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News from the K-12 MakerLab

February 2, 2020 (a date palindrome!)

Maker Tips and Inspiration

We need you to share frustrations in a 3-minute survey!  Please read on:

We strongly believe that Making can help educators address the major challenges they face in the traditional teaching environment.  I’m trying to help connect the dots between common teaching challenges (student behaviors, not administrative issues) and the benefits of Making.  Please help us get some data and a fuller understanding of the issue by sharing your thoughts on 2 surveys.  This first one is about our “complaints” about student behaviors, and the next (in a week or so) will be about experiences from leading Maker projects in the classroom. 
So for the sake of science, please be "whiny" for a few minutes! 
Forget that you really can see the value and potential in every student if you look deep enough.  Please fill out this form and weigh in on 10 common complaints about students.  Thanks, and stay tuned for Part 2!

Looking for Maker project ideas? Check out our updated IdeaGallery, now searchable by Object and by Tool!

The Idea Gallery is a collection of adaptable, inspirational Maker project ideas that have been shared by K-12 Teachers and Maker-educators. Project ideas are tagged by Object OR Tool, NOT by core subject area or grade level.  Objects are the kinds of things that students will create and Tools are the specialized Maker tools and materials that students will use.  Teachers can use these ideas with content and grade level as they like. 
PD Opportunities at the MIT Edgerton Center K-12 MakerLab

Makerspace leaders, technology integrators, and STEM coaches: Learn how to design and deliver customized Maker projects that boost students’ confidence, competence, and engagement with STEM.

Join a group of like-minded educators in a two-month training and coaching program - Master Making in the Classroom.

  • Session 1 includes 2 July training days and continues through October - Registration is OPEN
  • Session 2 starts in September and continues through the Fall – dates are now set and registration is OPEN

Click here to learn more and register for Master Making in the Classroom

Educators with Makerspaces and tools: Take a full-day hands-on workshop and learn how to design projects, set up a Makerspace, or use Maker tools in the classroom: 3-D printers, laser cutters, electronics, and coding with Arduino and Micro:bit. All materials are provided and beginners are welcome!

  • Spring workshops are scheduled between April 7 and May 8
  • Summer workshops are scheduled between June 17 and July 18

Click here for full schedule, workshop descriptions, and registration for Maker Skills Workshops

Interested in some other type of training or consulting either at MIT or at your space? Contact us at

Maker/STEM PD opprortunities from other MIT groups

Visit the MIT Outreach page to find opportunities both on and off campus for K12 students, teachers, community, and college students.  

MIT STEP (Science Teachers Enrichment Program) still has space in “Dustbusting by Design” a four-day engineering design workshop for middle and high school science teachers July 22-25.  Apply to spend a week at MIT’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering at this free hands-on workshop that addresses the engineering design process, motor technology, and energy issues.  Under the guidance of Professor Steven Leeb, explore the design challenges associated with hand-held vacuums, then design and construct your own DC motor. More info about STEP and MRSEC outreach programs here.

Conferences & Events

Welcome back! Our Maker Education Specialist Leilani Roser and Research Scientist Nevan Hanumara from MIT Mechanical Engineering just returned from their 3rd season of leading a week-long Maker camp in Santiago, Chile. With support from the Fundación Mustakis, they have developed Makers Musicales, a hands-on program that combines arts and sciences to get musical teens hooked on STEM. After learning the basics of sound, electronics, and hand construction, students designed and built their own musical instruments. From water filled tubes to rubber glove synthesizers, the instruments were creative and the sound unique! Many incorporated their own pickups and amplifier circuits to help them pump up the volume for the end-of-camp performance, led by Chilean percussion star Pedro Green.
To hear more about the history of the program and a few student stories, join us at on 2/6 Thursday 6pm EST for an ISTE-hosted webinar: ​​tinyurl/STEMChile

Makers Musicales students jam with their new instruments at the week's end.  Play 6 second video

The 2020 NSTA National Conference is coming to Boston in April!

The NSTA (National Science Teachers Assoc) national conference is a humongous 4-day event (April 2-5).  On Sunday April 5 Diane Brancazio and Leilani Roser will be leading a hands-on session called Democratize STEM with Maker. We’ll be helping educators learn how Maker projects in upper elementary and middle school give kids the  awareness, knowledge, and inspiration they need to pursue STEM pathways in high school and beyond.

At the NSTA conference exhibit hall we’ll be showcasing our Maker ideas and projects designed to enrich academic classrooms, and can answer questions about our PD offerings.  Sharing the booth with us are our friends from MIT’s Beaver Works. They’ll be showing projects and providing information about the Beaver Works Summer Institute, a rigorous STEM program for talented students who will be entering their senior year in high school.

The mission of the K-12 MakerLab team is to help K-12 classroom educators create and deliver fun, enriching Maker experiences to their students - no matter what subject they teach.  Building upon our experiences as K-12 teachers, we work directly with other educators to collect and co-design resources.  Our team is part of the MIT Edgerton Center, a home for experiential learning at MIT for decades, The Edgerton Center offers classes and resources in engineering and imaging, and supports student engineering clubs and teams, in addition to offering a year-round K-12 program.
We design, create, and teach at the MIT Edgerton Center Student Project Lab, a working Makerspace filled with MIT students, staff, and community as well as a wide variety of prototyping/Maker tools and materials. 
Contact us: Diane Brancazio and Leilani Roser, program leaders
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