By Joni Ames

I always wondered about the scripture that tells about Cain killing his brother Able and his blood crying out from the ground.

A few years ago I was watching CNN headline news and they had one of those short little reports on. They were at a scientific facility where they tested DNA slides. They were using a machine they had not used before. They were hearing strange noises.

Finally they noticed a volume on the side of the machine and turned it up. As they put each DNA slide in and out, they realized everybody’s DNA sings it’s very own song. I could hear it! That was amazing to me!

The Lord then allowed me to know that He hears the DNA in blood of all of the aborted babies crying out from the ground to Him. All of their little songs have reached His ears as they sing and cry out to Him to avenge their death.

We must end abortion in our nation. Pay attention to who you vote for and put in office. Vote for life.

Joni Ames
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