Thoughts At Large
by Tom Vaillancourt

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Thoughts At Large


The first order of business is to wish you all a Happy New Year!  May your wishes for the new year all come true and all your new years resolutions be kept!

Now it is time for Thoughts at Large to get on the proverbial soap box.

2020 will be a pivotal year for this country.  

We have seen what happens when the Democrats control even one house of Congress.  No one wants to see what would happen if they controlled both houses of Congress.  If by some chance they get the White House, well as the expression goes, “Katie bar the door”!

There are so many issues that will dramatically effect the future of every American.  

Medical Care……............…patient control or government control

Second Amendment…...gun confiscation is a very real possibility 

Parental Rights……...............................…complete loss thereof 

Abortion…….……..............…no restrictions, paid for by taxpayers

Physician assisted suicide…............….elderly have a duty to die 

Free everything……........…which will lead to: unsustainable tax
                                      burden on the average citizen and                                             destruction of the American economy

Since President Trump was elected the left in this country no longer pretends.  The gloves are off and they are willing to do anything to destroy this man.  Not only that, they are coming after anyone who disagrees with them. Remember, we are the “deplorables”!  They do not understand why we just do not do what we are told by our betters!

2020 is the year of ACTION!  This is not the time to sit around and complain.  This is not the time to go to dinners and commiserate with all the people who  agree with you.  This is the time to hit the bricks running!  Talk to your neighbors, friends, fellow workers, people you go to church with, party with and,yes, disagree with.  Let them know what is at stake.  

When someone says to you, no politics in here.

                                                You say why not!  
What is more important than discussing the people who will control our lives for the next two years and beyond?

For those who say, why should I worry, I will be dead by then!

                 You say what about your kids and grandkids!

For those who say my vote does not count!

              You say, of course it doesn’t if you do not vote!



  • Find a candidate you can support.  
  • Learn all about that candidate because you will be representing them to the people you know.
  • Volunteer to work at campaign headquarters doing what you do best, even if that is going to get coffee!
  • Open up your wallet and contribute to the candidate of your choice, even if you can only afford $5.
  • Walk precincts.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Hold meet and greets in your home.
  • Stuff envelops.

After the election results are in you want to be able to say “I did everything possible to get the desired results.  I did not sit on the sidelines”!








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