Found Records. Out of the many Norwegian bands FORLORN is one of our favorites and most definitely deliver a blast of nostalgia. This EP contains a great flowing combination of Black Metal that is atmospheric and polished yet having a soft warm feel that gives it a unique aura. The instruments are balanced, distinct, and at the same time become one creating the distinct sound that is FORLORN. Lush, Nordic, traditional acoustic passages and clean vocals comparable in atmosphere to ULVER's "Bergtatt" along with dynamics that feel similar in nature to early era ARCTURUS while maintaining a clear style and voice of their own.

1 De Sorte Sjøers Land 5:45
2 Aurora Borealis 7:09
3 Witchking 6:17
4 Einherjer 4:56

5 A Battle So Bright 3:26
6 Aerefull Ferd 4:43
7 Drommefanger 2:48
8 Heroes 6:38
9 Ragnarok 5:21

Excellent 3 Way Digipak Split CD. Released in 2011 between the Canadian EVIL WRATH, Italian THE TRUE ENDLESS and the Ukranian GROMM. Includes 4 tracks from each band. Limited Edition comes with 12 pages booklet lyrics included and 6 panels digipak format. Recommended for those who long of for the icy cold days of time immemorial! Raw and grim black metal with true spirit which will remind one of the early days.

1 Evil Wrath - The Pro-Fanatic Art Of Self Destruction
2 Evil Wrath - Time To Die
3 Evil Wrath - Messe Noire
4 Evil Wrath - Storm Of Evil
5 The True Endless - Open The Passage To Hell
6 The True Endless - The Dawn Of A New Empire
7 The True Endless - The Emissary
8 The True Endless - Perished And Forgotten
9 Gromm - Psalm I. Apples Of Sodom
10 Gromm - Psalm II. Iniquity Is My Halo
11 Gromm - Psalm III. KaosKult
12 Gromm - Psalm IV. Eucharistic Deophagia
The second release from GOATWHRE "Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun", ventures into dark, un-conventional territory. Probing the pitch-black recesses of mind and soul in a disturbing, introspective examination of dark forces at work, and unleashing it all with a feral hooks and atmospheric flare, stepping beyond the bounds of mere black metal into a realm all its own. GOATWHORE is truly a band to be reckoned with and their very unique mix of death, black, and sludge makes for a great listen.  Three years after their impressive debut and returning with twelve more odious anthems that surpass their previous output offering an excellent moment in the progression of the band. Yes, the influence of CELTIC FROST, VENOM, and BATHORY are all there in full force, but there is something distinctly different about their sound. GOATWHORE have carved an original sound that is haunting, grim, and atmospheric.

1. Sacrament of Emptiness and Despair
2. Vengeance of Demonic Fury
3. Bloodguilt Eucharist
4. The Serpent that Enslaves what is Worshiped
5. Chanting Bells of Funeral Anguish
6. Sky Inferno
7. A Closure in Infinity
8. Invocation to the Obsidian Moon
9. As the Sun Turns to Ash
10. Fires of the Judas Blood
11. The Black Art of Deception
12. Baptized in a Storm of Swords
GOATWHORE's first official release. Louisiana Black Metal featuring Ben Falgoust of SOLIENT GREEN and Sammy Duet of ACID BATH and CROWBAR. The debut album "Eclipse of Ages Into Black" is clearly black metal and most definitely influenced by its Norwegian counterparts, IMMORTAL, MAYHEM, and BURZUM, as well as influence from the first wave like HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, VENOM, and BATHORY. But GOATWHORE has also added their own twists to the genre. And we now know for sure that the pure, concentrated Satanic darkness that is black metal has migrated to NOLA and corrupted the band known as GOATWHORE. It is very cool to hear this band in its primordial state, in all their young and raw glory. 

1. Nocturnal Holocaust
2. Lair of Nastrond
3. Desolate Path to Apocalyptic Ruin
4. The Beauty in Suffering
5. As the Reflection Slowly Fades
6. All the Sins
7. Satan s Millennium
8. Upon this Deathbed of Cold Fire
9. Gravedom
10. Invert the Virgin
11. Perversions of the Ancient Goat
12. Into a Darker Sun
13. Under a Dark God
14. Commanding the Legions of Hell
15. Graveyards and Dead Angels
Available in size XL only!

Official, high quality GOATWHORE merchandise.
GODLESS RISING had a lot of expectations to fulfill. As the early incarnation of this band did in fact consist of a line up featuring two "Let Us Pray" era VITAL REMAINS members. "Battle Lords" takes the band to some new heights, delivers a very diverse and solid death metal album. Right from the beginning the fury never stops and GODLESS RISING have delivered another very good Death Metal offering that combines some of the mentality of the classics while carving a new path. On the whole this is a truly great album that anyone who is into death metal and enjoys good and melodic solos NEEDS to hear. The album is a good length at around forty minutes long and is definitely worth your time.

1 Heathens Rage
2 Conflict From Within
3 Battle Lords
4 Sadistic Ritual Carnage
5 The Lair Of Cerberus
6 Ancient Grave Lands
7 Beyond The Gates, We Desecrate
8 Revelations Of The Dead King
Reissue version on Moribund Records with two bonus tracks. Re-recorded during the "Battle Lords" sessions for this reissue.

