Downtown Insiders Fear Filner
Bob Filner for Mayor 2012
Dear Friends:
For the past year Bob has been the only candidate who has consistently said he will stand up to the downtown special interests and fight for middle class San Diegans.
Now we have proof that the special interests are scared to death that Bob Filner could be our next Mayor.  The following statement by UT-San Diego Editor Jeff Light is a scathing example of the threat Bob poses to the downtown insiders:
“We as an editorial board do not want to see Bob Filner get through to the general election, because the environment around the general election is much more favorable to Bob Filner. So we certainly want to keep that from happening.”
It couldn’t be clearer that the UT Editorial Board is attempting to influence an election with their back room deals.  Bob's only interest is representing all of San Diego. He is opposed to a convention center tax that puts money into hotelier pockets, and a Chargers stadium at 10th Avenue Marine Terminal at the expense of expanding Port commerce. He has the courage to stand up to these downtown special interests.
“As Mayor, I will make sure our neighborhoods are my priority, not the special interests looking to make profit off of our taxpayers, and I guess that doesn’t sit well with them. For two decades this city has been ruled by the same downtown insiders. It’s time for a change," remarked Bob.

And if
you missed it today, KPBS cut to the heart of Jeff Light's words and stated directly that the "UT Editor Doesn't Want Filner in the Mayoral Race."

Is the UT-San Diego a trusted news source, or a platform for special interests?

Ed Clancy
Campaign Manager to Bob Filner for Mayor 2012
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