Lesley's Mentoring News #15

New Facebook Group

I am super excited to invite you to join my new group on Facebook -

The Mentoring Community

For a while now I have wanted to create a community where people engaged in and passionate about mentoring can collaborate, share ideas, thoughts, experiences, strategies, and challenges – everything that mentoring can involve.

Consider the following questions and decide if this community is for you - or for people in your organisation:

* Do you have mentors and mentees in your organisation who would benefit from some extra support in their role?

* Are you a mentor or a mentee who would appreciate this support?

* Do you coordinate a mentoring programme and would like to find out how other people and organisations are doing this?

* Are you planning to or in the midst of establishing a mentoring programme and some guidance with this would be useful?

The Community creates two critical components that will support you: Knowledge and Network.

Join the group and benefit from connecting with others involved in and passionate about mentoring. Here's the link to join The Mentoring Community.


What Does Mentoring Look Like?

I just looked up the word mentoring. The thesaurus couldn't cope with this - I had to use 'mentor' to receive a list of synonyms. I Googled "Another word for mentoring" and still got 'mentor' as well as 'mentorship'. Which to my mind indicates that although mentoring is a commonly used word in organisations, the concept, meaning and understanding of this term is still a little blurry.

Following on from my last article about "Who mentors the mentor?" here is another piece from my upcoming book Mentoring Programme Design: Getting It Right The First Time. This is from Chapter One which walks through the fundamentals of your programme design, including:

  • Defining mentoring
  • Determining the purpose of mentoring
  • Choosing the right mentoring model
  • The value and benefits for the mentor, the mentee, and the organisation
  • A typical programme cycle
  • How to determine the ROI (return on investment) of your programme.

Here we ask how you can envisage mentoring, i.e., what do you see that tells you mentoring is happening in your organisation? I think this is an important activity to do, as otherwise people will continue to be unsure what mentoring is and how they can benefit from it, which diminishes the powerful influence it can have  - as I alluded to in the introduction to this article.

Excerpt from Chapter One (page 6)

What does mentoring look like in action? Let’s assume you have a programme in place and people are engaging in mentoring relationships, meeting regularly, and gaining immense value from this. What will you see? What will they be experiencing? Deciding what mentoring will look like in your organisation is a useful technique that will help you establish a programme that achieves this vision.

Here are a few ideas. Decide which ones are relevant for you in the context of your vision and goals for the programme: read more.......

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