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The Rise of Distraction

Bank customers are being warned to stay vigilant as a new wave of scams sweep the country: Card Swapping.

Where victims are distracted for just a matter of seconds while taking money out of an ATM, enough time for the fraudsters to steal cash from their account or swap their debit card for a fake.

Barclays released a video on Thursday to help warn customers. The short clip shows a man waiting at a cash point while a woman stands behind him and watches as he enters his PIN number.

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Bankruptcy Soars

The number of people who slipped into insolvency (unable to pay debts) between April and June jumped by more than one fifth compared with a year earlier, official figures have shown.
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Switching Saves, Loyalty Costs
People usually stick with the same bank, mobile phone or utilities provider. But switching providers yearly ensures you get the best deals on offer.


You could be missing out on financial help available to you through welfare benefits.

Turn2us provide a free and easy-to-use Benefits Calculator tool which can help you.

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Benefits of Money Know How
Lambeth resident answers why she attended the Money Know How workshop  and what  she gained from it.
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