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JULY 15, 2022

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Brutal, Evil, Fast, and most certainly Enjoyable! These are the words which come to my mind when thinking of the 1349 album "HELLFIRE". Over the years the band has evolved and have been belting out consistent and better albums every time. The songwriting is top-notch with a fitting production creating one of  their strongest releases to date. FROST plays a giant role in providing the sheer brutality through furious drumming with great fills and variations, making "HELLFIRE" simply unstoppable.
1 I Am Abomination    4:10
2 Nathicana    4:39
3 Sculptor Of Flesh    3:18
4 Celestial Deconstruction    7:45
5 To Rottendom    5:52
6 From The Deeps    6:25
7 Slaves To Slaughter    6:11
8 Hellfire    13:49

Appearing roughly midway through ACHERON's career the 1996 "Anti God, Anti Christ" marked a turning point for the band. This is the first time they decided to integrate keyboards into the music, rather than relegating them to just the traditional intro tracks between each song. The intro's are, of course, still here and are reminiscent to "Rites of the Black Mass", yet seem a bit more focused this time around, and feature numerous appropriate quotes from Friedrich Nietzche's "The Antichrist".  Expect nothing more than the mid-paced catchy and at moments atmospheric death metal ACHERON are known for, driven by the straight forward drums of Richard Christy.
1 Intro    2:11
2 Fuck The Ways Of Christ    5:37
3 Intro    0:48
4 Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy)    4:53
5 Intro    1:15
6 Blessed By Damnation    5:07
7 Intro    0:51
8 Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra    4:56
9 Intro    1:55
10 Total War    4:09
12 Ave Satanas (1996 Version)    3:39
13 Blessed By Damnation (Live Version)    4:49

ACHERON's debut, "RITES OF THE BLACK MASS" (originally released in 1992) is almost universally considered the magnum opus of the ACHERON discography, with the band's limited (yet dedicated!) fan base often hailing it as a minor classic of the Florida old school death scene, and perhaps an early antecedent of the "blackened death metal" sub-genre. Once within the depths of "RITES OF THE BLACK MASS" you may find a kindred spirit to "Slowly We Rot", "Severed Survival", "Scream Bloody Gore", "The Rack",  and the band MASTER spiced up as if it were the soundtrack to some long lost Hammer Horror flick! Don't expect some kind of ultra-pretentious, nihilistic, shit here... this is just  good head bangin' music... hard, fast, & heavy! With each song intro by Peter Gilmore (Church Of Satan).
Tracks 21-23 are taken from the 2008 "Satanic Supremacy" Cassette which was limited to only 150 copies!
1 Intro #1    1:56
2 To Thee We Confess    2:08
3 Intro #2    1:05
4 Thou Art Lord    4:10
5 Intro #3    1:15
6 Ave Satanas    3:40
7 Intro #4    1:07
8 Summoning the Master    2:52
9 Intro #5    0:45
10 One with Darkness    3:27
11 Intro #6    0:39
12 Prayer of Hell    2:26
13 Intro #7    1:25
14 Unholy Praises    3:23
15 Intro #8    1:05
16 Cursed Nazarene    4:17
17 Intro #9    0:43
18 The Enochian Key    2:19
19 Intro #10    0:49
20 Let Us Depart    4:59
21 Godless? (We Are Gods!)    4:58
22 Power And Might    6:14
23 Rise Of Rebellion    6:45

The band’s evolution is absolutely evident, as its hateful days of grinding black metal have slowly incorporated more user-friendly elements without jeopardizing quality. “Desideratum” carries the fire of “Vanitas” and continues fanning the smoldering pandemonium embodied by this group’s latter-day era in an analogous approach of attack. Geared to endure the endless rampage; hard and armored like any ANAAL NATHRAKH record. Compared to the band’s venom-spewing days of “The Codex Necro,” ANAAL NATHRAKH has opted for a more accessible production philosophy: the guitars are cleaner, the drums more synthesized, the overall mix is less grainy. The songs have developed a modern knack among the project’s butchering style of grinding black metal, with plenty of chorus and melody-driven structures. "Desideratum" is based on these things; an appropriate sequel to "Vanitas" that offers the strengths of this band without any ingredients added. The game has changed a bit for ANAAL NATHRAKH, as industrial passages and the inclusion of modern elements continue to gain ground.
1 Acheronta Movebimus    3:29
2 Unleash    3:41
3 Monstrum In Animo    4:01
4 The One Thing Needful    3:51
5 A Firm Foundation Of Unyielding Despair    3:37
6 Desideratum    3:58
7 Idol    3:36
8 Sub Specie Aeterni (Of Maggots And Humanity)    3:16
9 The Joystream    4:23
10 Rage And Red    3:29
11 Ita Mori    3:41
Never has a more apt title for a release been used. Arcturus have looked at the rule book, and although they haven't actually ripped it up and started again, they have taken its core, twisted, manipulated and totally transformed the damn thing. Okay, other bands have tried this, most of whom have fallen flat on their arses in the process, which is where Arcturus differ dramatically. This is sensational stuff. Dipping in and out of elegant dreamy sound scapes that fit perfectly into the mix. Nothing sounds out of place, although in turn nothing sounds like anything before it. Comparisons shouldn't really be identified in any review because to be honest there isn't really anything relevant in the current scene. This is original, majestic and a true piece of modern day art. Tracks like 'Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer' take you on a space aged journey that features swirling keys, perfectly poised guitars, jarring rhythms and distinctive vocal passages. The sound is eerie and distant and not of this world, yet it envelops the listener and transports you to a place that you actually find yourself quite liking.

Sideshow Symphonies is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian avant-garde metal band Arcturus. It was released on 19 September 2005. It is the first to feature Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs as the principal vocalist and Tore Moren as second guitarist, as well as the first Arcturus album released by Season of Mist.
1 Hibernation Sickness Complete    5:02
2 Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer    8:32
3 Deamonpainter    5:33
4 Nocturnal Vision Revisited    5:16
5 Evacuation Code Deciphered    6:16
6 Moonshine Delirium    7:10
7 White Noise Monster    3:55
8 Reflections    3:40
9 Hufsa    5:07
"Slovo" is a complex album. Anyone familiar with ARKONA's impressive discography (1 full length demo, 1 EP, 7 studio albums and two concert DVDs) knows to expect that "uncompromising" pretty much sums up how ARKONA approach everything. Yet, "Slovo" is also very balanced oxymoron or not. There is a perfected mix of Masha’s gut-wrenching clean vocals, and her hellhound growls, and a perfect tradeoff between chunky metal riffs and traditional folk melodies, as well as some experimentation with orchestral moments. There is plenty of furs, swords, and war paint . . . (this is what a lot of people think of when they hear “folk metal”).  For those of us who love it, though, that image is as fundamental as corpse paint is to old school Norwegian black metal!
1 Az’    2:12
2 Arkaim    5:53
3 Bol’No Mne    5:41
4 Leshiy    4:25
5 Zakliatie    5:15
6 Predok    2:14
7 Nikogda    4:44
8 Tam Za Tumanami    3:52
9 Potomok    0:54
10 Slovo    5:28
11 Odna    5:52
12 Vo Moiom Sadochke…    2:34
13 Stenka Na Stenku    2:36
14 Zimushka    5:49
ARKONA are very much a folk metal band for folk metal fans! If you long for real Viking Folk Metal then "Vozrozhdenie" is an album worth checking out. ARKONA seemingly seek to tap back into the spirit of the nostalgic golden days of pure Viking Metal, with the new re-recording of their 2004 debut "Vozrozhdenie". The bands possess a talent that manages to mesh folk and pagan metal with lots of variety into an original and above all high quality mixture that should cater to any connoisseur of the said styles. The prevalent influence of Russian folk, be it in melodies or the rhythm, is greatly combined with the blasting metal, forming a true symbiosis that just sounds fresh and balances the heaviness and melody excellently.

