11:11​ (10/20/21)

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Joni Ames

For awhile, everyone I knew kept getting 11:11. Then I did and it drove me crazy! By that I mean that I would not be thinking of looking at a clock, but at exactly 11:11, my head would turn quick and see it. If I was asleep, I'd awaken and see it on the clock. If I was doing something during the day, I'd immediately look at my watch at 11:11. This began to happen to me so much that I couldn't ignore it.


When on a ministry trip in Maryland, I got out of my car just in time for nearby church bells to ring the 11th hour. When I got back in the car, there it was, 11:11 on my dashboard clock! Truly, the Lord was saying, "It's the eleventh hour." But I felt there was more than that in the message.


As I kept getting "the 11:11 thing," I felt that the Lord impressed on me Hebrews 11:11. In that, I sensed these things: 


(1) I felt that the book of Hebrews is important during this time and that through the word "Hebrews" that He is saying that the church that is arising will be the church HE BREWS and I saw a big huge pot full of hot water "brewing" on a stove. He said, "Look at this!" Then He reached down with a huge wooden spoon and took off the dross - and HE kept "BREW-ing" it. I heard "He BROODs over us night and day." - And I sensed that He was saying He's "brewing" and HE's BROOD-ing over us, and in the process of it all, He will scoop off the dross. 


(2) He gave me Hebrews 11:11* and said, "The church is My Sarah" (it means princess) "and she is not too old to conceive the promise to birth as many souls as there are grains of sand on the beach or stars in the sky in many nations." 


*Hebrews 11:11 says: By faith even Sarah* herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised; (New American Standard Bible) SARAH comes from the Hebrew for "princess." - The root name is SERAPHINA, which comes from the Hebrew for "afire" or "angel." He's making His ministers to become messengers of His flames of fire.


(3) Finally, one day I had an open vision of the Lord racing through a church (which I felt represented THE church as a whole) - much like I would envision that he did when He upturned the selling tables in the temple - and I heard what I believe was the Lord's voice cry out: "The leaven!" "The leaven!" - "It's time to get out the leaven!!!" 


I sensed such an urgency in His cry that we must quickly get the leaven out of that which comes across the pulpit and out of our mouths and bring forth the pure, hot Word of God, as well as getting the leaven out of our personal lives & relationship with the Lord. - Leaven is a "puffing up" or a "sweetening" agent put into bread to cause it to "taste better" and to "look better" (rise). Jesus is The Bread of Life - THE Word - Reading the pure Word is the UNLEAVENED Bread of Life! 


No matter how we try for it not to happen, when we get it from over the pulpet, it has a little bit of the flavor of the person speaking it - a little "leaven." - We ALL need to get the PURE WORD, the UNLEAVENED WORD for ourselves. Not some “user friendly” or “seeker friendly” version. It’s the TRUTH that sets us free.


(4) Additionally, it was as if the Lord said through the number 11 to beware for the final apostasy (falling away from God's truth - 2 Thess. 2:3) is at hand. In it, there may well be "Judas" type of situations arise, even among our personal relationships. But take heart! After Judas came Matthias to take his place. Matthias means gift of Yahweh. (Acts 1:15-26). There are many "Matthias' " whose time is now at hand and are coming forth "for such a time as this." In this, I believe that, as many have said, it is time for the TRUE apostolic to be restored and come forth in greater measure.


Many Blessings,

Joni Ames



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