GODLESS RISING shattered our expectations with the release of "Rising Hatred".  Although different in its nature than the next album to be released "Rising Hatred" offers more melodic songwriting that is somewhat different and there is a distinct black metal influence on their music. "Rising Hatred" is still filled to the brim with well-crafted melodic death metal and good solos. There are a few instances of traditional death metal but are anything but generic amidst the considerable intensity of their great songs. A great effort from these ex-members of the "Let Us Pray" era of VITAL REMAINS.

1 Sacrificed
2 Devour The Cross
3 Into Obscurity
4 Divine Blasphemy
5 Mortal Failures
6 Soulless

Bonus Tracks:
7 Divine Blasphemy (2007)
8 Soulless (2007)
GODLESS RISING is one of those bands that strip the music down a bit yet mind the more flowing and memorable compositions of songs rather than the uber-technical and complex. These "older sounding" bands bring the songs back into the feeling of traditional death metal. And who can blame them? GODLESS RISING and their impressive "Trumpet of Triumph" full length really screams experience. There's nothing rushed, or coincidental with this album. It is a work of seasoned veterans, dedicated to their craft and to speed, thrash and death metal. They are not playing this music because it's cool. They do it because they must, they respect it, and it shows! There's so much here to sink your teeth into. Late CARCASS and DEATH-like melodic catchy parts, a hint of PESTILENCE with evil, perverted, and twisted riffs a la "Blessed Are The Sick" era MORBID ANGEL, tempos at bursting speeds to slowed-down paces, and solos that would make James Murphy and Andy LaRocque proud. Don't go thinking that with all the comparisons we've made, that GODLESS RISING is a mere throwback band rehashing old ideas. We stress their ability to not only breach the gap between old barbaric brutality and classic metal catchiness but a capability to make those two worlds melt together and flow effortlessly. It is no small feat. Only artists with a certain degree of mastery, insight and understanding of the music at hand can accomplish something like "Trumpet of Triumph". As a result, the listening experience is most refreshing.

1 Where Is Your God 5:06
2 Ungodly Incantations 5:33
3 Damnation Of Angelic Souls 4:10
4 Devour The Cross 3:43
5 An Eternity In Hell 4:26
6 Christ Cadaver 4:39
7 Through The Flames Of Rage 3:20
8 Trumpets Of Triumph 4:52
9 We Are Legion 4:21
10 Dante's Inferno (Burn The Flock) 1:35
11 Warlords Of Darkness 2:44
HAT is another in a more recent crop of Norwegian black metal acts. HAT incorporated enough of an adventure into their sophomore "Vortex of Death" that we have found ourselves drawn back to it a number of times. There is an ominous decrepit atmosphere and hints of experimentation which leave the safety and sanctity of the "BM" genre for a balanced, atmospheric album that simply functions. The material is often as primal and ambivalent as the next underground "BM" band, but enough thoughts are provoked through its composition that a close listen will reveal buried passages of repressed synths, whispered dialog / vocals and other tricks from within the black of the night. For the black metal purist seeking something they may have yet to discover.

1 Inhumanus Revelatio 6:16
2 Invocating Death 5:48
3 The Flesh I Wear 4:27
4 The Path To Immortality 6:21
5 Overmenneske 5:28
6 Ultimate Evil 5:21
7 Slaves Of Insanity 4:56
8 Tilintetgjorelsen 6:10
SCHNAUZER is a project that have been called Thrash, Noise, Hardcore, Grindcore. But to us here at DHR, SCHAUZER is really only one thing... Scrapmetal! Funny and disturbing metal that will warm the cockles of your heart and satisfy the desire for something strange you just can't turn off! However this is really only for a few twisted minds that love the absurd and a good dose of metal humor. The rest of you can just fuck off! 

Jim "Sadist" Konya was a beloved staple of the Cleveland and of course the world metal community, tragically passing in October 2015 at the age of 44. His longstanding musical legacy stretches as deep as the list of his nicknames: 9 Shocks Terror, Apartment 213, the Spawn of Satan, Nordic Mist, Nunslaughter, Schnauzer, Gravewürm, Minch… Jim Lasagna, Jim Satanic, Goatslaughter, Lord Mazillion, Sadist, Jimmy.

Jim Lasagna held a special place in our hearts here at DHR, as we were fortunate enough to meet and hang out with "Konya" on many occasions over the years. He was always one to come right up and start busing balls and telling funny stories. Such a great warrior for all things metal, and of course a generally cool and nice person as well as fucking metal as hell! Period! What a tragic loss to the Cleaveland and world underground scenes.

Tracks 1-2: taken from split 7" with Crossface
Tracks 3-4: taken from split 7" with Punching Moses
Tracks 5-7: taken from split 7" with Doktor Bitch
Tracks 8-9: taken from split 7" with Solipsist
Tracks 10-13: taken from split 10" with Sloth
Tracks 14-15: taken from split 7" with Hangnail
Track 16: taken from an annoyed wife's kitchen - somewhere in the Cleveland area

1 Total Lunatic
2 Blasted Beyond Belief
3 Facts Of Life
4 Just Say Yes
5 Coshocton Sunday
6 Jungle Friends
7 I Am The One
8 Mr. M.H.S.
9 The Peoples Corpse
10 Face The Devil
11 Wrong Place, Wrong Time
12 Bullfrog Parade
13 507 Blues
14 Drug Bust / To Hell And Back
15 Junkyard Funeral
16 Konya Vs.Wife
SLAUGHTER LORD are one of those bands who made metal history without ever even releasing a full-length album, and rightfully so, as these demos are fucking AMAZING. This is some of the best early blackened death thrash released in '86 and '87, and we are glad someone stepped in and re-released these deadly masterpieces. The production does fluctuate a bit, but never is it bad enough to compromise or hinder the utter brutality this band was going for. So, if you consider yourself a worshipper of old school, mid-late 80s black, death, or thrash metal, then by all means find a slot in your collection for this CD release of the SLAUGHTER LORD demos.

