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Nov. 2013 :: Issue No. 16
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In 1620, when the Pilgrims referred to a "cloud," it only meant one of the fluffy looking things in the sky. Today when we hear "cloud" we might think of the sky, but we also probably think of the place in cyberspace where everyone's data is stored.The pilgrims probably could not even fathom the idea of technology, let alone a society that is mostly controlled by it. 
Why You Should be Thankful for The Cloud. 
The "cloud" is a remote server that is connected to the internet that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It can store digital information ranging from music and photos to important documents and even your sync calendar. If your computer were to crash and you did not have some sort of backup system, you could lose all of those files. Imagine how horrible it would be if you lost years worth of precious memories because you could not recover your photos. You can use the cloud to connect all of your mobile devices as well. I am so grateful that I have a cloud backup system. My iPhone was having problems a while back and I had to reset it to factory settings. Thankfully everything was stored on the cloud and therefore, when I accessed it, all of my files and contacts and photographs were immediately restored. It even placed all of my apps back to exactly where I had them. 
Cloud Benefits For Your Business
Cloud computing is a great testament to how far along technology has come. As with any other technology, it is always good to make sure that your business is up-to-date. The cloud is basically an invisible server in the sky that stores infinite amounts of your data used to run your business.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing are: 
  • Save on costs and increase efficiency
  • Freeing the time of technical resources
  • Increased security and easier maintenance
  • Enhanced collaboration and sharing
  • More reliability
  • Easier access to data on demand 
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"Today's forecast: Mostly sunny with a few iClouds." ~G
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