1 Kolyada    6:53
2 Maslenitsa    2:54
3 K Domu Svaroga    5:23
4 Vozrozhdenie    4:17
5 Chernye Vorony    6:03
6 Rus'    6:23
7 Brate Slavyane    4:54
8 Solntsevorot    3:41
9 Pod Mechami    5:06
10 Po Zverinym Tropam    3:17
11 Zalozhny    4:09
12 Zov Predkov    4:45
ASPHYX deliver old-school death metal with dense heavy rhythms, leaden doom passages, flesh-crawling riffs that flay your ears, and tortured vocals lifted straight from the catacombs. "Deathhammer" continues this tradition with a solid slab of brutal old-school death metal with an archaic doom laden stench, on this their eighth full-length release. ASPHYX brings an attitude and energy to the table that is raw, human, and memorable, and many bands just cannot match.

1 Into The Timewastes    3:41
2 Deathhammer    2:27
3 Minefield    7:28
4 Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt    3:22
5 Der Landser    6:54
6 Reign Of The Brute    2:59
7 The Flood    3:04
8 We Doom You To Death    6:57
9 Vespa Crabro    2:50
10 As The Magma Mammoth Rises    7:51

"Last One On Earth" is filled to the brim with an abundance of heavy fucking riffs and gloomy atmosphere. ASPHYX's sophomore album, is a crushing 39 minutes of death / doom brutality and it bludgeons your senses the entire time! This is definitely the album to start out with if you're looking into digging deeper into the early wave of crushing death/doom bands! ASPHYX are quite unique and this album is a must for every single death metal fan! The bands ability to churn out riff after riff of head banging proportions is really amazing and will make you yearn for the death metal glory days of the early 90’s!

This re-issue also delivers bonus live tracks and tracks taken from the 1989 demo "Crush The Cenotaph", and the ASPHYX demo tape.

1 M.S. Bismarck    3:01
2 The Krusher    3:52
3 Serenade In Lead    2:06
4 Last One On Earth    4:27
5 The Incarnation Of Lust    3:24
6 Streams Of Ancient Wisdom    2:14
7 Food For The Ignorant    3:29
8 Asphyx (Forgotten War)    3:27
9 Crush The Cenotaph (from Crush The Cenotaph)    3:55
10 Rite Of Shades (from Crush The Cenotaph)    3:08
11 The Krusher (from Crush The Cenotaph)    5:58
12 Evocation (Live) (from Crush The Cenotaph)    5:38
13 Wasteland Of Terror (live) (from Crush The Cenotaph)    2:49
14 The Sickening Dwell (from the Asphyx demo tape)    3:59
15 Conjuration of Choronzon (Evocation) (from the Asphyx demo tape)    5:10
16 Diabolical Existence (from the Asphyx demo tape)    3:35

ASPHYX deliver old-school death metal with dense heavy rhythms, leaden doom passages, flesh-crawling riffs that flay your ears, and tortured vocals lifted straight from the catacombs. "Deathhammer" continues this tradition with a solid slab of brutal old-school death metal with an archaic doom laden stench, on this their eighth full-length release. ASPHYX brings an attitude and energy to the table that is raw, human, and memorable, and many bands just cannot match.

1 Into The Timewastes    3:41
2 Deathhammer    2:27
3 Minefield    7:28
4 Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt    3:22
5 Der Landser    6:54
6 Reign Of The Brute    2:59
7 The Flood    3:04
8 We Doom You To Death    6:57
9 Vespa Crabro    2:50
10 As The Magma Mammoth Rises    7:51


Quite primitive, bestial and asphyxiatingly heavy death/doom is what "The Rack" is all about. "Death the fuckin' brutal way!" was the band’s slogan and this album proves that they can back up their statement. This album was released originally in 1991 which at that time death metal was getting more and more technical and losing the darkness of the music. Asphyx however, decided to stick to their roots and do what they do best: simple and heavy-as-hell music. "The Rack" is a must for all true old-school death metal maniacs, bar none! Considered by many to be one of the best and immortal death metal classics of the European scene of early 90's.

Killer and absolutely necessary for every old school collection! ~Lord Typhus

1 The Quest Of Absurdity    1:20
2 Vermin    4:02
3 Diabolical Existence    3:55
4 Evocation    5:32
5 Wasteland Of Terror    2:16
6 The Sickening Dwell    4:15
7 Ode To A Nameless Grave    2:55
8 Pages In Blood    4:08
9 The Rack    9:05
Bonus Tracks (Asphyx Live In Holland 1991)   
10 The Quest Of Absurdity    0:30
11 Vermin    3:45
12 Evocation    4:56
13 Diabolical Existence    3:21
14 Ode To A Nameless Grave    2:26
15 The Sickening Dwell    3:49
16 Wasteland Of Terror    2:31
17 Pages In Blood    4:05
18 The Rack    8:17
19 Ride Of Shades    3:51
20 Crush The Cenotaph    4:13
ASPHYX deliver old-school death metal with dense heavy rhythms, leaden doom passages, flesh-crawling riffs that flay your ears, and tortured vocals lifted straight from the catacombs. "Deathhammer" continues this tradition with a solid slab of brutal old-school death metal with an archaic doom laden stench, on this their eighth full-length release. ASPHYX brings an attitude and energy to the table that is raw, human, and memorable, and many bands just cannot match.

1 Into The Timewastes    3:41
2 Deathhammer    2:27
3 Minefield    7:28
4 Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt    3:22
5 Der Landser    6:54
6 Reign Of The Brute    2:59
7 The Flood    3:04
8 We Doom You To Death    6:57
9 Vespa Crabro    2:50
10 As The Magma Mammoth Rises    7:51


Re-issue with 3 bonus tracks!

AT THE GATES debut album "The Red In The Sky Is Ours" was released in 1992 on Peaceville / Deaf to widespread acclaim. The inclusion of violin sounds ensuring that the album scored points for originality, was offset by the intensely innovative brutal yet melodic sound, including the standout track "Kingdom Gone" becoming a universal fan favorite. AT THE GATES were genre innovators and "The Red in the Sky is Ours" is a raw slab of extremity with intense aggression and some highly intricate melodic arrangements, and obviously considered a genre classic by many long time metalheads!

1 The Red In The Sky Is Ours / The Season To Come
2 Kingdom Gone
3 Through Gardens Of Grief
4 Within
5 Windows
6 Claws Of Laughter Dead
7 Neverwhere
8 The Scar
9 Night Comes, Blood Black
10 City Of Screaming Statues
Bonus Tracks:   
11 All Life Ends (Live)
12 Kingdom Gone (Live)
13 Ever - Opening Flower (Demo)

"Elements" was not supposed to be made at all... Shortly after the premiere of "Unquestionable Presence", ATHEIST had personal issues and the typical issue of completely different ideas for the future of the musicians and band (most often not related to playing music), and the band itself definitely planned to end their activity. Due to a contractual duty ATHEIST put together in 40 days the album "Elements". Some would say a brilliant album in the ATHEIST discography, developing the earlier style, and at the same time bringing a large dose of quite risky and unusual influences. This applies mainly to the fact that there is very little death metal on "Elements" be honest not at all. The style of the group had evolved towards something that could be called jazz metal, and more humanly speaking, towards something that knows no musical bounds. Honestly a daring and innovative approach that was quite ahead of its time. ATHEIST sent waves through the Metal community at this point in time by not being pure Death Metal, and ended up completely being undone by it. However, if there ever was a classic case of literally being years ahead of their time ATHEIST's "Elements" is the case proven. ATHEIST's final statement isn't as Death Metal-infused as its predecessor, but it could be considered one of their brightest moments, by showcasing an experimentation that seemed to come naturally, but that would never be repeated.

