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Film Festival

Review and Essay By Joe Macdonald
“When the system lets you down….”
The vision we had of our film festival was brought to life by all of the people who attended, and I personally feel really proud of what we achieved. The vision I had centred on social justice, and connecting the mental health sector to other areas of social change. There were some key themes that came out of the movies we selected for viewing, including homelessness, colonisation, the limitations of biomedical models of health, the importance of other ways of looking at “mental health,” human resilience and diversity, and the value of communities and relationships.
For me, the three films that stuck with me were the documentaries Gordonia, Intersexion, and Crooked Beauty. Gordonia painted a poignant picture of what happens when the system fails us, and how easily people fall through the cracks when the system is not set up to support them. Homelessness does not happen in a vacuum. It is connected to colonisation and alienation from the land, and from our families and our ancestry. When we have no space to call home, how do we know who we are? Why do we hide the parts of society that scare us? Is it because we don’t want to see the truth, because we don’t want our hearts broken?
The power of documentary reminded me that these are real people (Graham Gordon and his tenants) whose lives were torn apart by the failure of public health systems and council bureaucracies. The strength of these people stayed with me long after the film finished, as did the sadness of watching the health and administration systems consistently fall short.
Similarly, Intersexion revealed the obstinacy of the medical institution, in refusing to listen to what adult intersex people are telling them: invasive genital surgeries on infants is damaging for the person at hand and their families. The film was narrated by Mani Mitchell, intersex activist, who travelled around the world interviewing other intersex people and hearing their stories of pain and triumph. 
While neither of these films directly talked about “mental health” it was clear that there were significant overlaps with the struggle towards self-determination, finding a place to be oneself, and challenging the bio-medical model of health and illness. here to read the rest of the review.

Panel Discussion - Review by Campbell Larsen
The final day of the Changing Minds film festival culminated in a panel discussion featuring the very knowledgeable and insightful, Jim Marbrook, Kirsty MacDonald, Mark Sweeney and Dr Dean Manly.
The conversational format was embraced by the audience and the discussion was wide ranging. Jim Marbrook shared a little of the creative process employed in Mental Notes, in particular the role of the Narrator and the conveyance of authenticity. The films first person perspective was a very effective vehicle for the message of the film, helping to convey the highly personal experiences of the participants with immediacy and sensitivity. When viewing the final cut it is difficult to see how the film could have been any other way, which is perhaps the ultimate affirmation of the decision to allow the participants to be both subject and storytellers.
Kirsty MacDonald spoke on the ethics of film making, and how to approach subject material which is highly personal and revealing. The rapport between the film maker and the subject is one which is essentially based on trust. She spoke of the responsibility that she feels to protect her subjects and the unused footage which remains in her archive. A sense of gratitude was also evident form her, with the acknowledgement of the essential contribution of the participants to the partnership between those in front of the camera and the film maker behind it.
Mark Sweeney’s experience with and belief in the film archive clearly came across. It was reassuring  to hear that The Film Archives approach was underpinned by a commitment to the same principles of sensitivity and protection of privacy that were expressed by the documentary makers themselves.
Dr Dean Manly introduced to the discussion the use of sensory modulation, highlighting the importance of environments and how people are treated. Referring to the health spa's employed by the wealthy as a means of maintaining wellbeing he compared this with the environments and treatment often endured by those in residential treatment settings. The gulf between the two is vast and yet is an obvious starting point when seeking to improve outcomes. The notion of comfort and relaxing environments does not come without cost and investment however this pales into insignificance when placed alongside the cost of extended, perhaps even lifelong pharmaceutical, and other interventions. Recognition of the need to improve environments for people in distress is gradually gaining traction and given the context of Mental Notes it is clear that such evolutions are a path that has only just been embarked upon.
The panel discussion was captured on video, which is currently being edited, so rather than relying on the brief outline above please do download the full discussion when it becomes available in December. We would like to thank all the members of the panel and indeed the audience for a most informative and interesting afternoon.

Awareness Campaign

We would like to thank all those who contributed to our awareness campaign and to congratulate again the winner of our competition, Sheree Duncan. Please do keep on sharing the wonderful messages that featured on facebook. We will continue to post the photos here in our newsletter and on our website when it launches in December so watch this space! 

"We've all got our problems, but we're not our problems, we're whole human beings"
- Chris Rakete, Artist.

"For me, being well means creatively expressing my uniqueness while the world is constantly changing" - Philip Patston, Social Change Consultant.

