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we survived Sandy!  BRAVI TUTTI!

Look who came through the storm!!!!  On October 30th, Caleb arrived a little early (4 lbs 11 oz) to ALICIA KNIGHTS!
Our newest and smallest member of the studio!  Both momma and baby are fine!  


A great networking and marketing site - introduce yourself to Todd via facebook!


The Company

LocalTalentNYC is a locally based company geared towards aspiring artists. This site is made to be a tool for connecting and networking with others in their field, along with providing information and connections to those who can help turn your dreams into reality. We cater to every artistic field there is including but not limited to actors, singers, dancers, writers, musicians, etcetera.

Along with promoting your talents, our goal is to provide a means of bettering careers, of getting more connected to inside information and a place to come to meet new and prospective colleagues. A place where you all share one thing in common- you came here "TO MAKE IT." NYC is full of aspiring stars, it’s time for you all to meet! Everyone wants to be in the right place at the right time, this is a place to help make that happen.
LocalTalentNYC is updated daily and offers an array of items specifically to help each and every member. Promotional profiles are created for each member and categorized in their field of creative expertise, making it convenient to connect with others in your field. Profile changes & updates can be made anytime by sending a chat message or emailing us. Members’ up-coming concerts/shows/events will be posted in the “Events Calendar” for all to see and attend, and daily reminders will be posted every morning as well. In addition there is an Inspirational Column, Q&A Café, Local Business Directory & Reference List and a Late Breaking News section where recent members’ successes are announced.

The Inspiration

For the past 15 years I’ve worked in a number of restaurants from Long Island to NYC. Throughout these years numerous friendships have been formed with my fellow employees who all happen to be striving artists. In the hospitality industry the people you work with tend to become more than just colleagues, but family. This is what made it so heartbreaking when I began to witness this “DOWNFALL OF PASSION” in them.
Artists have an amazing drive when they do something they love and it truly is inspiring, but watching the passion slowly erode in their eyes has always bothered me. I see them consistently getting lost or caught up in the game of struggling to get by: connecting with the right people, going to the right seminars, attending the right shows, floating resumes all over town, going to every casting call
possible, demo gigs, practice, dress rehearsals, meetings, on top of supporting themselves with paying jobs, paying bills and so on, and so on and so on…It gets pretty drowning.  Many of my friends eventually ended up moving away or going back home with the attitude, “Well I tried, now back to reality.”  So I decided to do something about it and help all of my present and future friends and family better their careers. As we know networking is an absolute imperative for any and all successful business, no matter the field.  I suddenly realized what was missing for my friends: a proper tool to get their name out, a tool for the most important ingredient of success- a networking tool.

The Vision
LocalTalentNYC is just the tip of the iceberg on where the future of this company is heading. LTNYC will eventually be a subsidiary site to a complete online network.  The network itself will be known as “”, where the NYC link will become “”. The goal is to connect every major city in the U.S., and eventually expanding overseas. This will enable unlimited networking and connection possibilities for members/artists across the world.

A native New Yorker, Todd has worked in a variety of positions in real estate and mortgage lending, along with both management & head-serving positions in numerous restaurants where he has brushed elbows with up and coming artists and burgeoning superstars alike.

 Todd Wharton – CEO  & Founder

look for MORE of you next month!

ESSENTIAL VOICES CHOIR has many of you involved!  Liz Doyle, Renee Rakelle, Lauren Frankovitch and more!  Justin McEllroy has a featured solo line in the most recent concert at Carnegie Hall! Who else sings with Essential Voices? Let me know!

KAREN MUSEY: just finished my first stand up comedy show at Comic Strip Live - looking forward to more shows in the near future!

JORDAN UNGERER: will  be working with the Definitely Dickens holiday carolers this year through November and December.

ANGELA LEWIS: has co-starred in SOFT FOCUS by Rod Gailes. It was the winner of Shadow and Act's 2nd Annual Filmmaker's Challenge.