1 Green    3:21
2 Water    4:27
3 Samba Briza    1:57
4 Air    5:32
5 Displacement    1:23
6 Animal    4:10
7 Mineral    4:32
8 Fire    4:36
9 Fractal Point    0:43
10 Earth    3:41
11 See You Again    1:16
12 Elements    5:35
Live Radio Broadcast 1992   
13 Unquestionable Presence    4:02
14 On They Slay    3:48
15 Enthralled In Essence    4:32
16 The Formative Years    3:39
17 Mother Man    4:32
18 Retribution    3:11

After 17 years, the progressive aggressive forefathers reemerge more massive than ever! ATHEIST delivers “Jupiter”, a landmark return to earth and emitting a sonic gargantuan of epic proportions. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, this band, alongside fellow Floridian’s NOCTURNUS, DEATH and CYNIC, handcrafted the sub-genre that spawned bands such as... MESGHUGGAH, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. In 2010, ATHEIST perfect it immensely with their newest album. "Jupiter" is the dictionary definition of progressive death metal: flowing rhythms, complex timing, drums all over the place, intricate guitar work and it even has plenty of riffs to sink your teeth into. ATHEIST has updated their sound without losing what made them special in the first place. In fact, they got faster and heavier. A step back in the right direction for most fans of ATHEIST over the years.

1 Second To Sun    4:02
2 Fictitious Glide    4:51
3 Fraudulent Cloth    3:21
4 Live And Live Again    3:37
5 Faux King Christ    3:59
6 Tortoise The Titan    3:37
7 When The Beast    4:55
8 Third Person    4:07

During the death metal boom, ATHEIST turned out to be an extraordinary band within this early moment for the genre, and quite innovative and even from a later perspective unique and unusual sounding. After all, at the time, they proposed something way beyond the norm. "Piece Of Time" is death metal which is very steeped in the speed and aggression characteristic for thrash metal, on the other side, full of technical twists, irregular rhythms, jazz deviations, but also a madness and rawness. ATHEIST on their debut simply and perfectly combined death and thrash with technique and progression, and at the same time created a piece of excellent music which even after many years makes no less of an impression. A classic album from a classic band!

1 Piece Of Time
2 Unholy War
3 Room With A View
4 On They Slay
5 Beyond
6 I Deny
7 Why Bother?
8 Life
9 No Truth
"Beyond" Demo   
10 No Truth
11 On They Slay
12 Choose Your Death
13 Brain Damage
14 Beyond
"Hell Hath No Mercy" Demo   
15 Hell Hath No Mercy
R.A.V.A.G.E. "On They Slay" Demo   
16 On They Slay
17 Brain Damage
18 Undefiled Wisdom

ATHEIST were clearly on to something special in the early nineties. Them and a core of other Florida bands like NOCTURNUS, CYNIC and DEATH were beginning to fuse jazzy elements to the harsh world of death metal. The product resulted in something truly amazing. "Unquestionable Presence" was quite a unique piece of music when it was first released, and arguably instigated the whole technical death metal thing. This album boasts a solid injection of jazz influence, the band utilized a bunch of odd time signatures, and even some almost Latin use of rhythm. The premature death of bassist Roger Patterson was a travesty, and it really is a shame he wasn't around to record the final versions of the bass lines he wrote. ATHEIST has lead the way for so many others within the progressive death metal side of the genre!

1 Mother Man    4:33
2 Unquestionable Presence    4:06
3 Retribution    3:17
4 Enthralled In Essence    3:37
5 An Incarnation's Dream    4:52
6 The Formative Years    3:30
7 Brains    3:41
8 And The Psychic Saw    4:49

Pre-Production Demo 8/90 featuring Roger Patterson   
9 Enthralled In Essence    3:32
10 The Formative Years    3:29
11 Unquestionable Presence    3:55
12 An Incarnation's Dream    4:09
13 Retribution (Instrumental)    3:19
14 Brains (Instrumental)    3:40

Demo 1990 featuring Roger Patterson   
15 Enthralled In Essence    3:44

Drums & Bass Tracks   
16 Mother Man    4:43

Rhythm Tracks   
17 And The Psychic Saw    4:37

One of the early breed of US death metal acts, AUTOPSY formed in 1987 in San Francisco, and released 4 albums on Peaceville Records, beginning with the classic debut "Severed Survival" in 1989 before disbanding in 1995, with members going on to form ABSCESS.

AUTOPSY triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15 year hiatus with the 2010 EP, "The Tomb Within" delighting critics and fans alike. AUTOPSY also celebrated this long overdue return with 3 headlining festivals at Maryland Deathfest, PartySan, and Hole in the Sky, featuring friend Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) on bass, where the band was met with a rapturous reception from older fans, as well as a new generation of rabid metal heads.

AUTOPSY entered Fantasy studios in February 2011 with Adam Munoz to record "Macabre Eternal", the long-awaited fifth album, with the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles, and  Eric Cutler, also joined by Joe Trevisano of ABSCESS/VON on bass to pummel the senses with more uncompromising death and disease.

AUTOPSY notably features legendary drummer Chris Reifert, who began his recording career with US metal greats, DEATH, before taking on the unusual duty of handling drums and vocals for AUTOPSY. Influencing a whole generation and an ocean full of extreme metal bands including the likes of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, and even DARKTHRONE who are among the biggest and most respected names in the genre's history. AUTOPSY are an iconic band that stands the test of time and continues to release relevant and potent albums! Long Live the mighty AUTOPSY!

"Macabre Eternal" features artwork by renowned horror artist Wes Benscoter (Slayer, Mortician, Sinister).

1 Hand Of Darkness
2 Dirty Gore Whore
3 Always About To Die
4 Macabre Eternal
5 Deliver Me From Sanity
6 Seeds Of The Doomed
7 Bridge Of Bones
8 Born Undead
9 Sewn Into One
10 Bludgeoned And Brained
11 Sadistic Gratification
12 Spill My Blood
AVULSED are a Spanish Death Metal band, who formed in 1991 and are based in Madrid. The five-piece have been going strong for over two decades, and their latest album is no exception. "Ritual Zombi" is the group’s 6th full-length release, and promises to maintain the same high standard of the previous albums. With its dark themes and brutal musicianship, "Ritual Zombi" is not for the fainthearted. Give it a listen, if you’re brave enough. AVULSED bring forth their talent, creativity and dark minds to this awesome release, making it both an essential listen and a terrifying creation. If you like Death Metal, you’ll like "Ritual Zombi", and you'll certainly like AVULSED.
1. Dawn Of Apocalypse (Intro)    
2. Dead Flesh Awakened    
3. Z-Hunter    
4. ...Was Not My Blood    
5. Horrified By Repulsion    
6. Zompiro    
7. Elegy For The Rotting (Interlude)    
8. Unborn Of The Undead    
9. Brainsuck    
10. Zombie Ritual    
11. Cannivegan Corpse    
12. Cult Of The Living Dead    
13. Devoured And Forgotten (Outro)

"Atlantis Ascendant" is the fifth studio album by English metal band BAL-SAGOTH. It was released in April 2001 through Nuclear Blast. This was the first Bal-Sagoth album to be recorded (albeit only partially) with digital recording technology.

