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August 2013 :: Issue No. 13
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When you envision the city that never sleeps, you probably picture individuals inserting coins into a slot machine, shopping on the Vegas strip, or partying at a nightclub. The last thing you would think of is a bunch of IT security professionals sitting in a conference room trying to hack onto each other’s laptops and discussing the future of cyber security.  Well that is exactly what happened last week at one of largest network security conferences in the world. Black Hat 2013 has become a technology hub for the most intelligent and well-respected computer scientists in the IT industry. It is no secret that many of these computer scientists are hacker enthusiasts. They strive on a daily basis to understand the intricacies of advanced cyber attacks. The three main cyber security topics discussed at Black Hat were hacking humans, hacking homes, and hacking cars. When the cyber security topic of hacking humans was brought up, it was a somber reminder of the renowned security researcher, Barnaby Jack. Sadly Jack passed away, and wasn’t able to present his revolutionary work on the security flaws of wireless medical devices.  The majority of new technologies are connected to the internet, therefore, cyber criminals could potentially hack onto internet connection to control the wireless devices.
Security Spotlight: Futuristic Hacking
  Many consumers would love the idea of an app on their smart phone that virtually controls everything in their home. If you’re walking down an aisle at the grocery store, all you need to do is look inside your refrigerator to see which food you need to purchase. If you’re driving home from work, you can preheat your oven so you’re ready to start cooking as soon as you walk through the front door. These scenarios will definitely make consumers lives easier but, before everyone adopts this new technology there are many security issues that need to be addressed. At Black Hat, security experts Behrang Fouladi and Sahand Ghanoun presented some of the first research on the security of Z-wave, a proprietary wireless protocol that is common in a wide range of embedded devices such as security sensors, alarms, and home automation control panels. The goal of their presentation was to expose the vulnerabilities in the Z-wave interception. A z-wave is consistent across all household devices, therefore, a cyber criminal could easily hack door locks and motion sensors and walk right into your home. As a society, we need find a balance between the adoption of new technology and the implementation of security measures that ensure our privacy.
Expert Opinion: Antivirus Software will Protect You
With the growing trend of wireless technology, network security for small businesses has become more important than ever.  Cyber criminals are spending all of their time and energy creating malicious software that enables them to access a business’s most sensitive information. Using a Value Added Reseller to install antivirus software is the first line of defense for protecting your small business from cyber attacks. Guardian Network Solutions partners with leading vendors such as Kaspersky and Trend Micro.  Kaspersky and Trend Micro are some of the best antivirus software providers, and they offer many IT solutions for small businesses such as virus and threat protection, anti-spam, backup, and cloud solutions.
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We hired two new account managers, James Molaison and Ally Carey! Guardian Network Solutions is so excited that y'all joined our IT security team and we look forward to getting know y'all better.  
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“We needed to get anti-virus installed on our workstations and Slaven treated me with kindness, friendliness, and knowledge.” – Danny Coleman for Ann Hoke & Associates
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"Wow, it's scary how cyber criminals can hack onto cloud-based technology businesses such as Dropbox & WordPress! Aren't you lucky to have us protect you. " ~G
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