JESSICA CARMEN: played Suzanne in a fun, spooky reenactment on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on the Biography Channel. It's the Dick Cavett episode and can be found online!

CATHERINE FOSTER: Currently teaching Zumba at Move with Grace studio (sat. @1pm) in Brooklyn, is working as a freelance Makeup artist , dancing with Forces of Nature (Dir. Abdel salaam) and is a Dance educator for Purelements Dance.

TIFFANY YUEN: is playing Rumpleteazer in Cats at the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre in Virginia.Will be Santa's Helper in Macy's Santa National Tour this holiday season.

JULIETTE TRAFTON & STEPHEN TRAFTON:  just performed opposite each other in the reading of Civil War Voices!  It was great fun and had a spectacular cast.

My web series is finally out...and my episode is actually premiering this Wednesday. It's called Haddonfield Hills and I am playing FBI agent Savannah Monroe. Here's the website if you need more info:

CHARLIE DUNCAN: will star in NEXT THING YOU KNOW, a musical reading with Beautiful Soup Theater Collective, 2 shows November 11th

ERIN ELIZABETH EICHHORN:  will star with Charlie in NEXT THING YOU KNOW - see link above!  She is also part of a Broadway lineup in "BROADWAY AT THE MET" December 2nd at The Metropolitan Room, a fundraiser for Group Too Theater

going to be filming a featured background role in a film entitled "Girlrillaz" which is due to be released in 2013, dealing with the glorification of violence in America and the repression of females/the female body.

MODESTO LACEN: is reprising his award winning role as Roberto Clemente in Teatro SEA's production “DC-7 The Roberto Clemente Story” – Puerto Rico Tour. 

PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN: This holiday season is singing with the New York Holiday Choristers.  We have a kick off concert on november 17th at 7 at the Triad in NYC.  The show is called "A History of the Holidays and Other such Nonsense"  We will also be gigging around the city throughout november. Here is our website:

more info on the kick off concert in november here

RICHARD YODER:  is currently performing in the MOUSICAL MUSICAL at Goodspeed, directed by our beloved Julie Andrews!

HANNAH CHIN:  is singing and dancing in SCANDALOUS! on Broadway!

JESSICA KO: Random Access Theatre has been accepted into the New Orleans Fringe Festival! before we go, on Sunday, November 4th @ 3pm, we wanted give a preview to our New York base of this original, collaborative gallery-style piece! And if you happen to be in NOLA when we are, definitely let me know and I'll give you that info too!

Has also been accepted into The Flea Theater's resident acting company, The Bats! And my first show with them is their new late-night series called The Shakes. The play is broken up into the 5 acts with 5 different companies of actors & directors, playing at different weekends. My weekend is Nov. 1-3 @ 11pm, and all 5 acts will be performed together on Nov. 10 & 11 @ Noon.

HELENE GALEK: November 6th - 6:30 and 8:30- I will be performing in Abingdon Theater's benefit staged readings called "Office Revenge"comedies.

Abingdon Theater is at 312 W 36th St (8th-9th Ave) - Please enter through the door to the right of the actual main entrance and walk up the stairs!

Suggested donation is $10 but if you can only give less or are able to give more, please do!

This theater company is spectacular and I am excited to be able to take part in this evening!

Also, I cast for the Estrogenius Festival which after 12 years at Manhattantheatresource, is making its debut as a festival on its own at the TBG Theater - same address at above but on the 3rd floor!

It opens on 11/8 and runs in repertory thru 12/1. Go to for more info on tickets and schedules. Short plays, solo shows, music, dance, art, comedy ……..and all celebrating women!!!'''

Send me your news!

Send me your websites!

2 day master class intensive with Broadway's Tituss Burgess. It's 2 full days and it Includes a live performance showcase with videos & free drinks. The classes are either nov 3 and 4th or 5th and 6th. It's $200 for the whole thing. email to register and for more information!

The marvelous LILLIAS WHITE!



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