The album’s primary story and lyrical concept as written by vocalist-lyricist Byron Roberts centers on the exploits of a fictional nineteenth century British archaeologist and adventurer named Professor Caleb Blackthorne III, who has dedicated his life to the field of antediluvian anthropology and to seeking out evidence as to the true nature of humanity’s origin. As with many protagonists in the Lovecraftian fashion, his investigations lead to madness and death.

Bal-Sagoth are a symphonic black metal band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, formed in 1989. Originally an epic symphonic black metal band with strong death metal elements, vocalist/lyricist Byron Roberts took the name ‘Bal-Sagoth’ from the Robert E. Howard short story “The Gods of Bal-Sagoth”. Their first demo was recorded in 1993, and Bal-Sagoth have since released three albums on Cacophonous Records, and three with Nuclear Blast.
1 The Epsilon Exordium    3:36
2 Atlantis Ascendant    5:27
3 Draconis Albionensis    6:19
4 Star-Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographers    5:12
5 The Ghosts Of Angkor Wat    2:22
6 The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire (Part: III)    7:18
7 The Dreamer In The Catacombs Of Ur    5:16
8 In Search Of The Lost Cities Of Antarctica    5:42
9 The Chronicle Of Shadows    5:34
10 Six Keys To The Onyx Pyramid    2:07

"The Chthonic Chronicles" is the sixth studio album by English metal band BAL-SAGOTH. The first in five years since 2001’s Atlantis Ascendant, it was correctly rumoured to be their last album. This album was released in Europe on 10 March 2006 through Nuclear Blast and in the US on 16 May through Candlelight Records.

The obscurely-worded album title refers to a key story element in the lyrics, and the chronicles themselves are a pure work of fiction from lyrics writer Roberts. The very rare word has been used in literature by T. S. Eliot, C. F. Keary and M. McCarthy, and is Greek in origin, meaning “earthly”, specifically dealing with the underworld and spirits.

1. The Sixth Adulation of His Chthonic Majesty
2. Invocations Beyond the Outer-World Night
3. Six Score and Ten Oblations to a Malefic Avatar
4. The Obsidian Crown Unbound
5. The Fallen Kingdoms of the Abyssal Plain
6. Shackled to the Trilithon of Kutulu
7. The Hammer of the Emperor
8. Unfettering the Hoary Sentinels of Karnak
9. To Storm the Cyclopean Gates of Byzantium
10. Arcana Antediluvia
11. Beneath the Crimson Vaults of Cydonia
12. Return to Hatheg-Kla

The Power Cosmic is BAL-SAGOTH's fourth album, released in 1999. The album was Bal-Sagoth's first recording for Nuclear Blast!

The album title itself is a reference to the superpowers possessed by Galactus and the Silver Surfer, and was chosen primarily because Byron Roberts (lyricist/vocalist) is a great admirer of Marvel Comics.

1. The Awakening of the Stars
2. The Voyagers Beneath the Mare Imbrium
3. The Empyreal Lexicon
4. Of Carnage and a Gathering of the Wolves
5. Callisto Rising
6. The Scourge of the Fourth Celestial Host
7. Behold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens!
8. The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies of Mu

The beginning of the well-known band called BEHEMOTH began with pure, BATHORY inspired Black Metal songs like "The Dance Of The Pagan Flames" or "Fields Of Haar-Meggido". Cold, Frostbitten and Epic song structures meld with fast aggressive outbursts and create a unique, raw and yet unmistakable atmosphere. Released September 1994. Early Wave True Black Metal!

1. From Hornedlands To Lindesfarne 5:59
2. Thy Winter Kingdom 5:20
3. Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones) 4:58
4. The Dance Of The Pagan Flames 4:01
5. Blackvisions Of The Almighty 4:52
6. Fields Of Haar-Meggido 6:38
7. Deathcrush - Cover (Mayhem*) 3:22

BEHEMOTH are definitely one of the most prolific names in both black and death metal for a very good reason... Their albums are always a quality and interesting journey! "Demigod" is for sure the true icy peak of the death metal era for BEHEMOTH. The entire album concept rests around the idea of Eastern culture and tells brutal stories of ancient ages. The additions of horns and acoustic guitar really help to immerse the listener. With 2004's "Demigod", BEHEMOTH went from second-tier (in status, not quality) death metal band to being catapulted into the very forefront of the extreme metal scene. "Demigod", while difficult to truly grasp on the first listen, is truly an album that can be described as "great" in every fashion. Rarely does the world see an album of such majesty.

1 Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth    4:41
2 Demigod    3:31
3 Conquer All    3:30
4 The Nephilim Rising    4:21
5 Towards Babylon    3:22
6 Before Aeons Came    2:58
7 Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)    3:41
8 Xul    3:11
9 Slaves Shall Serve    3:05
10 The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor    8:27

Bonus Video Track   
Conquer All

The band's first full-length for Metal Blade and the follow-up to the 'Ezkaton' EP. BEHEMOTH "Evangelion" ushers in modern death metal into the second decade of the new millennium with nine relentlessly blackened tracks of anti-liturgical fury and towering technical precision. Produced by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dark Funeral) and mixed by Colin Richardson, the album sees BEHEMOTH surpassing their previous musical endeavors, 2004's 'Demigod' and 2007's 'The Apostasy'. Beginning a new aeon for BEHEMOTH and those who seek illumination through darkness.
1 Daimonos    5:15
2 Shemhamforash    3:56
3 Ov Fire And The Void    4:27
4 Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti    3:27
5 He Who Breeds Pestilence    5:41
6 The Seed Ov I    4:58
7 Alas, Lord Is Upon Me    3:15
8 Defiling Morality Ov Black God    2:49
9 Lucifer    8:06

BEHEMOTH strike again with their eighth full-length album, "The Apostasy".  There are some subtle changes in dynamics and sound since the last album "Demigod". BEHEMOTH have taken a step towards a more melodic and modern sphere of approach, which is not a bad thing. It actually elevates the intention of BEHEMOTH. Not to worry, still included are the fast blackened death metal ingredients and of course the brutal pace. Overall, "The Apostasy" is a great release, and another step forward for this interesting and diverse Polish band.

1 Rome 64 C.E.    1:16
2 Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa    3:23
3 Prometherion    3:03
4 At The Left Hand Ov God    4:58
5 Kriegsphilosophie    4:23
6 Be Without Fear    3:17
7 Arcana Hereticae    2:58
8 Libertheme    4:53
9 Inner Sanctum    5:01
10 Pazuzu    2:37
11 Christgrinding Avenue    3:50

"The Satanist" is magic. It's dangerous. It's adventurous, and it's organic, states Nergal, the driving force behind BEHEMOTH since their inception in 1991, and brief exposure to the band's tenth album more than supports this statement. While instantly recognizable as the work of the Polish blackened death quartet it takes their sound in a previously un-imagined and riveting directions. A writhing, densely layered, brutally violent and sinister record, it is quite unlike anything ever unleashed within the canon of heavy music. As such it demands attention, offering ever greater sonic and emotional depths with every listen. You may hear the title and think it's very primitive and one-dimensional, and yes it is, but when you look beyond that, it's as primitive as it is complex and multidimensional, and that applies to everything about the record.

1 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
2 Furor Divinus
3 Messe Noire
4 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
5 Amen
6 The Satanist
7 Ben Sahar
8 In The Absence Ov Light
9 O Father O Satan O Sun

Black as pitch, darker than night, BELPHEGOR's "Blood Magick Necromance" opus takes us one step closer to the apocalypse. Shredding riffs, pounding blast beats, gloomy mid-tempos and a massive dose of black energy that will blow your ears away! "Blood Magick Necromance" is a crushing flurry of blackened death metal. An almost perfect fusion of melody and top-notch riffs create this gem of a release that is quite original and of course Satanic.

