Article By Joni Ames


Dear Friend,


“Peace, be still,” The Lord speaks to your storms today. He extends peace to you in the midst of your storm. (Mark 4:39)


I’m a fighter in a different way than most other fighters. I don’t need to yell or punch anyone out. I simply press on through with prayer, determination, and resolve to obtain victory. 


There are situations in life where that has meant to stand my ground and speak up, and others where it has meant to shut my mouth, shake my head in disbelief, and walk on with a knowing smile in my heart that God still had my back and trust He’d take care of everything.


So calm down, my friend. Don’t let people or things rattle your cage. God is still on the throne.


I’ve watched Him miraculously move jerks out of the way when it appeared they would forever be in charge of situations. Trust God. HE is who is in charge.


Nobody is worth you having a lack of peace and even health issues because of the stress you let them give you.


There’s answers other than getting your feathers ruffled in a big flurry of intense anger and emotion.


Calm down, take a deep breath, pull back and watch God confuse the enemy and give you victory.


The best IS yet to come, no matter how it looks. Because as one lady I knew once said, “God is still on the throne. I ain’t heard no thump yet.”


Be still and know that He, indeed, is God! (Psalm 46:10)


Have a blessed day and weekend!!!


Love & Blessings,



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