Mentoring News #8

March 2018

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2018. In this edition I share details of a mentoring seminar I facilitated late last year for the Brisbane Women’s Club which had a central focus on mentoring for career progression and development. Some of the activities we did in that session are provided for you to consider in your own career trajectory. There is a piece on how to have a ‘career conversation’ with a mentor and an article emphasising the importance of trust in the mentoring relationship, citing Stephen Covey’s take on this. I also highlight a recent endeavour, becoming an 'Activator' for SheEO NZ. Enjoy the read.


Mentoring for career support and success  

Late last year I had the privilege of presenting a seminar to a group of business women who are members (including myself) of the Brisbane Women’s Club. The focus of the session was thinking about the career stage you are at and how a mentor can support you at different stages in this career trajectory. Some of you reading this newsletter attended that seminar and have already worked through this process, but I really wanted to share it with my wider subscriber audience.

Whether you are at the beginning of your career, mid-career, or considering a career change, having a mentor is an invaluable source of support. So, what can a mentor offer? What are essential qualities of an effective mentor? And how do you find a mentor who has the qualities and experience you need? on

The career conversation 

Are you at a stage in your career where you think a change would benefit you, professionally and/or personally? Or perhaps you are just starting on your career path? Whatever stage you are at, a mentor can be an invaluable asset to support you in the commencement of or transition through this. It can be so useful to have another person (a mentor) help you:

1. Evaluate your current situation
2. Explore what you want to experience and achieve in your career
3. Make decisions about career changes you want (or need) to make
4. Establish goals that will direct your focus and energy

As discussed in the previous article, your mentor needs to possess attributes (interpersonal qualities, skills, experience, knowledge) that align with who you are, your values, your communication style. This is fundamental. Having a worthwhile career conversation involves a myriad of these on

TRUST: The cornerstone of a mentoring relationship

Stephen Covey talks about high and low trust in his article on leadership, and how the best leaders build trust. Here’s what he has to say……..

When trust is low, in a company or in a relationship, it places a hidden ‘tax’ on every transaction: every communication, every interaction, every strategy, every decision is taxed, bringing speed down and sending costs up. Significant distrust doubles the cost of doing business and triples the time it takes to get things done. By contrast, individuals and organisations that have earned and operate with high trust experience the opposite of a tax -- a ‘dividend’ on

SheEO: Supporting women entrepreneurs

I recently became involved with SheEO, a leading global innovation in the female entrepreneur marketplace. The SheEO model finances, supports and celebrates female entrepreneurs and brings together 500 women called Activators who contribute $1100 each, the money being pooled together and loaned out at low interest to 5 women-led ventures. All ventures are revenue generating with export potential and creating a better world through their business model or their product and service.
I have joined SheEO as an activator, my interest being in enhancing opportunities for women to advance their careers, entrepreneurship, and realise their business dreams and goals. Given my obvious interest in mentoring, I was also attracted to SheEO on


I trust your new year has started well and what lies ahead is based on the decisions you have made and the goals you have set.


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