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Big news from Grassroots Jerusalem!

We have just launched our first crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO!

The aim of this campaign is to help us break free of the limiting funding systems and transition to a model of financial independence and sustainability.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 that we will use to generate income and depend less on funding by:
1) expanding our tours by training more Jerusalemite guides
2) publishing the second edition of Wujood with a Jerusalem atlas of maps
3) improving our hub in order to rent it out.

Why Crowdfunding?

Like most Palestinian civil society organisations, Grassroots Jerusalem has so far received financial support mainly through project based, short term and top down frameworks. Such funding system do not allow sustainable and long term work, thus hindering these organisations to develop.  

Moreover, international aid usually comes with a price: donors dictate their own agendas and ignore the voices of the people. They also perpetuate the need for Aid by implementing unsustainable projects, and perpetuate the occupation by treating it as a humanitarian crisis, and not a political one. 

The campaign will run for 30 days (April 18 - May 18, 2016), but the first day is the most crucial for its success. If you believe in our work and wish to see it continue, please DONATE NOW.

JOIN US in creating a successful model so we can pass on to other Jerusalemite organisations!

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Grassroots Jerusalem

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