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Roots is part of the larger Globalscope family, which is itself a strategic arm of CMF.  Globalscope is seeking to create dynamic Christ-centered communities on university campuses around the world.
November started with Fireworks Night and ended with Thanksgiving, with so much in between!  We loved getting to spend time with students, putting on regular events at Roots, and finishing up the first six-weeks of our Second Helpings small group during the month, but there were two big things that happened out of the ordinary that we wanted to share specifically with you: the weekend away with our Globalscope neighbors in England and Thanksgiving!
Weekend Away with Canvas:
We are so lucky at Roots to be really close to another one of the other MINISTRIES in our Globalscope family.  Canvas is down in Birmingham in England and is about a 4 hour train ride away from us in Edinburgh.  Last year, the whole Roots team were invited to their fall semester retreat (which we call a weekend away) and this year one of our big goals was to attend again, but to take a few of our students with us.  We were so grateful that although a couple of students who wanted to attend had other non-negotiable commitments, we had two girls join the two of us, our teammate Dee, and our exchange student Kaitlyn for a really amazing weekend!  Laura and Lauren are two Scottish students who have been involved in Roots since last year and who are really important parts of our core group. 

(Lauren and Laura are on the left sides of both photos)
The weekend was kind of like one of our Tuesday Night events, but two days long!  That meant that there was food, fun games, and meaningful talks.  It was awesome to watch Laura and Lauren join in with all the fun and begin making friends with the English students immediately.  The coolest part for us though, was seeing the girls’ reactions to the talks.  They were interviews with one Canvas alumni and one current Canvas student, both of whom made the decision to follow Jesus through what they learned at Canvas.  The interviews were funny, honest, and really relatable.  Not only that, but the student who spoke and another girl were getting baptized that Sunday afternoon.  The Canvas team did a great job explaining what baptism means to us as Christians and also made it really clear that no one should feel pressure to be a part of it and should do what they felt comfortable with.  Neither Laura or Lauren is a follower of Jesus, so we weren’t sure how either would react, but we were pleasantly surprised when they both immediately responded that they wanted to watch the two girls be baptized as followers of Christ.  It was the first adult baptism that either had seen and gave us the chance to have a neat conversation.  We talked about what we believe about baptism and even got to share our own personal baptism stories with them.

Both girls caught the vision of where we want to see Roots growing in the next few years and we can tell already that they are more confident and comfortable as leaders in the Roots community.
Last year, our Thanksgiving dinner was our first true event officially as Roots and we were so excited to host our second annual dinner last week.  We rented a room in a local community center and prepared tables for 56 people and ended up even having to add a couple of chairs!  The room was full of students enjoying each other and delicious food.  So many people experienced their first thanksgiving meal and all of our team had to explain multiple times that yes, sweet potato casserole is supposed to be served as a side dish to the main meal and not with the desserts!
The evening was a great opportunity for current Roots students to invite their roommates and friends along and also a perfect low-pressure night for us to invite students who we have been getting to know and who haven’t yet attended a Roots activity. 
It was an amazing time where we met new people, shared about what Roots is, and provided a safe, fun place for students to relax and have fun before exams.
Please join us in praying:
- We have two more weeks before exams are over and students will all be home for Christmas.  We are praying that we are able to make a lot of connections with students before they head out! 
- This week's Tuesday Night with Roots was the biggest turnout we have ever had!  Plus we read the first half of the Christmas story straight from the Bible.  We are praying that we are able to keep up well with the new students we are meeting and continue to openly share our thoughts on this time of year!
- Our family.  We are 21 weeks along now and had a very positive scan last week.  Things are going well and we can tell by the kicks that the little one is getting stronger and stronger!

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