He’s Coming Back

(An Easter Poem)
By Joni Faith Ames
All was silent since that day
The clouds hung dark and low
It seemed that even nature grieved
The sun refused to show
The man named Jesus had been hung
Upon a wooden cross
And all who’d followed Him despaired
And felt the heavy loss
But this day something new was felt
The sun began to shine
The birds began to chirp again
The air smelled quite divine
Excitement seem to start to rise
From somewhere deep within
The grass was green and things smelled fresh
As flowers bloomed again
And then we heard her voice cry out
As she ran down the hill
And screamed to us, “He is alive!”
The streets began to fill
Could it be true?! Was He alive?!
Reports began to flow
Disciples saw and talked to Him
Soon all the world would know
He bypassed the religious scribes
The Pharisees were stunned
The grave just couldn’t hold Him back
The victory was won
The nails put into His flesh
Engraved us in His hands
His blood bought healing, peace, and life
As heaven took command
Because He suffered what He did
The veil had been rent
Now all of us could speak with God
A new decree was sent
His followers began to meet
And speak a brand new tongue
The Holy Spirit filled them up
And brand new songs were sung
The sinners freedom had been bought
Not one soul need be lost
As Jesus Christ - Messiah - God
Had paid in full the cost
Believers gained the power He’d had
For which He’d shed His blood
He now resided in each one
And faith spread like a flood
Don’t fret about the world you see
He’s coming back once more
And every one will bow to see
Him come through Heaven’s door
Be wise - win souls - don’t be afraid
Help set the captives free
Turn them from darkness to the light
For all Eternity
No one comes except through Him
To enter Heaven’s gates
And follow Him in truth and love
To win against the hate
For God so loved the world He gave
His one and only son
So we could rule and reign with Him
When life on earth is done
Rise up and celebrate today
And praise our risen King
He’ll come back soon to rule the world
So let your praises ring
Written by
Joni Faith Ames
Joni Ames P.O. Box 36667 Rock Hill, SC 29732 USA
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