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I recently sat in a service where a young guy was preaching with all of his might. But something was strangely familiar. I soon recognized the sermon as being one that I had heard another man teach before. It had been one of the other man’s most recognized sermons.


We have a Bible full and a life full of ministry topics. We don’t need to copy anybody else. Our experiences alone could last a lifetime for what we can teach. 


I love what Rick Joyner says, “In the very areas where you have been wounded and healed, you then have authority to heal others.” The Bible put it this way, “Satan is defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.” (Rev. 12:11)


Very often the things you go through, experiences you have, and the lessons you learn are the most powerful things you can teach.


When I worked at PTL, I would schedule the local pastors to come in and do daily devotionals for the visitors. If the speaker for the day didn’t show up, it was my job to do the devotion that day.


I had been walking down the corridor where our stores were and saw a postcard with the names of Jesus through the window. For some reason, it grabbed me and I had to go in and buy it. 


Within an hour, I found out that the speaker I scheduled could not come. God brought my attention back to that postcard.


I grabbed my Bible and opened up the index where it listed the names of Jesus and what each one referred to. I went to the room where the devotions were to be held and spoke on it. I told them honestly how I came about the topic.


There was a pastor and his wife who wept the entire time. He said afterwards that it was the best teaching he had ever heard and exactly what he needed in every way. 


He thanked me for being honest as to how it came about. He said the fact that it was hot off the press of the Holy Spirit was why it was so anointed. It wasn’t regurgitated from somebody else or rehearsed.


I knew a guy who was a traveling evangelist that would look up and use all of the famous old ministers sermons. He would actually memorize them and then preach them everywhere he went. He never used his own material. He was just a good actor using someone else’s scripts. 


Because I had worked at PTL and heard every minister you could imagine, I recognized what he was doing right away.


He even thought that Elvis Presley was his alter ego (spiritual twin) and utilized his voice inflections and movements in his sermons. It was crazy.


Things like that may work for a while, but it’s the anointing that breaks the yoke, not the annoying.


God’s word contains everything we need pertaining to life and godliness. (2 Peter 1:3) If we immerse ourself in Him He will saturate us with His presence and His anointing.


To bring balance, we may quote someone else from time to time. But we need to be sure we give them credit for it. Not study them and act like them and pretend it’s our material or that we are them.


Be who God called you to be. Teach what He has put inside of you. Don’t regurgitate somebody else’s sermon.


As the saying goes, don’t be an echo, be a voice. There’s plenty of topic material in God’s Word and in your life’s many testimonies. Just look at the index in the back of your Bible and pick a topic. Better yet, pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing in your life and let Him come shining through you.





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