The Crystal Sea

Joni Ames

Tonight as I laid on my bed
My Jesus came to me
And said “I want to show to you
A lovely sight to see”

We flew beyond the clouds above
And landed in a place
Beyond the worlds of stars and such
Outside of time and space

The air was somewhat tangible
Not like the air that’s here
My body didn’t feel the same
I had no sense of fear

He took me to a special spot
Beside a crystal sea
Where every sound was different there
And new sounds come to be

The water was a sea of glass
That you could walk upon
A place where time did not exist
And every pain was gone

Beneath my feet the worlds were there
And I could see them float
Beneath the sea I walked on them
Just like a glass floored boat

The stars were bright as they passed by
The sky kept changing hue
As bright auroras dazzled me
Red, green, and purple too

The waters sang a symphony
To Jupiter and Mars
And splashed sounds I had never heard
Across the moon and stars

A fire flashed at certain times
And brought a war like sound
Which signaled to angelic troops
To help those on the ground

The fire would cause a change of hue
To take place in the sea
From red to orange then whitish blue
Which called forth victory

New rainbows that were quite alive
Sent more songs through the sea
And many were sent down to earth
To folks like you and me

Each color brought a brand new sound
Then mixed to bring forth more
Like paint gets mixed I saw it form
Beneath the glassy floor

Then golden harps appeared on top
And danced to songs they made
As rainbows passed upon the strings
Sweet were the songs that played

They sang in lovely lullaby’s
To babies in the womb
And sang sweet peace to those who passed
Before they were entombed

It was a place where songs are born
And music comes to be
And then get sent to earth and stars
And even to the trees

A place where all the atmosphere
Is full of music notes
That get washed in the sea of glass
Where all of Heaven floats

How lovely are the sounds that flow
From deep within that sea
As they are born and then are sent
Throughout the galaxies

It carries moonbeams in a jar
And dances in the breeze
To those who’ll listen to the wind
And with their hearts will seize

So listen closely to the wind
With all your heart and soul
And you will hear angelic tones
And hear sea billows roll

Take flight with Him to worlds unknown
Past all of time and space
And catch the sounds that bounce to earth
And bring God’s warm embrace

Behold the symphony of life
Conceived upon God’s sea
Is sent from past the universe
To dance with you and me.

3:25 am
Joni Ames P.O. Box 36667 Rock Hill, SC 29732 USA
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