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July 2013 :: Issue No. 12
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4th of July is quickly approaching and you probably have many exciting plans with friends or family.  I bet you’re going to watch the local fireworks display, or even better yet, purchase your own fireworks to light up the night sky. If you are setting off fireworks over the holiday, you know how important it is to follow proper safety precautions such as standing a safe distance when using fireworks. You understand that if you don’t follow safety precautions it could be the difference between life or death. Your small business is no different. If you do not implement a security policy that all employees must follow it could be the difference between whether your business succeeds or fails.
Security Spotlight: Insider Threats
I’m sure by now you have heard of the controversial security contractor, Edward Snowden. He created a firestorm by revealing that the National Security Agency had a secretive surveillance program to mine Internet firms’ data from their servers.You have to wonder how a low-level contractor was able to release confidential information that could potentially threaten the safety of every U.S. citizen. If a sophisticated government agency like the NSA had an insider threat, your small business is even more susceptible to insider threats. There is no easy way to determine which employees pose an insider threat, but they are considered more dangerous because they know exactly which sensitive information to target. Enterprises also need to have a well-established security plan in order to minimize the potential damage of different types of insider threats such as fraud, theft of proprietary information or sabotage.
Expert Opinion: Writing an Effective Security Policy
Enterprises also need to have a well-established security plan in order to minimize the potential damage There are two essential security measures in effective security plans that will automatically reduce the risk of insider threats.  The first security measure is to have an authorization policy that your company adheres to. An enterprise should implement privilege policies that allow employees and contractors to only access data that directly pertains to the responsibilities and duties of their jobs. The second security measure an enterprise can implement is monitoring user activity. If you’re monitoring your employee’s activity, you will be able to tell if an employee’s internet behavior is unusual, which will allow you to prevent or minimize any potential damages. These two simple measures will help you protect your business from insider threats.
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"Yikes, Citadel botnets are scary! I am so glad I installed Kaspersky antivirus software to protect my computer from malware."   ~G
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