Ignore The Giants!

By Joni Ames

I have a message for you. This is the wilderness that we are in right now. The Promised Land is up ahead. If you look with me through the windows of time you can see the promised land full of big huge fruit.

Don’t look at the Giants. They are trying to get your attention and scare you away from that fruit. Re-focus. Look PAST them to the fruit.

Don’t speak life to the Giants. Ignore them. Speak life to the fruit. Speak thankfulness for the awesome, huge, abundant fruit you see ahead.

The Israelites missed out on their promised land because they grumbled and complained and talked about the Giants. Let’s be smarter than that.

What you focus on is what you will get. What you speak to and give attention to, you give life to. So speak to the fruit.

The Giants are noisy right now. They are trying to be the center of attention. We cannot let that happen. We cannot allow the Giants to steal our opportunity to get to the big fruit that we have spent our lives pursuing.

We may have to put our hand over our own mouth in order to stop ourselves from being negative. So be it. Do that if you have to. Don’t lose out on your promise land. Don’t lose out on the huge fruit you have waited a lifetime to see. Press pass the Giants and into victory. If we can do that, the best is yet to be.

Love & blessings,

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