1 Destructor 4:04
2 Slaughter Lord 5:00
3 Die By Power 3:36
4 Taste Of Blood 3:13
5 Legion 5:48
6 Slaughtered Corpse 3:33
7 Onslaught 4:12
8 Steel Lords Of War 6:58
9 Cryptic Terror 4:14
Re-issue of the long Out of Print Debut features All new lay out, artwork by Fantasy artist Ken Kelly (Conan the Barbarian, Kiss, Rainbow, Manowar), and a bonus track available on CD for the first time ever.

While not quite reaching the status of legends, Indianapolis three-piece THE GATES OF SLUMBER have been crushing skulls since 1998, years ahead of the renaissance of doom. Their first full-length "…the Awakening" was unleashed upon the world in 2004, and proudly carries the banner of traditional doom. This newly issued version by Abyss Records features artwork by Ken Kelly, and the bonus track "The Cloaked Figure" from their 2004 demo of the same name. For the uninitiated, THE GATES OF SLUMBER have made a name for themselves through offering bountiful tribute at the temple of SAINT VITUS, while imbuing their axes with a hefty dose of MANILLA ROAD style heavy metal. The trifecta is completed by an affinity for Robert E. Howard’s fantasy epics, dishing out a strong brew of heaviness served in a grimly repurposed skull. THE GATES OF SLUMBER have proven to be one of the most stalwart purveyors of traditional doom metal, and "…the Awakening" testaments that their path is not wayward and completely worth its salt in grimy crawling riffs and triumphant gallops. This re-issue is definitely worth picking up for anyone who missed the album the first time around.

1 Resurrection From The Underworld 1:21
2 The Awakening (Interpolating The Wrath Of The Undead) 9:08
3 The Judge 6:02
4 The Jury 7:27
5 Broken On The Wheel 5:38
6 The Executioner 3:22
7 Blessed Pathway To The Celestial Kingdom 2:58
8 The Burial 9:32

Bonus Track 
9 The Cloaked Figure 9:33
"The Sons Of The Darkness" comes off as the soundtrack to an eternal war in another realm where the sun never rises. THUNDERBOLT delivers one of their more war-like adventures into all things dark and tribal. Many bands have problems balancing the black and death metal components the right way, but here the result is perfection. The songs flow flawlessly and alternate between furious blasting and slower more atmospheric parts. THUNDERBOLT have a romanticism with a nationalist message, or otherwise hint at it somewhat amid the volley of relentless auditory blitzkriegs and imagery presented. While "The Sons Of The Darkness" doesn't quite get into the realm of folksy nostalgia hit upon by NOKTURNAL MORTUM, nor does it quite match the spacey charms and atmosphere of KATAXU, THUNDERBOLT's debut will probably appeal heavily to those who follow these bands music. THUNDERBOLT a bit more mechanized and heavier than the standard post-EMPEROR symphonic blackness, and will probably come off as a bit bare bones and simplistic when compared to the wild handiwork of something like LIMBONIC ART. But THUNDERBOLT definitely deliver a good display of how a little bit of theatrics can take an otherwise commonplace approach to black metal and turn it into an otherworldly experience. For those seeking "cult" with an edge in their Black Metal. 

1 Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty
2 Journey To The Abyss Hatred
3 The Sons Of The Darkness
4 Spit In His Face
5 Call From The Ancient Time
6 Forest Of Dying Souls
7 The Circle Of Death
8 Longiness
Our recommendation is that fans of the originators of these sounds, whether that be HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, VENOM, MAYHEM, BURZUM, or DARKTHRONE, who are open to further visitation rites to their unhallowed proving grounds, give "Wolves in the North" a chance to breathe some renewal of ancient hostilities into their spirits. WAN do not offer anything new, and in fact they revel in the archaic sounds of yesteryear, offering the bare minimum in production, extremely primal and crude riffing, and vile, stretched vocals which bring to mind a more reserved Quorthon. WAN is for the purest of the pure who are dedicated to the raw first wave sound.

