Dear Friends,  At this time of unprecedented social confusion and conflict in Catamarca, Argentina, I ask you to pray for the church.  Together we can make a difference.  God bless.  Scott and Ruth Millar

RENACER (Rebirth) Church preparing to expand

We thank God for the generous donation of a lot to build our worship/service center.  Strategically located between four large neighborhoods on the north side of Catamarca with one more being built and  several squater settlements closeby, it is an ideal location to continue our ministry.  We are calling the building Family Care Rebirth Center.  It is a cool name that reflects the new churches commitment to minister in the overwhelming needs of the neighborhoods.  It is  one of the most difficult areas in the city.  All of the negative social indicators are way up including robbery, violence, drug use, alcohol and familly breakup.  Catamarca, Argentina is at a point of spiritual, moral, economic and political breakdown.  These young Christians are taking on the challenge and developing into an effective team.   They are really good preachers and are learning how to live together in harmony not only with each other but also to cooperate with the other churches.    We have been meeting for three years in a home.  During this time, God has been forming us and adding to our body.  it has been a faith stretching experience.  Please stand with them in prayer.  


We are trying a new way of discipleship.  We have been struggling with finding a way to get together to study with people that want to go deeper in their faith.  Since everyone is busy during the week, we decided to use Saturday mornigs and combine it with a trip into the nearby hills.  it worked out great. Marcos, Esteban and Christian accompanied Jorge and me on our first trip.  Our topic was overcoming temptation and learning to rely on the power of the Spirit.  They are all new in their faith.  Pray for them as they re-organize their lives around God

Mission trip to Hualfin

Last weekend our mission team went to the small mountain town of Hualfin to evangelize and encourage the church and Pastor Walter's family.  Saturday during the morning we presented the gospel on the radio, during the siesta we went to the soccer tournament and in the evening we invited everyone to the church to watch the film  Courageous.  In spite of the cold, there were about thirty people there.  Sunday morning we led the church in the theme of perseverence.  Pray especially for Walter and Veronica's two high school aged boys.  There are lots of temtations and they are the only ones in the youth group.  They feel a little  lonely and rejected.  

New mailing address in Catamarca

If you want to send mail to us in Argentina our new address is Scott and Ruth Millar Antonio Taire 2533, 4700 S.F.V de Catamarca.  This replaces our old address Casilla de Correo 102.  Thank you.  

My hero.  Pray for Jose in the town of Chumbicha, Catamarca.

Jose is a hero of mine.  He is sixty years old and is starting a church.  He donated land for a worship center. He visits.  He preachs.   He holds meetings in his daughters home.  People respect and love him.  Jose has persevered in his desire to start a church in the town in spite of surviving several heart attacks.  We have been praying for a church in Chumbicha for several years. (you can look it up on google earth).  We want to encourage him and provide him with the help and guidance he needs.  This is a great guy to put on your prayer list.

Welcome to William

Our grandson William was born on April 13.  He is a big guy.  We are leaving tonight July 6 to see them for a few weeks.  Also pictured are Abraham, Abby and our grand daughter Esther.  God bless Scott and Ruth Millar
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