In New Hampshire Campaigning; I was "anointed" last night. See news coverage.
I was "anointed" last night at the Presidential debate...
But it didn't work...

Dear Friend, 
Last night I participated in a Presidential debate at Anselm College. C-Span filmed it, and we understand they will run the debate on Wednesday. (We will send you any info as soon as we have it.)  Dozens of news outlets in New Hampshire and around the country covered the event.
On a bizzarre note, I was seated next to a homosexual activist, who was a cross between a buffoon and a comedian. (At points he was truly funny, but sadly, he made a mockery of the event.)
At the end of the debate, he stood up and yelled, "Jesus told me to sprinkle this fairy dust on Randall to make him gay!" He proceeded to pour gold glitter all over me...
I appeared to have no impact on me becoming homosexual...!
God knows all things, and we ask Him to make good things come out of all situations.
I am on my way to more TV and newspapers interviews right now. Again, I ask for your prayers, and I ask you to give financially to this campaign.
The hatred and the shenanigans of the child-killers and homosexual activists cannot alter reality. Certain sins are crimes against God and humanity. I was able to state clearly that there is no "states rights" to own a slave, to kill our offspring, or to have homosexual marriage. But more importantly, such crimes have and will bring the judgment of heaven upon a nation.  Below is one of my quotes from the debate:

"We will never restore the greatness of this nation as long as we are killing our own offspring,"

"The founders gave us the Tenth Amendment to prevent the federal government from micromanaging the vast majority of details that would affect us as a country. However, they never could have conceived of a moment in which we would become so debauched that we would elevate homosexual marriage or civil unions to the level of marriage,"

"There's some things that are fundamentally evil, like slavery and there is no state right to hold another human being, there is no state right to kill your offspring, there is no state right to have homosexual marriage,"
Again, I beg your prayers, and I ask you to give what you can to this campaign. (Click here to give)
God bless you,
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