1 13 Sons Of The Devil
2 Hädanfärd
3 Död Kristen Man
4 Kingdom Of Wan
5 Wargoat
6 Ursinnets Begär
7 Ulvhäll
8 Bortgang
9 War Of The Unholy
10 Med Stormsteg Mot Döden
11 Rapid Satan
12 Rise Of The Antichrist
13 Wolves Of The North


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Azaghal "Nemesis" CD
Azaghal "Of Beasts And Vultures" CD
Azaghal "Perkeleen Luoma / Kyy" CD
Black Knife "Murder Season" CD
Burzum "Anthology" CD
Burzum "Aske" MCD
Burzum "Belus" CD
Burzum "Coming Soon To A Church Near You!" TS
Burzum "Daudi Baldrs" CD
Burzum "Det Som Engang Var" CD
Burzum "Det Som Engang Var" CD (Unofficial)
Burzum "Pope Vikernes" TS
Burzum "Umskiptar" CD (Byelobog)
Einherjer / Forlorn "Aurora Borealis / Forlorn" CD
Evil Wrath / The True Endless / Gromm "Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath" DIGI CD
Goatwhore "Blood For The Master" TS
Goatwhore "Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun" CD
Goatwhore "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" CD
Godless Rising "Battle Lords" CD
Godless Rising "Rising Hatred" CD
Godless Rising "Trumpet Of Triumph" CD
Hat "Vortex Of Death" DIGI CD
Schnauzer "Trax From The Wax" CD
Slaughter Lord "Thrash 'Til Death" CD
The Gates Of Slumber "...The Awakening" CD
Thunderbolt "The Sons Of The Darkness" CD

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Aleister Crowley "Thelema" TS
Buried God "Dark Revelation" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Desaster "A Touch Of Medieval Darkness" DOUBLE GATEFOLD 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Desaster "Hellfire's Dominion" CD BOX SET
Desaster "Hellfire's Dominion" DOUBLE GATEFOLD 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Desaster "Logo" METAL ENAMEL PIN
Desaster "Stormbringer" CD
Desaster "Stormbringer" DOUBLE GATEFOLD 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Odin Statt Jesus TS
Odin Statt Jesus (Mjolnir) TS
The Lurking Corpses "Lust For Blood" CD

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Nunslaughter "Banished Tour 2022" TS
Nunslaughter "Black" 7" EP (Picture Disc)
Nunslaughter "Devil Metal" PATCH
Nunslaughter "Devil's Congeries Vol 3" DOUBLE CD / DVD
Nunslaughter "Devil's Congeries Vol 4" DOUBLE CD / DVD
Nunslaughter "Devil's Congeries Vol. 4" DOUBLE GATEFOLD 12" LP (Brown & Clear Vinyl)
Nunslaughter "Goat" DIGI CD
Nunslaughter "Goat" TAPE
Nunslaughter "Hells Unholy Fire" DOUBLE CD
Nunslaughter "Hells Unholy Fire" TAPE
Nunslaughter "Hex" TAPE
Nunslaughter "Logo" PATCH
Nunslaughter "Logo Upside Down Cross" PATCH
Nunslaughter "Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death" CD
Nunslaughter "Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death" TAPE (Red Shell)
Nunslaughter "Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death" TAPE (Smoke Color Shell)
Nunslaughter "Ripping Across The USA 2022" TS
Nunslaughter "Wrath Unleashed" DIGI CD
Nunslaughter / Blood "Nunslaughter / Blood" CD
Nunslaughter / Blood "Nunslaughter / Blood" TAPE (Blue Shell)
Nunslaughter / Fluids "Nunslaughter / Fluids" TAPE
Nunslaughter / Throneum "Bedeviled" 7" EP (Picture Disc)

UPDATE: 10/29/2022 - To check availability click the links!
AK 11 / Aasgard "Unto Heretic Flames" CD
De Vermis "Black Wolf Pride" CD
Setronah "Drifting Belief" TAPE
Skluldom "Faecesekiel" CD
Skluldom "Kill This Fucking World" CD
Vargafrost "Warriors Of The Dawn" CD
Vargafrost "Warriors Of The Dawn" TAPE
Winter Deluge "Devolution - Decay" CD

UPDATE: 10/7/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Abigail / Lustrum "Too Wild For The Crowd" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)
Blackosh "Rvouci Vichry" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)
Bog Of The Infidel "Asleep In The Arms of Suicide" CD
Bog Of The Infidel "To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After Your Daughters" CD
Ceremonial Worship "Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Death Vanish "Cold Hammer of Melancholy" TAPE
Death Vanish "Total Solitary Instinct" TAPE
Death Vanish / Misanthropos "Split" TAPE
Forest Thrall "I" TAPE
Grue "Casualty Of The Psychic Wars" CD
Haxen "Haxen" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse "Darkbourne" CD
Interment Ashes "Interment Ashes" TAPE
Khragkh "Ersatz" TAPE
Omen Filth "Hymns of Diabolical Treachery" TAPE
Omen Filth "Possessed By The Pentacle Spell" TAPE
One Master "Lycanthropic Burrowing" 12" GATEFOLD LP (Black Vinyl)
One Master "Reclusive Blasphemy" CD
One Master "Reclusive Blasphemy" GATEFOLD LP (Black Vinyl)
One Master "The Quiet Eye of Eternity" LP (Black Vinyl)
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis "Chthonic Blood Mysteries" TAPE
Perdizione / Haxen "Perdizione / Haxen" TAPE
Ritual Clearing "Ritual Clearing" TAPE
The Meads Of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar "Taste The Divine Wrath" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
The Wolves Of Avalon "Die Hard" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)
Torresian Call / Welldweller "Torresian Call / Welldweller" TAPE
Vashna "Know The Way To Embrace The Darkness" TAPE
Wald Krypta "Nature Enigma" TAPE
Wald Krypta "Pandemic Winds" TAPE
Wald Krypta "Where None Remain" TAPE

