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Action Required

This is a plan of  ”ACTION”!

It is not perfect and a lot of the issues can be debated but it calls for action.

The one part of the plan that has the highest percentage of agreement is that we will never have “Voter Integrity” until we have “Photo ID”.

So let’s begin.

Listed below is a plan to insure “Voter Integrity”.  The first step is to send your representative the exact text listed at the bottom of the page.  Once that is accomplished and we can determine how effective it is, we will go to step two and three etc.

It is apparent that the average citizen has lost their right to vote. All honest citizens will say that the 2020 election was the most fraudulent in history!

Rules to insure that every legal vote is counted:

First:           Insure that when people register to vote they show                    proof of citizenship and photo ID.  Thereby,
                   insuring that when they vote their vote will be

Second:      Present photo ID to elections officials prior to
                  casting your ballot.          

hird:    Get back to election day. 

  •        The first Tuesday in November every other year                  will be a national holiday to insure citizens have the           time to vote.
  •        Early voting should be limited to the Monday before              election day.
  •        No mail out ballots.
  •        Limit absentee ballots to the military and citizens                who can not vote in person because of medical                    conditions.

Please e-mail me at to report those who are willing to post the statement on their web site and those who are not.  Remember, we do not want a bunch of “political speak”.  We want the statement exactly as written.

The results will be collated and reported to you.


This is the first step to implement our plan of action!

Send this exact e-mail to your:

city councilor


state representative 

state senator

national representative

national senator

Senator Lindsey Graham: 

(fill in appropriate name an title)

We expect that the exact following statement will appear somewhere on your website within the next 3 weeks.  Or we will remember your unwillingness to stand up for your constituents and take appropriate action!

“I believe Voter Photo ID is essential to ensure the public that elections are valid.”


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