Every Second Counts.

Every. Single. Second.
By Joni Ames

Every second counts. Every. Single. Second.

Every hair counts. Every. Single. Hair. (Luke 12:7)

Every word counts and will be accounted for.

Not one aspect of who God made you to be or what He called you to do or what we do with it is unimportant.

Every thought and deed will be accounted for. That’s why we call it “spending” time. Like money, we “spend” it.

I saw myself in a vision saunter across the room to go walk the dog and leave junk laying everywhere. I came back in and passed the same stuff and did nothing about it. Therefore I came back into a messy living room.

Then I saw myself in a Re-do. I was walking across the room, picking up one thing after another, opening a window shade to see the daylight, and straightening things that need straightened. When I came back in, I came back into a neatly organized living room. Same amount of time, but things accomplished along the way.

I then walked into a room where a group of ladies were talking together. We all suddenly “knew” that the one lady was close to dying. There was a bunch of chitchat. Then we all looked at each other and “knew” we needed to make the conversation count. Every single word.

Sometimes we would get off track, but we would look at each other knowingly and mentally communicate that we needed to make this time important. We would immediately reroute the conversation. Mentally I heard myself and my friends tell each other that “every second counts.”

Interestingly, as we made sure that our conversation was wholesome and good, that woman looked healthy. When we would get off track, she would seem to be faltering. I felt like that woman represented The Church and Our Nation.

What would we say or do differently if we knew the person we were talking to was going to die and it was our last chance to talk to them? Or that the words we speak would heal and keep them alive?

What would we say or do differently if we knew that the conversation we were having was going to determine the direction of someone’s life? Or the direction of an entire nation? Or it’s life or death?

Well if we look at the Word of God, we find out that it does. Our words have power.

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21)

Our words truly contain the power of life and death.

I’ll never forget something that happened when my daughter was a baby in her walker. Her cousin was close to the same age and was also in her walker next to her. My one sister-in-law started talking to my daughter’s cousin and my daughter lit up and smiled really big, thinking my sister-in-law was talking to her. My sister-in-law yelled at her and said, “I’m not talking to you! I’m talking to your cousin!”

My baby girl burst into uncontrollable tears, sobbing so hard that she shook. My heart was broken on her behalf. I grabbed her up and held her tight and loved on her and got mad at my sister in law for hurting my baby’s feelings.

How many times do we hurt people like that? They may not instantly fall apart into tears, but our hurtful words go home with them and they cry silently, all alone on their pillow.

I recently had somebody hurt my heart like that. Every time I thought of it, I felt like somebody took a sword and stabbed it through my heart. I had to keep saying out loud that I forgave them and would ask God to help heal my heart from it. I was alone and it was just between me and God.

I’m a grown-up Christian so I knew I could not hold it against them. But it took a while to get over the pain. I knew and could feel in my body that it could cause me literal physical damage if I did not get rid of it. Why? Because life and death are literally in the power of the tongue.

I have not felt anything like that because of somebody’s words in many years. But that situation took me by surprise. It made me mad at myself that I had not guarded my heart better.

One time the hamster that my children and I had bit me. I got mad and told it, “You’re dead meat buster!” An hour later there was an accident. The television fell on him. He was dead.

The stakes are higher than we think.

Our words can literally change the course of lives and nations.

Let’s look at that Proverbs 18:21 scripture again, in more entirety. In fact, let’s also look at the prior verse.

(20) “A man’s stomach shall be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth;
From the produce of his lips he shall be filled.”

Then verse 21 says:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”

The Lord had shown me that this year was an important one for us to learn to first listen to Him before we start to speak. (See my previous article at 5781: Silence Is Golden

I even rewrote it for greater clarity, because of how crucially our words count in this season.

In it, I had a vision of the Lord holding His index finger up for the number one, then putting it up to His lips as if to say “Shhhhh.” In other words, to hush and listen to Him. Listen before we speak.

Prayer and declaration are so important. Our words contain the power to produce life or death.

We as Christians are held to higher accountability. Therefore we need to be cautious as to what we load up in our mind and heart because it will come out of our mouth and we will eat what it produces.

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)

We are responsible to use the power God gives to us in the right manner. A Christian cannot haphazardly use their words to curse a person or situation. That is witchcraft. A Christian who does that causes themselves to risk receiving the boomerang effect. In other words, having that curse come back upon themself.

Because we are human, we all make mistakes. But it is important to clean up those mistakes along the way like the Lord showed me about cleaning up my living room along the way.

In that, He gave me the correlation of our mind and heart being our “living room.“ We need to remove any “clutter” as we go along our way so that it doesn’t trip us up.

Recently on television they were talking about the wildfires out in California. They showed airplanes that constantly look to try to find the smallest fire before it gets large so they can quickly put it in check. The reason they need to do that is because an uncontrolled fire doubles in size every minute.

Rumors are like uncontrolled wildfires. So are hot tempers. Hot tempers can produce a wildfire of nasty words and word curses. Once they are released they cannot be retrieved. They have done their damage.

Studies years ago showed that even plants respond to how a person speaks to them. Plants that are spoken kindly to thrive. Plants that are yelled at and spoken harshly to wither up and die.

What kind of fruit will our words and our lives produce today? Let’s be cautious about what we say and do. Let’s make our words and our lives count. Let’s stop and listen to the Lord first. Then let’s create a wonderful, productive, life giving, life filled day.

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