UPDATE: 9/30/2022 - To check availability click the links!
1349 "Hellfire" CD
Acheron "Anti-God, Anti-Christ" CD
Acheron "Rites Of The Black Mass" DIGI CD
Anaal Nathrakh "Desideratum" CD
Arcturus "Sideshow Symphonies" CD
Arkona "Slovo" CD
Arkona "Vozrozhdenie" CD
Asphyx "Deathhammer" CD
Asphyx "Last One On Earth" CD
Asphyx "The Rack" CD
At The Gates "The Red In The Sky Is Ours" CD
Atheist "Jupiter" CD
Autopsy "Macabre Eternal" CD
Avulsed "Ritual Zombi" CD
Bal-Sagoth "Atlantis Ascendant" CD
Bal-Sagoth "The Chthonic Chronicles" CD
Bal-Sagoth "The Power Cosmic" CD
Behemoth "...From The Pagan Vastlands" CD
Behemoth "Demigod" CD
Behemoth "Evangelion" CD
Behemoth "The Apostasy" CD
Behemoth "The Satanist" CD
Benediction "Grind Bastard / Organised Chaos" CD
Benediction "Killing Music" CD
Benediction "Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller" CD
Benediction "Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread" DOUBLE CD
Bestial Mockery "Slaying The Life" CD
Borknagar "Empiricism" CD
Borknagar "Epic" CD
Borknagar "Origin" CD
Borknagar "The Archaic Course" CD
Borknagar "The Olden Domain" CD
Borknagar "Urd" CD
Burzum "Anthology" CD
Burzum "Burzum / Aske" CD
Burzum "Belus" CD
Burzum "Daudi Baldrs" CD
Burzum "Det Som Engang Var" CD
Burzum "Fallen" CD
Burzum "Filosofem" CD
Burzum "Hlidskjalf" CD
Burzum "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" CD
Burzum "Umskiptar" CD
Carcass "Heartwork" CD
Carcass "Surgical Steel" CD
Cro-Mags "Near Death Experience" CD
Cryptopsy "The Unspoken King" CD
Dark Angel "Live Scars" CD
Dark Funeral "Angels Exuro pro Eternus" CD
Dark Funeral "Attera Totus Sanctus" CD
Dark Funeral "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine - Live In South America 2003" CD
Darkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" DOUBLE CD
Darkthrone "Plaguewielder" CD
Darkthrone "Sardonic Wrath" CD
Darkthrone "The Underground Resistance" CD
Darkthrone "Transilvanian Hunger" DIGI CD
Darkthrone "Under A Funeral Moon" DOUBLE CD
Death "Human" CD
Death "Leprosy" CD
Death "Spiritual Healing" CD
Death "Scream Bloody Gore" CD
Death Angel "Killing Season" CD
Death Angel "Relentless Retribution" CD
Death Angel "The Art of Dying" CD
Deicide "Scars of the Crucifix" CD
Deicide "The Stench Of Redemption" CD
Deicide "To Hell With God" CD
Dekapitator "The Storm Before The Calm" CD
Demolition Hammer "Time Bomb" CD
Demonaz "March Of The Norse" CD
Denner / Sherman "Masters Of Evil" CD
Denner / Sherman "Satan's Tomb" MCD
Destruction "Mad Butcher + Eternal Devastation" CD
Destruction "Release From Agony" CD
Destruction "Sentence Of Death + Infernal Overkill" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Abrahadabra" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Death Cult Armageddon" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" CD
Dimmu Borgir "For All Tid" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Godless Savage Garden" CD
Dimmu Borgir "In Sorte Diaboli" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Spiritual Black Dimensions" CD
Dimmu Borgir "Stormblast" CD
Dissection "Reinkaos" CD
Dissection "Storm Of The Lights Bane" DOUBLE CD
Dissection "The Somberlain" DOUBLE CD
Dying Fetus "Destroy The Opposition" CD
Emperor "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" CD
Emperor "Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant" CD
Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse" CD
Emperor "IX Equilibrium" CD
Emperor "Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" CD
Exodus "Bonded By Blood" CD
Falkenbach "Heralding - The Fireblade" CD
Falkenbach "Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri" CD
Falkenbach "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" CD
Falkenbach "Tiurida" CD
Finntroll "Nifelvind" CD
Forced Entry "Uncertain Future" CD
God Dethroned "The Toxic Touch" CD
Gorgoroth "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" CD
Gorgoroth "Destroyer / Incipit Satan" CD
Grave "Endless Procession Of Souls" CD
Grave "Into The Grave" CD
Grave "Soulless" CD
Grave "You'll Never See..." CD
Hate Eternal "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" CD
Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1" CD
Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2" DOUBLE CD
Helloween "Walls Of Jericho" DOUBLE CD
Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse "Darkbourne" CD
Immolation "Kingdom of Conspiracy" CD
Immolation "Majesty And Decay" CD
Immortal "All Shall Fall" CD
Immortal "At The Heart Of Winter" CD
Immortal "Battles In The North" CD
Immortal "Blizzard Beasts" CD
Immortal "Damned In Black" CD
Immortal "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" CD
Immortal "Pure Holocaust" CD
Immortal "Sons Of Northern Darkness" CD + DVD
Immortal "The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh" CD + DVD
Incantation "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene" CD
Incantation "Onward To Golgotha" CD
Kampfar "Mare" CD
Kampfar "Logo" PATCH
Kampfar "Mellom Skogkledde Aaser" TS
Kataklysm "Heaven's Venom" CD
Kataklysm "Prevail" CD
Keep Of Kalessin "Kolossus" CD
Marduk "Panzer Division Marduk" CD
Marduk "Rom 5:12" CD
Marduk "Serpent Sermon" CD
Marduk "Viktoria" CD
Marduk "Wormwood" CD
Master "Collection Of Souls" CD
Master "Master" CD
Master "On The Seventh Day God Created... Master" CD
Master "The New Elite" CD
Mayhem "Esoteric Warfare" CD
Mayhem "European Legions" CD
Mayhem "Grand Declaration Of War" CD
Mayhem "Live In Leipzig" CD
Mayhem "Ordo Ad Chao" CD
Morbid Angel "Altars Of Madness" CD / DVD
Morbid Angel "Covenant" CD
Morbid Angel "Domination" CD
Morgoth "Cursed" CD
Morgoth "Resurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall" CD
Old Man's Child "Born Of The Flickering" CD
Possessed "Beyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror" CD
Possessed "Seven Churches" CD
Primordial "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" CD
Sargeist "Let The Devil In" CD
Sargeist "Logo" PATCH
Satyricon "Dark Medieval Times" CD
Satyricon "Live At The Opera - With The Norwegian National Opera Chorus" DIGI DVD / DOUBLE CD
Satyricon "Nemesis Divina" DIGI CD
Satyricon "Rebel Extravaganza" CD
Satyricon "The Shadowthrone" CD
Satyricon / Enslaved "The Forest Is My Throne/ Yggdrasill" DIGI CD
Shining "VII: Fodd Forlorare" CD
Sodom "Agent Orange" DOUBLE CD
Sodom "In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty" CD
Sodom "M-16" CD
Sodom "Persecution Mania" CD
Summoning "Dol Goldur" CD
Summoning "Lugburz" CD
Summoning "Minas Morgul" CD
Summoning "Old Mornings Dawn" CD
Therion "Lemuria" CD
Therion "Secret Of The Runes" CD
Ulver "Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden" CD
Vintersorg "Cosmic Genesis" CD
Vintersorg "Jordpuls" CD
Vintersorg "Odemarkens Son" CD
Vintersorg "The Focusing Blur" CD
Vintersorg "Till Fjalls" CD
Vintersorg "Visions From The Spiral Generator" CD
Watain "Lawless Darkness" CD
Watain "Rabid Death's Curse" CD
Watain "Trident Wolf Eclipse" CD