Blueprint ii Survey

Changing Minds has prepared a short survey to establish the readership of, and engagement with, Blueprint ii. This document precedes major changes to the mental health and addictions sector. Please take the time to click on the following link. The survey will be closing on the 9th of November and the results will be published in our December newsletter.
Blueprint ii Survey

Rising to the Challenge - Submit!

The Ministry of Health has released for stakeholder consultation Rising to the Challenge: The Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan 2012 – 2017. Feedback closes on Friday 2 November 2012 at 5.00 pm. This is your last chance to contribute to this important workstream, don't miss out! Feedback forms received after this time will not be included in the analysis.
A copy of the consultation document is here and the feedback form is attached here. 

MediaWatch & Stigma Watch

MediaWatch has a new ally in the effort to address stigmatisation of mental illness in the media. To join the group or to keep up to date with what is going on click on this link.

Changing Minds Forum

We would like to say a special thank you to our speakers from last months Forum - Adrienne Gaicon and Adrienne Grace.

- Adrienne Giacon

Adriennes presentation was not available at time of publication however keep an eye on the facebook page or look for it in our next update.

The last of our 2012 series of monthly forums is on the 15th November. Don't miss out on this opportunity to share information and to network with others in the mental health and addictions sector. 

Venue: Western Springs Garden Community Hall
When: Thursday 15th November 10am- 12pm

Our speakers for November are Julie Watson from the Human Rights Comission and Tia and Sunita from Pasifika Ola Lelei Services.

Events and Information

Streamlined Contracting with NGOs
The Association of NGO's (ANGOA) recently ran a semianar on new contracting arrangements proposed by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). For those that missed out on attending the slides from the seminar can be downloaded by following this link If you wish to provide further feedback ANGOA have set-up a survey to gather the feedback.  Here is a link that provides two different questions for you to focus your feedback under. The information gathered will be consolidated and not attributed to any organisation or person.
The Big reTHink
The Big reTHiNK would like know what you thought about their show, what you remember and what you’d change for next time by clicking this link and filling out their survey.

Film Screenings for Art Week 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2012
This week is Art Week and there are the following free documentary screenings to choose from:
Screenings at Britomart Country Club in Galway St:
Thurs 1st Nov 8:30pm - Manufactured Landscapes
Sat 3rd Nov 8:30pm - Manufactured Landscapes
Sun 4th Nov 12pm - The Yes Men Fix the World (87 mins)
What Health Areas Do You Want Tracked?
The Health Quality and Safety Commission have been working with the Atlas team to involve consumers in The Atlas work programme. The Atlas is a way of mapping health and disability services in New Zealand in particular health topic areas.  This is one way consumers can have a say in what topic areas the Atlas might look at. The link for more background information on Atlas is here.
If you would like to make a submission, or multiple submissions, please send by email by 5pm, Thursday 22 November 2012 to

Photographic Exhibition from Germany Opens at Toi Ora on 1 Nov 2012
Toi Ora proudly invites you to “Portraits of a Town”, a photographic exhibition from Salzwedel, Germany, opening on Thursday 1 November 2012 at 5pm, at the Toi Ora Gallery in Grey Lynn.
“Portraits of a Town” is a group exhibition produced by GRIPS, a work and rehabilitation organisation, in collaboration with the Centre of Social Psychiatry, ZSP Salzwedel. This exhibition exchange celebrates unity in diversity – that people are not that different whether in Aotearoa or in Europe. “Portraits of a Town” will run 1-23 November 2012  |

Disabled Persons Assembly NZ
The DPA hve released the 2012 monitoring report on how New Zealand treats disabled people. You can view the report by clicking on this link.


Events and Information brought to you in association with Engage Aotearoa -


Regular Meetings

Kids Club at the Network run by Supporting Families
Supporting Families with Mental Illness run a free Kids Club at Changing Minds every second Monday, 3.30-5.30pm
for children between 8-12 years old who have a family member impacted by mental health.  Spaces are limited.  
To register your interest contact Natalie at Supporting Families on 378 9134 or
Framework Trust – Personal Focus Programmes, Kingsland Terrace
Youth Programme (16-25 years) - Contact Rose on 815 5113 for details.
Thursdays – Zumba – Follow along to a fun Zumba workout on DVD at your own pace
Fridays - Rainbow Connections – support group for those with mental illness in the “rainbow”
Fridays – Reaching out: Mentoring and Advocacy – for those interested in working in mental health/Peer Support.
For more information contact Gemma or Alexis on 09 815 5113.

