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February/March 2015

From the Facility Manager

The start of the New Year always brings much activity and for us that means longer days to spend in our beautiful garden at Jamieson House. For those of you who know the garden you will agree that the garden here is a very special place to be. For those who do not, do come and feel free to spend some time sitting with the residents and enjoy the peace and quiet only an established garden can offer.
Some of the activities in the garden include the Friendship corner held each Saturday afternoon. This time is spent with fellow residents and friends having great conversations around the ‘topic of the moment’ or the ‘topic of choice’ – whichever comes first.
Throughout the week the Recreational Activities Officers take small groups on walks around the garden each day. On Monday afternoons our lovely volunteer has a reminiscing group in the garden where the residents talk about past events. Recently the group discussed living in the country with the joys and challenges they experienced when they were there
Music is very important to us here and we are delighted to announce that we have a lovely new piano player who delights us with his professional playing. He works with the Conservatorium in town so we are very pleased that he has agreed to be part of our routine.
The Tai Chi classes are always a bonus for the residents as they flex their muscles and complete the very gentle exercises.
The Bus trips continue each Wednesday which means that the residents are taken to all sorts of exciting venues to have a lovely lunch somewhere or a private tour through the city which must bring memories for everyone as they are chauffeured through the metropolis. 
On the very hot summer days we encourage the residents to stay inside in a cool place. It is easy to forget to drink sometimes on those hot days so we offer regular hydration rounds to ensure that the residents do not become dehydrated
We had a lovely time on Australia Day with lots of decorations and celebrations – including a BBQ and lamingtons - which were enjoyed by everyone!

From the RAO Team

We want to wish all our readers a very happy and healthy New Year, and a happy Chinese New Year - year of the Goat.  Thank you for your loving support through 2014. With the coming of the New Year, we all look forward to lots of action, at Jamieson House.  

Early last December we hosted a morning tea for our lovely caring volunteers to say thank you for their support throughout the year!

The Jamieson House Christmas Party was a great success, with over 100 people attending.  Everyone enjoyed the Christmas Festivities  and had a happy time.  Special thanks to Leonie Campbell (Iris’s Campbell’s daughter) for taking photographs on the day. 
Australia Day celebrations lasted for a week at Jamieson House with the rooms decked out in green and gold and Australian flags.  The residents played toss the Koala for morning exercises, had an Australia Day concert, and had a traditional Aussie lunch on the day.
This year, Twilight Aged Care is celebrating its 100th birthday so we will have lots of fun things planned.  We are very proud that our Organisation has been around for such a long time.  We will be capturing stories from our residents who remember their earlier life.  

This month we talk to  Iris Campbell born on 30th September 1918
in a private hospital at Summer Hill.

When I was young I remember having a "chip hot water heater".  It was started with pieces of paper and tiny chips of wood which created the fuel to start heating water. It was a great improvement on having to put a kettle of water on the gas to get hot water to even wash your hands! Iris went to Fort Street Girls' High School and as it was located right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, they were the first school children to walk across the bridge. She has very good memory of how the bridge was being built so many years ago.

From the Twilight Aged Care archives in the same year that Iris was born:
In 1918, the Honorary Treasurer Mr W E Booth made a valuable gift of land – a triangular piece of 26 feet frontage to Bickell Road adjoining the original property (at the first Twilight House at Mosman, later called Onslow House).  It was planned that this would be used to enhance the approach to the House. Electric light was installed in 1921 at a cost of £82 18s 6d, the verandah glassed in and a small tea room was equipped for the residents to use freely.  The good health of the residents had resulted in few vacancies, the waiting list was long.  

Around Australia in 1918
By 1918, the First World War had been in progress for over three years and thousands of Australians had already been killed or wounded. Possibly every Australian town had experienced a loss of one or more of their community. The Australian Corps was formed at the beginning of the year from the five divisions of the First Australian Imperial Force and played a significant role in the Allied victory.
Billy Hughes resigns as Prime Minister of Australia but is immediately sworn in again by the Governor General as there are no alternative candidates.
Thirty people are killed when the Mackay cyclone strikes Mackay. The Brighton tornado (the strongest storm ever recorded in Melbourne) strikes Brighton killing two people.  
Australia House (Australia's High Commission to the UK) opens in London.
The Prime Minister Billy Hughes makes the first direct radio telephone call between England and Australia.
Australia's first electric train service begins between Newmarket and Flemington in Melbourne.


Special Event

We will be  restarting our Resident Gardening Club with RAO Chandrika Hearth and Damian Starr every THURSDAY AFTERNOON. This is a good chance for residents to get their green thumbs busy and enjoy the beautiful garden we are blessed with here in Beecroft. For more information about the Gardening Club, please feel free to contact Chandrika.  If you would like to donate any plants, cuttings or other items for our garden, we would be thrilled.

A few house rules to note please ...

Medicare Cards
Reminder please make sure Medicare Cards for your loved ones are renewed!  Thank you.

Gate Security 
When entering and leaving the property you must ensure both gates are closed securely. If you are unsure about another person wanting to leave the property please ring the intercom located at the front gate prior to opening the gate for staff advice. Please do not let anyone persuade you to let them out unless you are certain of who they are. Sometimes this can be awkward, but better to be safe than sorry.
Flu and Colds 
If you are suffering from a Cold and/or Flu we ask kindly that you stay away from visiting your loved ones as they are very vulnerable to catching colds and/or flu more easily. If you are on skype, this is a great way to keep in touch, especially if you have to miss a visit.  Call us to find out how to set this up.
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