UPDATE: 8/5/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Beastcraft "Baptised In Blood and Goatsemen" CD
Beastcraft "Dawn of the Serpent" CD
Beastcraft "Into The Burning Pit Of Hell" CD
Beastcraft "The Nechronology of Ungodly Bestial Craft" CD
Goatpenis "Apocalypse War" CD
Goatpenis "Biochemterrorism" CD
Goatpenis "Depleted Amunition" CD
Goatpenis / Kurgaall "Satanic Terror Weapons" CD
Hiraeth "Ethnocentrism" CD
Holocaust "Obscurum Satanic Rites" CD
Kampfeswut "Des Barden Schwarzer Gesang" DIGI CD
Kurgaall "Fidem in Lucifer" CD
Nhaarg "When All Hope Is Gone" DIGI CD
Ruhmreich "Hymnen Des Vaterlandes" CD
Sarcoma "At One With The Dead" CD
Stutthof "An Ode To thee Ancient Great Goddess" CD
Temnozor "Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights" CD
Wargoatcult "Plvs Vltra" CD
Wargoatcult "The Wargonaut" CD
Woodtemple "Feel The Anger Of The Wind" CD
Woodtemple "The Call from the Pagan Woods" CD
Woodtemple "Voices of Pagan Mountains" CD
Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1" CD

UPDATE: 7/24/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Aleister Crowley "Argentum Astrum" TS
Aleister Crowley "Death Tarot Card" TS
Aleister Crowley "The Great Beast" TS
Aleister Crowley "The Magus - The Beast" TS

UPDATE: 7/22/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" 12" LP (Grey Vinyl)
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" DIGI CD
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" TS
Ilhalung "Logo" TS

UPDATE: 6/22/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Christ Agony "Darkside" DOUBLE CD
Christ Agony "Moonlight - Act III" CD
Cthulhuss "Cthulhu Cult" CD
Cthulhuss "Obliteration Of Souls" CD
Doomster Reich "How High Fly The Vultures" CD
Freezing Blood "Baal" MCD
Hellspawn "In Agelessness" CD
Hellspawn "There Has Never Been A Son Of Me" CD
Holy Death "Forever Burning Ashes" CD
Holy Death "The Knight, Death And The Devil" DOUBLE CD
Magnanimvs "Impure Ways Beyond Shadows" CD
Morbosidad "Cojete A Dios Por El Culo" CD
Morbosidad "Muerte De Cristo En Golgota" CD
Occultum "Apokatastasis" CD
Occultum "Towards Eternal Chaos" CD
Quo Vadis "Politics" CD
Shambles "Oneric Visions" CD
Slaughtbbath "Alchemical Warefare" CD
Slaughtbbath "Hail To Fire" CD
Solium "The Styx Is Witching Me" DIGI CD
Solium "Urwerk" CD
Throneum "Morbid Death Tales" CD
Throneum / Moloch Lethalis "Martyaxwar" CD
Vociferous "Vociferous" CD
Whipstriker / Hate Them All "Strike Of Hate" CD

