Find out what's happening along the shores of Mystic, Connecticut, and western Rhode Island.
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Adventures Along the Seafarer's Trail!

Note from Lisa:

Prepare! Mystic is being invaded by pirates this weekend! (I actually worried about a pirate attack on my epic voyage with a blind sailor in Mystic Seafarer's Trail, but I hear these pirates will only kidnap and ransom community leaders!)

Shipwreck explorer, Captain Bill Palmer, just took us on our first shipwreck hunt! Area waters are full of them so I'm determined to find one. Palmer was recently part of a National Geographic expedition in southern waters which will air in 2015. My TV interview with Palmer includes underwater footage of wrecks off Rhode Island. You can see some of his artifacts from wrecks such as the Andrea Doria at: Captain Bill Palmer: Indiana Jones of the Sea

The 100-year-old message found in the time capsule was just transcribed! The author of the letter, a former Groton resident, nurse for the Confederate Army, and great-granddaughter of the lady famous for trying to shoot Benedict Arnold, hoped her time capsule sent from Europe would inspire someone in 2014 to write an unbiased account of what was to become known as WWI. You can see page 1 of her letter on this post about the public Tea that will feature her opened time capsule.

Enjoy writing? I have several workshops beginning next week so you may want to sign up now!

Anchors aweigh!
— Lisa Saunders
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Civil War Fans!
A co-star of my Civil War Love Story is inviting reenactors to set up camp at the Sat, Oct.18, opening of the Lincoln Depot Museum in New York. Contact Paul Martin.
Fun Events

Fri., Oct 3, 5-8pm: Downtown Gallery Stroll

Thurs, Oct. 16, 7pm: Stein Hoisting contest at Pizzetta! (I won there in 2013 and got a letter from a U.S. Senator! This blog post includes videos of my crushing defeat later in Boston!)

Sat., Oct 25, 2-4pm. DAR Tea and Time Capsule Talk

Thurs, Nov 20: Searching for the BONHOMME RICHARD, Flagship of John Paul Jones

Trivia Nights in Mystic!

Events in The Day; Events in Mystic River Press; Events from This is Mystic

Check out Mystic Country's list of fun points of interest and Mystic Wave's handy list of tourist-friendly restaurants! Ride a bike available through Mystic Community Bikes.

Mystic Writer's Colony (blog includes meetings for writers)

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Lisa Saunders is an award-winning publicist, TV host and instructor at New London Adult & Continuing Education. She is the author of several books and columnist for Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey. As the parent representative of the CMV Foundation, Lisa is working to get a law passed requiring CMV prevention education (see her Fox CT interview). She lives in Mystic, Connecticut, with her husband, and makes several workshops available.

Lisa's books include:
Mystic Seafarer's Trail: Journey to 7 Wonders, Adventure, and Amelia Earhart's Secret Wedding (see New 8)

Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator (children's novel includes recipes and study guide)

Ever True: Civil War Letters of a Union Private and His Wife

Anything But a Dog! The perfect pet for a girl with congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus) (see USA 9 News)

Shays' Rebellion: The Hanging of Co-Leader, Captain Henry Gale

Lisa’s free e-books: How to Promote Your Business (or yourself); How to Get Published and Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale.
Lisa also works as a part-time history interpreter at Mystic Seaport and field agent for National Field Service Corporation.

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Photo of Lisa in Civil War era dress by Collette Fournier. Other photos of Lisa by Cindy Barry. Photo of sailors on Argia by Lisa Saunders. Sketches by Marianne Greiner.