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Some of us simply just don’t like to be cold! If you like plants but dislike cold weather, then now is a great time to focus on the indoor environment.

Indoor plants add life to dull, ordinary offices. Regardless of shape or size, it’s important to realise indoor plants are not only attractive, but beneficial too.

Air quality is important to health and productivity. Indoor air is contaminated by chemical substances released by furniture, floor & wall coverings etc. During winter we spend more time indoors, with are less ventilation and are more exposed to these contaminants.

Plant leaves (healthy ones) are constantly photosynthesising, ie. absorbing CO2 and releasing O2. In recent years, scientists have learned that leaves also absorb contaminants from the air. (click here to read more)

In short – indoor plants are good for the environment and for people too!  Adding plants to the office environment assists in reducing germs and contaminants. Plants also impact on humidity levels and in general create a healthier indoor environment.

Just another good (& scientific) reason to go green!

Happy World Environment Day,

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*Source: Professor Bert van Duijn, Leiden, 30 October 2013


Healthy green considerations for Mandela Day:
THYME to give back, seasonal herb in pot LOVE palm small in ceramic pot, ideal desk item PEACE lily, an ‘almost’ everlasting office plant FEED the Nation, your Veggie garden in a box!
R 55.00 R 95.00 R99.00 R185

Please take note – pricing reflected in this email relates to a minimum quantity of 50 plants, unbranded and is Gauteng based. Delivery charges not included.  Please allow for pricing fluctuations in other provinces, which will be confirmed with individual requests

Dates to diarise:

  • 5 June - World Environment Day
  • 8 June - World Oceans Day
  • 16 June - Youth Day
  • 21 June - Father’s Day
  • 23 - 28 June - Sustainability Week CSIR
  • 11 July - World Population Day
  • 18 July - Mandela Day
  • 9 August - Woman’s Day
  • 1 September - Spring Day
  • 1 September - Arbour Day
  • 2 September - Secretaries Day
  • 4 September - Casual Day
  • 16 – 21 Sept - National Recycling Week – Clean up SA & Recycle
  • 21 September - Heritage Day
  • 23 September - Spring Equinox
  • 27 September - World Tourism Day
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