UPDATE: 6/10/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Askog "Varpnaper" DIGI CD
Beyond The Catacombs "Interstellar Burial" DIGI CD
Coffin Creep "Voids" CD
Hovmod "Doedsformasjon" CD
Karmanjaka "Gates Of Muspel" CD
Macabre Decay "Into Oblivion" CD
Nifrost "Orkja" DIGI CD
Nifrost "Orkja" 12" LP (Marbled Light Blue Vinyl)
Svartelder "Pits" DIGI CD
Svartelder "Pyres" DIGI CD
Svartghast "Perdition" 12' LP (Black Vinyl)
The Bishop Of Hexen "The Death Masquerade" DIGI CD
Ulvehyrde "Englemakersken" DIGI CD
Warrior "Instruments Of Death" CD
Wood Brothers "Baltia / Ukraina" CD

UPDATE: 5/20/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Moongates Guardian "Cold Winters of Anduin" CD
Moongates Guardian "Leave The Northern Mountains" CD
Moongates Guardian "Summoned By Middle Earth A Tribute to Summoning (Part 1)" CD
Moongates Guardian "The Last Ship" CD
Moongates Guardian "Till The Wind Of The Morning" CD
Moongates Guardian / Balga "Oath Of Feanor / Legends Of The Damned" CD
Nuit Noire "Sa Majeste La Nuit" CD
Pathogen "Ravages Of The Tyrant" CD
Poison / Morbid "Into The Abyss / December Moon" CD
Sorcery "Bloodchilling Tales" CD
Storm "Nordavind" CD
Thou Art Lord "Diabolou Archaes Legeones" CD
Thou Art Lord "Eosforos" CD
Warwulf "Echoes From The Past Long Forgotten" CD
Witchmoon "Vampyric Curse / Spectral Shadows" CD
Xibalba "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" CD
Xibalba "Ancients ('92 Demo plus old rare '94 reh-demo)" CD

UPDATE: 5/13/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 07
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 08
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 09
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 10
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 11
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 13
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 14
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 15
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 16
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 17
Slowly We Rot Magazine ISSUE 18

UPDATE: 5/11/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Benighted "Complete Works" 12" DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP 
Black Witchery / Conqueror "Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance" TS
Black Witchery "Summoning of Infernal Legions" TS
Burzum "Coming Soon To A Church Near You!" TS
Burzum "Pope Vikernes" TS
Conceived By Hate / Soulrot "Atavico" 7" EP (Black Vinyl)
Deteriorate "Rotting In Hell" DOUBLE CD
Grond "Winterkrieger" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" DIGI CD
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" TS
Ilhalung "Logo" TS
Morbid "December Moon" TS
Morbid "December Moon" TS (Verwimp)
Morbid "December Moon / Dead Tribute" TS

UPDATE: 5/4/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Aasfresser "Under The Black Scythe" CD
Aasfresser "Where the Sun Never Dares" CD
Astriaal "Anatomy of the Infinite" DIGI CD
Azaghal "Of Beasts And Vultures" CD
Azaghal "Perkeleen Luoma / Kyy" CD
Behemoth "Logo" METAL ENAMEL PIN
Besatt "Anticross" CD
Besatt "Hellstorm" CD
Besatt "Impia Symphonia" MCD
Besatt "Nine Sins" CD
Besatt "Sacrifice For Satan" CD
Blood Tyrant "Night of Blood Moon" CD
Burial Sun "Burial Sun" CD
Deadnight "Canon of Irreverence" MCD
Deadnight "Messenger of Death" CD
Deadnight "Riders of the Black Wind" MCD
Defeat "The Winds Have Changed" CD
Dodgaldr "Ruined And Forgotten" CD
Gravewurm "Abyss Sorcery" CD
Gravewurm "Dread Night / Ancient Darkness Arise" CD
Gravewurm "Funeral Rites" CD
Gravewurm "The Shadowlands" DIGI CD
Hak Ed Damm "Holocaust Over Dresden" CD
Liturgia Maleficarum "Totus Tuus" CD
Mayhem / Darkthrone "True Legends In Black" CD
Naer Mataron "Skotos Aenaon" CD
Necromantia "To The Depths We Descend..." CD
Necromantia "To The Depths We Descend..." DIGI CD
Necromantia "Vampiric Rituals" CD
Necromass "Black Art 1992-2018" CD
October Falls "The Womb Of Primordial Nature" CD
Thy Infernal "Warlords Of Hell" CD

