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October 2013 :: Issue No. 15
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Trick or Treat! With Halloween coming up, you are probably thinking of what you are going to dress up as and your sweet tooth is probably aching. Many of us were always taught as kids not to take candy from strangers, but another good rule of thumb is never to open emails from them either. Hackers live in a Halloween world 24/7. They disguise as something else and send out what seems to be sweet, and intriguing e-mails. Just as a parent would check their child's candy for anything that looks previously opened or suspicious, your small business should be checking e-mails for the same thing.
Creepy Email Links From a Friend?
Most likely a Virus.
Keep the lights on... things are about to get scary! We've all gotten those emails from friends that have suspicious looking links in them. The problem is that since it is from a familiar email address, we are more  likely to open it. However, that's how viruses get spread. Your friend, whose email address that link came from, probably did the same thing and now your email is going to send it out to all of your friends as well  which might cause them to open it. This is a deadly never-ending cycle if it is not stopped.
Expert Opinion: A Stress-Free Way to
Manage Your E-Mail Inbox
Knowing that your computer can be so easily attacked is frightening, but protecting from email viruses does not have to be difficult. First of all, NEVER open an email that looks suspicious. A good rule of thumb is if you are unsure if you should open it or not, DON'T. However, if you have a good antivirus system, it can check the content of the message for you and decide if it is toxic or not. Also, be careful when clicking on links in emails, even if it is from someone you know. They could have been hacked, which in turn would unleash the viral monster into your system. Click here for a list of some great anti-virus software that will take your worries away.
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