Out with the old in with the new! Yesterday marked a very poignant moment in media history with the end of analog television. As our film students take a moment to mourn it’s passing, at the same time they are excited about the bright possibilities that digital content and channels will bring as they sit at the forefront of further exploration and content development.
This issue, we also look at the exciting opportunities that the newly announced unique partnership between JMC Academy and the Berklee College of Music’s International Network will bring not only for our music students but for emerging talent globally. 

JMC joins the prestigious Berklee College of Music Network
+ Review of the past; celebration of the future
+ On Location with The Preatures
+ World first for JMC Academy
Brisbane Head of Music Realises the Dream for 2013
+ REVEALED: Award Winners
JMC joins the prestigious Berklee College of Music Network
The world’s leading music school, Berklee College of Music recently selected JMC Academy to join its prestigious Berklee International Network (BIN) making the organisation the only Australasian institute to be a part of this important global network of contemporary music educators. 

Educators within this exclusive network share a passion and vision for the advancement of contemporary music and quality education. Membership of the BIN builds on the previous collaborations between JMC Academy and Berklee College of Music spanning over a number of years. It signifies the high esteem in which the two institutions hold for each other.
“When the opportunity for two great institutions to work together arose a few years ago it was only natural to pursue it further” says Martin Cass, JMC Academy’s Founder and Managing Director. “This partnership is based on the foundation we both share for our students and the quality of education in the creative industries. It also validates the efforts and achievements of our staff and students”, says Martin.

Currently JMC Academy and Berklee are working on some exciting joint initiatives for the Australasian region for the near future.
Review of the past; celebration of the future
From today, analog free-to-air TV broadcasts will soon be faint memory. With signals set to be switched off around Australia in the next couple of days, more than 60 years of analog television will be brought to an end. To coincide with the switch, Emmy Award Winner – Gerard Hosier visited JMC Academy's Sydney Campus to host a master class with our Film and Television Production students. Gerard's presentation “END OF AN ERA”, demonstrated analog equipment and highlighted the need for the digital switch over. Check out the images here.
On Location with The Preatures
Melbourne’s JMC Academy Audio and Film students relished the chance to go on location for the Street Press recording sessions with The Preatures before the band headed off to LA, NY & London. They won the Vanda and Young songwriting contest in 2013, and have been signed to Harvest Records in the USA.  Check out on-set images and the video here.
World first for JMC Academy
Trimester 5 & 6 Film and Television students were in for a special treat at the Melbourne Campus where they viewed the world’s first higher education demonstration and workshop of the new MōVI Rig. Hosted by MōVI team, students were enthralled by the new possibilities that this stabilizing rig provided. With a Red Scarlett attached, students were able to actively workshop with this exciting new technology and brainstorm some nifty new camera moves for their upcoming graduate projects.  Check out the footage here and the images here.
Brisbane Head of Music Realises the Dream for 2013
Congratulations to Brisbane’s Head of Contemporary Music and Performance Sean Foran, who was recently announced as a finalist for the British Council Australia ‘Realise Your Dream’ award for 2013. â€˜Realise Your Dream’ is Australia’s most recognised and long running professional development platform in the creative industries. It nurtures and supports highly talented emerging practitioners in the first ten years of their practice, working across almost any discipline in the creative sector.
REVEALED: Student Award Winners
The 2013 JMC Academy Martini Awards & Creative showcase have wrapped up for the both the Sydney and Brisbane Campuses.  To view those who received an award and check out images from Showcase and Martini's click here. 

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As an avid music festival patron, I’ve found it increasingly disappointing and frustrating to see some of my favourite festivals go down the tube recently. This inspired my class and I to investigate into why this has happened and what organisers can do to ensure their event gets the sales needed to stay afloat.

The last couple of months have been particularly troublesome for the music festival industry. So why exactly has this occurred? There have been a few reasons that could be to blame, such as the major increase in ticket prices, the overcrowding of the market or could it possibly be that audiences have become bored with festivals? 
Read more from Josh's schlogg (blog) here.
Lecturer in Focus: In case you missed it...
JMC Academy's Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production, Rob Care has been honoured with the title Teacher of the Year at the recent ACPET Awards for Excellence 2013. 

Rob has gained international success in the music industry as an Audio Engineer, Remixer, Music Producer and Percussionist, and through this experience, brings a range of expertise to JMC Academy and to all of his studentsRead more about Rob here.