1. In Blood - Devour This Sanctity
2. Rise To Fall And Fall To Rise
3. Blood Magick Necromance
4. Discipline Through Punishment
5. Angeli Mortis De Profundis
6. Impaled Upon The Tongue Of Sathan
7. Possessed Burning Eyes
8. Sado Messiah

"Bondage Goat Zombie" is absolutely 100% a BELPHEGOR album! Blistering fast, heavy and evil as you would expect. Blasphemously bludgeoning and shredding aural assaults in the name of Satan! Every track fits the BELPHEGOR formula, which will satiate our thirst for the perverted and extreme!

1 Bondage Goat Zombie
2 Stigma Diabolicum
3 Armageddon's Raid
4 Justine: Soaked In Blood
5 Sexdictator Lucifer
6 Shred For Sathan
7 Chronicles Of Crime
8 The Sukkubus Lustrate
9 Der Rutenmarsch

"Goatreich - Fleshcult" has everything a good dose of violence requires and BELPHEGOR never fails to produce a crushing slab of violence! A layered balance of melody and brutality within songs that are absolute monoliths of darkness and evil! Arguably one of the best BELPHEGOR albums.

1 The Cruzifixus-Anus Dei    4:16
2 Bleeding Salvation    3:48
3 Fornicationium Et Immundus Diabolus    3:00
4 Sepulture Of Hypocrisy    4:58
5 Goatreich-Fleshcult    3:25
6 Swarm Of Rats    4:54
7 Kings Shall Be Kings    4:59
8 The Crown Massacre    3:01
9 Festum Asinorum/Chapt. 2    5:52

Supreme Death/Black Metal Art part six! Is it black metal? Is it death metal? Does it really matter anymore? And BELPHEGOR has been blurring the lines for better than a decade. Call them a black metal band that has gone over to the death side or argue they were always a death band with black influences... We offer our own description, supreme black death metal art! Delivering an epic, crushing, and voluminous sound that is densely layered and  technical without sacrificing intensity. "Pestapokalypse VI" is an album that simply cannot be overlooked, as it is just too brutal, tight, full of blasphemy, and of course BELPHEGOR!

1.Belphegor Hell s Ambassador
2.Seyn Todt in Schwartz
3.Angel Of Retribution
4.Chants For The Devil 1533
5.Pest Teufel Apokalypse
6.The Ancient Enemy
7.Bluhtsturm Erotika
8.Sanctus Perversum
9.Das Pesthaus / Miasma Epilog

"Walpurgis Rites Hexenwahn" is atmospheric and melodic, and as with the past few albums we see a progression to their style yet still delivering an honest BELPHEGOR album. The Austrian perverted war mongers BELPHEGOR has become one of those dependable bands to merge their black and death metal influences into a unified, concussive Satanic force.

1. Walpurgis Rites
2. Veneratio Diaboli - I Am Sin
3. Hail The New Flesh
4. Reichswehr In Blood
5. The Crosses Made Of Bone
6. Der Geistertreiber
7. Destroyer Hekate
8. Enthralled Toxic Sabbath
9. Hexenwahn Totenkult

Limited edition 2 CD set.

"Grind Bastard" is definitely no commercial work, and BENEDICTION's composition depict a raw and mangy approach with many tracks scoring well with their astonishingly good flow of expressing an overdose of contempt and hatred. BENEDICTION create a very sinister atmosphere and "Grind Bastard" rules with an iron fist.

"Organised Chaos" is 100% Death fucking Metal, the way it was and should be. And nothing on this album deviates from the formula set by the mangy mongrels BENEDICTION. Simply a great slab of old-school death metal.

1-1 Deadfall
1-2 Agonised
1-3 West Of Hell
1-4 Magnificat
1-5 Nervebomb
1-6 Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)
1-7 Grind Bastard
1-8 Shadow World
1-9 The Bodiless
1-10 Carcinoma Angel
1-11 We The Freed
1-12 Destroyer (Twisted Sister Cover)
1-13 I
1-14 Violation Domain (Live)
1-15 Subconscious Terror (Live)
1-16 Visions In The Shroud (Live)

2-1 Suicide Rebellion
2-2 Stigmata
2-3 Suffering Feeds Me
2-4 Diary Of A Killer
2-5 The Temple Of Set
2-6 Nothing On The Inside
2-7 Easy Way To Die
2-8 Don't Look In The Mirror
2-9 This Graveyard Earth
2-10 Charon
2-11 I Am The Disease
2-12 Organised Chaos
2-13 We Are The League

"Killing Music" could be considered BENEDICTIONS's finest hour. Utterly re-invigorated, BENEDICTION manage to update their original style without compromise and deliver one of their heaviest, filthiest records to date. This album is raw, angry, and purulent and it is quite clearly a statement against high-gloss polished metal. "Killing Music" offers the right balance between murderous violence and ugly musicality, which creates a very coherent flow. We no consideration of outside opinions BENEDICTION continue to offer their fans what they want, no deviation from the standards created by the band. BENEDICTION proves once again they are a band of conviction and duty to their roots.

1 Intro    1:34
2 The Grey Man    2:44
3 Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask)    2:55
4 Killing Music    3:41
5 They Must Die Screaming    3:57
6 Dripping With Disgust    3:59
7 Wrath And Regret    3:48
8 As Her Skin Weeps    1:53
9 Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant    3:09
10 Immaculate Facade    4:52
11 Burying The Hatchet    1:58
12 Beg,You Dogs    3:54
13 Betrayer    3:57
14 They Bleed    5:26
15 Seeing Through My Eyes    2:41
16 Largactyl    4:13

Limited edition 2 CD set.

"Transcend the Rubicon" alone is a very worthy purchase for just about all old-school death metal aficionados. The album has everything that an old school death metal fan could want in an album, particularly if you are a fan of bands like Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Master, Massacre, or "Harmony Corruption"-era Napalm Death. If you are a BENEDICTION fan, and you don't own this album, don't think twice about snatching it up! "Transcend The Rubicon" is for all those who like their Death Metal the old-school way... straight, raw, and ugly.

"The Dreams You Dread" is definitely in every sense of the word death metal, and its no holds barred, and doesn't give a shit what you think! It is what it is and it doesn't disappoint! This is a BENEDICTION album that pays tribute to the band's beginnings, and it still offers something new with each listen. You will hear death metal that brings to mind classic bands like Celtic Frost, Death, and Asphyx.

DISC 1 Transcend The Rubicon   
1-1 Unfound Mortality    3:46
1-2 Nightfear    3:07
1-3 Paradox Alley    4:35
1-4 I Bow To None    4:12
1-5 Painted Skulls    4:20
1-6 Violation Domain    4:16
1-7 Face Without Soul    4:00
1-8 Bleakhouse    3:51
1-9 Blood From Stone    5:23
1-10 Wrong Side Of The Grave (The Accüsed Cover)     3:09
1-11 Artefacted / Spit Forth    6:45
Bonus Tracks   
1-12 Saneless Theory (Live)
1-13 Deadfall Live)
DISC 2 The Dreams You Dread   
2-1 Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead)    5:20
2-2 Certified...?    2:28
2-3 Soulstream    4:11
2-4 Where Flies Are Born    4:38
2-5 Answer To Me    4:35
2-6 Griefgiver    4:57
2-7 Denial    5:27
2-8 Negative Growth    3:39
2-9 Path Of The Serpent    3:30
2-10 Saneless Theory    4:10
2-11 The Dreams You Dread    2:13

Limited edition 2 CD set.

