Like Patton in WWII, we are running out of gas; we outpace our supply us now
We Are In Our Final Push Before Super Tuesday
But Like General Patton, We are Running Out of Gas!
We Need Our "Supply Line" to Stay With Us...
If Each Person Gives $10 for "Gas," We will Get There!
Also: Remember Vietnam and Emmet Till

Dear Pro-Life Friend,
Do you remember that General Patton LITERALLY RAN OUT OF GAS as his tanks attacked and pursued the Nazis? In August of 1944, his Third Army came to a complete halt, because he outran his supplies.
We are doing the SAME THING! We NEED GAS!
And in case anyone is wondering: YES, I am comparing the BABY KILLERS to the NAZIS; and NO, I am NOT comparing myself to Patton.
Friend, this email goes to a SMALL number of friends and supporters. If EVERY PERSON just gave $10, we could complete this mission.
I KNOW - and YOU KNOW - that you can invest $10 in this life and death campaign...this life and death mission to bring child killing to the front and center of this year's political agenda. If you do not understand what we are doing, or why we are doing it, THINK!
If we are EVER going to make it a crime to murder babies, we must generate conflict and controversy; we MUST create a crisis of conscience by showing the images of these murdered babies.

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Think of Vietnam and Emmet Till
Think of the Vietnam War; the media showed horrifying, GRAPHIC images of young Vietnamese children and civilians who were being killed, and THOSE IMAGES resulted in OUTRAGE from Americans.
Or think of Emmet Till...the young black man who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14. HIS MOTHER LEFT THE COFFIN OPEN, so that mourners could see his brutally disfigured face. The IMAGE of this mangled boy - so horrific to behold - sparked enormous sympathy, anger, and ACTION.
This is part of our heritage as Americans. This is HOW SOCIAL CHANGE HAPPENS. It is STRESSFUL and UNPLEASANT; it makes people uncomfortable.
But hear me, dear Christian friend: the Devil LOVES child killing. Child killing is the prize jewel of hell. And if we think we are going to waltz into hell, and take the crown jewel of Satan without a prolonged, ugly fight...we are sadly mistaken. LEARN THE LESSONS OF HISTORY!!!

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The Letters We Get; Some Pro-lifers Love us, Others Hate Us!
Every day, we get letters from pro-lifers telling us that they LOVE AND SUPORT what we are doing. Thank you to each of you.
And every day, we get letters from pro-lifers who are afraid of their own shadow. They are afraid of controversy; afraid of bad press; afraid of hurting people's feelings.
And they criticize us for showing millions of Americans the truth. God forgive them; God wake them up. 
If you were a member of the KKK, and had helped murder Emmet Till, would you want the photos of his mangled body shown? NO. Murderers want their murderous deeds hidden. The child killers of today DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THESE BABIES. THEY ARE TERRIFIED of the truth.
Friend, I will have no part in covering up the crime of genocide. And I BEG ALL PRO-LIFE PEOPLE TO COME TO THEIR SENSES. 
This campaign is "not about me;" it is about the babies. It is about creating social tension so that we can change the laws. It is about causing child killing to be the MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL ISSUE IN AMERICA. The ONLY REASON I even put my face at the end of the ad, is because I am required to do so by law.
I thank all of those who have contributed to this campaign, prayed for us, and helped us.

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A Word to Our Pro-life Critics
And now a word to our pro-life critics: I suggest that you study history. Don't lie to yourself and think that diaper drives are going to make child killing illegal. And when you are done being a slave of fear, I suggest you run for federal office, show the murdered babies to your community (like Emmet Till's mother did with her son), and try to get elected so that you can fight to make it a crime to murder babies.
And if you are duly admonished, open your heart and your wallet, and give to this campaign right now. Since our entire team is run by volunteers, virtually every penny you give goes to the ads. 
For those who doubt how this money is spent, or falsely accuse us in petty emails or blogs that somehow the money donated is not going for the TV ads, go to the FEC website to see how the money is spent. It is all a matter of public record. But more importantly, it is all known to God. And we are ready to give an account to Him for what we have done in this campaign. Are you ready to give an account for your lack of action in this campaign? Are you ready to give an account for having sided with baby killers by criticizing our effort to show the American public the truth?
It is a sin against God, and a sin against innocent blood for a Christian to vote for Obama. Our pro-life ads says that clearly. And for the first time in US history, tens of millions of Americans are going to be brought face to face with that reality.
I beg your prayers, and I beg you to give us "$10 for gas" to complete this mission. (Click here to give)
God bless you,
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