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Excellent Customer Service

On a recent training trip, I visited a nationally known restaurant.  The greeter appeared to be uninterested in her job as “greeter”, with no smile or even an ounce of a dashing personality.  She said, "How many?” and I said, "One”.  She said, "Did you want to sit at the bar or would you like a table?”  To which I replied, "I would like a booth if possible.”   Apparently not hearing me, she stated, "But the bar is full service.”  To which I replied, "If you have any tables, that would be great.”   Just a note – the restaurant was about half full.  So, I took a table.  

I could tell you about the rest of the wonderful experience – wonderful waitress, a manager who came over to see how my meal was, staff who were energetic – but what I remember is my lowest level of service – the greeter (although I do believe that title is pushing it a bit).

Ironically, as I was eating and reading the news on my phone, this particular restaurant was noted as losing 15% in sales this year, with the chance of being sold off.  Hmmmm.  Apparently a lot of people do not like eating at the bar.

So, what can we take from this?  Well, let’s start with the obvious.  A greeter should be just that, a person who offers a fantastic first impression and is clearly aware of their role in the organization.  They have the opportunity to set the tone for the entire experience.  And they should listen.  When I noted I was not interested in sitting at the bar, that should not have been another option.  The initial option could have been “Would you like a table, booth or to sit at the bar, where there is full service?”  Hey, everyone loves options!

I will admit, I missed the opportunity to speak with the manager.  What I did love about him was that he was what I like to call a hands-on manager.  If someone needed a refill, he didn’t go get the waiter or waitress, he refilled the glass.  So, yes, I missed that opportunity.  Shame on me.  

If you have a “greeter” at your company (whoever that might be), please make sure they know how effective they can be.  You can role model with them; let them walk in and see what others see. 

Change Your Outlook

I am sitting next to a grandpa and his two grandchildren, who are about ages two and three. He said,"So now what is our mission statement?" and together they said, "We should be nice to everyone and always say hi to everyone we meet, and always have a smile on our face." Okay, now that made my day!

Be the Change

The next time something is not going the way that you would like it to be going .. BE THE CHANGE.  Refrain from just complaining about it.  Decide what you can do to change it. 



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It is often easy for us to expect great service but I truly believe we do not have the power to change others, only the power to change ourselves.  So, with that being said, here are some tips on being a better customer: 


If you have an appointment, arrive on time.

Refrain from using your cell phone to talk, text, e-mail or play games, when a customer service provider is talking with you.

When requested, bring appropriate paperwork, insurance cards, referrals sheets and other requested information.

Have your money ready to pay.

Smile and have a pleasant demeanor.

Write down any questions you have for the service provider so you are prepared.

Give your full attention to the service provider.

Bring something for your children to play with during your visit.


Remember – these are all of the traits we look for in great customer service.  You can do your part.

Training Testimonial

I highly recommend Dawn to any organization that wishes to take their customer service to the next level. She utilizes real world, common examples to demonstrate concepts in an interactive and fun way. All levels of our organization benefitted from the training.

Pamala L. Funk
Assistant City Administrator
City of O'Fallon


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