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by Tom Vaillancourt

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Thoughts At Large

Some Random Thoughts

In an effort to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, Thoughts at Large has fallen behind in the articles for publication.  While woking on the next article, here are some random points.

Walk the Walk:

  • Volunteer to work on a candidates campaign:

            Devoting three days a week to this effort.

  • Financially support the candidate of your choice: 

            Supporting two local candidates for state house and

  • Put up lawn signs, even though is drives your democrat neighbors nuts:              
          You will be surprised how effective lawn signs are!


  • Talk to all of your neighbors and friends about the issues, especially election of judges.      

             Holding a Zoom meeting almost every week, which in
             the age of the China virus , is like holding a meet and


Other Thoughts:

We all know everything bad is Trump’s fault and everything good is because of some democrat someplace!

Voting in person is a MUST!!

Are you all astonished at how quickly the American people have freely given up their freedoms for the illusion of safety!

Is it really a surprise at how quickly government, at every level, has wielded their "new found" power!

State of Medical in America:

For those who have listened to Thoughts At Large bloviate about medical for the last ten years, there is a 37 minute presentation on   It has been updated and a new approach to how the information is presented.  If you are able to watch it, please let Thoughts At Large know what you think.

Ed Kulis has given Thoughts At Large a great idea for the next article:  As Lindsey Graham would say, “Stay Tuned”

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