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Berry Christmas

Adam's christmas breakfast at the home of his pappa and mamma Grubb - home grown blueberries, black currants and raspberries with home made granola. Just add yoghurt and best breakfast ever!


Congratulations to our recent batch of graduates, shown above at Melliodora. We love these courses and can't wait for the next one to kick off in March!

Team Member Profile: Carey

Ladies and gentlemen we give you Carey Priest.

Acorns for Breakfast Anyone?

Parts One and Two of an article by Dan on the future of the human food supply and experimentation therein.

VEG Meets Big Allan

It was a while ago now but a highlight of 2013 was some of us meeting Allan Savory, founder of holistic management.
VEG Design

Recent VEG Jobs

Awesome to revisit this Eaglemont VEG garden on our recently finished PDC
Introducing the awesome Castlemaine Carpark Community Garden
Josh's Very Edible Garden in Kew
A another recent Kew courtyard VEG bed install
Enjoying a bit of rural design lately - here getting some help on the design of a 140 acre farm project
VEG install in Metcalfe East
VEG's Will talking through a Northcote edible forest garden install
Need to break wind? Check out this tip for doing so effectively.
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Juicy Bunch of New VEG Courses are Good to Go

Upcoming Courses

VEG Green Business Incubator (Castlemaine)
Saturday, Feb 15 & Feb 22nd 2014 (NSW version here)

Beginner's Guide to Chickens
Sunday Feb 22nd 2014

VEG Intro to Organic Vegetable Growing - Autumn Edition
Saturday March 8th 2014

VEG Green Business Incubator (NSW)
Saturday & Sunday March 8 & 9 2014 (NSW version here)

VEG Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Friday, 14 March 2014 - Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beginner's Guide to Compost & Worms
Saturday, March 22 2014

More events...

A Note from the Team

The future is feeling full with delicious possibilities at the moment as we catch a break after a king-sized year.  One new year's resolution is to really try and make time for this year is our monthly newsletters, as we do like to stay in touch (and it's been a while between drinks!).  A few other things on the cards are firstly that we are going crazy with courses. Absolutely bonkers. The brand new VEG Green Business Incubator (one in Victoria and one in NSW), the Power of Rocket Stoves, the Power of Trees, not to mention another PDC and heaps more.  Then there is getting cracking on the VEG book we've been thinking about for a while - a richly imaged guide to suburban permaculture design based around ten case studies of gardens we've designed and help implement over the last eight years.  Stay tuned, stay well, enjoy your edible gardens and we'll catch you behind a double-planted peach or some such soon!


This Month in the Garden

This month will be your last chance to sow some summer crops for autumn harvest, so slip, slop, slap and all that and get stuck in. Let's face it though, it's starting to get fairly hot so if you do plant seeds direct into your patch and seedlings think: cool spots and shade tents.

What to plant...

There is still a whole heap of things you can pop in the patch at this time of year including basil, parsley, watercress, sage and dill, spring onions, leeks, lettuces and zucchini
  • A second planting of the ever versatile silverbeet will give you extra plants to see you through the winter when production slows right down.
  • If you see cucumbers or zucchinis that are growing unevenly and withering at the end (they will have a wonderful trombone-like shape), try a dose of wood ashes to supply potash.
  • Add some beauty to your backyard with verbena or ageratum.
  • Don't forget to pop in some sunflower seeds this month. Find a sunny spot where you would like to see some happy sunflowers later in the year and push seeds in to double the seed size. Cover lightly with dirt and you'll soon be harvesting seeds.

Other tasks

  • Don't hesitate to give your mulch a top up - especially if you are heading away from home for a holiday. Mulch after watering to a depth of about 7cm but be careful to keep mulch clear of plant stems, especially young seedlings, to avoid stem-rot.
  • Consider constructing a couple of shade cloth tents. You don't need to be a chippy to construct one, any simple, moveable structure that you can pop over the top of some of the sun sensitive veggies (like leafy greens and beans) as the heat becomes more intense will do. Install on high UV days, windy days, and while away from your patch.
  • Going away? Why not consider installing a drip irrigation system in your patch before you leave? VEG can help with more advice and full installation of these warm weather garden lifesavers.
  • As your plants grow and fill in the space between each other, it’s time to weed between them. There’s usually no reason to pull the weeds out before that though. They protect the soil, and many are tasty and more nutritious than spinach.  Come along to one of Adam's Edible Weeds Walks if you don't believe us!
  • Water smarter at this time of year. Water first thing in the morning, and remember a deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial than light watering.

In the Orchard

  • Plums are now coming online as are peaches - good times ahead what with eating fresh, preserving, and all the rest.  Don't get us started on berries - our lips are red and blue all over from excessive consumption!

With the Chooks

  • Make sure the ladies have heaps of water at all times and access to plenty of fresh green pick.  A great idea is to throw them the spinach and whatnot now going to seed in your garden (leaving a few for seed though).  Don't forget chook need continuous access to large bit of grit what with their high calcium demand.


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