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Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for your prayers for me and my fur baby Buddy for my recent month long ministry trip to the Midwest. 

It started out by the Lord giving me a word. It was just one word. Favor.

He told me to tell the people who belong to Him that His favor is with them/us in this season. 

The dictionary defines favor as leniency, permission, gracious kindness, a special privilege or right granted, friendly regard shown toward another - especially by a superior.

He further explained in detail that His favor is the highest level of authority there is.

For instance, you can apply for a job and there are certain requirements listed that need to be met. The boss has interviewed 50 people and has 50 more to interview. You walk in, and he instantly knows in his spirit that you’re the one for the job. Even though you do not meet all of the list of requirements. Because that’s the result of walking in the favor of the Lord.

Or perhaps you are applying for a loan at the bank for a building or a piece of property. You don’t meet all the qualifications. However, that bank president cannot shake the feeling that he has to grant you that loan. He does not know why, but we do. It’s because you have the favor of the Lord upon you.

Again, the favor of the Lord is the highest level of authority there is.

Many times when the Lord gives me a word to give to His people, I end up walking it out. And that’s what happened for me with this trip. The favor of the Lord began to align things for me before I ever even got on the road.

My precious little dog buddy needed surgery for ACL repair, but in Charlotte it would have been $5500. Immediately, a friend in Florida sent me money towards the surgery. Then a lady in Kansas City contacted me and said she had a great vet there that would do the surgery for much less than $5500.

Then a problem arose. The lower cost places I normally choose from to stay when in the Kansas City area were not available. I checked into an Airbnb, which would have been pretty expensive, and I was praying about it.

I received a phone call from some friends who had moved in the past two years and now had a couple of extra bedrooms, one of which was on the first floor so it will be easy access for me, and it had its own bathroom.  They said they felt like I was supposed to stay with them while I was in the area. No charge.

I was soon on my way, and already the favor of the Lord was paving my path.

I got there and went to the original consultation regarding Buddy‘s surgery. I explained that I was visiting and would be there about two weeks. The vet said, “Then let’s leave him here now and I will do the surgery today or in the morning so that he can have a full two weeks to recover before you leave town.“ 

When I went to pick Buddy up two days later, he said they had found some other issues that they had to tend to. Buddy had several infected teeth that needed to be pulled and some other problems. They took care of that while he was sedated. Additionally they updated all of his shots. The cost? $705. Not $5500.

And that was the good news, but there was bad news. He noted that pre-op x-rays showed that the bladder stones Buddy has been needing to have removed had grown and were in precarious position to cause danger. He said if I could stay another two weeks, they could take care of that after Buddy was well enough to get the stitches out from the ACL surgery. 

Buddy had been scheduled for bladder stone surgery twice, and was canceled twice because of the Covid deal. It was now a serious situation. Thank God the vet noted the status.

I talked to my friends that I was staying with and they said I could continue to stay with them as long as I needed to.

My calendar was not full. But as I stayed there, people heard I was in town, and the favor of the Lord increased my schedule consistently. 

Buddy had that second surgery two weeks later. The total cost? $600 even. Not only that, but someone had paid for it by the time I got there to pick Buddy up.

Both surgeries totaled $1305. Not $5500 each, which I could not have done.

I was also able to purchase a month’s worth of his new prescription dog food, buy some suggested supplements he needed, purchase a set of doggie stairs so he could get up and down off of the bed at home, as well as a doggy bed for in the car to help with traveling comfort due to his surgeries.

So many other things happened that showed that God’s word to me about this being a season of His favor was true.

So although I am home now with nothing else on my schedule and a new month of bills ahead, I am not afraid. I know God will continue to see me through.

My reason in sending this out to you is to encourage you that God is no respecter of persons and that this is a season of favor for you as well. Believe it. Walk in it. Thank God for it. And have a blessed summer full of His Favor.




Dear God,

We receive, claim, declare, and thank You for Your favor over ourselves, family, pets, ministries, and businesses. We pray and agree with each other that we have and walk in Your Divine Favor, in the powerful name and blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.” (Psalms 84:11)


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