"Subconscious Terror" the first album to be released by BENEDICTION is a bit more primitive sounding record than it successors. Delivering old-school Death Metal which may remind one of other notable acts like AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER. A classic title from the dawn of the Golden Era of Death Metal!

"The Grand Leveler" showcases the epitome of what OSDM was all about at the time... Brutality! If you are seeking early wave death metal with strong song writing and competent musicianship, then look no further than "The Grand Leveler". This album is a bit more mature and offers a darker atmosphere than it's predecessor. A worthy addition to your OSDM collection!

DISC 1 Subconscious Terror   
1-1 Intro-Portal To Your Phobias    2:28
1-2 Subconscious Terror    3:41
1-3 Artefacted Irreligion    3:18
1-4 Grizzled Finale    3:59
1-5 Eternal Eclipse    3:40
1-6 Experimental Stage    3:38
1-7 Suspended Animation    3:34
1-8 Divine Ultimatum    4:57
1-9 Spit Forth The Dead    4:43
1-10 Confess All Goodness    3:53
Bonus Tracks   
1-11 Foetus Noose    4:30
1-12 Forged In Fire (Anvil Cover)    4:45
1-13 Dark Is The Season    5:35
1-14 Jumping At Shadows    6:02
1-15 Experimental Stage    3:52
DISC 2 The Grand Leveller   
2-1 Vision In The Shroud    4:17
2-2 Graveworm    4:32
2-3 Jumping At Shadows    6:01
2-4 Opulence Of The Absolute    4:06
2-5 Child Of Sin    4:38
2-6 Undirected Aggression    4:32
2-7 Born In A Fever    4:23
2-8 The Grand Leveller    5:11
2-9 Senile Dementia    2:43
2-10 Return To The Eve (Celtic Frost Cover)    3:50
Bonus Tracks   
2-11 The Grotesque    3:24
2-12 Ashen Epitaph    3:35

From the out bombed trenches of Armageddon 2007, Master Motorsag and his blood thirsty goat pals are back! Behold their third album entitled " Slaying the Life". BESTIAL MOCKERY stand for the ultimate downfall of humanity in all its forms, the mockery of everything sacred and holy. " Slaying the Life" , the band's last full length platter, is here to remind people that evil is everywhere and Black Metal is Satan's hand. Thrashing evil, bleaker than black and 666% METAL! BESTIAL MOCKERY wage musical war on YOU! UNPURE UNHOLY UNTIGHT! Pure, unadulterated, apocalyptic Venom worship, which is a full throttle black metal assault sticking with the sound of early proto-thrash / first wave black metal, albeit with a slightly more audible production style.

1 Slaughter Mass    1:42
2 Storm Of The Beast    3:40
3 Antichrist Of War    4:27
4 Black Spell Of Armageddon    3:04
5 Scream For War    3:48
666 Deathsong    2:54
7 Infantry Storm    3:25
8 Funeral Pyre    0:41
9 War Summoning    3:40
10 Apocalypse Prayer    3:37

"Empiricism" is 10 tracks of well shined black metal that is a hybridization with progressive metal. And while black metal purists may wince at the thought of something like this, we find that this album is almost perfect in every way. Each of the songs flow extremely well and with the excellent musicianship this is an album to be considered by black metal fans, and progressive metal fans alike. Extremely consistent across it's entire duration, we can hear that BORKNAGAR do not take many risks, and it features another of their better instrumentals, or "mostly"-instrumentals, "Matter and Motion", which is superb.

1 The Genuine Pulse    4:51
2 Gods Of My World    4:25
3 The Black Canvas    5:18
4 Matter & Motion    2:30
5 Soul Sphere    6:40
6 Inherit The Earth    5:29
7 The Stellar Dome    5:36
8 Four Element Synchronicity    5:49
9 Liberated    4:49
10 The View Of Everlast    4:29

"Epic" is the sixth full length release for Norway's BORKNAGAR. The songwriting on "Epic" has evolved into the more earthy sound that was hinted at on "Empiricism". Gone are most traces of black metal. However, the compositions seem a lot more focused, and the album as a whole flows much better than its predecessor. "Epic" proves BORKNAGAR are not a band that get stale and run out of ideas with age, but rather a band with no restrictions, compromises, or limitations.

1 Future Reminiscence    5:27
2 Traveller    5:04
3 Origin    4:59
4 Sealed Chambers Of Electricity    4:13
5 The Weight Of Wind    3:59
6 Resonance    4:29
7 Relate (Dialogue)    4:30
8 Cyclus    5:26
9 Circled    4:47
10 The Inner Ocean Hypothesis    5:12
11 Quintessence    5:32
12 The Wonder    4:16

BORKNAGAR have completely ascended to a new level of wonder. Even though this album is as far from BORKNAGAR's self titled debut and the albums that came after, it is still a masterpiece in almost every sense of the term. "Origin" unveils the folk elements used in their metal and are now finally revealed to us in full force. Daring, unique, and absolutely fresh... but yet nostalgic in a sense as well. A step farther from metal, but an excellent metamorphosis regardless.

1 Earth Imagery    4:52
2 Grains    3:42
3 Oceans Rise    6:05
4 Signs    1:17
5 White    4:45
6 Cynosure    2:55
7 The Human Nature    4:48
8 Acclimation    4:30
9 The Spirit Of Nature    3:00

BORKNAGAR have been cited as one of metal's best progressive bands with their intriguing mix of atmospheric black metal aesthetics, folk passages, a growing prog-rock influence, with highly cryptic lyrics. Their album "The Archaic Course" has impeccable songwriting and musicianship, and a genuine atmosphere, as well as the band's diversely odd nature. To us it is a definite diamond in the rough that often goes overlooked, and it could be considered one of the more underrated BORKNAGAR albums. Overall "The Archaic Course" is consistent where every song has its own charm but also sounds very cohesive as a whole, keeping its mood until the end.

1 Oceans Rise    5:26
2 Universal    5:34
3 The Witching Hour    4:26
4 The Black Token    5:18
5 Nocturnal Vision    4:34
6 Ad Noctum    4:22
7 Winter Millennium    5:43
8 Fields Of Long Gone Presence    2:17

BORKNAGAR are a Norwegian band originally fronted by Kristoffer Rygg of ULVER, and ARCTURUS as well as Ivar of ENSLAVED on the keyboards, and were originally part of the Norwegian black metal scene. While the self-titled was closer to traditional black metal, "The Olden Domain" mixed those elements with that of viking metal and progressive metal. As such, this album would create BORKNAGAR's signature sound. Filled with beautiful atmospheres and lengthy compositions, "The Olden Domain" certainly does not disappoint. This album represents a time when BORKNAGAR was one of the best progressive Viking black metal bands out there, and clearly one of the best efforts from this band.

1 The Eye Of Oden    6:01
2 The Winterway    7:51
3 Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt    4:12
4 A Tale Of Pagan Tongue    6:12
5 To Mount And Rove    4:55
6 Grimland Domain    6:19
7 Ascension Of Our Fathers    3:53
8 The Dawn Of The End    5:06

With "Urd" BORKNAGAR's songwriting continues to reflect the evolution of the band over the past decade, and at this point, they have found comfort in being a stellar progressive black metal group. The band has always challenged the sacred rules of black metal, not being forced into the bleak gloominess of their peers. They in fact choose atmosphere, using keyboards and ambient passages to put across a breezy otherworldly feel to their music. Not slowing down a bit since their legendary debut was released in 1996, BORKNAGAR push further into a progressive style on their ninth album, "Urd" which is quite a unique album overall.

