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TMS 2012 Annual Meeting

Dr. Das to Give Plenary Presentation at the 2012 TMS Annual Meeting

TMS 2012: Linking Science and Technology for Global Solutions
March 11-15, 2012 • Orlando, FL

Dr. Das will be one of several speakers presenting at this year's Annual TMS meeting at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

According to the TMS website, "Materials science and engineering professionals hailing from more than 68 countries will gather amid the effervescent atmosphere of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort to network, present research, share industrial applications and introduce innovation. This blend of academic, technical, business and social elements creates the perfect synergy to move research and development forward to produce applications that fuel global solutions."

Dr. Das will be presenting in the Aluminum Plenary: “Aluminum Industry Technology 2020, A Look Ahead," scheduled for Monday, March 12th, 2012. His presentation is titled, "Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Global Aluminum Industry."
Fluid Management Company Website

Non-Invasive Measurement

Fluid Management Systems, Inc. (Founded 2010): Developing and Commercializing Non-Invasive Medical Devices for Human and Animal Pharmaceutical Industries.

Fluid Management Systems, Inc. Launches Official Website

FMS Wins KSTC Phase Zero Grant & Enterprise Fund

  • The Kentucky Science and Technology Center has awarded Fluid Managment Systems, Inc. the Phase Zero Grant and the KSTC Enterprise Fund. The Phase Zero Grant was used to prepare for the NSF-SBIR Federal Grant. The Enterprise Fund award has been used to build a functional prototype to demonstrate the technology for animal health applications.  

FMS Applies for NSF Grant

  • Fluid Management Systems, Inc. recently applied for a grant from the National Science Foundation. Receiving this award will bolster the company's technology research and development.


Phinix, LLC Website

Aluminum. Recycling. Carbon Management.

Phinix, LLC. (Founded 2008): Providing Global Thought Leadership and Consulting Services for Aluminum, Carbon, Metals, Recycling, and Energy & Carbon Management.

Dr. Das Publishes a New Article in The Journal of Metals

Dr. Das' article, “Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Global Aluminum Industry," will appear in the February 2012 issue of The Journal of Metals. This paper outlines an integrated and quantifiable  plan for achieving “carbon neutrality” in  the global aluminum industry  by advocating several steps such as using “greener” energy grids, reducing energy intensity of manufacturing processes, deploying products in energy-saving applications , diverting material from landfills and utilizing urban mining to extract materials from “ aluminum-rich landfills."

Phinix Blog Presents 15-Week Series Based on US Post Office "Go Green" Stamps

If you haven't been following the Phinix Blog, jump over and check out what you've been missing. Each week the Phinix blog explores different methods for living a greener lifestyle, with ideas inspired by the USPS "Go Green" Stamp Series.

Phinix Sponsors Local Cash For Cans Event in Lexington, KY

Phinix was proud to sponsor the 2011 Cash For Cans Event in Lexington, KY. According to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Website, "Schools in Fayette County collected over 243,000 cans, 32% more than in 2010!" Phinix would like to thank all of the participating schools for their outstanding work.

Dr. Das to Chair Several Sessions at the 2012 Carbon Management Technology Conference

Dr. Das will be chairing several sessions of this year's Carbon Managment Technology Conference, scheduled for February 7-9 in Orlando, FL. According to the organizers of this event, "This inaugural conference will draw professionals from all engineering disciplines to share their expertise on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to changing climate. Conference organizers have coordinated a diverse and comprehensive three-day technical program that examines all aspects of carbon management—including business concerns, policy issues, and education concerns."

Underground Recovery, LLC Logo

Metals. Energy.

Underground Recovery, LLC (Founded 2011): Developing Underground Technologies for Recovering Valuable Metals from "Urban Mining" and Carbon Dioxide-Free Energy from Fossil Fuels.

Underground Recovery Applied for U.S. Utility Patent for Generating Electricity from Fossil Fuels without Carbon Dioxide Emissions

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration,
coal emissions form the electric power sector generated a staggering 1,945.9 Million Metric
Tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2008, accounting for a third of the total U.S. carbon emissions in
2008. Despite these startling statistics, our nation and the world remains heavily dependent
upon coal as a natural energy resource—nearly 45% of our net electricity generation is
powered by coal now and expected to remain so for a foreseeable future.

One Lexington-based company may hold the answer to our energy / environment dilemma.
Underground Recovery, LLC, a newly formed Lexington-based company, has developed a
patent-pending process, which may eliminate carbon emissions from coal combustion
processes in a potentially efficient and inexpensive way. The project is in conceptual stage.
Current carbon sequestration methods are both costly and energy intensive. Piping of the
carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, for sequestration either above or below ground proves to
be legally and economically cumbersome, utilizing unproven technology with risky socioeconomic-
legal implications. In addition to carbon dioxide, the combustion of coal also
produces ash – spawning harmful land, water, and air pollution.

The new process invented by Underground Recovery, LLC, addresses coal combustion
along with capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide, as well as the elimination of costly ash

Underground Recovery, LLC is looking for synergistic research, development and
commercialization partners for collaborations and investments.


Check Out Our Urban Mining Blog on Recovering Aluminum Materials from Landfills

It is estimated that the cumulative amount of aluminum cans buried in US municipal landfills alone exceeds 35 million metric tonnes which is comparable to annual global production of new primary aluminum. Furthermore, one million metric tonnes of new land filled aluminum cans are added every year. This yearly addition of 1,000,000 metric tonnes is equivalent to running three average aluminum smelters (300,000 metric tonnes per year) every year full time just for land filling. Every land filled aluminum can represents a loss of about 220 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent of GHG.

In light of large carbon footprint of the aluminum industry ( 1% of global carbon footprint and 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per tonne of primary aluminum  smelted) and the fact that recycling uses only 5 % of the energy, it is worthwhile to explore all available options to achieve  much needed and desirable carbon neutrality for the global aluminum industry.
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