Waitakere Shared Vision
Last Friday of the Month, 10am
Kelston Community Centre
Contact Andrew Blackburn on 09 822 8525
Shared Vision Rodney
Every 3rd Tuesday, 10am
Hibiscus Coast Community Centre
136 Whangaparaoa Road; Red Beach
Shared Vision North Harbour
Every second Wednesday of each month, 10.30am.
Te Puna Hauora, 58 Akoranga Drive, Northcote
Contact Christine Jones at Raeburn House on 09 486 8939.
There is also a Shared Vision Quarterly Lunchtime Series.
Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa - Te Reo Orooro
For support group information contact:
Contact: Adrienne 027 265 0266
Franklin Bipolar & Depression Support Groups
First and third Monday of every month, 7:30pm
Pukekohe Methodist Church Hall
Contact Val (09) 235 6312 or Michelle  (09) 235 3457

Two Worlds” Bi Polar and Depression Support Group
Second and fourth Tuesday of each month.
The group meets from 12-30pm till 2pm at the Glenfield Community Centre, on the corner of Glenfield Road and Bentley Avenue, just above the library. Everyone welcome.
South AucklandBipolar Support Group
Third Thursday of every month, 10am.
Nathan Homestead, Manurewa
Contact Sesi Frances phone 09 270 9090
Family Whanau Service West & North
All Family/Whanau and Carers who support persons with mental illness.
When: Weekly on Tuesdays, every week unless advised, 1-2.30 pm
Where: Recovery Solutions West Mobile Services - 6A Paramount Drive. Lincoln North
To Listen, Learn, Share, experiences in a safe confidential environment. We also have Speakers & Educational DVD’s.
This is a very informal group; however we also have information evenings quarterly. If you would like more information on these please contact Nicki Tatana –Recovery Solutions  Ph: 839 7301 or Email:
Peer Support

Mind and Body

Tell us your hopes and dreams.  Because we’ll listen.  Like you, we know what it means to experience the challenges of mental illness.  We know from our own experience there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We can support you to move on in your life, to live the life you want. 
The Peer Support Service is available from 8.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Saturday.
For more information phone us on : Central Auckland (09) 630 5909; West Auckland (09) 838 3204; Christchurch (03) 377 1818.
Opportunities to be a peer support worker
Our Peer Support Service offers you the opportunity to work with someone who has experienced mental distress first hand.  Our Peer Support workers have varied backgrounds, experiences, and ethnicities. You can choose whoever you feel most comfortable working with.  Mind and Body’s support is tailor-made, by you for you. We start with asking what you need and want. We then work alongside you as you identify your strengths, and achieve your goals. Generally, if you use adult mental health services you should be eligible for free support. Give us a call to find out more.                                                                    
Auckland Central (09) 630 5909 or West (09) 838 3204

Helpful Links

New Zealand’s eating issues and body image specialists.
Promoting body trust and satisfaction, size acceptance and diversity on an individual and societal level.
Ph (09) 631 7570 Email:
Auckland Drug Information Outlet (ADIO)
ADIO Trust Central - 10 East Street, Newton.  Phone: 09 356 7373
ADIO South, 605C Great South Road, Manukau.  Phone 09 263 0344
This is harm reduction in action.  Permitted by Auckland District Health Board to provide and promote hygienic drug use in Auckland City.
Lifeline Auckland 09 5222999
Mental Health Crisis Lines Auckland
Central: 0800 800 717
South: 09 270 4742
West: 09 837 6603
North: 09 486 1491
Phobic Phone Helpline 0800 142 6943
Phone: 477 0338

Recovery Innovations of NZ
Based in Manukau providing free WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), WELL (Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living), and Medication for Success classes.  Also Peer Employment Training.
Contact: Barbara 09 263 6035
Engage Aotearoa
Where Mental Health Resources Live
Connect Supporting Recovery
Peer Support and Support Groups including Alcohol and Drug Group Support
Supporting Families
For family support

Suicide Hotline

Recovery Solutions
Family, Whanau Support Service South and East
Mahitahi Trust, Kaupapa Maori Peer Support and Recovery
Take it From Us – Radio Show
Alcohol and other Drug Consumer Network
Clubhouse Transitional Employment Programme

Toi Ora Live Art Trust
Inspiring Well Being Through Creativity


Commercial Director - The Mental Heath Foundation
Working as a key member of the management group, you will assume responsibility for all things financial and commercial. You have strong commercial/business acumen, well developed negotiation/contract management skills, and are skilful at sourcing, identifying and developing potential income streams. To view the full job advertisement click here. Further information about the Mental Health Foundation is available at: To apply for this position please visit Hot Jobs at and refer to job number 16127. For further information please contact Sheryl Green on 09 368 7300. All applications will be acknowledged by email.

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