Wait Three Days

(A Good Friday Poem)
By Joni Faith Ames

The sky grew dark, the earth grew cold
As lightening flashed the sky
My Jesus hung upon a cross
And we all watched Him die

As He was carried to the tomb
It felt like Hell had won
We wondered how that it could be
The devil killed God’s Son

We wept in silence at His grave
As soldiers there stood guard
It seemed the future left with Him
To have hope seemed too hard

But little did we know that day
What we all could not see
As Jesus ventured into Hell
To set the captives free

I learned, don’t look at what is seen
But trust what He has said
And realize new life exists
When all our hope seems dead

“Wait three days,” He once told us
He promised victory
For In that time, great things are done
That our eyes may not see

Then sure enough, as day three came
A light came from the tomb
The mountain shook the stone aside
As He burst from death’s womb

You see, some things can’t be explained
Just by what we may see
His angels work behind the scenes
To create victory

In spite of how it looks today
Sunday is yet ahead
The things He’s promised aren’t a lie
Your future isn’t dead

That stone will soon be rolled away
Don’t look at what you see
My Jesus keeps His promises
Here comes your victory!

Written by
Joni Faith Ames
P.O. Box 36667
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Joni Ames P.O. Box 36667 Rock Hill, SC 29732 USA
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