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Thoughts At Large

Hello Fellow Serfs

How have you enjoyed how our masters, “The Ruling Class” have treated us "Serfs" since they have assumed unfettered power.

There is no question, we are living in a Socialist dream!

Every one of us has our own horror stories to tell and repeating them will not change anything!  So what will?

You, each and every one of you, can change the conditions we have been living under.  But we are not going to do it by talking. We are going to do it by doing!!

Thoughts At Large just finished sending e-mails to the two Senators and the Representative from the district.  This is not unusual because Thoughts At Large not only e-mails them all the time but also has their phone numbers on speed dial.  But today was something urgent, very urgent!!

Judge for yourself:

Dear readers, 

As most of you know, I’m under the care of VA specialists who are providing post-surgery chemo treatments to prevent recurrence of a particular type of cancer.   I am very grateful that my 2018 surgery was successful, and I appreciate the continuing treatment protocol that includes periodic series of maintenance chemotherapy. 

A year ago, my doctors had to substitute an alternative treatment when the supply of the primary medication became very low.  In my case, that scarcity was only temporary.  The primary medication is again available, and it has been administered during my last two series of treatments.  I will receive four more series of treatments over the next year.  I am grateful for the continuing care.

This morning, one of my fellowship partners shared a much more urgent need.  Injured during years of service with Navy seal teams, my friend has a surgically implanted pump that periodically dispenses prescribed discreet amounts of morphine to help control his pain.  On a good day, his pain level is about “8” out of “10”.  

During a scheduled visit to refill his pump at his pain management clinic this week, his doctor announced, with no advance warning, “This is the day we get off morphine.”  

My friend’s response was immediate and focused.  “What?  That isn’t part of my treatment plan!  Why?” 

The doctor’s reply was incredible, if not unconscionable.   “America doesn’t have any more morphine.  It’s all made in China.  And they’re not shipping.” 

The clinic filled his pump with an alternative “pain manager” that is not providing the level of relief that the meticulously administered morphine provides.  Added to that is his suffering through withdrawal from the morphine that is no longer available!

Please pray for my friend and his situation.  Pray not only for him but also for the many others who will be confronted with this sudden shift in treatment.  Pray that they will receive the grace to be able to endure their “new normal” level of pain.  Pray that a safe supply of morphine can be found quickly. 

Pray, too, for our legislators and executive leaders to forego partisanship in order to expedite implementation of known technology that can meet our health care needs.  Pray for the American manufacturing system to produce our own morphine and the many other medications and health care supplies whose primary source has become China.

This was sent by a person who is working diligently to bring christian morals, integrity, and plain common sense back to the American experience. 

Where have our political leaders been when their masters shipped all of our manufacturing to China?  Did “The Ruling Class care?  Did “The Ruling Class” look beyond what was good for them?  We all know the answers to these questions!

Here is a question that we do not know the answer!  When did “The Ruling Class” take over our lives?  When did we leave everything up to the so called “experts”  When did we willing give up our liberty for security?  Do we have security?  Do we have safety?  Did giving up our first, second, and eighth amendment rights really save us from the virus?

It is time to “Kick Ass and Take Names”!  You want to change the way things are done in this country, then do something!  Now!!

In the 2018 election in New Mexico, less than half of the registered voters voted!!  In California, because of ballot harvesting, voter fraud was rampant!!

This will be repeated in the 2020 election unless you do something!  If people of principal and integrity are not put into office in the 2020 election, there will be no country left! 

Each and everyone of us can do at least one or more of the following:

  1. Get out you check books!  Nothing is free, not even campaigning! 
  2. Talk to your friends and neighbors about politics.  When they say we don’t discuss politics, ask why not?  What is more important than discussing who you are gong to vote into office that will make laws that will effect your daily life.  
  3. Become a political leader in your neighborhood.  Be the person people go to for advice on who to vote for!
  4. Put together a group of your neighbors and then get together once a week to discuss what is going on.  Nationally, locally, in your neighborhood. 
  5. Put up lawn signs for the candidate of your choice!  Let your neighbors know where you stand!  You will be amazed how effective that is.
  6. Spend time to research the judges on the ballot!  After all, we can see what judges who belong to “The Ruling Class” will do!
  7. Look up your elected representatives record!  For example: what is their score card from Planned Parenthood.  This will tell you a whole lot more about their stance on abortion that their rhetoric will!
  8. Listen to the debates, carefully!
  9. Vote in person!  Yes, actually go to the polls!  Absentee ballots have the largest percentage of voter fraud!  There is a famous quote from Joseph Stalin, 

    "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."
  10. Everyone, everyone should have all of their elected representatives on speed dial.  From your city council to the President of the United States and everybody in between. We all have smart phones, be smart and use them!
  11. Go to their town halls!  Ask questions!  They use index cards instead of letting the people ask questions.  Question them about that!  

Thoughts AT Large does not claim to have all the answers, but unless we all act, nothing will change!!

Is being a
what our forefathers
fought and died for?

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