A new wave of feminist activism takes on the forces of  evil  Trump...
Has Trump kickstarted a new wave of feminist activism?
Women Activate

The last time Jessica Boylston-Fagonde felt this sort of despair, it was after the June 2015 massacre at the Emanuel AME church that left nine innocents slaughtered on the church basement floor. Overwhelmed with grief and anger, she felt compelled to do something, and so she helped her friend and neighbor Meghan Trezies organize Gun Sense SC (GSSC), a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to building awareness and supporting legislation to reduce gun violence. Read this week's cover story...

Advocacy and action groups you can get involved with today
Make posters for the Women's March on Washington at The Junction Friday night
• Parks: "How not to depict Trump-wave feminism"

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Sean Brock's high concept McCrady's Restaurant reboot pays off
Tastes like Home


Fake news and the miseducation of Dylann Roof
The Indoctrination Machine


Beaufort historic sites named as national monuments to Reconstruction
President Obama establishes Reconstruction Era National Monument


Victims' families express anger and forgiveness as Dylann Roof is sentenced to death
'We can go out now and really begin to heal'


SUSTO's & I'm Fine Today is well-wrought and primed for the big stage
Past the Break


Previewing Spoleto Festival USA 2017
It's a woman's world


Hidden Figures is the movie all young women should see this year
It's a woman's world


Let the Yorktown remind us of the fight for religious freedom
We're All in the Same Boat
by Jeremy Rutledge


How many witnesses does it take to sentence a confessed murderer?
The Definition of Overkill
by Dwayne Green


How not to depict Trump-wave feminism
The Myopic Woman
by Jessie Parks


Blotter: You and me and the devil break free
Pane and Suffering


Stegelin: Repeal, replace, retreat
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