1 Epochalypse    6:08
2 Roots    5:55
3 The Beauty Of Dead Cities    4:15
4 The Earthling    6:51
5 The Plains Of Memories    4:27
6 Mount Regency    6:08
7 Frostrite    4:50
8 The Winter Eclipse    8:45
9 In A Deeper World    5:42

Limited Edition Slipcase CD + Dunkelheit Video

BURZUM is an icon within the Norwegian Black Metal scene with numerous stories and legends surrounding the band. Love him or hate him Varg Vikernes music is great, and this is a very good compilation that spotlights a small amount of the bands extensive catalog. Also, there is an interesting introduction to the history of the band, as well as some information about his sound and changes over the years. Overall this is an excellent compilation to introduce the novice, or the long time devout follower to the darkness that is BURZUM.

1 Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown    7:28
2 Stemmen Fra Taarnet    6:09
3 Lost Wisdom    1:38
4 Svarte Troner    2:16
5 Det Som En Gang Var    14:21
6 Jesus' Tod    8:39
7 Gebrechlichkeit (II)    7:52
8 Balferd Baldrs    6:05
9 Ansuzgardaraiwo    1:29
- Dunkelheit (Video)

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Burzum" is the debut studio album by BURZUM. It was released in March 1992, through Euronymous's label Deathlike Silence Productions. Most reissues of the album have been released as "Burzum/Aske" which includes the "Aske" EP as the final three tracks. One of the most Black Metal sounding albums in the BURZUM catalog. There's no denying the legendary status of this album, that's for sure. Varg's first full album, as well as the "Aske" EP, still has an undeniable influence on today's black metal. Both recordings have single-handedly inspired hordes of suicidal / depressive black metal bands who have imitated Varg to no avail, and has been somewhat of a holy grail for "minimalist" BM bands. A cult must have for all Black Metal collections.

1 Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown    7:29
2 Ea, Lord Of The Depths    4:53
3 Spell Of Destruction    5:40
4 Channelling The Power Of Souls Into A New God    3:27
5 War    2:30
6 The Crying Orc    0:58
7 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit    9:11
8 My Journey To The Stars    8:11
9 Dungeons Of Darkness    4:52
10 Stemmen Fra Tårnet (The Voice From The Tower)    6:10
11 Dominus Sathanas    3:05
12 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit    10:53

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Belus "was the first album to be recorded and released after Vargs' May 2009 parole from prison. Varg, undoubtedly one of the most notorious members of black metal culture, created this album while he was on parole from prison. Due to the fact that Varg now had many more instruments at his disposal than just synthesizers, he was back to making black metal. The last black metal album he had made before "Belus" was 1996's "Filosofem" which was considered by many to be one of the best black metal creations at that point in time. "Belus" is a fresh progression of BURZUM's music and a step back to the Black Metal roots of the project. The devout BURZUM followers will praise this iconic album. "Belus" is the seventh full-length album by the Norwegian one-man band BURZUM. Released on 8 March 2010 through Byelobog Productions, it was the first BURZUM studio album to be recorded after a near 11-year hiatus.

1 Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown    7:29
2 Ea, Lord Of The Depths    4:53
3 Spell Of Destruction    5:40
4 Channelling The Power Of Souls Into A New God    3:27
5 War    2:30
6 The Crying Orc    0:58
7 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit    9:11
8 My Journey To The Stars    8:11
9 Dungeons Of Darkness    4:52
10 Stemmen Fra Tårnet (The Voice From The Tower)    6:10
11 Dominus Sathanas    3:05
12 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit    10:53

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

Daudi Baldrs (Old Norse for "Baldr's Death" or "The Death of Baldr") is the fifth album by the Norwegian solo act BURZUM. Unlike BURZUM's previous work, which was mostly black metal, this is a dark ambient album. It was recorded using a synthesizer and a normal tape recorder by Varg Vikernes while he was in prison, as he was not allowed to have any other instruments or recording equipment. It was completed in a few months due to his limited access to synthesizers, which was also the case with the following album, Hlidskjalf. Regardless of the non use of guitars or drums, you can still feel the BURZUMIC vibes flowing.

1 Daudi Baldrs (The Death Of Baldur)    8:49
2 Hermodr A Helferd (Hermod On A Journey To Hell)    2:42
3 Balferd Baldrs (The Fire-Journey [i.e.Funeral] Of Baldur)    6:05
4 I Heimr Heljar (In The Home Of Hel)    2:03
5 Illa Tidandi (Ill Tidings)    10:30
6 Moti Ragnarokum (Towards Ragnarok)    9:05

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Det Som Engang Var" (Norwegian for What Once Was) is the second studio album by the Norwegian black metal solo project BURZUM. It was recorded in April 1992 and released in August 1993 through BURZUM's own label, Cymophane Productions and now re-issued on Varg's Byelobog Productions.

1 Den Onde Kysten    2:20
2 Key To The Gate    5:14
3 En Ring Til A Herske    7:10
4 Lost Wisdom    4:38
5 Han Som Reiste    4:51
6 Naar Himmelen Klarner    3:50
7 Snu Mikrokosmos' Tegn    9:36
8 Svarte Troner    2:16

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Fallen" is the eighth studio album by the Norwegian artist BURZUM, released on 7 March 2011 through Byelobog Productions. The cover art is taken from the painting "Elegy" (1899) by French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau. According to Varg Vikernes himself, "Musically Fallen is like a cross between Belus and something new, inspired more by the debut album and Det som engang var than by Hvis lyset tar oss or Filosofem. The sound is more dynamic and it was mastered the as if it were classical music. I was more experimental than I was on Belus in all respects. Lyricwise it is similar to the debut album, in the way that it is more personal and focuses on existential issues, but the mythological undertone known from Belus is still there. I have also included some ambient tracks, a short introduction and a longer conclusion".

1. Fra Verdenstreet
2. Jeg faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"From the Depths of Darkness" is a compilation album by BURZUM, released on 6 December 2011 through Byelobog Productions. It consists of newly re-recorded tracks from BURZUM's first two albums, "Burzum" (1992) and "Det Som Engang Var" (1993), along with three new tracks.

1. The Coming (introduction)
2. Feeble Screams from Forests unknown
3. Sassu Wunnu (introduction)
4. Ea. Lord of the Depths
5. Spell of Destruction
6. A lost forgotten sad Spirit
7. My Journey to the Stars
8. Call of the Siren (introduction)
9. Key to the Gate
10. Turn the Sign of the Microcosm (Snu Mikrokosmos' Tegn)
11. Channeling the Power of Minds into a new God


Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Hlidskjalf" (Old Norse for "Hlidskjalf") is the sixth album by BURZUM. This album was the second to be recorded by Varg while he was imprisoned for murder and arson and also BURZUM's second ambient album. "Daudi Baldrs" and "Hlidskjalf" were created with synthesized instruments as he was not allowed any other instruments while being imprisoned. For this album Vikernes was allowed to have the keyboard and recording device for only one week.

1 The Heart Of Tuisto (Tyr)    6:14
2 The Death Of Woutan (Odinn)    6:43
3 The Ride Of Ansugardaz (Asgardr)    4:29
4 The Love Of Nerthus (Njordr)    2:15
5 The Lonely Mourning Of Frijo (Frigg/Freyja)    6:15
6 Empathy    3:56
7 The Golden Tears Of Frijo (Frigg/Freyja)    2:39
8 The Crying Hadnuz (Hodr)    1:16

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" (Norwegian for If the Light Takes Us) is the third studio album by BURZUM. It was recorded in September 1992, but was not released until April 1994, whereupon it was released through Misanthropy Records and Vikernes' own record label, Cymophane Productions. The album cover features a drawing by 19th century artist Theodor Kittelsen named "Fattigmannen" (The Pauper). Varg dedicated the album to Fenriz of fellow Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone and Demonaz from Norwegian black metal band Immortal.