UPDATE: 4/8/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Abominablood "Dark Creatures In The Vacuum Of Dementia" DIGI CD
Anaboth "Scierwo o Bruk" CD
Annihilation Vortex "Nihilistic Spheres" CD
Aragon "Call of the Beast" CD
Black Horns "Rise of the Infernal Sorcery" CD
Blood Stronghold "Spectres of Bloodshed" CD
Cadaveric Possession "Sanctity Collapsed" CD
Cadaveric Possession "Sephirothic Desiccation" CD
Cadaveric Possession "The Malevolent Predestination" CD
Casus Belli "Hell-ios" CD
Coffinshade / Optophobic "Hymns Of Sorrow and Fear" CD
Concilium "The Oblivion Of Time In The Dim Light" CD
Concilium / Hexitium "Necrose Death Hunger" CD
Crippling Madness "Ponad Zwilokami" CD
Damage Case "Fuck'n'Roll Damnation" CD
DeathEpoch "Abysmal Invocation" CD
Deathlike Dawn "Deliria and Dreams" CD
Deathvasstator "Nulclear Demo(n) MMXIX" CD
Dismembered Flesh Mutilation "Necrophiliac Decomposition" CD
Evil Sorcery "Death Meditation" CD
Freezing Blood / Widmo / Sons Of Perdition "Desecration Rituals" CD
Gates Of Tyrant "Vortex Towards Death" CD
Goathrone "Sodom & Gomorrah" CD
Goathrone "The Black" CD
Grimcult "Revelations of Sinister Flame" CD
Guild Of Shadows "Keepers Of The Night Souls" CD
Gyotrelem "Uresseg" CD
Hatecrime "A War That Doesn't Exist" CD
Hell's Coronation / Cadaveric Possession "Cadaveric Goatserpents' Coronation"
Hexifixion "Hexifixion" CD
Incinerator "Rotten Flesh Macabre" MCD
Incinerator / Vile Apparition "Incinerator / Vile Apparition" CD
Morbid Stench "Doom & Putrefaction" CD
Nagual "Self Conqueror" CD
Nekkrofukk " Mysterious Rituals In The Abyss Of Sabbath & Eternal Celebration Of The..." CD
Nekron "Psychosis" CD
Nekron "Worshipers" MCD
Nurt Ognia "Nurt Ognia" CD
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis "In The Black Tomb Of Time" CD
Profanatism "Hereticon" CD
Putrid Evil / Distres "Chapel of Stillborn Messiah" CD
Ritual Bloodshed "Ocean Of Ashes" CD
Sacrofuck "Ekstaza Upodlenia" CD
Sacrofuck / Enterchrist "Split" CD
Sarg "Totentanz" CD
Satanic Might "Arrival Of The Winterwinds" CD
Sepulchral Cult "Immurement, Spirits and Graveyard Chants" CD
Solium "The Styx Is Witching Me" DIGI CD
Stigmata "Omega" CD
Templum Tenebrarum "Funeral Song For The World" CD
The Devil's Sermon "Czarna Jazn" CD
The Devil's Sermon "Nie Ma Boga Nad Diabla" CD
The Devil's Sermon "Rydwany Ognia" CD
Trup "Ecce Satanas" CD
Upon the Altar "Absid ab Ordine Luminis" CD
Waroath "Infernal Tortures Hordes" CD
Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites "Black Oath Rites" CD
Witch Head Nebula "Krsyki Z Prozni" CD
Xarzebaal "II" CD

UPDATE: 3/22/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Burzum "Coming Soon To A Church Near You!" TS
Burzum "Pope Vikernes" TS
Demonic Temple "Incrementum" TS
Demonic Temple "Logo" TS
Demonic Temple "Through The Stars Into The Abyss" TS
Demonic Temple "Through The Stars... / Fire" TS
Lucifugum "Instinct Prevelance" TS
Lucifugum "Path Of The Wolf" TS
Lucifugum "Time To Kill Pregnant Sheep" TS
Morbid "December Moon" CD
Morbid "December Moon / Dead Tribute" TS
Morbid "December Moon" TS
Morbid / Mayhem "A Tribute To The Black Emperors" CD
Typhus "Fuck Your God" TS
Typhus "Grand Molesters Of The Holy Trinity" TS
Typhus "I Burn Churches" TS
Typhus "Unholy Black Metal" TS

UPDATE: 2/15/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Flauros "Third Curse" TS
Natassievila "Iter Lethalis" TS
Natassievila "Logo" TS
Nebron "The Message" TS
Sauron "Universe Of Filth" TS

UPDATE: 1/28/2022 - To check availability click the links!
Black Witchery / Conqueror "Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance" TS
Dark Horizon "Horns Logo" TS
Dark Horizon "Unholy Goat" TS
Demonic Temple "Through The Stars Into The Abyss" CD
Fadheit "Inhaling The Trauma" TS
Fadheit "Logo / Razor" TS
Fog "Through The Eyes of Night... Winged They Come" TS
Ilhalung "Falskhetens Dualitet" TS
Ilhalung "Logo" TS
Intolerance "Laments From The Dripstone Cave" 12" LP (Black Vinyl)
Martwa Aura "Morbus Animus" TS
Martwa Aura "Mummified / Morbus Animus" TS
Martwa Aura "Logo Red" TS
Martwa Aura "Logo White" TS
Revenge "Attack.Blood.Revenge. / J Read" TS
Revenge "Attack.Blood.Revenge." TS
Vincent Crowley "Beyond Acheron" CD
Vincent Crowley "Beyond Acheron" 12" DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP (Galaxy Blue)
Ptahil "The Beast of Ptahil" 12" DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP (Black Vinyl)









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