David’s Mighty Men Are Arising

By Joni Ames

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the Lord puts things together piece by piece and that is the case of this word that He has been growing in me about the men of today.

Recently we have seen many men being bashed in the media who have fallen from grace. Some who were bad boys in their younger days, but have become proven reputable adults. That is what began my quest.

I began to cry out to God for more information on what is going on and why.

In the mid-60s, there was a women’s movement which some very Jezebel like women at times took hold of. They did not just stand up for their rights. They usurped men and took over.

The Vietnam Nam war came along and wiped out over 58,000 of our men.

The homosexual agenda began to scope out and take another huge segment of men. 4.7% of the U.S. population are a part of that. Of that group, biologically speaking, most are male.

We have seen the terrible crimes that have happened in the Catholic Church against young men there.

The abortion industry came along and eliminated millions more. Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decree, over 50 million total abortions have occurred. We can estimate that half of those were male.

Drugs and other resulting crimes now have over 172,000 men currently in prison in the United States, compared to a little over 12,600 women.

Last year 55 police officers were feloniously killed. Three were female and 52 were male.

Per Statista, by 2024, it is projected that there will be 173.9 million women and 167.08 million men in the U.S. That’s a difference of over six million less men.

Why the attack on the male population?

I was watching a comedy called Everybody Loves Raymond on TV one evening. I laughed at one of the scenes. The arm of the Lord came into the room and pointed at the television and said, “THAT was not funny! “

I became serious and said, “Why Lord? “

He said, “It’s television programs like that that portray men as weak idiots that are causing the children to disrespect male authority and have a false view of what men should be like.

I was then watching the Disney Channel with my granddaughter one day. In every program, the parents were wrong and the kids were right. In the end the parents had to apologize to the children for whatever they had done.

Again the Lord came to me and said, “Do you see what’s happening? Programs like these are causing the younger generation to totally disrespect their parents and others in authority. They are shortening the lives of the children because My Word says, “Honor your mother and father that your days will be long upon the earth.“ (Exodus 20:12)

I was grieved for the upcoming generations. Particularly the male portion that seems to be the main focus of attack.

“Lord, why?” Was my question.

He reminded me that when Moses and Jesus were born, the enemy knew there was a male deliver. He put out a decree to kill all of those two years old and under.

In this day and time, God has many men whose purpose is to be delivers of the people. They have thankfully slipped beneath the enemy’s radar. It has him going crazy and not know what to do, so he is lashing out on all men.

The good news is....we are beginning to see a new group of those like David’s Mighty Men (2 Samuel 23:8–39) arise in the midst of it all, and we are about to see a men’s movement across our nation that will far exceed the Promise Keepers movement.

This new group of David’s Mighty Men may not have looked so great in the beginning, but they are fast becoming those who know their God, who will be strong, and do great exploits. (Daniel 11:32) They will also reach out to the Fatherless to re-parent and properly mentor them.

David’s Mighty Men served an important role in protecting the king and fighting for the freedom of their nation, and so shall these.

For now it has been a small, grassroots movement. There are groups of five, or 10, or 20 in various spots across our nation. But they are emerging and growing quickly.

The job for us women is to surround our men in prayer. Whether they are related as husbands, sons, fathers, uncles, pastors, or those in governmental authority, we must protect them in prayer and not allow the enemy to take them out.

To these men I say, take heart and know the Lord has heard your cries. May God bless and be with you and protect you and give you great and glorious victories. Please know that there are many who are cheering you on. Be only strong and very courageous for the Lord your God is with you! The victories of the Lord will far outweigh the battles!

Joni Ames
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