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Dec. 2013 :: Issue No. 17
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It's the most wonderful time of the year...for internet hackers. The holiday season is supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration, but if your computer gets hacked, it can be a time of distress and frustration. Santa will certainly be giving these cruel hackers coal for Christmas, but he may need to bring you a new computer system as well if you aren't too careful.
Security traps you don't want to fall into this season.
Watch out for some of the traps that hackers set up during the holidays. Be cautious when downloading video games and make sure that they are from a trusted source. Some QR codes can lead to viruses, so be aware of what your computer is scanning. Many of them are disguised as holiday e-cards from different social media sites. Also beware of twitter accounts that you follow that may have been hacked. Often times their account will post links, but these are not always safe to click on. Some hacked accounts will send all of their followers a direct message with a link as well. Most importantly, since people are in a more giving mood during the holidays, many scams are set up to look like charity websites that ask for bank information in order to take a "donation." Once these fake charities get a hold of your credit card information, they can take money out of your account. If you have a great internet security provider and antivirus software, you will most likely be safe, but it is still a good to use common sense when browsing the internet.
Holiday Safety Precautions You Need to be Taking
First of all, if you don't already have one, get an IT provider. It is crucial to the health of your small business. The Holiday season is a busy time for small businesses and it can be deadly to your company's profits if you are not protected properly. Cyber criminals get much savvier during the holidays as well, so you want to have as much security as possible. Anti virus is a good way to make sure that your computer is protected from threats before they happen. Make sure you brush up on your knowledge of everyday security tips so that you don't make the common mistakes that could get you hacked.  
 Hot  Off The Press
Online Safety Tips for the Holiday Season.
Beware of
Protect yourself this Christmas with a good anti virus.
New Updates
Starting in January, we will  have 24/7 help desk support and we are creating an exciting new newsletter design, so look out for that!
What is your christmas Wish?
What are some ways we can help you protect your computers this holiday season? Let us know!
Gary's Guide
Make sure you don't become a victim of Identity Theft this holiday season!

"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a computer was stirring, not even its mouse." ~G
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