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Herewith Dandylion’s top indoor office plant recommendations, based on experience in local office environments. We have also considered the key elements of availabily and ease of growth, along with the plants ability to remove air polutants from the offce environment.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis var)

One of the best natural humidifiers of all indoor plants. Many shapes, colours & var.

Draceana varieties

Available in several shapes, styles & colours from trendy to boring (!).

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Also known as the resurrection plant. Easy-to-grow & tolerates low light

@ R55.00 each @ R 45.00 each @ R 60.00 each

Philodendron scandens    (Golden Pothos Vine)

Trailing plant growth. Variegated and plain foliage options. Extremely low maintenance.

Indoor Palms  (Bamboo & Areca Palms)

Sizes range from small ‘love palm’ desk drops to tall office planter ‘bamboo palms’

Sansevaria varieties (Snake plant)

AKA ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’, this hardy indoor plant is almost impossible to kill…

@ R 45.00 each @ R 95.00 each @ R 85.00 each

As always in the world of plants, the list is endless and there are several excellent indoor options that have not  been featured… (this time).                       

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Please take note – pricing reflected in this email relates to a minimum quantity of 50 plants, unbranded and is Gauteng based. Delivery charges not included.  Please allow for pricing fluctuations in other provinces, which will be confirmed with individual requests

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