1 Det Som En Gang Var    14:21
2 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss    8:04
3 Inn I Slottet Fra Drømmen    7:51
4 Tomhet    14:11

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Sol Austan, Mani Vestan" (Old Norse for East of the Sun, West of the Moon) is the tenth studio album by BURZUM. It was released through Byelobog Productions on 27 May 2013. It is BURZUM's third instrumental electronic album, after "Daudi Baldrs" (1997) and "Hlidskjalf" (1999), which were both recorded while Vikernes was in prison. The rest of BURZUM's albums have been mostly black metal. Vikernes has likened "Sol Austan, Mani Vestan" to the music of Tangerine Dream and the previous electronic releases by BURZUM. The album also explores the Pagan spiritual concepts, which were cited as influences for the album. The songs from the album are the soundtrack to the film ForeBears, which was produced and directed by Vikernes and his wife. Like many of BURZUM's albums, this one also has a famous painting as its cover art: "The Rape of Proserpina" by Spanish painter Ulpiano Checa. Taken from the Greek Mythology story of Hades abduction of "Persophone" his niece from Zeus.

1 Sol Austan    4:22
2 Runar Munt pu Finna    3:28
3 Solarras    4:04
4 Haugaeldr    7:26
5 Fedrahellir    5:21
6 Solargudi    7:12
7 Ganga At Solu    5:58
8 Hid    6:23
9 Heljarmyrkr    4:02
10 Mani Vestan    5:55
11 Solbjorg    4:00

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"The Ways of Yore" is the eleventh studio album by BURZUM released on 2 June 2014 by Varg Vikernes' label Byelobog Productions. The album retains the ambient and medieval music sound Vikernes started with BURUZUM's previous album, "Sol Austan, Mani Vestan", albeit introducing vocals. The album's cover was taken from "Merlin and Vivien", an engraving by famous French artist Gustave Doré for Alfred Tennyson's poem "Idylls of the King".

1 God From The Machine    1:40
2 The Portal    2:20
3 Heill Odinn    3:11
4 Lady In The Lake    4:39
5 The Coming Of Ettins    4:36
6 The Reckoning Of Man    7:16
7 Heil Freyja    1:57
8 The Ways Of Yore    6:11
9 Ek Fellr (I Am Falling)    2:54
10 Hall Of The Fallen    5:06
11 Autumn Leaves    4:50
12 Emptiness    13:13
13 To Hel And Back Again    10:45

Limited Edition Slipcase CD.

"Umskiptar" (Old Norse for Metamorphosis) is the ninth studio album by BURZUM, released on 21 May 2012 through Byelobog Productions. It has been described by Varg as a "return to the roots", with a priority on atmosphere. The album's lyrics are taken from an Old Norse poem entitled "Voluspa". The cover art is taken from the painting "Nott" by Norwegian painter Peter Nicolai Arbo. It is Vikernes' final heavy metal album.

1. Bloostokkinn
2. Joln
3. Alfadanz
4. Hit helga Tre
5. AEra
6. Heior
7. Valgaldr
8. Galgvior
9. Surtr Sunnan
10. Gullaldr
11. Niohoggr

"Heartwork" is the fourth album by CARCASS. The album was released in the UK through Earache Records in October 1993, and in the United States in January 1994 through Columbia Records, making it the band's only major label release. "Heartwork" has been described as the band's "breakthrough" and "mid-period masterpiece", as well as a landmark album in the melodic death metal genre. The sculpture depicted in the cover art, "Life Support 1993," was designed by H. R. Giger, and is an update of a sculpture he created in the late 1960s. The video for the song "Heartwork" features a real-life interpretation of the sculpture, including a human welded as a part of it.

1 Buried Dreams    3:59
2 Carnal Forge    3:55
3 No Love Lost    3:23
4 Heartwork    4:33
5 Embodiment    5:37
6 This Mortal Coil    3:50
7 Arbeit Macht Fleisch    4:22
8 Blind Bleeding The Blind    4:56
9 Doctrinal Expletives    3:39
10 Death Certificate    3:36
Video 1 Heartwork
Video 2 No Love Lost

"Surgical Steel" is the sixth full-length album by CARCASS. The album was released September 2013 in Europe, via Nuclear Blast. "Surgical Steel" is their first studio album since "Swansong" (1996), and their first to feature their replacement of original drummer Ken Owen, although the Owen does provide backing vocals on the album. This was also the band's first album since "Symphonies of Sickness" (1989) to be recorded as a three-piece, and their first one to reach the Top 50 in UK album charts. "Surgical Steel" is basically a continuation of the melodic approach that CARCASS left on "Necroticism..." and "Heartwork", with a polished and modern twist. More mature and consolidating their ability in mixing thrash, death and a bit of grindcore in an unique and unmistakable melodic style.

1 1985    1:15
2 Thrasher's Abattoir     1:50
3 Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System     4:02
4 A Congealed Clot Of Blood     4:13
5 The Master Butcher's Apron     4:00
6 Noncompliance To ASTM F899-12 Standard     6:06
7 The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills     4:10
8 Unfit For Human Consumption     4:25
9 316L Grade Surgical Steel     5:20
10 Captive Bolt Pistol     3:16
11 Mount Of Execution     8:25
12 Intensive Battery Brooding (Bonus Track)    4:43

"Monotheist" is the fifth and final studio album by the Swiss band CELTIC FROST. The album was released in May 2006 on Century Media and was the first new recording released by the band in 16 years. Upon its release, the album was met with critical acclaim. According to Tom G, some of the lyrics were influenced by the writings of the English occultist Aleister Crowley. This influence manifests itself in tracks such as "Os Abysmi Vel Daath", which is the partial name of one of Crowley's books. Rather than just caving-in to "fan" pressure and making another "To Mega Therion", CELTIC FROST have, once again, shown themselves to be innovators and a band who, love 'em or hate 'em, you simply can't ignore.

1 Progeny
2 Ground
3 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
4 Drown In Ashes
5 Os Abysmi Vel Daath
6 Temple Of Depression
7 Obscured
8 Domain Of Decay
9 Ain Elohim

10 Totengott
11 Synagoga Satanae
12 Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale)

"Near Death Experience" is the fourth album by legendary New York hardcore band CRO-MAGS. It was released in 1993 on Century Media Records. It is, to date, the last album to feature vocalist John Joseph. Songs on the album deal with topics such as environmentalism, anti-abortion, and spirituality. After the release of this album, the CRO-MAGS had gone on hiatus for some time, experienced more lineup changes, and would not release their next album, "Revenge", until seven years later.

1 Say Good-Bye To Mother Earth
2 Kali-Yuga
3 War On The Streets
4 Death In The Womb
5 Time I Am
6 Reflections
7 Near Death Experience
8 The Other Side Of Madness (Rat Soup Version '93)

"The Unspoken King" is CRYPTOPSY's sixth full-length studio album and definitely their most different effort. This album saw the inclusion of previously-unheard elements such as breakdowns and melodic riffs. The album has been widely regarded as being closer to a deathcore release instead of the band's usual technical death metal style. It contains a vast, interesting mix of melody, ferocity, technically, and groove. Long-time CRYPTOPSY fans could feel alienated by this album, however it does have moments of technicality and brutality that reflect their past efforts along with the hardcore, and somewhat experimental and unexpected twists that lie within.

1 Worship Your Demons
2 The Headsmen
3 Silence The Tyrants
4 Bemoan The Martyr
5 Leach
6 The Plagued
7 Resurgence Of An Empire
8 Anoint The Dead
9 Contemplate Regicide
10 Bound Dead
11 (Exit) The Few
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