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June 2014
Rezopole inaugurates LyonIX 3
Rezopole is inaugurating its third POP in Lyon : LyonIX 3 on the 24th of June. We have planned for this day several visits of the DCforDATA datacenter in Limonest where LyonIX 3 is hosted. Moreover, we are organizing a conference at the Congres Center in Lyon on the theme : "The value and benefits of a local Internet Infrastructure (IXP)".

And for the finally, the official inauguration speeches by Karine Dognin-Sauze (Vice-president of Grand Lyon, Responsible for innovation, intelligent and digital city. Deputy Mayor of Lyon, in charge of international relations) and André Friedenberg (Special Adviser to the Regional Council, Responsible for Technology, Information and Communication) will take place on the terrace of the complex along with a cocktail dinner party.


NetIX and LyonIX are now interconnected at 1 Gbps

NetIX is a Bulgarian structure which is developing an Eastern Europe network and enables its customers and members to join many IXPs in Europe.

By interconnecting with LyonIX, NeTiX also has access to IXP in Rhône-Alpes: GrenoblIX, ADN-IX, SaintetIX. Thus, on both sides, this is a collection of more than 150 networks that can exchange free traffic, and that under peering agreements through the Route Servers. Connectivity between the Eastern Europe and the LyonIX IXPs will be greatly improved.


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Upcoming events

June, 19th: NicIX inauguration
June, 24th: LyonIX 3 inauguration
June, 30th: Rezopole General Assembly
July, 11th: Teldej n°16 with Manhattan and CA Technologies


Rezopole's new website

Rezopole redesigned its website. A new template and a content reorganization for easier navigation! Give us your feedback!

Technical news

Rezopole creates a new technical mailing list.

Unlike the official mailing list (, where only Rezopole team can send messages) the alias is an exchange tool for technical subjects. It allows interconnected members, once registered (archives are available only to registered members), to debate and share tips or procedures ...

To participate, you just have to be interconnected and create an account on:

 Members news 

Open Wide Outsourcing has received from his client, the Ministry of the Interior Affairs, the total credit for municipal and European elections. Indeed, Open Wide Outsourcing provides the outsourcing of all technical and software architecture of the elections and the special provisions relating to high availability of data. Open Wide Outsourcing has also been chosen to host the new platform and outsourcing the “Fête des lumières”, an international event. Lastly, the French Ministry of Defence has granted its confidence in Open Wide Outsourcing for a multi-year outsourcing of its entire institutional platform.

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Business Geografic, web GIS and Geo-Intelligence specialist, launches a new generation of web mapping services designed to enrich all the maps, business, and consumer applications with high added value GIS functionality. These Geo-Services are universal; they are compatible with all types of business applications following standardized data formats.

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EDX Network has opened a second Point of Presence in ELB Netissime, Villeurbanne. May was also the opportunity to get direct peering sessions on the following IXPs: AMSIX, FranceIX, LucIX and TopIX.

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