Ubud's first and only consciously minded Eco-neighborhood.

Taman Petanu has three (3) plots still available for sale.


Key aspects of how the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood endeavour's to actively meet our eco principles and develop itself to be a model of good development in Bali.

Permaculture Plans: Permaculture is about working with rather than against nature. Permaculture plans for Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood include vegetative buffers, wetland conservation area, permaculture zoning and other applications of the Permaculture principles. Learn more here.

Sustainable Materials: Materials for the neighborhood construction are selected against their performance in environmentally friendliness; renewability; durability; economic viability; that they create healthy spaces; are not depletable; are recyclable; and are sourced as close as possible to the site. The development of the neighborhood is designed to follow 'eco-logical' principles, including use of renewable resources, working as much as possible in harmony with the natural features of the property, and building with environmental, community and cultural awareness. Learn more here.

Passive design: Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood's development is incorporating the principles of passive design in the the Common Facilities. Passive design is design that doesn't need mechanical heating or cooling. Buildings that are passively designed take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort. Learn more here.

Wastewater Management: Eco-logical solutions are being developed for the neighborhood's wastewater management to: optimize environmentally sound use of water; and convert our ‘human wastes' into valuable resources on site. Learn more here.

Working with water: Taman Petanu's water management plans include: rainwater harvesting; water resource management; the neighborhood's water channeling paths; the planned natural swimming pool and treating Black & Grey Water. Learn more here.

The Planned Eco Farm: To the immediate south of the Neighborhood is a banana plantation, which is being considered for development as a small organic farm that will supply daily needs of the Taman Petanu members. Learn more here.

Community Waste Management: On the main road leading to the Taman Petanu location these is an informal, unregulated dumpsite. Informal dump sites like these are common in Bali. Alam Santi has done a preliminary assessment and is currently supporting the local community in their efforts to resolve the issue. Learn more here.

Who makes up the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood?

What truly makes the heart of the developing Eco neighbourhood is the members. Taman Petanu members have backgrounds and are active in the areas of environmental sustainability, education development work, social outreach, health and holistic living and community education. Learn more about our members here.


Ubud's first and only consciously minded Eco-neighborhood.
Taman Petanu has three (3) plots still available for sale.

The neighborhood includes private plots supported by a range of common facilities.

Plots Currently Available include:

  • Freehold Land or Leasehold certificate
  • Guaranteed river valley views
  • Plots, minimum 3,5 Are (350m2)
  • Support for building your dream home
  • Electricity main lines (including alternative energy support)
  • Telephone and internet main lines

Common Facilities:

  • Common area Permaculture gardens and landscaping
  • Centralized waste and water treatment
  • Common pool, BBQ and relax area
  • Kid's playground and sports field
  • Amphitheater
  • Workshop / gathering space (wantilan)
  • Reception and security area
  • Contingency & project management fee

The neighborhood will be an inspiring place for individuals, families, and retirees looking to live in a safe, creative, and environmentally conscious atmosphere.

Jump on board this amazing opportunity to live in peace and quiet on this delicate river ridge, free from congestion and traffic. Plots already sold to a multi-national group of families.

Please book for a site visit today.  More information.
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